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How I ended up here
« on: September 29, 2018, 04:43:42 PM »
I might be one of the hasty posters but feel good about introducing myself to this unique collective, right now.
I am 29 years young, living in Germany, and came in contact with the dense knowledge of the Urantia book about 10 years ago, while searching into other scripts like "The Terra Papers" and also the UFO phenomenon, channeled entities and near future Endtime scenarios (magnetic Poleshift, alternative Nostradamus decodings). Connecting the dots and always challenging the information I read, my desire to extract truth and symplify it into a general manner has been satisfied, but when it gets specific the sources either conflicts or never touches each other.
The story how I ended up with you beloved humans at an inconspicious Forum, started last week, when someone asked me about how I view creation ...
Starting talking about spiritual administration and history of our Homeplanet from a galactic point of view reffering to the Urantia book, he ordered the book next day.
My old questions came me into mind: How are communities, who read and discuss the Urantia book topics, expressing themselves right now ?
The wondrous answer, I could image, is that the story must go on, directly relating to the present in real-time.
Oh, and that happened, not recognizing it before ...
Thank you all and thank you Ron for accepting me getting in touch with you all, empathizing with your cosmic adventure and getting along with mine. I will be there, and so it be.

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Re: How I ended up here
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2018, 08:23:23 PM »
A very warm welcome to you Asarus, your nickname resounds like an angel ; so young and  yet so spiritualized. You have found the way home, so feel free to participate. Domtia
Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.

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Re: How I ended up here
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2018, 10:16:16 PM »
Hello Asarus and a most welcome to you and your views.
You made me do a little work for approval and found you located in Germany and your city and street.  Would you believe they can get it that exact?  Why?  The site has been plagued with people who hate people and run me ragged knocking down their really bad posts that insult everyone including themselves.  After about five of them recently, any avatar that sounds like a game name or some god name, I am gun shy and make an attempt to sense their background by how they sign in.  Asarus, as it turns out is an character in some dark game I did not bother to look further into, BUT, is also a name associated with a nineteenth century scholar who wrote a good number of books concerning the Moslem and taught that the Moslem religion is shooting itself and cripples itself by insisting on correcting Christianity and seeking revenge against the Christian practices.  He taught to stop that and compare themselves to Mohammad instead of to Christian clerics.  I really got into the summaries and the Internet is quite generous with references to him.  In any case, your avatar passed muster with that learning, and I even doubt you picked the name for any reason other than is sounds a tad surreal to we standard issue Anglo Saxons.

In any case I appreciate your introductory remarks very much as they show a thinker and a serious student of what ails us in society and the rest of our problems too.  We work hard to also understand just what is coming down the road for the world at large and seek to help out in the divine missions when they show themselves to the human eye.  We all learn to do what the divine calls the Voice of God, which is learning to hear them speak and then publish the transmission to these pages.  At age 29 Asarus, you have all the brain developement finished to be able to transmit life saving messages too, and after giving yourself some time here to get just what the heck is being taught to have better communication with spirit, I feel sure any one you ask about it from our own twelve transmitters (or so), they will be glad to help out.  I welcome you and hope to hear your fresh input into a site that is constantly evolving too as there is so much to learn.

Thanks for the intro.
Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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Re: How I ended up here
« Reply #3 on: September 30, 2018, 12:38:39 AM »
                  Welcome!  The fact that you are here demonstrates that your Thought Adjuster has been
successful in spiritualizing your thoughts and prompting you to decide to join us.
We are a family and we look forward to your contributions of wisdom and insight.



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Re: How I ended up here
« Reply #4 on: September 30, 2018, 03:52:12 AM »
Dear all and dear Ron
It is amazing for me, that I expected your answer exactly as you wrote it, Ron; not line by line but your thoughts and the order of content.
The name I chose originated from ASAR - U = "Those of Sirius" ... reffering to the Terra Papers and there is no other source, from where I intended to choose it from.
Life is an adventure -sometimes finding myself in the role of an carefree fool, only because I feel free to do it and feel right about my present enviroment- but I dont like to be trapped in ongoing Illusions or creating Illusion for others, I am very serious about that.
Considering that logic and trusting my intentions, if life is a serious game, why should I create and put myself into another layers of game ? I am also not tired of life for wasting my time playing computergames, for me it creates headache.
Yes, indeed I am ready to learn how to recieve messages from creation and I am happy for suggesting me to the Transmitters.
I am not used to meditation by believing, that you sense your body, your enviroment and the state of being already in everday life.
As I understand, the method to transmit, is practiced while conscious and awake. That gives me hope for hearing clear voices some day.
Thank you so much for replying and welcoming me all.
You all are most welcome ...

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Re: How I ended up here
« Reply #5 on: September 30, 2018, 06:41:12 AM »
Dear Asarus. 
                          Welcome to the Serara Forum. I was born in Brazil, but my father is of Germanic origin. Thus, my last name is "Steinmetz", surname of German origin. My full name is Julio Cesar da Luz Steinmetz, or simply, Julio.
                        Unless mistaken, the surname "Steinmetz" comes from "Prussia", which seems to me to be a region of Germany.
                          In the same way, I always make a critical analysis of all the information I receive, whether it's reading or another source of information, for example, television.
                         I also felt that the Urantia Book had not ended with this revelation alone. I also felt that there would be continuity.
                         I was researching more about the Urantia Book when I discovered the Serara Forum.
                        Since February 2015 I have been participating, effectively.
                        As for tips on the transmission and reception service. Seek, first and foremost, always to seek to evolve spiritually, with positive moral decisions in quantity and quality, that is, to effectively seek spiritual advancement in the questions you need.
                       Inquire in your mind, what needs to be improved. And then do some other task. When you least expect the answer will come in your mind. It is your Thought Adjuster that will send the answer to you when you least expect it.
                       So, normally, the first transmissions and receptions are with your own Thought Adjuster.
                        As you have already read the Urantia Book, you know that the Thought Adjuster or Mystery Monitor is the fragment of God that resides in the minds that believe and seek to walk in the light of God.
                        After conversing informally at any time of the day with your own Thought Adjuster, you usually begin to converse with other celestial beings as transmissions and receptions have been reopened.
                      Exercises of "stillness" help to concentrate and silence the mind, especially when one is beginning the service as transmitter and receiver.
                      In order to have confidence in the transmissions, I always ask for the presence of the "Spirit of Truth" of Michael of Nebadon, who was on our planet as Joshua Ben Joseph, or simply Jesus and who is in abundance on our planet after the day of Pentecost.
                    I always ask for the presence, too, of the "Holy Spirit" emanated from the Divine Minister Nebadonia.
                     This very few days, when there was a great silence on the broadcasts, except for the beginners, I was talking quietly in my mind with my Thought Adjuster. The transmission and reception, initially, was with loose words, apparently. When I least expected it, I noticed that there was another heavenly being talking too, Ankara. I had read, here in the Serara Forum other messages from Ankara transmitted to other transmitters.
                   Before the "official" broadcast, I usually ask to speak informally and at least part of the message be sent, so that the message is clear. It is like a prior dialogue, before the official broadcast. It's like a reporter who talks informally with the interviewee before the "official" recording. I also ask to confirm your name, the heavenly being who is talking to me.
                     So these are some tips and hopefully useful for you.
                    A big brotherly hug.


Caro Asarus. 
                               Seja muito bem-vindo ao Fórum Serara. Nasci no Brasil, mas meu pai é de origem germânica. Assim, meu último sobrenome é "Steinmetz", sobrenome de origem alemã. Meu nome completo é Julio Cesar da Luz Steinmetz, ou simplesmente, Julio.
                              Salvo engano, o sobrenome "Steinmetz" é proveniente da "Prússia", que me parece é uma região da Alemanha.
                              De igual forma, eu sempre faço uma análise crítica de todas as informações que eu recebo, seja lendo, seja por outra fonte de informação, por exemplo, a televisão.
                             Eu também sentia que o Livro de Urantia não tinha terminado só com esta revelação. Eu também sentia que haveria continuidade.
                             Eu estava pesquisando mais sobre o Livro de Urantia quando eu descobri o Fórum Serara. 
                            Desde fevereiro de 2015 eu estou participando, efetivamente.
                           Quanto a dicas sobre o serviço de transmissão e recepção. Procure, em primeiro lugar, sempre, procurar evoluir espiritualmente, com decisões morais positivas em quantidade e qualidade, ou seja, efetivamente busque o avanço espiritual nas questões que precisa.
                          Indague em sua mente, o que precisa ser melhorado. E depois faça alguma outra tarefa. Quando menos esperar a resposta virá em sua mente. É o seu Ajustador do Pensamento que irá enviar a resposta para você quando você menos esperar.
                          Assim, normalmente, as primeiras transmissões e recepções são com seu próprio Ajustador do Pensamento.
                          Como você já leu o Livro de Urantia, sabe que o Ajustador do Pensamento ou Monitor Misterioso é o fragmento de Deus que reside nas mentes que acreditam e procuram caminhar na luz de Deus.
                          Depois de conversar, informalmente, a qualquer hora do dia, com seu próprio Ajustador do Pensamento, normalmente, você começa a conversar com outros seres celestiais, na medida em que as transmissões e recepções foram reabertas.
                           Exercícios de "quietude" ajudam para concentrar e silenciar a mente, principalmente, quando se está começando o serviço como transmissor e receptor.
                           Para ter confiança nas transmissões, eu sempre peço a presença do "Espírito da Verdade" de Michael de Nebadon, que esteve em nosso planeta como Joshua Ben Joseph, ou simplesmente, Jesus e que encontra-se em abundância em nosso planeta após o dia de Pentecostes. 
                          Eu sempre peço a presença, também, do "Espírito Santo" emanado da Ministra Divina Nebadônia.
                          Este dias, a pouquíssimo tempo, quando estava um silêncio muito grande nas transmissões, salvo para os iniciantes, eu estava conversando, em silêncio, em minha mente com meu Ajustador do Pensamento. A transmissão e recepção, inicialmente, era com palavras soltas, aparentemente. Quando eu menos esperei, eu notei que havia outro ser celestial conversando também, Ankara. Eu tinha lido, aqui no Fórum Serara outras mensagens de Ankara transmitido para outros transmissores.
                         Antes da transmissão "oficial" eu normalmente, peço para conversar informalmente  e que pelo menos parte da mensagem seja enviada, para que a mensagem fique bem clara. É como se fosse um diálogo prévio, antes da transmissão oficial. É como se fosse um repórter que conversa informalmente com o entrevistado antes da gravação "oficial". Eu também peço para confirma seu nome, do ser celestial que está conversando comigo.
                       Então, estas são algumas dicas e espero que seja útil para você.
                       Um grande abraço fraternal.
Julio da Luz (Bar'MTinsha - Pre'Msha)