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LLUSA SUNDAY - 28 NOV with Q & A
« on: November 28, 2021, 04:43:10 pm »
Hi everyone,

Our thanks to Tarkas as our emcee today and to our Universal Father, Henson, Machiventa, Serara, Michael of Nebadon, the Most Highs and Andromadeus.

Here is your audio tape link for Lightline USA Sunday - 28 NOV with Q & A:
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Re: LLUSA SUNDAY - 28 NOV with Q & A
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2021, 12:16:48 am »
Hello Everyone.  Here is the transcription for the first half of the Light Line.  I will post the Q and A tomorrow.  

Light Line Sunday 11-28-2021

Ron Besser, Host, and Phyllis Simpson, Co Host.
7 on streaming and 21 on the direct call today. Thank you for for such a lovely turnout. We appreciate it.

This is TARKAS, Ron. I welcome everybody. I am the MC for this Sunday Light Line today.
We do not have a particularly cheerful Light Line, but it is better than what you got on Saturday.
I am going to call upon Ron to start the transmission, so you all can hear what we are hearing.
I am THE UNIVERSAL FATHER, greetings to all of you.
We appreciate you listening. thank you for coming.

Today which is Sunday where you are, is a day that we must do what we call recompense. Recompense means to rethink a strategy. The strategy we have to rethink as you heard on Saturday is to try to figure out the best way into creating all of you on Urantia, without killing one of us (Sorry).
Now it is very unusual for spirit to indicate such openness.

Thank you!
In any case, Ron, we say this. The truth of the matter is that Christ Michael, Daniel Raphael, the rebels. . .
Rebels? we'll close them out. It is something to get that name. Hold on. That's Dominick Escobal.

Gabriel has this and they are chosen out now, for now for reasons of state, I am GABRIEL, and I am locking it down, Ron, they can't get back in.
I want you all to know that Ron goes through these exercises every day by himself, as they stand around and almost chew gum waiting for him to have a blank mind moment. That doesn't happen very much, but when it does, they are in there providing false information. He finally says, I'm not listening any more. Get out!

Today we lost one of our members. Not Jack but one called Henson. Henson has been recalled to Paradise, to explain how he managed to get Ron to listen to all that on Saturday without anyone breaking in.
Ron just congratulated Henson, for he really appreciated it! But Henson has the power of what you would call security. He knows how to hammer back evil. Now he is being congratulated, not chewed out. Let us know, Henson, how you did it. We would all love to use it.

I'm HENSON. I'm without Name or Number, and Ron you are delightful. I greet you and welcome you to Paradise. I'm speaking from Paradise. and I want you all to know that the reason I have to, is they are studying what I did to break the insurrection and the rebels from breaking into your transmission Saturday. You had a clear transmission all day, once we broke it.
Thank you Ron

Now this.

I am returning to Urantia in about 10 minutes. That is extraordinary to you , Ron.
Ron: I would expect you to take months.

Thank you Ron. But I am One Without Name or Number. I don't bother with space.
Ron: How about between your ears?


I'm so glad. Thank you Henson. Continue if you wish.

Henson: Thank you. The truth of the matter is I no longer have ears. And I have no space in me. I am a flicker, almost like the Father Fragment. You will know someday when I appear, I am a white airy light.
How lovely. What a pleasure if we could see you.

We had a Dr. Roushouw (?) who is an entertainer who travels about in a box throughout the universe.
All right.
Anyhow, in one episode He had the stripes, which were little white lights that flew around his head and communicated like angels. It was a lovely show.

But you are quite like that, Henson.
I'm turning you back to the Universal Father., We thank you Henson.
Come back soon.
Thank you.
I'M THE UNIVERSAL FATHER, Ron. I have never heard a conversation between One Without Name and Number, and those of them that speak to you, they have gotten used to your light and airy ways. It is a delight to hear from the material side.
I wait for it to be done. Now this.

I want you to know that this morning was not the best morning for any of us. We put down the Lucifer rebellion, particularly on Urantia. That meant that we have 35,000 deaths. They are no more. They were die-hard Luciferians, and they had to be removed at all costs. Furthermore we cleared the seraphic rebellion by half today. We removed them to a prison world that is around Uversa. We cleared about 453,000 seraphim off the planet. Almost half a million. For that reason, the cabal is as angry as hornets and Ron sits right near the nest. He has had to put up with it all morning, and finally just went to watch TV for a while with a cup of tea.
That is delightful, but his ability to take off and relax is coming to an end soon.

We have his friend today, Dominick sitting n the living room listening to all this on his phone, and together they have some work to do today, if Dominick can spare the time. He may not be able to, but we'll find out.

Furthermore, Steven Gitz, your work with Amazon has filtered out to that other big book seller, I can't remember the name, I'm sorry. It's blocked. Yes.
They have also sold close to 600 copies of Origins. Yes. Amazon sold about 6000 copies. You are seen to be a best seller, Ron, because 10,000 is considered a best seller. You have never received one cent as royalties. Now they are looking at it andsaying well, it needs royalties too. They will prepare a royalty check probably close to $15 or $16,000. A little bit goes to Steven Gitz for his help, and the rest to the Magisterial Foundation for its help.

TARKAS: Thank you Ron. The Universal Father understands all we did was accounting. Here he is back.

I 'M THE UNIVERSAL FATH ER, everyone. And I love being known that the trial that Ron is in even today is to give favor to anything he does to work. T he truth of the matter is everything he tried to do yesterday, utterly failed. That receiver, Ron, will work for Dominick. I promiste you. Dominick should be very happy. Take it and listen. And for this. Let it be known, Ron, that those speakers are the best speakers you have ever bought. Get another pair.
Ron: I don't know the brand. I have to look.

fATHER: The truth of the matter is that you would like your FM set up to work. That receiver you have now is workable only from the clicker, and the clicker may start to work again. It is the only way in.

I fully agree that the fools did it on purpose.
Ron: I take it Father, that Michael has a mission.

FATHER: You and your friend Dominick have put together a website that is beginning to get a lot of attention. Dominick can't tell because he doesn't have a counter on it. Ron doesn't have time to go in and look at the various websites. A few have commented. You don't even know the address into it.

Ron: No, I don't fully look it up.
FATHER; And this. Dominick: Your website has attracted about 500 visitors today. Whats doing it?

That Glossary that you put up is attracting dozens of people. It has tons of information you can't get any where else on the planet., It has about 300 entries.

You didn't know that. I just didn't count them.
Now this: You and Dominick have some work to do with taxes coming,
Ron: If Dominick is helping me out.

For that reason, you'll save about $3000.00 Where do you plan on putting it?

I plan on catching up. I paid a bundle for the patent. I thank those who made it possible very much. I'm most grateful.

The truth of the matter is that the coffers of the Magisterial Foundation are going to grow exponentially.

Yes, I see Goering, rubbing his hands. We need a craft.
This is no fly-by-night!
In any case, here's Machiventa Melchizedek.

I'm Machiventa MELCHIZEDEK, Ron and thank you for the balloons and fireworks.
The truth of the matter, you are ambidextrous. You can t row pictures up into the air and transmissions they can't hear. You love it and so do we.

Thank you for the entry.
Ron: someone getting back at me, just a minute. Now this.
The truth of the matter is you have a seraphim nearby, and she is escorted out.

Now this. As MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, all hell is going to break loose, probably in the next ten days. If you have some food shopping, or heaven forbid Christmas shopping, or you need to get to a doctor, or get your medicine renewed, do it now. The supply question is going to be serious, because we are having an announcement, primarily over the major networks, but through all radio and television affiliates as well.

Jesus has declared a Ron a National Hero, and all of you as supporting him, are heros as well.

We now have 8 on streaming, and 23 on the direct call.
And all of you are most welcome, and I hope you hear this clearly. The language is pretty clear.

Your second return is scheduled for within the next 6 days.

That places it before December 7, Pearl Harbor day.
Today, instead of Japanese bombs there will be Salvington bombs, and for that matter, pay strict attention to how it goes down.


We are placing the protocols into effect immediately and that is the protocol: The superior spirit entities always speak first. Then the subordinates in order of their spirit rank. Your TV will have a voice over of Christ Michael.

Gabriel will follow with his speech voice over.
And then the camera will pick up an individual sitting somewhat in shadow. It is Jesus. He has a ten minute speech. The camera will fade to black. There will be 20 minutes of total silence. No one one may break in with talking heads or the aristocrats of the talk shows. They don't know what happened.
Neither do you. Stay home. Please.


It's going to be like a volcanic eruption. Dust and fire in the air. The idiots who worship the ground he walks on are going to go berserk. I don't know what you are going to get in the civilian population, but stay inside. It will protect your life in all probability.

Furthermore., Ron may probably not be here. I have no idea what Michael has in mind. No Ron won't be absent-minded.

All right.
Thank you.

The truth of the matter is you see a treble clef.
Yes I do.
What does that mean to you?
For the Right Hand only
Thank you. Beautifully stated, you idiot!

But you are not ambidextrous.
I write with my right hand too.
But with the treble clef, which I see as music, and that is the right hand usually for pianists.

Thank you.
This is FATHER. It is always delightful to hear you, Ron, The truth of the matter is that any one listening to him on streaming should hear it even clearer than those who hear it on the telephone, because streaming picks it up much more clearly. Ron laughs and smiles through some of it, as he should.

Ron may be taken to the morontial lands. but will be returned shortly. He will not be aware of the after effect of the speech that's before December 7th.
Now this: We're going to Q and A shortly.


We're not having anyone else transmit today, primarily because of other things that need to take precedence up here.
Go ahead and put your hands up. we will becoming to you in about 5 or 6 minutes. 5*
Wait for us to come to you.

Now before we answer you, let this be known:
the truth of the matter is that the bestowal Jesus for the second return is not entirely alone.

Ron will greet The Magisterial Son Rayson, at Rayson's convenience.
Steven Gitz, Ron will let you know when you are to attend York. It's that close.
For you Dominick, you may as well live at 2709. You are going to be very very busy with things Ron has to get out. And he can't do it all at once.
He has to go over the tax situation with you. We hope you help him put that out. But at the same time, you Ron and WTP will have a big surprise. Modify that contraption sitting on your table that produces electrons, and jumps that gap to a sphere. We are going to modify it so that it turns off muons, and see if we can light your lamp this time.

Ron: That would be wonderful. What a wonderful demonstration.


And this. The truth of the matter is you need to video tape it, so that others can see it and know what you're doing.
Ron: Well. We'll get Cecil B. DeMille.

Thank you Ron

Finally: this for you Ron, Dominick said you walked to the door pretty easily. lYou said, I can't find my cane. But you will walk much easier this evening. Hopefully Dominick is around and can find his wallet, and be back with you if he decides.

The truth of the matter is we have have to put off your healing for days, and for that you have suffered. But you are glad to hear it.

Ron is showing in pictures, going down on one knee.

That is the immediate future. Ron take your doctor's appointment on Dec. 1. You're safe till then. Dominick may drive, but if he can't we'll find other means. The truth of the matter is you are doing it because sometimes shock makes you dizzy. I shouldn't be driving.

You have a girlfriend called Sue Whiley. She listens to the tapes. She is in Australia. and the times just don't match to listen. However, we need to tell Sue Whiley that she must come to York at least for several weeks. She will be paid well.

And she need not worry about the hospital work, unless she wants to keep it, because she knows the group of women, and may enjoy the association.
You, Sue, need to take a transmission from Monjoronson, Magisterial Son.
Ron can't speak it. He chooses not to. It is for you personally.

Serara, Ron will speak with you
Thank you.
This is Serara.
SERARA: I am Magisterial Son second in command. The truth of the matter is that between Serara and Monjoronson, there is as third Magisterial Son who stays in spirit, and that is SenSen. You knew that already Ron.

Yes I did. Why doesn't he come out?

When you are not sure if that is Serara or Monjoronson, the one that stays behind the curtain isn't considered important news at this point.

O beautifully spoken Sensen!
Now you are the blush of the peach, Sensen!

I appreciate being the blush on the peach, Ron. Thank you!
The truth of the matter is I don't think I have ever been addressed quite that way. But we know th at Urantia is in terrible condition, and that we need to provide more than gifts or goodies that you can use. You also need a way to calm down the population particularly in the English speaking Christian countries.
And places like Portuguese Brazil, and the Spanish Spain, and central and south America. They will rejoice. The trouble is, they run into the streets, and the first thing you have is a riot.

We've got to calm it. and we will put many of them to sleep. Those that have adjusters will be calmed immediately. Those without adjusters will be asleep.

It's like a runaway truck. God forbid what's in the way.

I fully agree. Thank you
Thank you, SensSen.

Now Phyllis. The alert has been given. Go to the Q and A for us Please.



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Re: LLUSA SUNDAY - 28 NOV with Q & A
« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2021, 01:15:29 pm »
Hello Everyone, Here is the transcription of the Question and Answer Session of Sunday's Light Line:
Light Line Q and A Sunday 11-28-2021

We've got to calm it, and we will put many of them to sleep. Those who have adjusters will be calmed immediately. Those without adjusters will be asleep.

It's like a runaway truck. God forbid what is in the way. I fully agree. Thank you.

Ron: Thank you Sensen.
Now Phyllis, The alert's been given. Go to Q and A for us please.

Coming first to Jose. I'm unmuting you now, Go ahead, Jose.

Jose: OK As usual I get confused, and misunderstanding. The transmission today stated that Jesus would appear before the 7th of December. Am I correct on that?

Ron: You're correct.

Jose: Are we allowed to inform our family members or friends of the occasion, or should we as usual keep it quiet?

Ron: Let it be a surprise, Jose.
Jose: OK.
Ron: Of course, the other is accepted.


Jose: I was thinking about my immediate family. Should I warn them to stay at home and not to go to work?
Ron: Jose, you can do that without saying why. Rather, if these things come to pass, you are in danger. If you see it happen, just do it, don't wait for me.
Jose: OK.

Ron: However you want to put it, Jose.
Jose: So I would be correct to say it is on or before the 7th of December?
Ron: That is what they are saying. I'm not saying it. If I could go to the Doctor's office on Dec. 1st, it's without a problem. The issue at first is stay safe.
Jose: Thank you.
Ron: You're welcome, Jose.

Go ahead Phyllis.
Phyllis: It's Valerie. I'm unmuting you now.


Valerie: Thank you Phyllis. I have the impression, trying to piece the things together. I want to thank Father, Michael, and the good news. I am ever thankful.
My question now is that if Jesus appears on television, will he include in the speech, the necessity of the Regency?
Ron: I have to put that up to them. The conflict is between the Devil and the deep blue sea. Either we do or we don't. I have to hear what they have to say.

This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON. Thank you for the segue. We have to agree with what Ron just said. It is (?) if we do the Regency right away. It is doable if we have to. It is being looked at by Paradise. They will make the final recommendation as to whether the Regency comes with the announcement. It could be days later. It could be months later. Don't set a date for it. Just watch. Thank you Ron

Ron: Thank you Michael.
Valerie: Will the riots trigger a market crash in anybody's opinion?

Ron: Again I am conflicted with the answer. Again, it is do or don't do, and anything could happen, with volatile human beings. I pass this up to Monjoronson.

MONJORONSON: Ron's right, we don't know what is going to happen. But it could, for the simple reason investors, millions of them around world, have a lot of money in the US stock market.. The stock market on Friday was down over over 900 points on the mere fact of a change in the quantity of how much oil will be shipped.

If that is all that panics them can you imagine what a return will do to them? It is entirely possible that the market will just close, and maybe be closed for several days.
That would be the wise thing to do. But man is not being wise by any chance lately. And we cannot predict what the markets will do, if they don't close them, Valerie.
Does that answer you question?

Valerie: I understand the panic. . . The energy and the earth movements,
How likely is that to happen?

Ron: It's unpredictable. It could be true.

Valerie: The last question, because of the earth core changes, is there a concern that the earth might explode?
Ron: I am going to the power directors if they wish to speak.

POWER DIRECTOR 5: We can't guarantee when anything is going to happen, Valerie. You may find a few tectonic plates move with his return.

Ron: Is there a direct appearance on the planet by Jesus, or is this transcribed, meaning that from a ship?

Power director: I fully agree with you we have to refer it to Michael. He is on the planet in his own studio. His feet are on the Urantia dirt. Therefore, Michael do wish to say it?

MICHAEL: The power of the second return might transfer to the tectonic plates in that it is a great energy that has often in the past triggered earthquakes. The earthquake at the death of Jesus was a natural event, by the speech of the midwayers who rode it, who felt they must present it that way. I can assure you the loss of Jesus caused the tremor.
I leave that then, Ron.

Ron: I leave it, Power Dirctor. Is that everything?

Valerie: I have another question. The curtain splitting in two when he died. There was a big heavy curtain that was in the temple in the Most Holy place. It split into two.
Ron: What book in the Bible do you get that Valerie?


Valerie: I haven't read the Bible for a long time. It is in the Gospels.

Ron: This is an expert on the gospel: we know of the four or five gospels. There is no such entry. What you may be getting is a translation by one of the churches that inserted such wording. But there was no such event, Valerie.

Valerie; Thank you for the answer.
Ron: It's not your fault Valerie. They're doing it all the time these days. It's called revisionist. It won't do.
Go ahead, Phyllis.
Valerie: Thank you.
Phyllis: Weydevu, and then Robert.

Weydevu : Ron you stated some time ago, a that the supreme had a vast army of angels, and the seraphim, 450,000, had been cleared from Urantia, and 35,000 rebels had been removed. In the past we have been hearing about removals. But they keep coming. So how many more are left on Urantia? Rebels and Seraphim?

Ron: May have been resupplied. There is no number available for what is left.

Weydevu: Hmm.
Ron: Weydevu, about half of them maybe seraphim. That would be the seraphic insurrection.
Weydevu: All right.

You mentioned certain people will be put to sleep, why not all of them?
Ron: I am not the one putting them to sleep for one thing. That was an indiscriminate description of what we said. We said those without adjusters will be put to sleep , if we have to. It is an unknown number right now Weydevu.

Weydevu: OK. All right. That is all the questions right now. I had another question but Valerie asked it so I don't need to ask that.

Ron: Thank you.
Phyllis: Robert, you are unmuted.

Robert: Thank you Ron. (?)

Ron: Is that a question?
Robert: Yes.
Ron: I don't know how they are planning to work.
This is METATRON: One moment. I assure you that Metatron will be there. You just won't see him. That is all I can tell you as Metatron.

Go ahead Robert.

Robert: That answered my question, and I thank you.

Ron: You surprise me Robert. It's fine.
Go ahead.
Phyllis: There is one person on the internet access who is unmuted, I'm not sure they have a question.

Rn: That doesn't mean anything.

Phyllis: Larry Gossett, and Valerie.

Larry: I have another. I would write Ron to see if you know or could get an answer to a question: since the appearance of Jesus will be so quick, what does that do to the timing of formally setting up the Regency? And if it doesn't get set up, will the White House be somehow notified of this before it happens?

Ron: O Larry! First of all, if you stopped and thought about it, Jesus is not the one directing the Regency. That is the timing schedule of Father and Michael.

Michael do you wish to address that?

MICHAEL: Yes somehow. I fully agree.
Second of all Larry, you are asking for a series of decisions that can't be elucidated because if we change one decision, all the other decisions get changed too, and we don't know the sequence.
Larry: OK
MICHAEL: The Regency is a separate matter as Ron spoke to, and he knew immediately you can't mix the two. Jesus will have a lot to do with it once it's installed, but the regency itself, the Melchizedeks will say where are you? The truancy that is now indicated in Ron over why the Washington Post are not informed, has to do more with the House of Representatives, than the Presidency itself. This should shock you.
Nancy Pelosi is ready to resign. Biden doesn't want anything to do with her resignation now in the middle of the pandemic and what is frankly a Republican insurrection. For that matter, the Melchizedeks have held back.

Ron: Well I won't ask permission to speak. I will bit my tongue
Thank you
Michael: Thank you Ron
MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK: The Regency is more important than Pelosi's political help. However, Biden is opening up all the stops and will not listen to anything
that has to do with the House of Representatives.
We are holding our fire for the moment. That is all I have to say.
Ron: Thank you gracious one. Thank you.
Melchizedek: Thank you Ron.

This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON: I thought that was an answer beyond the call of duty. I fully appreciate it. Thank you Ron.


For that reason, we are are subject to the will of the Paradise Trinity. It is not in your Urantia book, but that is what the Vorondadek works to be. Ron is fully aware that Margul is here with him.
He's also fully aware that the Deity Absolute, is holding his breath about what Ron says. But he holds his tongue.

For that reason, the Most Highs report to all of you: that the the desire to obtain the Regency at all costs is our view as well.
Nancy Pelosi has no business resigning. She will not resign. But for the time being, President Biden is running around trying to shore up the walls. He can't have this happen.
As the Most Highs, let us warn every one of you who are asking questions the truth of the matter is Ron is fully aware of the answers himself, but finds that the authority of the Chief Executives of the Master Universe must have their say correctly. And he defers to them.

All of you must learn to do that. You don't think. Learn to think, because you are going to be in the presence of High Spirit authority, incarnated, particularly among the Magisterial Sons.
Monjoronson, Serara, Rayson and two more not announced. Ron will know them. For that reason, let it also be known that the entire matter of the Regency is of the highest universe concern.
Ron feels the Regency is essential, if you are to preserve Urantia and in a non disastrous way.

I think He is right, but in any case, the true ideal, and this is MONJORONSON speaking, is that man should straighten it out himself, but you've got a president overloaded, a House about to fall, and a Republican insurrection ready to take place again.

They will not get away with it. For that reason, Larry, and all of you listening, the terrible temper of the Republicans will be saturated with even more temper when they learn they are going to be turned out in sufficient quantities from the legislative bodies of the US. government, so that the majority can work its will more peacefully.

There is no excuse for their behavior. None.

I am ANDROMEDEUS, THE MOST HIGH. I am no longer Jesus. But Ron knows I carry great authority. For that reason, Ron plays the game perfectly well, and knows who's who for the most part, and is glad to follow what we ask. l as Andromedeus, learn this: you have followed with Ron in developing these Light Lines and the discussion forum. Learn to do something else:
Learn to cooperate for a change. Every time you attempt to, there is an argument.

You know it Raz, You know it, Lemuel, You know it, Amethyst. and the rest of you, who try to get cooperation, know it very well too. If you cannot work together without raising an objection every 5 minutes, then you don't belong here.

Finally. As Andromedeus, I'm recommending Ron is able to see the speech. And other than that, I withdraw.

We thank you Andromedeus. Very kind. And thank you for the information and background.
Thank you

This is MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK: You are of the opinion you can't do much.
Ron: You saw what I tried to do with WTP and the disastrous behavior of the House of Representatives, and even my senator. They did not even bother to call me back. That is what we are facing. Cooperation is not essential for good government per se, as long you have a leader who knows what must be done. I pray that that leadership is a divine court called the Regency. And teach us what we must do and learn.
I only point out Machiventa, the awful despicable response I've received. And they're still at it.
I thank you.
Thank you Ron.
Ron: Boy does that put backbone in me. They never returned the call. All three of them did not. Yes. I spoke to the Pennsylvania office, I spoke to the Washington office, and I spoke to the Senate, leaving a message because no one is at the phones to answer them.
Thank you.

I chuckle because I got a response from the Melchizedeks.
Thank you Ron, this is MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK. I know what you said is true. Will you follow up?
Ron: Yes with additional messages, but not to Pennsylvania.
Why not?
Ron: The republicans are as obstructionist as the January 6 riots were. They do not allow our government to proceed, probably because PA and 30 other states have Republican majorities, that even attempt to stop voting.

MACHIVENTA: The Regency is essential to you.

Ron: Machiventa is that you?
MACHIVENTA: Yes. I happen to have reviewed the speech that was made on Saturday, that there are so many blocking situations to other attempts to reach us, that this country, the United States needs an abrupt thunderclap, and for the wisdom of the Trinity and the Magisterial Sons to sit with our Executive branch and begin to untangle the crimes. Thank you.

Ron: Thank you.

I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK. You feel that where there is no backbone, there is apocalypse.
Ron: I do sir.
Melchizedek: We don't have one. We need you.
Ron: Thank you.

This is the UNIVERSAL FATHER: In spite of what they think, they know Ron. Do not be too concerned. If I'm going to use you, I will go the whole way.

Now to everybody else listening, the truth of the matter is that we have reached our allocated time. Phyllis are there any more questions?

Phyllis: Valerie's hand is raised.

Valerie: Thank you. (?)

Ron: No. That is take it as it goes.

Valerie: I found a scripture Matt 27: 51 it says in the King James Version, The veil was torn from top to the bottom.

Ron: All right hold on a minute Valerie. Here is St. Matthew.
ST. MATTHEW: I am the Apostle who wrote that Gospel. That is not my writing. Don't forget, Valerie, that many of these gospels were written late at night as a monk at his table without heat, and only a candle light. He would fantasize and he would put down what he wished to put down. The same has happened to John and Luke.
There was no such story that I was aware of. But it shows up in your Bible, and millions of people are going to believe it. I wouldn't speak to it again, unless you want criticisms.
Valerie: Thank you for saying that.

Ron. I believe I was speaking to Machiventa. I now turn this back to Tarkas. Thank you Machiventa.

This is Tarkas: We are closing down the Light Line session, as usual lit has been a pit. For additional information, let all of us consider the Light Line on Tuesday. Phyllis will be attended by Ron. I will come in as a speaker.

Phyllis: OK.
Ron: Thank you. All right everybody we are going to wrap this up for today. Thank you all for listening.