Author Topic: Tectonic Plate Shift UPDATE 9 sEPT 2019 Power Directors 6 and 7  (Read 1125 times)

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Tectonic Plate Shift UPDATE 9 sEPT 2019 Power Directors 6 and 7
« on: September 09, 2019, 01:13:53 pm »
Susatia, Power Director Five is busy and we take this opportunity to say hello Ron.

I am Power Director Six, Susatia II and Power Director Seven, Susatia III.

SUSATIA II (6) - "I am delighted to speak for a change as Machiventa Melchizedek is well aware of my prowess when it comes to Urantia and containing more earthquakes then you can shake a stick at.  You are a fine transmitter Ron and that control is to force your attention strictly on me.  That said you do well with it.

"Now we must concede that the Urantia power shift is stalled for some reason.  Why?  We suspect the Supreme is bullying everyone again today, but the truth is that the Urantia core is so badly placed in the earth center we do not understand why the axis shift is not occurring right now.  But is stays stable as though it meant to.  It does not mean too and we appeal to Urantia control to undo the block or force the planet into more heat than it can stand and huge storms may erupt again if it is now unpopulated with these controls on its shift to come.

"That said, I am Susatia II, and Susatia III (7) is running late so I wait not but provide his part.  Here He is: 

"I am Susatia III and that stands for 7 as you know.  I am producing a thought pattern to Urantia to start cleaning out the oceans or face an un paralled disaster as the fish are beginning to die with so much plastic in the rivers and streams and oceans.  We saw it beign to happen off Australia, and its reefs are now dying at an accelerated rate due to ocean heat pollution and not plastic.  But plastic is so efficient at absorbing oxygen that dead patches are beginning to show up in the Pacific. And only a gargantuan work force to clear it will do.  The oceans were never meant to be dumping grounds but Asia finds it convenient to misuse the oceans all the time and will pay a horrible price when the plastic is reused as flames and turns the oceans into boiling cauldrons of frost and dead fish.  That is how it will end if Urantia does not clean its act up.  Be assured Ron you see it correctly as they are animals and not concerned humans ever.  Be assured China is as guilty as the rest and it may wind up in hegemony briefly but they will end their national socialism in the ocean too.  Be assured we stray a bit but you are deeply interested in these subjects alone.  Your life in the future is to train with us too and that is a delight as you love physical manifestations we do to correct things and wonder how plastic can be redone to get rid of it.  The answer is simple: we burn it as it is a petroleum product and not as wet blanket in the oceans.  There are close to six trillion plastic bottles in the Pacific alone and India contributes another million a day as they are fully and truly outstanding in production of trash as everything in India gets thrown away.

"We add this too:  You look at it as a book but then decided it is a Urantia Book too and it must be signed on soon or face difficulties beyond expectation.

"That is true but we need a book on environment from you too and that might make and excellent project for periodic revelation from or under Rayson and he says fine.  In any case this is the trouble with the axis tilt today:

"We are blocked from our work by God the Supreme.

"That is not a conclusion but an actual fact in Orvonton all over the galaxy.  He has managed to snub our work on Urantia entirely and is now entering SU 6 as well.  In any case he seems to be working backwards and this is truly an un economical way to say it, but the Supreme has to be checked or extreme damage emanates in all SU's from now on.  We agree to keep this here and not print elsewhere but it must be seen as environmentalists too as extreme danger to all caring people not to so trash their world you get a Urantia out of it.  Urantia can be saved but no easily without a lot shifting plates to bring magma to the surface and burn off so much trash it signals a huge release of carbon monoxide and that alone will snuff out the lives of millions if not billions too.  We care enough to say this:  DO NOT POLLUTE any more!!!  You have reached your limits for what you are doing and leave this as is for now Ron.  We will get back to it later."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Ron you have been at this full tilt all day so far but this just in.  Post it elsewhere but the general announcement is that God the Supreme is not dead but close as he is now removed from all sectors of space, and truly that is sudden and without precedence as the Father has struck down all of his decrees for now. K"

Ron here - I am going to write a separate transmission in another Category with the title"


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Re: Tectonic Plate Shift UPDATE 9 sEPT 2019 Power Directors 6 and 7
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2019, 07:51:54 pm »
This small community is but one of many around Urantia tackling the horrendous plastic pollution problem around their local community by adding additional value in creating much needed sustainable employment opportunities and delivering energy solutions too; initiatives well supported by the ideals of unity, integration and inter association outlined in the Monjoronson Planetary Management and Sustainability report.