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I am printing out here the thank you;s due to Deity and the Divinities who make Bulletin 7 possible.  I want these personalities known and something of their contributions for a work so full of new revelation i have not absorbed it all myself.
1 -  I have not had the time to spell check this but it will go out as checked later when the tire Bulletin 7 will be sent out.  Please keep in mind  that this is a first pass to write it and it contains some syntax errors too, but the information is very much worth looking through it.

2 - It is a short version of what should really be released some day just so some of your learn any transmission of any length requires a big production using dozens and dozens of personalities so you can hear them and read them in the first place. Our Bulletin 7 required the attention of 3,135 personalities to get it to me.  The acknowledgment is a big help to show you some of the top brass involved for all of us.

Without further ado,. here it is.  it is a great read for early UB writing too.

The following spirit agencies and their placements contrinuted to the material supplied herein, and is listed here:
Existential Deity
*The Universal Father
*The Eternal So
*The Infinite Spirit
*The Deity Absolute
*The Universal Absolute           
[Existential Deity, which promotes revelation through various means, and in this case. through a Contact Commissioner as then performed by the Dr. Sadler Contact Commission in 1954 in particular.  Special wiring to Commissioner brains permits contact to transfer to paper material presented here as [art of Bulletin 7 and for the Sixth Epochal Revelation.  They supplied the permissions to do this, and approved off the record conversations to be made upon the record for publication.

Additional Deity Contributors:                       
*Magisterial Sons number 413712151747 (SERARA) and 131521542519 (MONJORONSON)
*Magisterial Son number 111611316 and Magisterial Son number 1413151719 Staff Members acting as transcribers at relay stations from Uversa, and from Edentia, and the one thousand batteries used to string a liaison line from Uversa to Urantia to the transcriber, Ronald L. Besser/

Local Universe Sons/Daughters
Michael of Nebadon - Local Universe permission here granted to download epochal revelation under the watchful eye of Mantutia Melchizedek, writer of the Fifth Epochal Revelation, and who annotated the Fifth Epochal Revelation for distribution to France which was aborted due to lack of funds at that time.

Lanaforge, the System Sovereign until 2019, when he joined forces with the Sapien collection of rebels still holdovers from the Lucifer Rebellion, and pleaded insanity, was dispatched to Uversa, and there feel more ill and was depersonalized upon his own request.  His initial work promoted the Second Contact commission used herein to produce this and other Bulletins as may be needed.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, now promoted to One Without Name and Number almost against his will. But presides next to this Contact Commissioner to be sure full acknowledgment is made to all requisite individuals involved in the production of this Bulletin.

The Creative Spirit of Nebadon, who forthright provides protection while writing epochal information as to provide essential updates before the full appearance of the Sixth Epochal Revelation is to be made.

ABC22 and ABC25 and ABC31 and ABC52. Midwayers all and all not promoted off planet to humanize, and then entered the transcendental embrace of the Paradise Trinity, October 05, 06, 09, and 10, 2019, and are variously Mighty Messengers, Ones Without Name and Number, and one as One High in Authority.  They provided this Contact Commissioner with cricuitry to hear the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit directly and with several minor instances in my computer room with sparkling light ablazing upon entry.

ABC29, ABC52. ABC51, ABC19. ABC15, ABC32, ABC22, ABC39, AND ABC62, all did yeoman work to protect the Contact Commission when God the Supreme attacked the computer room on the nights of June 21, and June 22, 2019, and again on October 06, 10, 21, and 30, 2918, and again on August 10, 2019 and on September 24, 25 and 26, 2019, resulting the destruction of sixty-two computer files bearing epochal revelation, and graphics and other sundry materials awaiting disposal to Mantutia Melchizedek those dates as well.  Salvington was summarily attacked on the same dates and this Commissioner is now considered, along with two others and fifteen Midwayers, to be the last victims of the Lucifer rebellion, now considered to be fully extinct in the Local Universes of Nebadon, Avalon, Alvoring, Henselon, Sensalon and Tintantium, which is a huge Local Universe tight up against the first outer space level.

Further acknowledgements are to be made by citing those who directly contributed to the safety and welfare of the Contact Commission operation in York, PA within the confines of the Magisterial Foundation, and the home of the Sixth Epochal Revelation and Periodic Revelation to come, are these personalities:


*The COMMISSIONER sub-infinite Personality Representing Number 16

*The ASSIGNED SENTINEL Of NEBADON and  *two liaison Personnel numbers 134, and 139, and two officers in charge of the production of communication circuitry to Nebadon, as a direct approach was made to York, Pa., for the Magisterial Foundation, to fend off viscous Supreme attacks on August 10 and September 25, 26 and 27, 2019.

*Thirty Thought Adjusters provided liaison services under the guidance of SANANDA, the now Personalized Adjuster of Jesus.  The Thought Adjuster of this Commissioner assigned twelve stevedores to carry away depersonalized seraphim who attacked and were depersonalized on the spot by *liaison forces of the Ancients of Days in the home of this Commissioner, and subsequently five seraphim were depersonalized in the homes of humans who supported this Commissioner in providing these written texts for publication now.

The UNIVERSAL FATHER speaks: The toll on Ron Besser is severe and his now crippled and nearly blind after what transferred from Salvington to York, Pa., on the nights listed above.  These attacks belong to our archives exclusively, but only because Ron Besser was personally hit with murderous fire, can he be allowed to recount the utter destruction of God the Supreme, and about fourteen thousand members of person staff, including the marvelous liaison you met Ron. *Aris, and Aris  sent here to imprison you now because you complimented him to us directly but citing the fact he could have killed you but merely reminded you to stop working and leave the work alone on the computer as Urantia was seized and the planetary government was debased and ruined and removed.  Be assured URANTIA is now safe but has not been so for over six months until this December of your calendar year 2019.    I further commend the Midwayers for their stalwart support of Ron Besser, whom Ron adores these Midwayers as true friends whenever trouble truly threatens.  Ron also can report that the appearance of the Infinite Spirit put on quite a show on his bedroom ceiling replete with white lit doves flying and the superstructures going around Paradise, MY abode still.

“In 2019. Contact Commissioner Ron Besser and two other acting with him all suffered severe accidents while Ron warned them to stay away from platforms and steps of length as the favorite Caligastia modus was to push people he did not like down steps or to be run over by trains or eaten b wild animals.  The amazing psychic, William Stainton Moses, died in 1892, from wounds of a push off a double decker buss in London in 1889, as he alighted to get off, and was pushed under the wheels of a horse carriage carrying oats to market, and nearly killed the drive too, who saw what happened and reigned in the four horses so hard it strangled one and it had to be put down.  That was Caligatia himself in charge of that little operation, and readers should note this very well: William Stainton Moses penned the first Paper of the Urantia Book fully indicated but never published, in 1878 and edited in 1879.  The Revelatory Commission was formed on Salvington with the approval of the Ancients of Days then, and the Team was sent ot London, England to use the extraordinary talents of William Stainton Moses, then Rector of the Episcopal Church.  The Revelator in Charge was IMPERATOR, a pseudonym of the Prophet Malachi, who worked for Mantutia Melchizedek until his promotion to Paradise on April 03, 2005.  He is now also a Mighty Messenger for these services.  Urantia Book readers are woefully misinformed as to their true history and Chicago did not witness any miraculous birth ever.  The Urantia Book idea was hatched in a Michael and Magisterial visit to Urantia in 1213, yes 1213, right before the idea of a printing press was in the air to be discovered.

STAINTON MOSES speaks - “I am the psychic of psychics and fluxed the fifth epochal revelation, never understand that IMPERATOR meant business, as I thought I was merely taking down spirit dictation.  In those days, and Ron fixes it about 1887 to 1889, things were running hot and fast, and the devil inown to me as Xavier, pronounced as “Ex Have Your” was always after me to try another style of transport, as I preferred a one0hours drawn carriage.  I took the London us to Hargrove, then just outside of London on the Channel side of geography, It was a pleasant spring day and I chose to ride on the top deck in the open air and really enjoyed the twelve minute trip.  When I got to my stop in Mayfair, I easily walked down the spiral stair case and ready to put my foot on the dire toad as paving was not fully done in London at that time.  As I began to pull back to let the traffic pass, I felt a strong press on my back, so hard I could not stop what it did, and I rolled under the transport wagon feet first, catching my shin bone under the back wheel which crushed it completely.  I could not walk and they put me on a horse drawn surrey near by and I was taken to hospital to have it set.  What I did not know is that Caligastia injected me with the same poison this transmitter received to cripple him and it dissolve the bone under the calf muscles, and this precisely what Ron received five times in a fierce struggle from him to remove the evil and harlots he called the seraphim who used needles to force it into his blood stream.  It killed me in May 1892.  By then I had no bone left in the left foot and little in the right foot.  Ron is fighting the same thing and gave up on doctors as useless drones of propriety and suffers the consequences silently.  I never dreamed they would try this again, and yes, Ron has been pushed on wet roadways and steps too and recovered his balance thanks to seraphim who still guard him preciously today as Anise and Toubour,

:This Bulletin is an extraordinary piece of work but will treated rather routinely by most humans who have no idea what they are part of.  I hardly did but fate brushed me by when Mrs.Piper received IMPERATOR, and was given the outline of the fifth epochal revelation and delivered directly to William S. Sadler, in 1904, as he was preparing to leave for Belgium then France and finally England, for instruction on psychology.  Sader carried the outline in his vcst pocled never letting it out of sight.  He returned home having sent his little son from France in late (December) 1905, then six months old, as he caught whooping cough we think, and Christy was his nurse to take him home on the dreadnought then called the Lucybell. A rowdy steamer of that day leaving from Hampton, England. [Please note from past discussions with the Sadlers, the Lucybell, it was told to me, had a name change later, and I could not follow the records to know what it was then called in the war years and then during the rebellion in India against Great Britain in 1915 or so.] 

“As I am Stainton Moses, I represent the Psychic Guild on mansion world four today.  Its members include Mrs, Piper, myself and Emma Hardinge, probably best prestidiginator that ever lived.  Ron knew her for years too and used her to give him a boost with transmissions.  But when he became a Commissioner, he never has a single problem ever and we are glad as I must quite this business and be about my new assignment to help write a major revelation for the mansion worlds now.  Dr. Sadler, and Dr. Lena Sadler, are also writing revelation for the mansion words too.  We all know each other as Ron will get to know all of us too as we are not moving away for awhile.

That concludes our remarks and acknowledgments to this point.  Thank you.
Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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This is an extraordinary business of revelation both of history and insight given by all those who have and still are contributing to these statements. I feel both humbled and amazed at the length and patience and wisdom that is shown forth just in this small acknowledgement of contributors. We, who are reading this, have yet to absorb the contents they wish to share with us have been given a window into so much of revelation that I am sure it will take some time for us to let it sink in. What an era to be in when all is said and done! I also wish to say a BIG THANK YOU!!!! to all who contribute through our dear brother Ron Besser for without him we would not have such a wealth of information as he hears it so well. At times, I and perhaps most of us, have felt intimidated by his skill, yet it is something that we can all be busy about when one can apply ourselves more diligently. Of course, we probably do clam up at times, in my case, it is sheer tiredness from over work at a busy hospital and life's demands, in all there is something amazing coming through Ron as he receives so much that we are so privileged to have in our own understanding as to the history of revelation and to how Michael and Serara have carefully planned revelation to reach our shores for the betterment of our growth and potential. May EARTH receive much that it needs soon and may the December 3 meeting deliberate well as to be a matter of course, thank you Machiventa Melchizedek for stepping forward to take office of Planetary Prince of Urantia. God Speed to all!


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This list of acknowledgements is vast and very impressive and I echo Sue's huge thank you to all involved.  May our Thought Adjusters and the Spirit of Truth work mightily with each of us as we make every attempt to absorb and understand all that is transpiring.  I sense we will all look back on December 2019 as an important spiritual marker not only here, but all throughout Nebadon and beyond.

kindred shall forever remain unbroken

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Comment on Errata
 I want you to all understand that when I make something print wrong I really do extra work to makes sure it comes out the worst possible.

I was having trouble typing to keep up with Stainton Moses, as he related his fall resulting from a push by Caligastia while alighting from a London, yes red even in the 1890's, and horse drawn as this one was, and forcing him to fall under a very large wagon carrying grain to market that day.

I typed that Stainton Moses steeped on a "dire toad," -- yes, you heard me right,  he "stepped on the dire toad," and the correct text in this case was to say and to note for you, that it was a "dirt road" as the City of London had not yet paved all of its city streets.  I thought that an interest fact and detail for him to note.  But you are misinformed if believing what I really wrote as a dire toad under his foot.  My sincere apologies to wild life preservation movements too.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania