Author Topic: A Rising Concern over the Use of Opoid Prescription Drugs  (Read 117 times)

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A Rising Concern over the Use of Opoid Prescription Drugs
« on: October 07, 2019, 08:19:52 PM »
I am of the opinion it is far better to share such information and let the public be aware of some growing problems this article presents and the comments posted at the bottom of the article even points out the difficulties in medical practice by those who are to decide the appropriate level of care of their patients. Read the article and then at the end of it read the comments below it as that is the tell all of what is happening in the wider community of health care. At some point I brushed it aside but on second thought, I also can see it is far better to create awareness of this issue that I did not know about and I see it as a glaring one in the healthcare setting. Because I work in the hospitals, I am appreciating the knowledge this article presents and how it may affect patient outcomes and doctor’s work. It made me more aware too of these drugs which I was not familiar with and raised alarms bells if it ever were to be presented to me in some future time. I am one of those types that are wary of drugs of any type and keep only to the mild paractemol if I ever need it which is far and few. 

These drugs are all of the type to deal with pain management and although, I have not had such pain as described above, I can not speak on it, but I do detest them anyhow. It is suggested there are alternative natural remedies and I am wondering why these are not stated in the article and why this is not getting the emphasis as they ought to. Understandably, some doctors in the comments below the article are having difficulty in dealing with the addiction problem some of their patients have to the opoid drugs and how to wean them off them. Has any one been through this process and can share their story on how it is affecting them. It would be good to grow the awareness so to enable people with pain to seek alternative therapy. It has been an education to me in reading the article of a subject I knew little about and am grateful someone got this out to the public.  

Article link:

RACGP - Australia’s Chief Medical Officer responds to GP questions over opioid letter

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Re: A Rising Concern over the Use of Opoid Prescription Drugs
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2019, 12:23:21 AM »
I have to say that living through the ravages of opiods in many forms causing major destruction in my immediate family, I find the problem or should I say symptom of there abuse quite distressful. But on the other hand, legal drug that you can buy at the corner drug store kill far more people and destroy many more lives at a greater pace. These legal drugs, cigarettes and alcohol are not talked about much but I believe are are greater threat. This is my personal opinion. I studied chemical addiction for 4 years in college and the consensus is it is a social problem and has to be addressed as such.

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Re: A Rising Concern over the Use of Opoid Prescription Drugs
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2019, 10:57:20 AM »
Bravo UR606!  You state it fully and right and I am very glad to hear someone else say what I feel too.  I have no respect for people who walk around popping pills to feel good and high and then destroy their lives doing it.  The opioid epidemic exists among people who do not think or feel or give a darn except for what they want and ignore the proposition that self control is theirs to do and not society's cost or need to do it for them.

I am probably worse than you are UR606, as I say to society that must be revived with shots as antidotes to overdose of cocaine and sleeping pills, you owe us, not we owe you one more time for doing the unthinkable!  You dive in and out of consciousness and frankly, I fully suspect most of them never survive spiritually on top of everything else.  Society seems to think life is too precious to let others determine when they die; well, the lesson is not death on earth, but death in spirit too.  To many this is a very ugly view of good people who overdose, but to me it is like swimmers refusing to do anything but to swim with sharks.

Now think of this:  dear old earth is ready for some disasters as it has always had in the past, but this time more so than it ever saw at one time.  such will cut off the manufacture of pharmaceuticals that people routinely abuse or over use as we are now a nation of hypochondriacs and surgical over dependence.  When these things are withdrawn to use for overuse, there will be a hue and cry to help those who cannot help themselves and I fully support that every moment, but I will not feel sorry for the addiction people have to overcome to live a fully visible life walking their steps in an awake reality they too seldom every get to hear or see.

I admire you UR606 for stepping up to saying your conclusions so well they echo in me fully and I thank you for saying so very much.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "You two are in a distinct minority on Urantia, but are also rightfully speaking.  Man on Urantia especially in the United States and Europe, has become a sick and over wrought individual over medical issues mostly invented first to cause cures that are not cures but experiments in autocratic stems of thinking the earth should and shall not ever entertain again.  The medical profession is over wrought as well as to what cancer really is and what opioids really do.  The brain of man is a chemical factory on its own, but it should never be stressed as we do today with cures and medicines that are too harsh on the human body to assimilate, and they can and do knock out will power to self correct and parade as panaceas that simply are corporate murder of some of the finest humanity on any planet in my entire universe.  Ron marvels at the beauty of the human body and sees it layed to waste so easily by parties and booze and drugs and wonders what is working in those individuals who must do these terrible things to a beautiful evolutionary work of art!  I fully agree with him that people who are bent on pleasure to the point of self destruction, they should be left go and join the morontial career-- if they are ever to have one-- far too young to survive the rigors of training by our staff of well wishers but unsympathetic to drug and alcohol use to the point we have a pandemic of death on Urantia over it.   Thank you UR606 for stating it so well too.   MICHAEL OF NEBADON."

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