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Dominick intro_bio_report-back
« on: March 11, 2017, 02:58:24 PM »
Hi Everyone!
If and when this gets too much for you please feel free to imagine the following in the voice of Austin Powers', Dr Evil character.  Especially during his family counselling scene mentioning meat helmets. -- Dominick (Dom is good too)

This is an introduction that starts in earnest in 2000 and is literally time-stamped up to a few days prior to joining this forum.  I also didn't pay much attention to which forum I was signing up at, there seems to be several so I suppose it's either intuitive of by my perceived mistake.  Nearly all my involvement in UB, TM, MM -- and just as personally important , digesting-triangulating corroborating and/or conflicting sources of research, testimonies and perspectives -- nearly all of this has had the personal backdrop of simultaneous familial struggle, financial chaos, and relationship tragedy and hope.

Prior to 2000 I grew up totally enculturated by the Cold War, privately educated K - college; and the subjects I enjoyed were history, debate, writing composition, and later, political science and psychology.  In high school I underachieved and procrastinated but earned an A for essay I wrote effortlessly on David Brinn's, Startide Rising book(s).  By college I was fascinated by UFO stuff in '95 and '96.  My senior year our core curriculum for Politics majors was Social Movements, and I hold a resentment for my Sr. thesis proposal being rejected -- that of examining the UFO phenomena as a social movement.  But I was able to study crop circles in an Art History class (the professor also shared a UFO/missing time experience involving his family); and choose the UFO topic in a summer school debate class.  Upon graduating I applied for a Fellowship to study crop circles in the UK and lost out to someone studying watchmaking in Belgium.  #resentment.  Again, though, I was a underachieving procrastinator so I get it.  

The Catholic religion I attended as a youth around 10 or 11 is mostly remembered by me as a yawn, and a resistance to learning all the stuff.  I am adopted; told I am predominantly German and that my birth parent(s) wanted me in a catholic home.  Adopted mother's side is mostly Croatian immigrants.  Commercial fisherman families up and down the west coast with strong families, communities; many successful business minds and your fair share of heavy drinking/smoking laborers.  Adopted father's side from Minnesota with the family name tracing back to northern Germany and Netherlands.  Mother's side is very catholic whereas the father's side was very protestant-secular with a small mystery of my dad recollecting his father-my-grandfather as a 32 degree something, Shriner I think.  (as well as an accomplished airline pilot).  I found out around 2013, from an ex-girlfriend who could read-speak dutch, that my last name is shared by a Duke in Germany whose manor (small castle) was as a re-education location in WWII.  Two asides here.  First aside, this same ex is brilliant at math and associated with CERN scientists while living for years in the Netherlands; and she told me she was reading the UB on her own and they warned her not to read the book.  She had the feeling their character was not good nor was the intent of their scientific intent.  This she shared with me early on in our time together but it's just my testimony to what I was told; we ended up splitting on unspeaking terms so there is no way to ever validate this further or communicate in any manner.  The second aside is that in 1st grade I came home from an extended school field trip and announced to my mom I was changing my name from Dominick to Jason (the name I had chosen for myself on the field trip when all the boys formed a club and chose alternate code names). Later in the day I said we could keep my name Dominick, but she then told me my birth parents originally named me Jason!  That's the end of the 2nd aside story but I feel it's important so as an adopted person, I claim some roots to Jewish heritage via my given name Jason as well as German, mixed with adopted family's catholic, protestant and secular/closed society (Shriner) religions.  Furthermore, in esoteric and occulted terminology, I want to state I am not part of the "un-awake" therefore in spiritual, mental and physical power -- and all various disclaimers -- leave me be in the name of Jesus, and the Universal Father.

Starting reading UB in late 2000 with a slow, roughly front-to-cover approach.  Newly married with 3 step kids and our own biological on the way.  I thought I was going to read something about "UFOs" and instead I was drawn into the opening forward and Part I!  Somewhere in either Part II or III, September 11th happened and a few days or weeks later I feel I pierced the veil of reality confusion to know that I was existing in Reality.  That's about as good as I can finitely describe the moment, outside my house on a Seattle summer day. I also participated in a few Seattle UB groups and gatherings over the next few years.  Great people and groups all in their own ways.

Internet forums were just starting to proliferate during these years and I was a younger man arguing away with naivety and intellectual passion (and plenty of ego), over at Graham Hancock's web site full of interesting alternative archeology and more where a whole lot of different topics could be discussed, religion, history, politics, etc.  Blabbed there about plenty of stuff including Urantia Book passages.  Helped in a moderator role for a bit.  All good experience preceding eventual participation in UB related discussion boards.  I gravitated to the independent, non-affiliated discussion board that was allowing Ron B, aka aronoloc and Donna D, to post stuff.

Eventually was part of the admin team at this site and experienced a lot of messaging to disallow their stuff.  I would also like to thank Alfred Labrement Webre who briefly participated there and clarified the difficulties I personally had conceiving and distinguishing between spiritual administrations and corporeal/human/ET administrations.  By his definition, Exopolitics.  Not sure, but he and Donna may have first acquainted on that forum, and either way, they've done a segment together titled, The Adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion is done and Planetary Transformation is underway.  The forum website was eventually hacked and died.

I'm losing track of time frames between that forum stuff ending and 2008  but somewhere in between I helped Ron with some very basic administrative work with the 11:11 Progress transcripts he was receiving from George, and I also attempted some real trial and error webcast productions (emphasis on trial and error) with Donna.  Also attended some Light Line conference calls; some early interest in the Garden Project stuff.  And also Co-Creative Design Teams and Working Groups.  Along the way here I probably didn't do an excellent job in any one area, and possibly a poor job in others, like any sincere and sustained attempt to TR.  A good progress in personal prayer, worship and intuition but still very poor in stillness towards transmitting receiving.  Up through now, I may have even digressed (please refer back to my opening regarding struggle, chaos, tragedy and hope).  

Also in this timeframe, I learned about weather as a military force multiplier, aka HAARP, and sciences behind the heart and brain connection.  By 2009 I've got enough work experience and corroborating/triangulating info related to heart-and-brain sciences to feel I want to help bring awareness to all this TM and CCDT stuff in general.  But at the same time I am becoming aware how the heart-science institutes are connected to US Navy/Space Command, had measuring ionosphere devices with readings on 9-11; or that remote viewing wings of the military were supporting a Jesus-as-myth proof on their spare time.  And also at this time there were many people reading associated Lyricus materials and White Brotherhood content also associated indirectly. The pharmaceutical named Lyricus, by the way, has one of the funniest and tragic list of side effects.   This span is where/when I observed how similar theosophy and all the offspring of Luciferian thought can and will have a religious-philosophy of Magic, magik, Kabala, etc etc.  It kind of sounds the same without the triunity of a Universal God-Father-Creator and personal relationship/connection with it.

Somewhere in the middle there was a lot of Galactic Federation stuff, and planetary ET contact memes floating around the internet.  I have a vague recollection of reacting to Captain Armando's introduction and literally calling Ron on the phone to rhetorically ask what was going on (probably since I assumed the TM transcriptions where starting to get garbled-corrupted-error-fied by all this).  Ron humbly didn't know either and that's maybe the last we spoke or corresponded for a long time I feel.

So, realigning my time stamp back to 2009 I somehow get booked on an emerging and still existing media producer in northern Europe, RedIce Creations, to talk about an abstract, secular model I put together to eventually introduce CCDTs.  This show's programming impacted and continues to impact me way more than I impacted it.  This has extended out to other media platforms including (but not exclusively),, Alfred's exopolitics YouTube channel, Dr. Deagle's, ClayAndIron website, and all branching sources of guests and info like Lauren Moret, Joseph Ferrell, Andrew Basiago and many, many people more worth mentioning.

Lauren is worth mentioning because of not just her expertise on Fukushima, but also her personal experience reflective of the " global deep State," and her forensic research into the global elite bloodlines tracing back to "ancient Iranian bloodlines" which I equate to Nodite rebel bloodlines.  Farrell is worth mentioning because he's one of the best at developing an evidence based theory of  Cosmic War, identify a Grid system of some sort, and lastly and not least, hypothesizing about post WW II "Nazi" technology and hidden hand influencing modern day politics and deep state economies and governments (which according to Gabriel vs Lucifer, Caligastia testimony, would be post WW II [rebel] Commander Caligastia's technology and hidden hand influencing modern day politics and deep state finance, government, etc).  Andrew is worth mentioning because he's one of the only remote viewing chrononaut (time travelling or rather viewing) types who says he was able to view the crucifixion event as factual, as well as claim of a secret base on Mars -- which relates to Laura Magdalene Eisenhower.

Topics and technologies related:

  • Plasma and scalar technologies.  Weaponry way beyond the scale of the nuclear threats discussed in this forums Intelligence Reports
  • Invasive nano-technology with possible designed to possibly disrupt our ability to interface with Spirit.  Mass mind control and/or another way to annihilate our species.  Plasma in the sky.  To wit, "chemtrails." See Deagle reference attached, also carnicom reports.  The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!  Lol
  • Large and small hologram technology.  One starts to get the idea of Calagastia’s planned similar to Childhood’s End
  • Technology to place voices in your head
  • Zionism, Jesuit “black church,” OTO, Shia-Sunni conflict, Communism, Satanism, webs of social engineering institutions with Hegelian dialectic of a Star Wars sith lord.
  • Geomancy, architecture, city planning, symbols and esoteric, occulted things
  • Entertainment, Government/Law, Medicine, Economy/Finance, systematically corrupted
  • Human abuse and sacrifice allegations to make you want to vomit
  • And more alarming stuff to fill up pages
  • But also a chorus of synonymous solution and spirit think to know good corrections are afoot!  

I was going to close with a last paragraph on all the isms, and racial, political, religious, socio economic floodgates opening and pressures, but I’m not.  There’s too many taboos; enough to ruin your public life.

I came back to these sites/forums after a few years of info gathering and synthesis; and transcripts about the last court testimonies of L and C were surprising to me in contrast to the current boiling sentiments, policies and demographic changes developing out of Europe at this time.  Especially so since considering the last pieces of info I took in the same week I revisited here.  I All I can conclude with, without writing a lot more, is to sincerely express I can reasonably accept the Universal Father’s direct involvement.

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Re: Dominick intro_bio_report-back
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2017, 03:08:44 AM »
Something I'd like to add to my intro is I treasure the attempt to home school my son for half of 7th grade a few years back.  The specialized lessons were some direct Urantia Book papers and subject matter relating to thinking and living.  The Seattle school district has this on record since I had to let them know in some instances what my curriculum was.  I am 43 single dad with a son in 10th grade high school were he stays with his mother in Eugene on school holidays.

I'd like to thank Daniel Alderfer for catching me up to speed here at the forum after a few of my posts here.  Much has developed and I'm learning what and how to post here; or that this forum has very specific people and purposes, etc.
Been experiencing a lot of emotions and spiritual, sometimes tearful clearing, spending a lot of time here reading and listening and in dialogue when away.  Daniel Alderfer encouraged me to share my initial practice with transmission circuits in the morning hours of March 13th.  I can be very intuitive and enjoy dialogue in my head but I get distracted by my own thoughts, humor, irreverence, and more.  I mention this only to provide context of the following we're titling:

Circuit Test . . .
. . . Dom goes to bed with song Que Sera Sera in his head.
Wake up at 4:30 and pick up dialogue about relationships past, TRing, and my parent responsibilities relative to leaving the area of Seattle.  [I sleep on my left side best and woke up relaxed but alert, and my position didn't change]

I share Dominick is not ok with prospect of leaving son or leaving him in Eugene to perish in earth changes.  Wouldn't be consistent with Jesus' life example or Fatherhood I say.  That I might consider not joining the Mission if it meant the guilt of leaving him behind.  Also not very keen on 4:30am practice time unless I feel rested.  Let them know I would fall back asleep [I think this might have been a training trick for stillness].

After some pause I don't know how long and without a conscious intent I get the feeling/sensation in my forehead/crown and also my breathing channels open up in my nose.  Have sense of connection-line.

Get a sense from transmission side of things that names are not important right now

Then get sense that Nebadonia is confirming this

Then maybe others like Michael; and possibly Monjoronson [stronger sense of Michael though and Nebadonia was strongest].

Sense of not sure I was TRing and a little like be in all places at once while circuit connected.

Decide to sign off with a little worship to Father since not sure about the names or if it was what it was-is. . .
 . . . Worship . . .
. . . Ask/realize that after TR line transmission stops [and worship subsides] Dominick is still in running dialogue between myself and Thought Adjuster - Father


Dom gets a sense the group-Father has come to an approval it's ok to bring son.  Dom experiences spiritual tears and exhaling -- joy, humility, thankfulness before our Father

END (5:34am)

Then before going to bed almost decided not to journal but rounded up the discipline to journal it.  Journal end time 6:01am.


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Re: Dominick intro_bio_report-back
« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2017, 08:12:09 AM »
Dear Dominick. Welcome to the Serara Forum. From what I understand, you believe you have Jewish background. In the same way, I am Brazilian with German descent from my father's family, and I also believe that he is also a descendant of Jews. My surname, on the part of the paternal family, is "Steinmetz", and there are several "Steinmetz" who are Jews in Israel. Regardless of the origin of our family, it is up to each of us to make our own personal and spiritual history. May the light of God illuminate your walk, enlighten your steps. Julio.


Caro Dominick. Seja muito bem-vindo ao Fórum Serara. Pelo que eu entendi, você acredita que possua origem judaica. Da mesma forma, eu sou brasileiro com descêndência alemã por parte da família de meu pai, e também eu acredito que também seja descendente de judeus. O meu sobrenome, por parte da família paterna, é "Steinmetz", e existem vários "Steinmetz" que são judeus em Israel. Independente da origem de nossa família, cabe a nós, cada um de nós, fazer a nossa própria história pessoal e espiritual. Que a luz de Deus ilumine sua caminhada, ilumine seus passos. Julio
Julio da Luz (Bar'MTinsha - Pre'Msha)