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I have a question about this passage in the middle of the Last Supper.

From The Urantia Book: 179.4.5
Jesus brought their whisperings to an end by saying: “I sorrow that this evil should have come to pass and hoped even up to this hour that the power of truth might triumph over the deceptions of evil, but such victories are not won without the faith of the sincere love of truth."

My question is what amount of faith in the sincere love of truth would have prevented Jesus' arrest and murder?

This is Ron, and I take dictation from Jesus to answer you RAZ:

"I am not afraid of the un-truth, but I totally dislike conspiracies.  Some you indulge with them too much, and Ron never does, as he knows they are imaginary fears and not fears to avoid unpleasant truth otherwise.  Ron had a chemistry friend many years ago, and he started talking in conspiracy theories all over the place, and Ron had to leave them, as they we not well put together.  His friend knew Ron never payed attention to them but that friend dies muttering about them until he was on the mansion worlds.  They converse now and then but little is passed between them now.

"In truth I am Jesus, and I am not real sharp about all of the incidence of my material life on Urantia.  But I am quite sure we all know that what Judas spoke was all but babble and what Paul of Tarsus said later was, "JUDAS never said anything worthwhile because he never thought, he only repeated.  And that  is what happened to Ron's friend.  In any case you RAZ should understand that Jesus never chastised Judas, mainly because Judas could never understand the nature of his sin.

"I carry this to you RAZ, anyone who whould know better does so.  Those who know better, never say things that Judas did all the time.  I recognized it by the time of the last supper, and never forgave him for what he did, but I let it pass as supreme ignorance of the Kingdom, and that nothing in this entire world was good enough to instruct Judas of the nature of those sins in contribution to my death on the cross."


Ron here - That is all Jesus had to say to your question RAZ.  It does not sound like he answered you truly.  But he did by pointing out that if you listen carefully to what people say, you can determine the depth of their understanding and let the Kingdom go for most, as most cannot understand its requirements to stay the course and enter where and when you can.   Not all who enter the Kingdom ever truly understand their nature well enough to allow them to understand why they have entered the Kingdom in the first place. 

I have never asked anyone of you here for credentials for I am merely human, but I do understand the issues the Kingdom wants settled before you enter therein.  It demands and asks:

1 - Do come in innocence?   Then shall you betray no sin in abstentia.

2 - Do you come in betrayal of anyone?  Then shall you eat from the hand of God, so that He is aware of your gluttony not, but cares you are sustained with the food of righteousness.

3 -  Do you betray the crow of the rooster before dawn as Peter did?  Then you fail to understand if you flee before the clarion call for sinless honesty, and the Kingdom then eludes you.

4 -  Does God ever give of His grace without you?  God is intelligent and knows the truth about all of you, and for that reason He makes no one leave before their time to the many mansions above.  For that reason all, including myself, must be judged for our desires first, and our importance second, and our care for each other third.  I make no bend in the road for anyone including the likes of Ron here, but he has never transgressed the truth or has he ever sinned sufficiently to ever call into question his worth with the divine.

5 -  Where do we speak the truth?  Does one care for anyone other than the high speed to which we must adjust to all who pass before the Censors of My Choosing?  Let this lie t hen as to who shall enter the Kingdom, and leave it to me your FATHER on high.  I am chosen not but all of you may be if you enter the Kingdom with Me, and if you attempt without Me, then you fail to know God at all and become mere dust on the plains of the empty fields of Galilee.

6 - I am JESUS speaking now and you should have guessed it as this transmitters loves me as all do who meet me, and for that reason I elude your sight, but not your heart and your mind.  He who types this has been killed by a truant spirit and he bears no grudge to wring its neck as he says over and over if he ever catches up with it.  I laugh with him, but that is typical human banter over harm one cannot prevent.  Ron shall enter the Kingdom when we release him from Urantia, but not before, and so he must type until his arms tire, and I JESUS, say this unto you:

BE AWARE OF THE SAINT WHO LIES.  Beware of the  gift which costs you more than mere reception.  Be aware of the heartless man who may run for the Presidency of the United States, and bare not your soul before you should!  Let peace reign.  Let the quirks of Don Quixote rule not your mind, and do not tog windmills in favor of truth you cannot bear.  For my own reasons, this EASTER is not with Me in Easter baskets, but in the heart of man who asks the sincere question, "WHERE GO I?" and if no answer appears, there is nothing left for Me to do with him either.  I leave you now.  JESUS OF NAZARETH.


Was there a certain critical mass of believers needed in the general population or just enough of the Sanhedrin so as not to make the call for the arrest and murder?

Ron:  No critical mass is ever needed to die for a just cause, but Judas did not list a just cause, but knew only greed and let the rest mire itself on his suicide in the rough grounds of Jessamine.  The mass of greed was enough to kill Jesus, RAZ.

Or did the faith of humans not matter at all so long as Lucifer, Satan, and Caligastia were still in power and lacked faith of the sincere love of truth?

Ron:  RAZ, do not confuse the intention of the mob to have any recourse but to exhaust itself in itself, and that the mind of Judas already determined he would kill by his insincerity of the  ideals he already knew well and discarded because of his petulance against t he unfairness he felt Jesus placed on him alone.

One of the reasons I ask is I wonder how the answer to these questions relates to the current perpetual delays in the missions for Urantia or if they are similar situations?

Ron - I see you wonder why too.  I have no answer RAZ, but you would be very foolish to condemn when you have no real idea why delays are essentially to save us from unbearable defeat with insurrection all around as these Missions are being planned.  I cannot answer that question well without your own ideas present to us too.

Thank you for your post RAZ.



I have a question about what our scientists call the big bang which caused the outward expansion of the universe. 

In The Urantia Book paper 11 it says in 11.6.4: The cycles of space respiration extend in each phase for a little more than one billion Urantia years. During one phase the universes expand; during the next they contract. 

It also says we are about midway in an outward expansion now. Is this the force our earth scientists confuse with their big bang theory? 

Or is it the following from paper 15.3.14 which says we are also moving counterclockwise around Paradise: The movement of Orvonton and six associated superuniverses around Paradise and Havona, the counterclockwise processional of the superuniverse space level.

I suppose it could also be both. Does anyone know which is causing the movement which leads our earth scientists to the big bang theory? Do we who understand The Urantia Book have any idea which movement is the greater of the two? One movement being away from Paradise and the second being always counterclockwise around Paradise.

Another question concerns our having been told that Nebadon, our Local Universe is in close proximity to Outer Space Level Number One which we know moves clockwise around Paradise. If we are moving counterclockwise and the nearby O.S.1 is moving clockwise why aren't our scientists seeing this evidence of parts of our sky moving opposite directions? Or is it that the universe is so immense even our new telescopes aren't big enough to see far enough to detect these varying movements?

Thanks for your thoughts.


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