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Sentenact; Supreme Being – The Situation
« on: August 31, 2017, 01:28:28 PM »
Sentenact; Supreme Being – The Situation - 29-Aug-17 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   Sentenact; Supreme Being
Subject:  The Situation
29-Aug-17 3:43 PM  EST   19:43 hrs GMT
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA


“The Magna Carta was a document, after many precedents, that was heralded at the time [and partly to this day] to be a charter of “rights and freedoms.  As with any such attempt of ruler ship and governance of the people including church and state rights and privileges there ran a common thread of tug-of war antics as each opposing faction attempted to secure their own best interests over and above that of the common people (who were really just an incidental consideration in the whole matter being addressed at hand).  Many such attempts are a normal stage through which evolutionary mortal descendants endeavor to recognize and clarify their current religious and civil liberty beliefs and marry them for the purposes of enforcement.  

“It takes the spiritual evolution of the mind of man in concert with his civil establishment of rights and ruler ship of nation states to proceed to the place where these two diverse, yet common, issues of rights and freedoms can even hope to be effectively addressed and viewed as two sides of the same coin.  Mans intellectual progress is forever and always affected by his personal religious evolution and understanding of universe purpose as a whole, and his role in it, and he cannot successfully function as a society without the attenuated growth of personal God-centeredness and the requisite goals and attitudes that accompany such growth.  Attempts at the overcontrol of society, even with the most benevolent of intentions, are impossibly limited to invoke civil liberties where the responsible perception of the individual is so functionally lacking.

“It is at this place in history that mankind now finds himself where his status of being intellectually materially, and to an extent scientifically, “civilized” is consistently thwarted and undermined by his bereft status of God-centeredness and universe awareness.   I AM is hindered by will-creature choice when there is no soul for spiritual universe circuits to make contact with and prevailing mortal focus is continuously romping with others of its kind for emotional and physical gratification of the animalistic appetite still prevalent in the majority of society.  Germane to the successful evolutionary progress of man in overcoming his inherent limitations is the desire to seek his true purpose and origin of being and, without the desire of fulfillment of this personal quest, most of the universal aid available for its achievement is incapable of accomplishing this mutual purpose.

“Here you have a partial explanation of the situation facing every facet of spirit influence for the upliftment of mortals on this beleaguered planet.  The incursion of spiritual influence throughout this planet is the outpouring of Fathers love to a generation of beings far removed from any desire for His existence other than for any possible quick-fix in a given situation.  Therein lies the duplicity of the hearts of the objects of His affection.

“I give you now the Supreme Being and his views on the subject.”

“I am the Supreme Being coming to you from Uversa and my plaint is the rife pillaging of errant man on such a warring world of deceit and malcontent.  When the dogs of war are unleashed it is never a good scenario for anyone as they gnash their teeth at man and spirit alike with no regard for any form of existence other than their own.  We had hoped to tame the beast with a gentle hand and almost got it bitten right off when it comes to Urantia’s maleficent crews.  I stand in the bleachers and watch the vultures gather for the feast they are sure will be theirs to attend, but Father is not done yet.  Stand aside onlookers and mercenaries alike for your day comes to you as a recompense for your choices.  ‘Let loose the dogs of war’ are words that will catch in their own throat in their attempt to be spoken.“


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