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BULLETIN 2 fyi - read it and ponder
« on: September 28, 2019, 03:47:35 PM »
Bulletin 2: Tragic Circumstances - God the Supreme Abdicates forcing Epochal Changes

September 28, 2019
To Organizations and Readers and Study Groups of the 5th Epochal Revelation

The MAGISTERIAL Foundation Advises known Changes to the FER due to the removal of the Deity of the Supreme.

The readership should understand these are preliminary assessments and do not yet reflect the full scope of this tragedy.  The changes as presented are short and ugly and need to be looked at but not acted upon yet.  This is our way of making sure the readership might understand the depth of despair felt from the existential Deities on down to ourselves and most of the readership will feel, when we all realize what happened so that God the Supreme has been fully destroyed.  That is by his own choice and decisions to run and by his own decision to rescind the entire matter of Supremacy, as a time adjunction as truth, beauty and goodness.  Believe it or not!  It is true.

The following charts below merely list the damage.  The full true damage is now built into our universe age of compliance with the idea that a God of our nature just could not cope with the evil of personal wrong doing in the face of compliant Absolutes.  That is indeed what has happened so tragically in the last few days.

At 7:07 am, New York time zone, on September 26, 2019, the Supreme, in full view of over five thousand Supreme officials gathered there to receive their work assignments for the day, detonated himself in what one can only call a super nova.  He damaged severely circuit three of Havona.  He now is memorialized on circuit four of Havona, and never again shall God the Supreme received honors or cares even from we little ones on a rock planet of despair these days.  Here is a list of the damages to our fifth epochal revelation alone and a bit more:

28 September, 2019
York, Pennsylvania

With the Complete Abdication of God the Supreme in 2019, there are now essential changes to be made to the FER, such changes are now to be issued as the Sixth Epochal Revelation (SER), plus other additions:
1 - Trinity of Trinity Concept no longer exists and is entirely removed by Paradise

2 - Supreme Being Abdicates Power Synthesis AND: Revokes the Personal Supreme Adjudication Exorcism of the Lucifer Rebellion; Revokes the Time-Space Mantra of Truth, Beauty, Goodness;  and Recalls the Thought Adjusters as no longer Supreme Acting types and reverses their Tenure as Present for High Spirit Finaliter Destinies; no further instructions offered at this time.

3 - Triunities 4, 5, and 6 are to be revised
4 - Paper 56 Universal Unity to be entirely rewritten
5 - Papers 57 through 62 are to be deleted in the SER but not in error as is
6 - Papers 104 through 118 to be deleted and/or revised
7 - Add more pages for Deity Unification on Co-Absolute levels Outer Space Zone (OSZ) Five (5) is now Revealed and a Conjectured new OSZ Six (6) which cannot be further revealed at this time.

The Sixth Epochal Revelation Is To Be Issued in place of the Fifth Epochal Revelation with More Corrections Added as follows:

1 - The Universal Father Proposes That The Sixth Epochal Revelation to Be Issued before a Bestowal Son Appearance once more on Urantia
2 - Sixth Epochal Revelation drops present UB Part II in addition to above notes
3 -Sixth Epochal Revelation adds rewritten Part II plus add a 100 page discourse on Lucifer Rebellion
4 -Sixth Epochal Rev has 1,000 + pages as the Life of Jesus now added as Part V
5 -Sixth Epochal Rev copies over existing FER Part Ias its Part I plus more

6 -Sixth Epochal Revelation Issues Discussed Further on line at

The Proposed New Bestowal Son for Urantia

1 - This Item is an Incomplete Planning subject but the Decision to Do So Finalized

2 - HE is a Dual Purpose Bestowal Son, and will NOT Born of Woman, [See Paper 20 for description type possibilities be assi], and will likely act as a new Planetary Prince on Urantia,  and will be a Planetary Spiritual Unifier    

3 - The Bestowal Son’s appearance Time is Indefinite; Present Suggestion is for Circa 2035 or less

Experiential Deity Reform and Revisions Now Quickly Underway on Paradise and Orvonton and the Local Universe Federation of Excelon

1 - God the Supreme Abdicates and Damages Circuit 3 of Havona.

2 - Ascenders are temporarily blocked from entry on sub-section six which holds the deliberative headquarters of the Supreme Being

3 - God the Ultimate Development Set Back for Millennium inside Outer Space Zones (OSZ's) 1,2,3,and 4
4 - OSZ Five (5) is now Revealed to Exist for God the Absolute co-Absolute secrecy
5 - OSZ Six (6) conjectured to exist in proposals only before the Master Architects of the Master Universe. 
6 - OSZ Seven (7) has been ruled out as useful by the Mater Architects of Space and Time alone; Other MA's consider it possible.

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Re: BULLETIN 2 fyi - read it and ponder
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2019, 08:12:08 PM »
Hi Ron, I am pleased this is now in a statement format as placed above. Yesterday, I happened to think, we need to get all these changes and revisions all placed together in one place. The Bulletin 2 is a good paper in that regard. Thank you for putting it all together as much as is possible. I am scaling through this Bulletin and am looking at it in a preliminary moment here before I peruse every part of it in more detail fashion. May I state these points that got my attention at this stage:

Papers 57-62 deals with the very early period of Urantia history and while it is now going to be deleted, I still think these Papers are crucial for our understanding in relation to these very embryonic stages of development. I beg to ask is there going to be some revised addition in this huge missing gap in the SER? Papers 57-62 offer some insights for the science community in their ongoing search in archeological discoveries and in human biology and so on, could it be that these embryonic developments in our past be given due regard in the new Papers of the SER?

The other piece that I bring to attention is that I notice the Papers that contain the Life and Teachings of Jesus is in Part IV in the FER; however, in the Bulletin it is typed as Part V.    Is this a typo error Ron, or is Part IV not mentioned for some reason and it somehow got skipped to Part V as stated above?

That is it for now. Thank you for this vital work Ron.


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Re: BULLETIN 2 fyi - read it and ponder
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2019, 12:48:15 AM »
Sue, Part IV in the SER is a new section on the legalisms of heart and soul on Urantia, and a look at what needs to be done to improve the civilizations that are retrogressing on Urantia without some corrections.  I was never told what Part IV included and this is the first I have heard of it.  That was not a typo, as the book now has a Part V which is the Life and Teachings of Jesus.

I also remind all that my pass through the Urantia book was looking at the loss of the Supreme and what Papers relieved heavily on the old idea of the Supreme.  Other papers such as the biology and life implantation and the racial revelations are dropped mainly because of the objections of some races at these papers and feeling slighted.  They needed the room for a more positive print out on the Lucifer Rebellion as well, and used the deletions to take space for these improvements other wise.  I also did not look for other  outdated material but there is some on science and a needed update on the phraseology in the book since we have been to the moon and back with all sorts of improvements in how we look at the universe space areas and Monmatia in particular at this time.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania