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Body Fusion. What Did Happen! 020918 York
« on: February 09, 2018, 01:29:06 PM »

Body Fusion.  What Did Happen! 020918
Michael of Nebadon and Margul, Trinity Teacher Son explain
T/R: Dynoptia
Local Time 13:30
February 09, 23018

“I am Michael and this is a very personal message for all of you who doubt the existence of the Magisterial Mission at all.

“Last night, Ron crashed!  It is as simple as that.  He did not even have the energy to stand up and relegated himself to the sofa with a throw over him and his big bed pillow to prop him up and fell into a deep and exhausted sleep. 

“What gives, he asked?  ‘I am not only exhausted, but every bone in my body aches and burns and I am weepy at the prospect of having a very short time left to me on earth. I, Michael,  finally came in to his consciousness after he lay there for well over an hour and then made a confession to him and now to all of you should hear:.

“Ron and I had a deal and we worked it well until I had to break the contract yesterday and provide enough energy for him to get to the store and get necessities and a few chores he had to complete including returning a box of goods he hardly needed or wanted.  When the store took it back and refunded the purchase price, he felt a great weight lift off his shoulders.  That was his Thought Adjuster giving him a kick inside to get home at once!  He had to finish shopping and was home in a decent amount of time. 

“Ron prepared a meal as the sun was beginning to set hours later, and after eating it, he felt really down and exhausted again.  What gives? 

“You already know he quit trying to do anything productive yesterday noted above and he lay down to get rid of the persistent feeling he was dying in months or days since life was so empty of energy and thought in his own mind.

“Now I must refrain from a direct consultation with all of you for the reason this exhaustion so done was happening at such an alarming rate in those hours, that what I did caused it, and that was without telling him it wiuld happen to him.  The fact is I conveyed a body fusion with Ron.  That is correct: ‘a body fusion!’  It is unheard of unless it happens and it happened last night and remains forever now as I can keep tabs on Ron on Paradise even and the Father relents only in the fact it had to be done on Urantia to keep that body together for the long haul for a Magisterial Mission to come.

When that happens no one can tell the person receiving that fusion what is happening because it must be withdrawn if the vital signs of the body start to disintegrate and death will surely follow without the Adjuster being able to control what is true chariots of fire fusion described in your present Urantia Book.

The fact that Ron did not fall ill, but was exhausted to the point he could not even keep upright,  is a sign the fusion is acceptable to the powers to be on Paradise who control every instance of what this happens to be and we never teach it so as not to be bombarded with requests for body fusions ever.  Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son was present when all this started yesterday (actually) at 4AM the 8th of February, local time in York, PA, USA.  We had to be sure he was manageable and he resided well in his skin in order to get a few things done before he started his work schedule with all of you beginning around 9am yesterday.  In any case Margul gave the signal to start and by evening the fusion process reached the point his exhaustion was dangerously close to collapse.


“I am Margul and I expect no one would believe this except perhaps Larry and Lemuel, and even then they have to get used to the idea such a thing can happen.  The truth is Ron hardly blinked when we told him what it was as he is used to indwelling with Deity in his mind as they scrap this or that plan and remove the changes we made to the brain to accommodate such changes for the Magisterial Mission then thought necessary but not longer.  In particular when the Trinity indwells him it is painful to him and he knows the degree they expect him to respond with nerve terror as the fronds of the brain skin get highly irritated with such high energy inside the brain case.

“Yesterday, Michael and Mother Spirit and the Trinity undertook to do the body fusion he never heard of, but the pain in the body was so similar to Trinity indwelling, Ron recognized the degree of the contact but understood nothing since it was all over his body and getting worse and worse.  He recalls his days in New York before the Thought Adjust became so conscious he was never without out for one second and nearly drove him crazy with constant mental activity.  In any case, he had that degree of discomfort and wondered if he was having another Adjuster incident.

“I am Margul and I tell you this:

“Ron has been through hell and back over these issues for over a year where it is so blatant in pain and suffering he just asked to quite the entire program to get some rest and relief and that came to a head the day before yesterday when Michael really let him have it by actually punishing him physically with a harsh twist of a tendon in his neck so painful he cried to have it removed.  This was the wake up call to all of us that this individual had reached his limit and that no more time twas to be wasted on what we all felt had to be done.

“Precisely at 9:41PM at York local time, the Creator Son fused his body and while he could stand up afterwards, he elected to come to the computer, finish up, and turn it off.  Today he awoke with the usual burning limbs slight snuffed in order to do what Ron calls “compaction.”  That is also a painful process where legs are forced into a vacuum inside the leg shaft and the muscles pulled tight to the leg bones and it hurts like hell because all the nerves get pressed tight too. 
Finally at nine something this morning Ron got going and turned the machine on and there was a single message for the day from Lemuel and the talk on the power of silence and the stillness some of you practice today.

“Now he listened to Lemuel go through his speech and then dropped the matter until he wanted to give Lemuel a thumbs up for continuing even though it was harsh for Lemuel to keep going too.

“I am Margul, and I now state the obvious: Ron is still not free of leg pressure and pain or head pressure and headaches, but he is used in the body, but it requires nearly a month to fix all the things a body fusion does for a person living on the planet such as Urantia will be telling all of you too when the truth finally dawns on you that this Magisterial Mission is truly a hard one to see coming, but once there, it will be overwhelming to all who participate with it. .

“In explaining this to mortals, learn that fusion status of the mind is usually the last step in getting a child of God working well and finding ways to be of service we never thought to ask about.  Ron has done that in spades and made it so easy for us to come to Urantia we wondered why we never thought of it ourselves; however, we now have a glitch in all of that as the Deity Absolute spoke to all of us as the fusion process was completing to remind us he is still a native in the flesh and must make do with what he has left of any sanity in his own mind at this point..

.“We now move to today.  Ron is an astounding transmitter and I can lay back and let it move easily and that is what we are doing today to explain what has happened and why this ends the life of a transmitter as you are used to hearing one from this person you call Ron.

“When body fusion occurs it is meant to seal off all outside interference with a thud or a snap depending on your perspective about how sudden changes can occur without understanding what happened.  Daniel Alderfer complains vociferously that Ron spells every thing right but does not understand how hard it is to hear and Daniel is right: Ron hears so well it is no effort for him to catch the wording and the direction of the speech to be given.  Daniel must parse each word and get it right or he feels it is a waste of time to bother with the fight to get things transmitted at all.

“Ron understands that well enough as he had a period of it for weeks until the Adjuster figured out that to transmit once has to breathe and not fight the work of the body trying to keep up with the life process to retain conscious contact.  We used that discovery to start the Teaching Mission and it worked beautifully.  In any case the entire matter is that we now have reached a point in this discussion I have to turn it back to Michael of Nebadon for results: This is Margul and I will return shortly . . . . .”

“I have only a few words here.  I must be circumspect and let this fusion subject reside somewhat as a mystery as I never started this relationship with the idea of Son Fusion and now body fusion with an earth being from Urantia.  Now that I have accomplished both let me tell you what it is all about.

“I have several ways of gaining access to life on Urantia in particular as it is a planet fraught with possibilities no other planet offers in any universe elsewhere I know about at all.  You in particular Ron are full of currencies that make anything possible because you know how to approach the inner sanctum without being a brute in emotions or cancelled checks you waive in from of Adjuster.  You are also the silliest individual I have ever met in my ten billion year personalized existence.  That said, you have a pernicious way of stating things that make them stand out so strongly I wonder why I never saw that perspective before.  Today, for instance, you asked me why do we not bother with doing something simple like letting you do your thing the best you know how to do and forget the largesse of corporate power for the self and take it for what it is worth to you as you go?  I agree with that and am now calling in my chips again and letting this thing flow simply as we can.  Ron as of today you are not longer the best transmitter alone as we now have another up here called Besser Buns the great, and that is your fused state of mind and body relating to Me as the Creator Son in particular and Jesus as the Bestowal Son forever.  I am never quite sure how to say this, but you Ron are the mess I have been looking for for centuries of Urantia time, and that is to find a way to break down the barrier between God and man.   For some reason this individual can portray the worst kind of mayhem to people and still maintain he is not anything but human and they completely agree with him to the point of getting up and leaving.  Ron says to me how thankful he is to learn that is incapacity to do anything really good is itself a miracle of the Magisterial Mission!

“In any case, body fusion is used to purport the idea of heart and soul for people who really need it and it can be delivered by Ron with import to those who need him.   Be assured it can happen to any of you and Ron asked in particular that Lemuel be considered for it as both Ron and Lemuel are really too old to make sense of youthful vigor.  I also add that when there is body fusion existing the individual who is fused with me,  hears incoming calls from all over Nebadon and elsewhere.  This I hae to cut Ron off from since no one but Me is ready for all that I have to hear. 

“Finally, the trial with body fusion is that one is never off duty now.  And that is fine with Ron as he explained to me that vacations have never meant much to him as he prefers to work without breaks unless he needs one and then he falls apart for weeks.  We caricature Ron because he caricatures himself and knows the end is near when he finally clears this mess of body mistakes we made with him from the beginning and he is exhausted beyond words to get this thing going and out the door so the horses can get some exercise. 

“I am Michael of Nebadon, and I wish you all a good day.”


“I am happy to report that Ron is about the same as he was before this started yesterday and cause him such confusion in a collapse he will never escape in mind as the mind remember the complete reversal of energy and the loss of thought that left him.  He must never let loose with the curses he had yesterday when a woman came to his aide at Walmart to lift the return box form the counter to the cart for storage, and he looked at her and thanked her profusely and told her she is not to get old ever!  She took it as a compliment and to this day laughs at the favorable entreatment of a lady who hates age in any form and would have married him on the spot as a nurse for his comfort.

“We are satisfied this is an important announcement because Ron is the first ever to fuse on Urantia since Ezekiel did, but these other fusions were not needed, and that Ezekiel was the first and only to fuse on Urantia until Ron, Lemuel, and Larry did so on their own in the recent past.  You may never hear of another of these things, but Ron requested if possible that Lemuel be considered for it to in order to keep him slipping off into advanced age and getting daily depressed as he does now.  Michael already looked at the probability and it is between that Adjuster and Lemuel and Michael that it be done or not done.  Larry Gossett you do not need this work at all as you are preparing to be a Mighty Messenger and that I doubt will change.  Ron imagines you and he at a court hearing with the Ancients of Days, to remember and chat that on this day on Urantia so long ago, you were still smoking.

“In conclusion, we doubt Ron will note this again as he has nothing to report of any worth because of it.  And that Father wishes to speak now:”


Ron Besser here - “I am sorely tempted to cash my chips in and let the mansion worlds remember for me what happend in the past ten years of this life on Urantia.  I have been Father fused, and Son Fused, and Spirit fused, and now body fused by instances of heart from Michael I cannot feel except to hope that my pain in legs and so on finally quit me and I can lead a normal feeling lifte I have missed for years and years now.  I also lament so much of this is about me, but when complaining remember I am used as a comparison to other life forms on Urantia, as a method and tyle of teaching spirit likes to do best and that is to take something familiar you as members experience as Ron and tell you what is or is not good about that life cycle I am currently in.

Many of you have learned that I am the true canary in the mine.  How fresh is the air and can that air keep the canary living in a deep pit of despair and unruly political situations we find ourselves in once more.  I truly care a lot of about this file on the Internet and someday, perhaps soon, I will not be so much a focus of what happened now in Neabdon for the well being on Urantia and perhaps a little bit elsewhere in Nebadon itself.   I wish you all a good day and restful eyes after reading all of this.

(And with gratitude to Margul, Mother Spirit, Michael and a host of angels who gather round to understand what Michael is talking about as a “body fusion” for Ron.  They all saw what happened last night, and I just felt it all as pressure and burning down to my bones, and now things are reverting back to normal and whatever, I hope, may benefit to Nebadon and myself and maybe to yourselves too.  You just never know what is in store for all of you next! R)
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Re: Body Fusion. What Did Happen! 020918 York
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2018, 12:14:02 AM »
Dear Ron,
                  This is really too wonderful for words!   Who would ever think of such a thing being possible?

I can only say that this world, not to mention this forum, can feel justly proud, that such a human has received

such an honor as to be body fused with Michael.

WOW!   Congratulations Ron!



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Re: Body Fusion. What Did Happen! 020918 York
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2018, 06:54:38 AM »
Congratulations Ron, you are a living legend since you have been father, son, spirit and body fused. I wish you the best in your future career and hope that your pains and aches dissapear .Thanks to all of our celestial masters for taking the time to be present with us humble humans.Domtia.