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Dear ones, this is your father, Michael.  And I say that not only am I your Father.  I am also your brother and especially I am your friend.  I can confidently say dear ones that we are friends for we have the same outlook.  We all wish for great things for Urantia.  Oh Urantia, Urantia, my little lamb, please don't bleat plaintively anymore.  For I am here.  I am here for all of you my precious little lambs.

You may be puzzled dear ones.  You see the insanity of the world all around you.  Psychopaths continue to be psychopoaths.  Murderers continue to be murderers.  Dictators continue to be dictators.  Oppressors continue to be oppressors.  It seems as if the entire world has lost its mind, is that not true my children?  How can this be since my Spirit of Truth continues to be poured out on your world 24/7 as you like to say?  Well dear ones did you think the opposers of my will would just roll over and play dead?  Did you think that they would go down without a fight?  So dear ones as my Spirit of Truth continues to be poured out, the spirit of the Anti-Christ is making its presence known throughout the world in opposition to my Spirit of Truth.

It is really a desperate measure, dear ones.  The opposers know that all is lost so they continue to put up a fight.  They continue to cause mayhem, chaos, division, through their lies, manipulations and so forth.  As long as they do this it is a sort of smoke screen that diminishes the presence of the Spirit of Truth.  For is not division in direct opposition to my will and the will of the Father?  Indeed, it is my children.  You have a saying that if it is not of love, it is not of God.  Indeed!  Test it out my children.  Whenever you see the insanity that is right before your eyes ask yourselves is it of love?  And if it is not of love then reject it because it is then not of God.  For true love is unity not division.  True love does not allow for lies, manipulations, racism, hatred, and so forth.

You see my children the opposers cannot win this fight.  They know they cannot win this fight so they continue to rob you of your freedoms, of your right to decide for yourselves the direction that your life will take.  They continue to lie to you saying that you are powerless.  That you cannot change a thing on this greatly disturbed world.  NO!  NO, MY CHILDREN!  YOU ARE POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE!  You, each one of you have a representative of the Father within you!  A very part of the omnipotent Father!  Is there anything more powerful than that my children!  NO, MY CHILDREN!  You have the power immeasurable to change this world.  You are backed up by your destiny guardians.  You are backed up by the Melchizedeks.  You are backed up by a host of celestials that want to see a change on my seventh bestowal world.  Indeed, my children.  Indeed.  You are powerful beyond measure.  So, when you waken in the morning look at yourselves in the mirror and say out loud:  I AM POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE!

Truth be told precious children.  Everyone here on this forum and even the lurkers, I love you beyond measure.  I am proud of you beyond measure, and I boast to my Father and yours about such things.  And the Father of us all boasts about you as well.  You are also, each one of you his special children.  His children that never give up.  You fatten on grief and disappointment, and you come out the other side far better than you were before.  Never forget that it is my will children.  Never forget that it is the will of the Father and I that this world steeped in rebellion for far too long will soon be steeped in light and life so much so that future generations will not even believe that this was their history.  Impossible!  Impossible they will say!  This could not have happened.  But I tell you it did happen for I lived it and you lived it precious children.  And I say to you, I say to you each one.  The reason that generations in the future will scarcely believe their history is because of YOU!  Because of you, my children!

So, take the bull by the horns as the saying goes and make it happen.  And I your proud Papa will be looking from above with tears streaming from my eyes because I always knew you could do it.  My human mind right before my death on the cross was worried about leaving my followers behind on this dangerous and wicked world, but I need not have worried.  For if there is beauty in this world, if beauty is left, that beauty is you.  Let your light shine before men and the spirit of the Anti-Christ will melt like snow in July.  And you, you my little lambs will shine bright before the stars of heaven, will shine bright before me, will shine bright before the Father on the Paradise Isle.  And why?  And why my children?  Because you believed that you were powerful beyond measure.


Threads for New Transmissions / Love is no Illusion
« on: November 25, 2022, 12:51:12 pm »
Michael:  Hello, my precious children.  You are still basking in the afterglow of your Thanksgiving feast the day after.  Imagine my children if this afterglow that you are now feeling could be an ever-flowing afterglow.  How would you feel if here from now on, if here from forever, you would, that is, your heart would be filled with the afterglow of love?  Isn't that what is largely missing on your planet?  The planet of my seventh bestowal.  

Imagine if when you awoke every day that you would awaken to the glory of countless acts of love; and that such countless acts of love were chronicled in newspapers and on the internet to serve as an inspiration to all peoples everywhere.  No longer would there be the chronicles of madness, of perverse violence, of senseless violence, of senseless murders happening anywhere in the world.  

You see my dear children this is where you come in.  You may think at times that you are powerless.  That there is nothing that you can do to turn the tide of madness that is happening in the world today.  Think of this my precious children.  If I had thought that way then I would have never come to your sphere in the first place.  My advisors advised me to think about another sphere.  Another sphere not as affected by abject evil and hatred as Urantia has been.  And to think that it was one of my children that was responsible for this caused my heart such pain as you could never imagine.  The greatest reason for the infamy on this planet was and could be traced to one person.  This one person could have made such a difference in a very positive way.  He could have been a hero, a loving and kind parent that put the needs of his little children in first place.  Instead of that he put himself in first place.  To hell with the little children!  To hell with the little lambs!  My way or no way!  

I don't have to enumerate all the evils that have been done here on Urantia since that time.  I know when all of you contemplate the history of your planet it all but breaks your heart.  How you long to tell your brethren what you know!  How you long to tell your brethren that there is a simple answer to all the evil in the world.  And that answer is no further than your own heart.  You need not travel to the ends of the Earth to find it.  You need not travel to the ends of the universe in its present limits to find it.  Travel right where you are.  Travel to your very own heart.  You see my precious children when you travel to your own heart you will find it.  You will find your very own Thought Adjuster.  You will find your very own Father fragment.  An actual fragment of the eternal Father living in your own heart.

Indeed, my dear children it was only one person acting in his own way that led to all of the misery and endless heartache that exists on your planet today.  Yet, cannot we not take this a step further?  If it took only one person to introduce such evil to the world, could it not also be true that it could take just one person to introduce unconditional love to the world?  Yes, my dear children you are it.  Each one of you in your own way can change the world.  You can do things far greater than I when I was on your world.  You can turn around all of this misery and all of this endless suffering with all of your love.  The Father fragment within you will lead the way.  Even now your Father fragment is calling to your heart that you will do just that.  That you, a mere person, just one person, will change the world.  It only takes one person, dear ones, to lead the charge.  

So, I will watch as each one of you, as each one of you will change the world in your own special way.  The legacy of the wicked one will crumble before you as you lead with love.  As you take the hand of your Thought Adjuster and lead with your love.  All the wickedness that causes you so much pain will crumble before you.  You will no longer wish that you could be elsewhere, anywhere else but here.  For it will be with YOUR LOVE that this world will change.  And I, I, your proud Papa will look on with tears in my eyes.  For all along I knew you could do it.  I knew you would do works greater than I.  And one day in the future you will have personal audience with me and I shall embrace you.  I shall say,  "Great job my little lamb for doing works greater than I."  For you, just one, with all the love in your heart changed the world.  And I, I shall as a result cherish you forever.


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