Author Topic: The LAMENTATION = The Surgical Incision of Truth  (Read 1033 times)

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The LAMENTATION = The Surgical Incision of Truth
« on: November 27, 2019, 09:04:46 am »
Dear List.
Here is a personal message from a member I received this morning.  We keep it anonymous since it was a personal message to me, but after I read it twice, I knew it summed up feelings and understanding some of us feel so keenly, we do not know what to do.  I reprint it here anonymously for it should be read as a lamentation, and keenly felt for its pain  to bear until something restricts this way of seeing things.  The numbers in mine to add. Here it is:


Every time I read about all the interference from the Supremes, my mind keeps asking, what is going on. What is the meaning of this?

Ron:  I am not transmitting these thoughts as they are mine to share without a connection on this item this morning.  I agree with you.  What is going on?  Seems we should know better than we do, but we do not, and we lost something that would make us feel better than we do right now.  Let us not call it the Supreme, but I was spoken to before the light of the sun appeared this morning.  'NORTH STAR HAS EVAPORATED NOT, BUT THE HEART OF NORTH STAR IS DEAD."

I had to do a double take.  Bottom line later is understood who North Star was.  It was the Deity of the Supreme, and its decision to grab instead of minister.  That is what you are without my friend.  And so am I, and so are you who read this with all others too.  North Star is not found.  Your inner guidance and our ways to dealing with each other, each has been modified.  What a terrible word while you cry inside to cope.  That is what has happened my friend.  I speak with your further below.

It appears all MIDWAYERS have been very quiet, no communication. Also even Thought Adjusters seem to be quite.

Ron: Yes.  You are sensitive to the loss.  North Star glows not in our sky because it cannot light itself or us without being in the wrong place in our sky of direction it used to offer.

North Star is the shame of loss and the Midwayers are better at explaining it besides calling it a start but call it a shame.  Yes, " a shame."

My friend Midwayer Bzhutu told me one day, "Eat well today Ron, and then lose your sense of the need to eat well anymore.  You are here on earth and we are in heaven, and both places wreak of disaster that befalls everyone of us fully.  Let this ride a little into your heart and make up the difference between us and you soon enough, but without the comradeship you desperately need to survive with love in your heart for all.  Give them the due of the means of and the ability to emote words, but stand back when the faces you speak to turn to the side and remove themselves one by one, as there is nothing to say, but "I am sorry for all of this, it died in our arms while we prayed it would live."

You are correct to mention the Midwayers.  They show the same effect of a broken heart we as humans feel in our broken hearts, and it does not go away maybe for centuries of Urantia time or of universe time in its way.  I seldom cry, but I do these days when I seem to cry for no reason other than to get rid of the pressure in my head that needs relief for whatever the pressures is leaves me bad and cold in distemper over what we now deal with in the sense of the purity of the Christ Child.  The Midwayers are very quite as the Christ is.  The fresh fallen snow can be lit at the end of the storm with the brilliance of a clearing sky at sunset, and its beautyf forgivable as we shovel our wat out of it, but this time there is no clear sky when the light fades, the driveway clear, and no starlight when it is done.

They and we and many others are quiet until the light returns elsewhere.

Is it because they are not supposed to have an opinion? Or they cannot share their opinion with us humans.

Ron - GOD THE  FATHER injects this:  "Be about the business of MY name.  Worry not the star that did guide for eons.  Let it pass as I do.  It is wise to wait, and their silence is your silence, until the depths of despair I FEEL, for I do feel, is past.  All is right already, and the ministry returns now as comradeship but as a lust for life never felt before."

I noticed since August this year, I have a hard time praying. I do not know what to pray for, even though my mind keeps thinking of the UNIVERSAL FATHER.

Ron - Yes/   I suspect you are not alone.  If there is guilt in admitting it, it is also loss of the soul's resilency to stand the course without a soul to help you compete in this life of drudgery and misguided governance.  It is the loss of decency in others to be good in spite of the drivel we hear everyday from mass media.  Big brother was at least a brother during the days of philosophical disputes about the appearance of a "big brother."  Do your remember the name of Jude?  His big brother was Jesus, and he never gave another name for anyone but to remember the heart and soul of Jesus to little brother.  He says this to you this morning through me:

"I am JUDE. Jesus was my big brother for centuries while I plowed through the work to be done up here in heaven.  It was my heart I gave to Jesus and he to me.  He is here on earth but looking hard to see who is here with him.  Are you the one who questions?  I dare say not.  I know who you are and so does this site, but you represent the billions on Urantia, who no longer cares about good things, so much as the the things you need to keep the wolf from the door coming in and destroying the little enough you have already. 

"BE STILL says my inner voice to you:  Ron has opened the door just enough to see into the room I used to live in with my brother Jesus and my brother Jam,es and sister Ruth,  We loved each other enough to care that we all got up at the same time, and then had a bit of porridge my mother would fix on a little kerosene match-to-start-to-light stove.  That little stove warmed on the mornings of chill at the start of our winter season too.

"I miss that simple scene as you do Ron.  You loved your home and the routines and they are all gone and you are so ill you wonder why bother at all.. but you do, and your voice is heard well enough.  Let it die not as it will prevail with us too.  Big Brother Jesus==  he is here on Urantia today.  He is hear since last week when you screamed at the heartless seraphim,  to leave you alone and get off your back with their error and poisonous injections.  No one will ever understand that side of you Ron as they thought they were doing good, but they were the poison that defeated the light of the North Star too.  I am JUDE and I thank you Ron."

I wonder if all this disruption and interference also affects our daily livelihood. I know it does, but in what ways so I pay attention to that?

Ron - It not only affects your daily livelihood, it affects just how you work after you sew your body unto the dust of earth once again.  You need cheering up.  I am with you.  I need cheering up as so do all of you with us.  I close this post for now, and thank you anonymous for contributing to my heart as best as I can tell you what gives.  We are still before the dawn.  In my heart I hope I can live long enough to see it happen on earth.  I am not so sure I can, but you certainly can and I do pray with you and for you and for all of us that this confusing sense of motion above us is decent enough to restore ministry of some sort to he feeling of abandonment we all feel sometimes  R.

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Re: The LAMENTATION = The Surgical Incision of Truth
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2019, 09:30:14 am »

Is it because they are not supposed to have an opinion? Or they cannot share their opinion with us humans.

Ron - GOD THE  FATHER injects this:  "Be about the business of MY name.  Worry not the star that did guide for eons.  Let it pass as I do.  It is wise to wait, and their silence is your silence, until the depths of despair I FEEL, for I do feel, is past.  All is right already, and the ministry returns now as comradeship but as a lust for life never felt before."


I took a quick read of the message and I believe the whole message is important as it reveals what many of us are feeling.

On the other hand, after a quick read, I selected a passage that drew my attention to me at least right now.

Within the selected passage, I highlight Ron's reply: - The ministry now returns as camaraderie but with a desire for life never felt before.


Fiz uma leitura rápida da mensagem e acredito que toda a mensagem é importante, pois revela o que muitos de nós estamos sentindo.

Por outro lado, após uma leitura rápida, eu  selecionei um trecho que me chamou mais a atenção para mim, pelo menos neste exato momento.

Dentro do trecho selecionado, destaco a resposta de Ron: - O ministério retorna agora como camaradagem mas com um desejo pela vida nunca antes sentido.
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Re: The LAMENTATION = The Surgical Incision of Truth
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2019, 05:57:11 pm »
I thank anonymous and Ron for posting this.  I keep hoping each day for a ray of sunshine to appear here that will help us all.  Let us pray it comes.
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