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Bon Voyage, Doc Davis!
« on: December 24, 2017, 04:52:10 PM »
I just read the obituary of Doc Davis.   He is one of the doctors I had the pleasure of working with so many years ago.   He was 97 years old and had worked wayyyyyyyyyy  past retirement age.   Usually, when one reads an obituary, it is full of stories of how wonderful and perfect and amazing that paragon was.  But in this case, it is really true.   He used to tell us that when he was growing up, he was the "man" of the house.   But his Mom was the "boss" of the house!

He was one of those old-fashioned, family practice doctors who made house calls.   He treated everyone with such special care and respect.   There are many omissions in his obituary.   So many things he has done for others that will probably never be known because they were done without publicity.   But he has also done many things for the children and the community that are known and for which he will be remembered.    As an example, he was a long time Army man who served in World War II and Nam.  But after Nam, he raised money to build a school and medical facilities for them.  

There are many doctors who have an arrogance about them and treat nurses like second class citizens.   But Doc Davis never did.   When he would hear of a kindness that we did for one of his patients or friends, he would write thank-you letters!   He made sure that everyone in authority over us knew what we had done!   They were letters that he typed himself and didn't have anybody write it for him.   I still have my letter.  

Through the years, he kept his wonderful sense of humor.   He would tell stories and lighten the mood when things were tough.   The Mansion Worlds have no idea who is coming!  

Bon voyage, Doc!   You will never be forgotten!


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Re: Bon Voyage, Doc Davis!
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2017, 06:10:52 PM »
Allie, may I have the privilege of echoing the words Bon Voyage Doc.  Truly tugs at the heart strings.  Your posting reminds me very much of the times of my youth, when house calls by friendly, caring doctors was a matter of routine.  Memories of specifics seem a wee bit vague since I feel like I'm older than thunder.
A big bunch of Christmasy cheer and hugs to all.  Prayers that peace and universal love are somewhere close, maybe just around the corner.

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