Author Topic: Pre'Msha and Pre'Mtor on Being Centred With Your Adjuster  (Read 1361 times)

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Pre'Msha and Pre'Mtor on Being Centred With Your Adjuster
« on: August 14, 2016, 07:59:20 AM »
Eyes Only

Teachers: Pre’Msha and Pre’Mtor
Subject: Being Centred With Your Adjuster
Category: The Universal Father; Father Fragments, Adjusters
T/R: Sue Whiley/7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 14/08/2016 6.48pm (AEST) 16.48 (GMT)

If you seek a message on top of a hill, you will not get that unless you are centred in me as that is what I make plain to you.

It is that I help you sort out your priorities. How you can prioritise your work, from the most pressing right down to the least that you are to get done. Work and life is part of your living upon a world where you learn much in relation to how you deal with others, sift through those things that matter and give more attention to where you value the effort. Of course, the effort in seeing to other’s needs first is the most pressing of any service work as the human life before you has also a value of potential in the eyes of you who know the eternal life that is given to all who so choose.

Such is the work we do as your lives are wrapped up in the ascending career and we your Adjuster(s) endeavour to press upon you to seek the light and the voice that is bound to be the greater part of your eternal life.

Life is such a joy when we are indeed working well in you our dear ones as soon as you are chatting away with us, we have your attention and you are well and truly in step with your inner soul growth.

This is Pre’Msha with you and I work well with Pre’Mtor, your Adjuster, who works hard as you serve so well with all that you do. 

I endeavour to instil patience and forbearance as you continue to walk with your Adjuster and moving along being centred with.

Centredness is about you and your Adjuster in union in mind and heart. When together you move as one and grow in experience in it.

Of course, you, dear one, may be experiencing memory blanks and that is because as your Adjuster moves in those areas in your brain stem that you feel anaemic and find it difficult to collect memory but that is a temporary setback as soon as you are able to sift through your heart in dealing with feeling bereft and rather void.  This hollowness is all to do with you getting a space wide open in readiness to be a big part of your new role in being with me your Adjuster.

Without it you cannot be so bold to do as you do, the confident faith you have in me will carry you miles ahead of the mountain, through the valley and on to the great plains of universe knowledge we have yet to pass on to you and through you.
You see it, you know it, I am it, the key is me in you, I hold nothing back, it is only that you must travel a winding river to see all the nooks and crannies before you get to see how it goes in travelling the long river that your Adjuster truly is. Are you up to the task, can you take this without getting nauseous of so many bends in the river this life brings for you?

The life on Urantia during the next century or so isn't without such a river and I need a hardy canoe like you to stick it out with me, can you carry me without flipping? Remember, it takes two to row straight and together we can do just that through thick and thin.

You saw Louisiana in a State of Emergency, it's flooding, the river there is full and so much of this emergency is beginning in various places that people are not seeing how nature takes its course. 

If you are in a river, do you turn around and go upstream?  No, of course not, first you know you must go with the flow of the natural course and respect the drift and so will of you when it comes to you.


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Re: Pre'Msha and Pre'Mtor on Being Centred With Your Adjuster
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Thank you for sharing your message.  How true.