Author Topic: Errata - Poilicy Request Inside for Posting and Correcting TML Transcripts  (Read 941 times)

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June 08, 2016
York, PA local time 330PM
T/R -  Ron Besser
Teacher:  Mantutia Melchizedek
Subject: Errata

This is a brief transmission to all on this site.  We are probably going to get a lot of criticism for posting this, but the subject constantly comes up for Ron about what to do about errata (errors in Latin) when typing or when posting a new transmission.  The proper way to correct is to post again, cite the error(s), and go on.  However, because Ron has to archive these new lessons, be aware we must bring them to the attention of our archivist, Cymboynton*, who is the Chief Archivist for all of Nebadon.  His work is ultra specialist and he runs all day all night without a break, and wishes to be known as Cymboynton for now.  Ron knows him by his original name through introduction by Serara when Starbridge Group started out as Starbridge Communications.
[Ron: a Note - Y* Cymboynton is a name taken from the Urantia Book who spoke to Jesus often and was even a teacher for Jesus in the flesh.  However this Cymboynton is really the international archivist for Urantia and all of Satania and not the original archivist Ron met for instructions in about 2005.  Since then, Nebadon has revived its archiving policies to match for the material archives what Ron has used to archive the old teaching mission and for the new teaching mission as they work effectively for material concerns.  The spirit transcripts are keep separately from the material ones archived under Cymboynton.  Michael of Nebadon stepped in and helped me clarify the policy noted here.   Mantutia Melchizedek - I wish to add this to the note:  Cymboynton is a real name for a real entity not usually revealed to a planet, but Ron has the real name and is asked not to share it at this time for reasons of State.]

Archiving is a fastidious business and Ron made up his own protocols to do and they have become nationalize as we even see the efficacy of them.  Our work for Cymboyntan therefore must take into consideration corrections and removal of the errors in the original transmission.  Above all check for accuracy as Ron does mostly when he files them, but he can miss little ones too as so often happens when he pushes to get done. 

We have kept a lot of transmission for the new Teaching Mission from happening because they are not necessary yet.  However, we must caution all of you to make those headers accurate and in place and make sure you tell Ron even in the transmission what not to do or what to do regarding the circumstances you were in when the transmission took place (e.g. emergency transmission and too quick to record at all and rewritten from memory).

I am Mantutia Melchizedek, and I hold Ron high hand most of you; however, make sure categories stated truly match what you do and not like Daniel who has fallen into the habit of slapping the same category on his transmission every time.  Ron sees it and lets it go, but it is a bad habit Daniel Alderfer to keep up.

Good day.
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Thank you respected and appreciated Machiventa, Mantutia, and Ron for your guidelines just posted and for the additional information about Cymboynton as chief Archivist. Your note to me about being way to general in my category posting has been seriously noted and I will be careful to categorize properly from now on. Thank you again my leaders. Daniel
Daniel in Las Vegas, 970 618 1214, danielalderfer@hotmail.Com, While he was still a great way off his Father saw him and had compassion.