Author Topic: New Category Deleted on Mission Statements of Archangel Matthew  (Read 6789 times)

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This is to advise the List we were advised by FATHER, and MICHAEL OF NEBADON, that a certain category referring to the Archangels and Matthew in particular, is a premature announcement, and to delete all references to you my friends so they, the highest authorities, could remake the proper statements.  That is likely today I presume.
Further, I really upset Paradise yesterday by post information concerning the Missions to Urantia in a way the FATHER has decreed is not to be so taken any further.  I do not, at this writing, know what that means, but I am doing what I am asked to do.
Therefore, my apologies for getting off on the wrong foot yesterday, and I have amended the situation by deleting the Category on Matthew's work, and some of my work now too, as I cannot abide the thought we have lost all contracts but that remains to be seen.  FATHER is announcing this morning some changes for Urantia.  We will do our best to see to it you can read it too, when it becomes available.
My apologies and thank you for your patience.
Ron Besser

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron has no idea what happened, and either do I.  For reasons of State nothing is abridged between Me and Ron and this list.  Keep yourselves informed please and stop nicking the discussion forum for its inadequate news lines, as we have kept most of the news out of your view for the past few days too.  I thank you for your work, and please keep your tempers in check as Ron must do as well.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service. K"

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