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L'ORANTIA - NEW SUPREME ENTITY from Planetary Supreme, Urantia

L'ORANTIA - I am L'Orantia, and I come from the Deity of God the Supreme on Urantia.  I hold two degrees in efficacy.

1)  To hold all men well until proven otherwise;

2) To hold Ron the Transmitter in exile until he makes more sense in the lovelorn columns of our Princess Planetary Supreme, Urantia.

I wish to state the following for all who read this:

Over the past several years the Urantia Foundation has looked down their nose at us, We the Children of God the Supreme.  They will learn half heartedly that we take them unkind and at worst, miserable followers of the fifth epochal revelation.

My work is for all of humanity.  My work is for those who can learn who is appropriately part of the work of the Supreme and of the heart Ron holds for God in spite of the battles he goes through to prove himself available.  He has come to me today with a particularly hard problem in revelation, and that is to find the way to present it so it can be read and accepted by people who genuinely wish to have it come to them, but have such small capacities he can hardly get them to listen or adhere to the concepts revealed inside those messages.  I introduce myself as L'Orantia, and that is my name, but Ron has had so many brain surgeries, he hardly can retain spellings without going wildly off the road.  L'Orantia in Ron's mind is stored right next to the name William of Orange, the family group that came to England to become their new King and Queen when Charles I was beheaded by decree of the then resilient Parliament of England headed by Oliver Cromwell (1653).  I show you why Ron has the problem and will go on with what I have more to say.  Ron's head is a lectern.  It has the base of the brain stem upon which the cauliflower-like ridges sit upon clear to his frontal lobes which his eyebrows just cover.  Look at that arrangement and conclude this is normal.  It is not:

The brain Ron runs stores names in vertical cell structures we call penumbra.  They are called that because they are hidden by the overlying brain cells over the top.  When Ron had his brain surgeries (1,325 of them), the surgeons inadvertently cut the cauliflower cells over top back too far, and expose the name memory cells to the spinal fluid then resident in the brain cavity.  This caused almost all memory cells to rupture and we have had to use the Thought Adjuster to reconnect him back to life memories by the billions.  However, the new memory is now stored in the back of Ron's head, not in vertical files, but in horizontal files.  Those horizontal files do not work as fast as the vertical files do and I could not get them to accept L'Orantia without first finding the proper association which is pretty wild since what does William of Orange have to do with my name?  It turns out the association is "ORANGE,"  Ron like to put associations together with similar sounding names and sort out meaning later, and as a result he is lightning fast to be able to pun.  Remember Robin Williams (Nanoo, Nanoo)? - remember how lightning fast he was at comedy and meanings?  He chose Ron's arrangement of vertical files in the brain that had rhyming associations.  Ron remembers Orange, Robin Williams remembers sounds and not pictures of objects.

So Ron now has a new name to remember, and I have a new client as I like him immensely as he is fun to operate with.  He also carries a gene most of you never heard of:  It is called the double YY double XX and single A.  YYXXA commemorates the great love affairs of Europe famous in literature and it has died out except for twelve people living on Urantia.  It beholds man and child and woman as great appreciators of the art of the fine dance of romance, and it has hit Ron quite hard because it does not make a lot of sense to a man who is confidentially so out of love affairs he hardly recognizes they exist.  This recent past Spring he happened to notice a break in the skin in the back of his neck and wondered what the heck that meant.  It is spring and it is a gland located right about the shoulder blade that opens quickly when candidates pass by, and he wondered why he was so jolted.  He now understands nothing and I dare not finish it, but he is a candidate for love fusion and it is hard to keep from throwing over everything to fuse with another.  Ron also has genes that should be passed on as his work with my Parent, Urantia, The Planetary Supreme, has concluded to the point she will enter his mind and make it thoroughly integrated with the Father.

As a Mother Supreme child, I open the door to all of you now.  My work is to establish a liaison with Ron, and the rest of you, in a new type of T/R'ing which he has so far refused to post because the post is too long and he no wonders who really reads them.  I am allowing a little time before I speak to it further, and Ron says he needs to edit before he puts all that up and we wait.

Furthermore, Ron hails from a background of novices in the art of prayer.  When he got the Urantia Book, he prayed incessantly in order to stabilize his mind so he could teach it and to use it without falling into the pits of despair over so many issues he could hardly breathe.  In his day he met every challenge with an immense study as he does here, and he gives everyone the benefit of learning to the extent they can take it.  I am of the Supreme, and that takes mind coordination to be able to do well, and he does it well.  Those surgeries will eventually pay off greatly for all of us.  Meanwhile his early praying caught the attention of  the Ancients of Days, as Ron indicted, properly, his thanks for the revelation and what they had to do with it.

Ladies and Gentlemen of this discussion forum:  What do you think they did about it?  The answer was to send a high official to Ron's Urantia Book classes to see how he was doing.  He was doing so well we asked to see his outlines of the Urantia Book, and they were true to the original with some notes for himself to teach it.  I have never seen an outline of t he Urantia Book before or since, but he carried the salient points to the typewriter and they were handed out for the student to follow the lessons.

In about ten years after he first started the classes began to flag, and his invention to pass outlines faltered, as students just were not interested in detailed studies of the Urantia Book anymore.  Then he discovered the actions of the Urantia Foundation were so harsh he could hardly believe they were keepers of the flame and not torturers in Medieval Spain,  ( the Inquisition), and he left fold coldly and no farewell as he knew he would eventually come back to it.

In about four years after he threw the book down for lack of a better term, he ran across the opportunity to find work out of state and took it.  He landed in an Engineering firm in New York, called Velzy, now defunct.  When he got his stripes there Michael declared his work to be revelatory and sent him a special being known as a Destiny Guardian who saw to it that he was well integrated with the people in New York management.  Low and behold  the owner of t he firm determined that Ron should be honored with a Directorship and moved to pass him to the Board for a vote.  Only one person abstained and that was know to Ron as "Jim", and Jim argued if you did that he was beholden to the New York management and not his own style which knocked their socks off for its efficiency.  Velzy himself moved to put Ron on the Board with everyone else but Jim giving their assent.  Jim later resigned and went home into retirement, but Ron reveled in the position and thorough enjoyed those mentors in the firm who taught him the high tones of business operations.  In a few years the economy went into recession and the business was sold.  When that happened Ron offered his resignation and it was denied, and the new firm held him well until he dared tell them they spoke out of two sides of their mouth, and if they did not stop it they would go bankrupt.  They downsized him immediately and in four years later they declared bankruptcy.

Now I tell you this story to alert you to the fact that Ron can tell the truth and make it sound good or can be brutal about it as he was with the new fancy company that bought Velzy.  He has also told Michael of Nebadon, that unless we get these companies all together, we will have a hard time moving in our incarnated skins to get things done legally and well.  Michael countered that the new corporations were not such a big deal, until he realized that means to provide money to humans and the incarnated souls coming from previous world wars, could not survive a Urantia winter without money from a central bank.  That started a rowel with the Ancients of Days, who rightly said, if you put a bank on the planet then you are into Urantia politics in a big time way.  Michael countered that the bank had to be the right size to handle Ron and his appetite for righteousness and to bulldoze his way to satisfactory solutions.  The Ancients of Days then sought to see who Ron was and to their amazement, he was the same person who indicted prayers to them thanking them for Urantia Book in the early 1980's.

As a consequence, the Ancients of Days, have decreed that whatever Ron seriously thinks is right for the Missions, look at it closely for it has its reasons.  A year or so later, Michael has established the United Stated Magisterial National Bank, and it will be incorporated in Washington, DC, for reasons of State.  In about four weeks, Ron will be happy to know that the arrears payments he has entertained will be made up even before then.  In about four weeks more the entire team to be accepted as Apostles and Staff members of the Magisterial Mission will be gathered in York and will meet frequently in Ron's home, God willing.

Your work, to all of you, must coincide with the tenacity Ron has shown for us and for himself to represent us with your best foot forward.  In our best foot forward prose, we tell Ron that he has been awarded a true friend with Christ Michael and Jesus, as they see him as the trust they need to operate all over Urantia as a human in charge of many of their work stations and projects.  In my millions of years of operation as a human overseer we have never had a character develop like the one called Ron, as he breaks all the molds and have himself a wonderful many years at the helm of the Apostolic Office.

I conclude these statements and Ron needs to save this in his revelatory file:  The time is coming you will hear Ron speak to you when you are sitting in your living room or watching television or mowing the grass. For in an unprecedented move, Michael has authorized a new transmission type called the HUB, and it will be explained when Ron posts Part II and so on.

Finally, I mixed my metaphors a little and called Ron unprecedented.  There is only one other on Urantia who carries that particular stand and it is Jesus, who avers he comes second anyhow.

I am L'Orantia and we will speak together frequently.

Ron - I am what Nigel Joy calls gobsmacked over some of this by L'Orantia but I enjoyed his sayings very much.  I had forgotten some of my personal history and I still wonder what the heck are YYXXA chromosomes.  Thank you all for reading.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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Re: L'ORANTIA - NEW SUPREME ENTITY from Planetary Supreme, Urantia
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2016, 06:11:07 AM »
This transmission is a Masterpiece and will make history, and it is now compulsory that the Magisterial Bank exists to keep the Missions running. It is crystal clear that Ron has been around for long in matter of business and is the right man in the right place to manage the system.

Ron hates to be applauded, but this man will accordingly see to it that the funds are used appropriately. My sincere thanks go to L'Orantia for these valued reminders that get us closer to Ron. I'm also very happy to live in a part of the world where Jesus is fully recognized even though his disciples over here know very little about their Master, but the correction is just a matter of time.

O Father, thank you so much for enlightening my tiny spiritual vision, how can't I rejoice in the light of all these revelatory transmissions? My new tittle is "Spiritual and Paradise News Hunter", and no news from on High will escape my fishing net! I enjoy being informed and this is compulsory for my soul growth.

L'Orantia, the pleasure is all mine to hear about you and thanks for this disclosure. It seems my brain cannot spend a millisecond without thinking about Father throughout the day and always ask for my soul protection when I go to bed. I am uplifted by this transmission and will go through it over and over again.

One more thing before leaving it for now, we the French speaking forumites have enriched our English vocabulary and expressions overtime through the various and enriching contributions from our English native brothers and sisters. My sincere thanks go out to you all and I would like you to know that you are the unique spiritual brothers and sisters I have.

Ron, I remain speechless and the only words that come from my mouth are just ''thank you''.
Thank you for the Classroom of the Spirit.


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Re: L'ORANTIA - NEW SUPREME ENTITY from Planetary Supreme, Urantia
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2016, 08:30:47 AM »
Keep posting Ron, we read, we study, we believe, we share with others.  Length of post is not an issue, after all most if not all of us already read TUB.  And, if there is anything we can do, please just let us know.  It is our will to do the will of our Father.
Choose being kind over being right and you will be right every time.


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Re: L'ORANTIA - NEW SUPREME ENTITY from Planetary Supreme, Urantia
« Reply #3 on: May 23, 2016, 11:39:56 AM »
A very revealing posting about our dear Ron, whom I have referred to many times as SuperRon.  We all owe him a super
debt of gratitiude.
Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou  Roooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!