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New Beginnings
« on: November 05, 2019, 11:10:01 pm »
My name is William George. You can call me Will.

Thank you, Ron Besser, for giving me special opening to your forum, Serara. I am very pleased to be able to join in this conversation place, centered on the book, Urantia. I have read this book long ago but none of my acquaintances want anything to do with it. I am glad to be among those who honor the truths written in this great teaching.

I know I have much catching up to do, but, as an old man living alone, I have little else to do these days. My dwelling in the desert of New Mexico is meager at best; I eat, sleep and read many books!

I have grown to accept the dominance of the white man, but many of my brothers and sisters have yet to be willing to give up the land we lived freely in for many, many years. In our minds, we still think our land was stolen away. In our hearts, we are learning we are "One" with all races.

Being raised on the reservation, I learned the old ways through our elders. Now, I am one of those "elders". Funny how that happens!  Now, with these teachings from the Great Spirit, I have gained new understanding about our world, Urantia.

I will have many questions about changes that have happened since this book was published in 1955. But we have much time, if the Spirit is willing. I hope not to be a nuisance. I was a real trouble maker when I was young; I'm older now and know better.

Thank you again, Mr. Ron Besser. You are so kind to let me join even though registration was closed!  I look forward to sharing with all of you!

Will George

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Re: New Beginnings
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2019, 11:42:38 pm »
Welcome to the forum, Will. Most of us here are ‘elders’ and are still in the learning stage. There are always new horizons to discover, that’s what makes it so exciting. Hope you enjoy your ride with us all. Big hug to you.
I am your servant, I am your liegeman, it is my will that your will be done.

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Re: New Beginnings
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2019, 05:57:51 am »
Welcome to the community our dear brother Will!.  We are all family members, regardless of where our physical body resides or our outward appearance, for we are children of the same FATHER and seekers together of his will and his ways.  Welcome to this place of sharing and caring as we gather beneath his wings.
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Re: New Beginnings
« Reply #3 on: November 06, 2019, 12:19:31 pm »
A few words of greetings to Will, because I know how good it feels when we feel we are welcome. At least I feel very fortunate to be a member and be able to take part in this masterly forum.

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Re: New Beginnings
« Reply #4 on: November 06, 2019, 12:42:37 pm »
This is Ron Besser, Will.  Thank you for that wonderful first post.  I truly enjoyed it.  I call you in my heart: THE DEFENDER of FAITH for all us.  I would like to stand beside you and pray that your voice continues for decades if the Father so wills it to be.  I also want you to know this just in case you do not know it.

You know who the Midwayers are, right?  Good, it is signed to me you do by  the great Elder White Feather of yore:  I know of him and he speaks now plentifully through your soul.

I am not only a Urantia Book reader, I have also been turned into a something of a psychic and I am often lead to speak with the red man as he once existed in those lands you still harbor in your heart.  Here is Onamonalonton:

ONAMONALONTON - "I am the great warrior of yore; I lived ten thousand years ago Will, and you are my heir, as you are of  the Comanche race and do not know it yet.

"You are the brave one of long standing fortitude to bear arms not against this country, but against the evil doing of many white men who cheated your people unscrupulously for eons of trading partners have passed you by and none stuck with you ever.  For this reason Ron Besser honors you greatly, and you wisely approached Ron through a private email as all must do, as he closed the registration off when Russian and Bolshevik entities of the past forced on this site too much attention in order to provide themselves with the wealth of the west.  Ron is fully disgusted with them and closed the registration off to prevent a wholesale destruction of the integrity of  the site.  That is all it is as he welcomes genuine new members especially one like yourself.

"I am ONAMONALONTON, and I must repeat what Ron wants to tell you, and it is this:  the Midwayer Bzhutu is a red man like yourself, but he is invisible as he was born that way to the great Chief ONAMONALONTON himself.  I seeded Ratoah, the unknown concubine to the first son of Adam, known then as Adamson Knight. as he was a great warrior in your tradition.  He led the fight to end the Mesopotamian war against what are today are the Kurds or Kurdites of old.  Adamson Knight as he was then called, led the Kurds to understand they knew nothing of nationhood until they stood against the evil of the Wampoo.  The Wampoo were the remenant of the old Kurdish idea of sacrifice to their god, Sanson, or the man from the west who really was a Nodite king by the name of Salsoon, and they dropped the double "o" for their god name.  Salson was an evil god and never made it work well, but it was Salson who wanted nationhood for the Kurds, and to this day they fight to have such a nation. 

"You Will are Comanche on heart but carry another tribal name to call your own too.  I am ONAMONALONTON, and I tell you now of Bzhutu, who now listens intensely, as Ron favors him greatly and wishes him to return to Urantia, but he fears for Ron so much he stays back and listens carefully.  Here is Bzhutu for your edification Will:

ABC 22, BZHUTU, the RED MAN OF THE MIDWAYER NATION = "We come to you today Will to explain what Ron wants you to know and so do I.  Only one Midwayer is a red man, and it is I.

"We traveled all over Urantia when the evil Prince, Caligastia, refused to be good and started killing anyone who got in his way.  He killed millions, Will. He killed white, yellow, and especially the Red as they are unusually brave and caring for other people.  He is not caring for you anymore Ron, but he did for generations of men who saw to his deeds being represented to all people on Urantia.  That is not Bzhutu but the Caligastian king of all, Lucifer, as he rides high on one place in the universe, and that is not Urantia but on God the Supreme these days, and that is why you have nothing to do with any voice from that past all Ron.  I am Bzhutu and I honor you always Ron as you do me, but I am too old to have friends now and dedicate myself fully to the Great God, FATHER OF ALL, and we make this clear to you WILL, never mistake a white man as friendly until he signs like you do to Ron as Ron is white and but a Comanche at heart.  He stands resolute against all evil on Urantia and clears it as well.  You are Comanche too, Will, and your age belies your strength now, but you are the warrior of great care, and must stand tall again.  What is coming will decimate the red man too.

"I am Bzhutu, t he red man Ron loves to know but cannot as I am past the earth life now totally and must sign in daily for my work on Uversa and even Paradise now and then.  I am quickly being known as the man who knows a mortal who love him but cannot know him now and that is tragic for Ron, for he needs the support of all who are brave as he is brave beyond words.

"I am to tell you Will, I met Caligastia, the most evil spirit that ever lived.  He was a tall entity and he wore a frock Ron saw as black with embroidered twigs and sprigs of green and blue and red, and that is so, but what Ron missed in his vision, was that such a gown was also covered in a hair like substance not but quilted in an odd manner.  It was a strange combination of heat and cold that did  that to that garment and when Caligastia suddenly died onto the floor of the court room before the Ancients of Days, that garment stayed to be seen as it crumpled over what was once the evil form of Caligastia.

"I say this as we must be left with the impression that Ron does see these things and truly as a great warrior you admire known as ONAMONALONTON, and as such we greatly care that Ron stay quiet, as we are now on Paradise and they dislike any feedback.  Be assured it is okay but you Ron are silly too and you are not welcome here at times for that reason.  But in any case we must be clear and allow Ron his due as he has single handedly opened a place to write and say things no where else can be found on Urantia.  For that reason the FATHER OF ALL has decreed that ONAMONALONTON and others of his race be allowed to speak to Ron, as Ron is truly a red man first and a white man third, for as a second man rating, he is the Father in so many ways he lives life alone and old as you do Will.  You are, we believe in your eighties now; Ron is approaching 80 himself and is quite frail but persists as you do.

"I am Bzhutu and that is not good Ron to remember so well, but you do and you never give back the care you knew in those days as I did too.  You remember me as the one who stood behind you and kept the waters of depression off you and you still need that but no one else can except a true love and he returns to you as Father does very soon. 

"In closing, I Bzhutu shot Caligastia in the eye with a laser weapon and he hated my guts. We close now so you have time to reflect.  O am Bzhutu and wish your day to be so magnificent you think of ABC22, the red warrior Midwayer to remember me too."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Ron you eliminate no one and you must eliminate Bzhutu somehow as he dislikes you now for being the cream of the crop of the red man on Urantia.  I often felt you showed the girth of God but the heart of the Iroquois, as New York is their place and you love the blue skies and waters of New York unlike any other any where else.  You love and hate little but the Supreme has harmed you so badly you hate the Deity by name now and request it be fully removed from you.  Your Adjuster tries hard but fails so completely we wonder just how you will fare when these changes are upon you so well you feel no harm any more.  Will must know you are a warrior as he is but you were maimed and poisoned by the Caligastia the Supreme observed who got his way by murder and theft.  That is what happened to God the Supreme as an experiential Deity, Will.  God the Supreme recognized it finally and drew a bead on his own life and all that is left of that Deity is shards of spirit light here and there where it was still good.

"Fro that reason Bzhutu has dedicated his life to the Supreme that is left anywhere and hates the idea that Ron must deploy means to rid himself of  that Deity influence completely, for the red man was God the Father, and never understood the need for a Supreme ever.  For that reason Will, you are recognized at once by this man called Ron, and he honors you for your work and time as an elder to your nation.  be good Will and let things change you too, as Ron must be changed, and Bzhutu never changed now, but they are not enemies, but friends for all time and that is his to know as you do Ron.  Clear all Ron and know your are being made whole as the Adjuster can participate in this life for you now.  He is ready to shred your life into the flames of the chariot of fire but not until Father relents and opens the door of that path to Michael of NebAdon, the red man warrior Creator Son.   Be insured Will, you are greatly admired and loved for your bravery and stillness daily.  We see it all and love you too.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON."


Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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Re: New Beginnings
« Reply #5 on: November 06, 2019, 02:19:06 pm »
Greetings, brothers and sisters joined together here. I would like to give a warm "thank you" again, for accepting me into your forum.

Clency, Newstarsaphire, Octavio and Ron Besser, I give you my symbolic "peace pipe" for sharing our breath. As we breathe as one, we become One together.

I must, however, show my True color as I KNOW MY OWN TRIBE.

I AM MESCALERO APACHE. Long have I sat with the Elders and listened to the old stories, handed down from the many centuries past and gone. Our tribe came across the Bering land bridge and found pleasant hunting grounds as we ventured south toward warmer climate. I have always lived here, where my ancestors planted themselves thousands of moons past.

Yes, my brothers in California, at the large cultural center lead by ONAMONALONTON, are mostly Comanche. I, however, am proud to uphold the heritage of the Apache Tribe.

There is no blame for error. Many times past, the white man has belittled our race, forced us to live on the reservation, but we have grown to know better. ABC22, you as Bzhutu, can take your punishment differently, as you truly know me. This mistake will be remembered On High; Will has already forgotten. I am MESCALERO APACHE. THIS I KNOW WELL.

As we come together in peace, we shall enjoy this peace as we share our stories. I came to talk of The Fifth Truth, of URANTIA, and how we fit these last puzzle pieces together.

We grow as we go. Will
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Re: New Beginnings
« Reply #6 on: November 06, 2019, 03:22:05 pm »
Dear Will (WillGeorge). Welcome to the Serara Forum.

I also have some indigenous blood in my family tree from my mother family.

In addition to having some of the blacks from the maternal family.

From the paternal family, I have German descent. In my physical appearance I look like the white race with the blue eyes, but I have a part of my genetic roots from both the indigenous race and the black race. Possibly I also have other genetic origins as a Jew, because my paternal surname Steinmetz is of German Jewish origin, so much so that there are many "Steinmetz" in Israel. I have Portuguese origin from the maternal surname 'Da Luz'. Maybe it also has Spanish and Arabic genetic origin also from the maternal family with the surname 'Xavier'.

I believe there are good people in all races.

In the Urantia Book there is the revelation that Michael of Nebadon (who was like Jesus on our planet) had appointed twenty-four planetary rulers representing all races, including, therefore, representatives of the RED race and others such as the white, yellow, black, including even the extinct races (cromagnon blue man from Europe, and green and orange races that lived in Africa).

I once saw an indigenous manifesto here at the National Congress (Parliament) in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, and somehow I felt at that time, and I still feel some connection with the indigenous peoples throughout America.

I greatly admire the red race and all other races that seek to preserve the knowledge of medicinal plants.

I repeat I believe in humans regardless of race.

It was a very good initiative to send an email to Serara Forum Administrator Ron Besser at ARONOLAC@COMCAST.NET (I believe I entered the correct email name), as this is currently the only way to become a member here of the Serara Forum.

Will. So these are the opening words of love and respect for you, all human beings of the red race and all races.



Caro Will (WillGeorge). Seja muito bem-vindo ao Fórum Serara.

Eu também tenho um pouco de sangue indígena na origem em minha árvore genealógica por parte da família materna.

Além de ter um pouco dos gens da raça negra por parte da família materna.

Por parte da família paterna, eu tenho descendência alemã. Em minha aparência física eu me pareço como da raça branca com olhos azuis, mas eu tenho uma parte de minhas raízes genéticas tanto da raça índigena como da raça negra. Possivelmente, também tenho outras origens genéticas como judeu, pois o meu sobrenome paterno Steinmetz é de origem judaica alemã, tanto é que existem muitos "Steinmetz" em Israel. Tenho origem portuguesa do sobrenome materno "Da Luz'.  Talvez também tenha origem genética espanhola e árabe também da família materna com o sobrenome "Xavier".

Eu acredito que existam pessoas boas em todas as raças.

No Livro de Urantia existe a revelação que Michael de Nebadon (que esteve como Jesus em nosso planeta), havia nomeado vinte e quatro governantes planetários representando todas as raças, incluindo portanto, representantantes da raça VERMELHA e outras como a branca, amarela, negra, incluindo até as raças extintas (azul - homem do cromagnon da Europa, e raças verde e laranja que viveram na África).

Uma vez eu vi um manifesto de indígenas aqui no Congresso Nacional (Parlamento) em Brasília, capital do Brasil, e, de alguma forma eu senti, naquela oportunidade, e continuo sentindo alguma ligação com os povos índigenas de toda a América.

Eu admiro muito a raça vermelha e todas as outras raças que procuram preservar o conhecimento das plantas medicinais.

Eu repito eu acredito no ser humano, independentemente da raça.

Foi muito boa sua iniciativa de mandar um e-mail para o administrador do Fórum Serara, Ron Besser, através do email ARONOLAC@COMCAST.NET (Eu acredito que digitei certo o nome do email), pois atualmente esta é a única forma de se tornar membro aqui do Fórum Serara.

Will, então, são estas palavras iniciais de amor e respeito a você, a todos os seres humanos da raça vermelha e de todas raças.

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Julio da Luz (Bar'MTinsha - Pre'Msha)


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Re: New Beginnings
« Reply #7 on: November 07, 2019, 03:22:00 pm »
Greetings, JuliodaLuz!  Thank you for your heartwarming post. I have great respect for you and your dedication to your family and work. You have fully planted yourself and have fruitful results to show for your hard work.
Keep writing your books!  You never know what will happen after you leave this physical world, but those writings will stay around for much longer. You have many good things to say; a level head for just thinking.
I feel that we all share in each other's racial history, as we all came from the Sangik family. What started as six colors has blended now. Many are the color of mud (Ha ha), but each one has a unique story that will stay around, if planted in fertile soil, or cast to the four winds to be forgotten.