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Bryan Banned 011518
« on: January 15, 2018, 12:24:33 PM »
January 15, 2018 at York Pa at noon local time

I am Michael.

We just banned Bryan_G until there is reckoning over the matter between him and the Magisterial Son Rayson.  Ron waited a long time to take my advice as he considers Bryan_G and to ban him a moral issue because Bryan is considered a working member on the science team that Rayson chairs to provide better graphical devices and drawings to explain universe workings.  Ron considers Bryan helpful and always read to decide how to change the posters or drawing you all like to receive.  We also have another problem in that the Rayson web site is locked and we cannot get access to it for now.

Let me return to the situation with Bryan.  Ron correctly guesses that Bryan has ingensted ingredients foreign to his mind and body.  The result is paranoia in the extreme as the post that was deleted showed signs of hallucination as Ron told someone in a private email when they spoke to what was going on.  The only way to restore good will and not dwell on untrue accusations from an unhappy member is to ban them and let their own health and sanity return and then see if they wish to continue on this site to make their sterling contributions to understanding our universe better and its potential.

Ron has also noted with great interest to me that we suddenly have a spate of unhappy campers who dwell on admin as the culprit in these doings.  Well not so as the culprit is disillusion of faith in all of them and Ron in admin understands perfectly well that the non appearance of the Magisterial Mission after so much expectations were forwarded to us in prayer and supplication.  But Bryan is a special case and we dare not explore the history that got him to go to Tobago, but it is germane to say he fled there under threat of arrest for something he did not do.  He is to be brought back to America and lead a perfectly normal life soon as living the hell he has had to in the Caribbean.

Before I turn this back over to Ron, I have this to say to Rayson and Ron together:

You both value Bryan but the tail must never wag the dog, but the dog must be assured the tail is worthy at the end for good balance in walking and running and saying how happy the dog may be for his master.  In any case Bryan_G is to be welcomed back once these difficulties are worked out between him and Rayson and Ron stands ready to put him back on the list in good graces.  We cannot have messages from a mentally deranged members for a day and it has been deleted to preserve a good garden appearance and no the mess Bryan made in the garden this morning.

I am Michael and I wish you a good day as usual and as well for all.

Ron - I was going to let this all lie until the real situation became clarified later today as I am now about to take a message for all under a new thread to be seen in an hour or two from now I hope.  I hope you all or some of you understand being Admin is no fun when something shakes too lose to keep the body politic operating well.  We are so fortunate that we have so few incidents of this kind of behavior I feel grateful to the powers on high to help us keep it that way.  Michael has chosen to let you know more than I wanted to be seen until I knew the story better, but the Creator Son has now lanced the boil that I considered unhealthy to allow to stay there myself.  Thank you all for your time and patience in dealing with another disruption to the otherwise excellent diplomatic ways of dealing with each other here.  

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