Author Topic: 10 JANUARY 2020 LIST OF GREIVANCES AND STALEMATE MAYBE  (Read 827 times)

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« on: January 10, 2020, 08:39:44 AM »

Our present problems concerning our spiritual lives are reviewed for discussion here:

1 - Impasse on Urantia decision making for spirit Missions to the planet;

2 - A new Teaching Mission is growing in import but is not fully displayed for cuase;

3 - Personnel from Paradise are uneasy with us as humans as we are self destructing right before their eyes in country after country;

4 - Special warnings are announced about a planetary core becoming highy explosive;

5 - Trigger circumstances in our world Urantia probably will unleash collapse of land masses and the loss of human population on Urantia of significant amounts;

6 - Polar decapitation may result when this planet reverses polarity in its magnetosphere;

7 - Axis tilt will drastically cool off northern parts of Europe and the United States, but burn up southern hemispheres to the point most of Australia could be so drought stricken and so hot human habitation must move elsewhere.  Sadly that seems to be operating in some places in southern Africa as well;

I listed above the worst of the really big problems faced right now for our continued well being.  I now list the human family problem on Urantia which can break the entire matter about an explosive planetary core as moot, while we go about destroying ourselves for any quality kind of life:

Human Problems Alone

1 - The loss of arable land due to excssive weather related disasters.  The year 2019 saw arable land mass shrink by 16 percent (Power Director fact stated) while population grew a mere six percent but now so over burdens rice productions, rice has to be imported by countries that grow it exclusive of wheat itself.

2 - War, incessant war, pervades all councils of human endeavor and the intensity of the idea of war now permeates even Sri Lanka as it battles over population and decreasing arable lands due to weather related changes.  Some of that is do to global warming, but some of it has to do with the disturbing idea of ethnic cleansing and removing farms that dot the landscape of Sri Lanka owned by Moslem farmers.  Multiply these special concerns a hundred times around the globe, and there will be a serious decrease in food supplies shortly;

3 - Political unrest in most countries where overpopulation is forcing governments into exile and people demanding more say in government as the cold war ended and the war of attrition began due to global warming and side issues like religious persecution all around the world once again.  This means an increase in failed nation states and the drift into anarchy just when humanity has to learn birth control and saleable means to feed themselves with window box gardens everywhere.  It is an old idea that must be brought back even for apartments and for city streets and windows facing into the sun at the very least;

4 - Marsh acreage is now decreased about five percent since 2010.  That means the use of insects to feed the birds who keep the planet free of disease carrying life that infects men and their crops, is now a dangerous reality.  The balance with nature and the heat of decisions made in political counsels is now so abruptly out of balance that nature will take revenge by failing to produce good food stuffs while our sun in the sky becomes too hot to handle for any hemisphere to resist for some time to come;

5 - Man is greedy and thoughtless to the point that the majority of financial concerns around the world become lifted so high away from the average person, they cannot cope with costs layed upon them to heat and cool their homes, or keep the pantry well supplied, or pay the cost of have a home at all in the first place.  This is getting so serious it must be addressed by the Magisterial Mission when it arrives in the United States in about six weeks. 

I cut it here for simplicity of review.  Much more could be said I am sure.

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« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2020, 10:03:31 AM »
I have been concerned about this for some time now and have been preparing for a major collapse of the planetary system mentally, spiritually and much as I can materially since late 2016. It is Not sustainable under existing political and personal spiritual mindsets. I pray for divine intervention as mankind will not wake up in time.  Many in the USA have a belief system that embraces destruction of this planet so severe to force Jesus's 2nd coming to save them from themselves and take no responsibility for what they themselves have given rise to. Although a peaceful and enlightened MM would be preferable. I have no confidence anymore in the current system of government and they will do anything about planetary changes coming about let alone the ignorance of a majority of people that just don't care. I pray for a Miracle.  
Thank you