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Be patient for the desired future to unfold - Father TA
« on: September 11, 2017, 10:26:04 PM »
Teacher: Father TA
Lesson: Be patient for the desired future to unfold
Category: Typed transmission
T/R: Don Crownover
Location: Kansas City
Date/Time: 09/11/2017 8:00 PM CST


Father is there a message for me at this time of twilight?

“Give me ear.”
I am listening Father.

“Do you want to live forever?”
I only want to live in your presence for however long that can be, yes with unending joy at your side Father.

“Do you want to be happy?”
Most assuredly, I know I will be happy with Truth, no lies and no uncertainties. With beauty, no false representations or fear. With goodness, no hurtful feelings for myself or for others.

“Do you want to go along the path I set before you?”
Yes, I know that my path will be experiences you want to have and therefore yes... I understand what you are getting at now Father.

“You will have times of distress, wanting to escape or avoid what must be done but you must remember, not only are your experiences much less than many others before you, the gravity, but your very eagerness can get you into trouble with more of what you do not want to experience. Slow down, don’t rush things so. You see where you want to be and you sometimes push into that path immaturity. Slow down, take your time to examine the new discoveries of each day that will bring you even towards the very goal of your desires now and into the future. What you want to be, today is not yet to be, until tomorrow, so just be what your today needs to be and let that be your IS and this works into the Will of tomorrow. Not too complicated is it?” No, Father, so much easier to accept my now not being the then I wanted it to be.

“There are many different roads to follow son, just take your time with each and every step each day, try to have more patience, yes as Jesus did, as you calmly think of his attitude in the Urantia book, ‘never in a hurry.’” You know that takes a lot of relaxation for me to do so.

“You are the same since a young boy. Your current job role is what is stressing you so, you are behind at work for weeks now, you will catch up, your tasks will soon be less demanding with the new seasons.” Yes and I can hardly wait, and wanting change into more spiritual occupation is my Goal. To spend my every waking hour on spiritual teaching and instructions to help others know your will and better life to come. Thank you for helping me to calm down Father, I will do my best to be more accepting of the plot in life I am in and clean up more clutter of material things bothering me. I look forward to when I have it all done so soon and have entered into a whole new daily regime of simpleness and light-for-life focus only all the time.

“That's better son, keep up the good working attitude.” Thank you Father.

Is there a message for my practice tonight Father?
“I believe we are done and have made good headway form your past few days of workaholic ways. Give yourself more rest and recreation.” Yes, I have not seen recreation in months, good idea Father I would love to walk the countryside along the lake front, fly a kite, watch the birds and listen to the wind, maybe pet a buffalo or elk while they eat my carrots and apples at the native animal reserve.

Father I am so stressed I believe because so many of my friends and associates are turning away from truth in a harsh way. I am shocked and bewildered and sad. “Keep up the good work son, you are doing OK, let us work with them now and you let it be.” Yes Father.

“Get some good rest like you did yesterday.” Yes Father, Good night.
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