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General Discussion / Re: The Pleiadeans speak
« Last post by occerpa on Today at 17:28:19 »
Whenever I read and find out in the forum that this is a unique group, without equal on the entire planet (now through the Pleiadians), it is not easy for me to digest it when I do a self-examination of conscience about it, projecting myself into the same. However, when I reflect on the exceptional case of Ron Besser, I have to agree that it has to be that way. And then I stop at that emphasis that is placed on the totally original fact that this is the first time that human beings are taken into account to take part in this type of divine missions as leaders, I have no choice but to exclaim: Too good to be true, and all this becomes a vicious circle for me, without it being the case that I underestimate myself, but that I really don't see myself (until this hour) being able to fulfill that condition of transmitter to qualify. However, I am encouraged and motivated by certain messages from SAIBABA that point in that direction of a commitment to Humanity, apart from the work I have done as a doctor for many years. One of those messages says among other things: "Your mission has begun. These are my words to you my devotees. Each one has a unique and valuable part to play during your life. Only those I have called can serve Me. My mission the time has now come when each of you has work to do. This planet has a purpose in the great Galaxy in which it is contained. I invite you to radiate the devotion within you, so that its hidden power envelop all who enter your orbits. The time is approaching in which all Humanity will live in harmony, that time will come sooner than one thinks. Before it arrives be prepared for whatever is necessary in order to reveal to every living being, the true meaning of existence. It is not what anyone who is alive can imagine. It is not something that one can try to aspire to. It is beyond all comprehension. I can tell you that its beauty is splendid, more beyond all dreams. You are my instruments through which my love will be poured. I have prepared you for this work through many incarnations. I have drawn you to Me." 
I leave it here, as it was only to expose my attitude and commitment to the group. I agree with that maxim that says: "Now is the time when the time is now." Thank you for your attention.
Threads for New Transmissions / THE SIGNS ARE VERY CLEAR:
« Last post by Rene A Duran on Today at 17:21:36 »

 Group 11:21, Transmission of Truths Phoenix AZ.



 Transmitter: Louis.

 El Salvador December 2, 2023, 4:30 P.M.

 The Adjuster: "In effect, I am your Adjuster, with new news, after this pause that has been made measuring the spirits of each person, a short break is necessary to clear the mind of so much news, work that they carry out and wait for the "It's going to happen very calmly."

 "The signs are very clear and so are the events, there is no doubt that the coming of the Master Jesus is very close, that day has already arrived, if you don't start, when will you finish, bad weather, good luck, let what happens." "What is going to happen, everything is programmed, the path is clear to receive the master Jesus."

 "Along the way we will see what is needed, but the missions have to appear, because this humanity needs it, it asks for it with loud desperate cries for everything that is happening in the hands of heartless governments that have no compassion, for the most humble is the one who pays everything "

 "Master Jesus comes so that there may be justice, balance, peace, harmony among brothers, it is a great task that awaits him, but everything will turn out well, he comes prepared with his missions and other great Deities that accompany him, his ideas are very beautiful that This becomes a Paradise where everyone can come in Peace, this is all for today, good afternoon."


General Discussion / Re: The Pleiadeans speak
« Last post by Andre_P on Today at 11:12:01 »
Thank you Carole for your quick response to the latest prompts to totransmition.

Thank you very much, Pleiadians, for presenting the matter, proposals and information. Probably together on this forum, together with you and other Spirits who know our forum and with your help, we will find ways to become visible and to make the things we care about visible.

We constantly feel and see the care of our heavenly superiors.

Your advice and suggestions will probably result in us sitting less and watching, waiting for something to happen, as things get worse and worse, as you say, which is obvious to us, although it is not talked about much on this forum. It has become our habit to wait for new information and for the call to action to come at some point, but only after the events that have happened first.

TRANSLATIONS / 3.12.2023 – Mówią Plejadjanie
« Last post by Andre_P on Today at 10:22:49 »
Link do wiadomości po angielsku :
Przekazała : SongatSunrise, starszy członek
Kategoria / Temat : Dyskusje ogólne / Mówią Plejadianie
« 2 grodnia 2023 r., godz. 14:38:36 »

Plejadianie :

Drodzy członkowie Forum, jesteśmy Plejadanami. Zaczynaliśmy od skromnych początków, ale teraz osiągnęliśmy poziom duchowy, który wy również pewnego dnia osiągniecie.

Nie możecie nas zobaczyć, ale jesteśmy tutaj, na tej planecie i z przerażeniem obserwujemy, jak sytuacja staje się coraz gorsza. Nasze planety nigdy nie widziały takich działań, ale musieliśmy się nauczyć odróżniać dobro od zła, tak jak wy.

O to właśnie chodzi w tych dniach. Zło jest wszędzie, ale macie nie tylko środki, ale także moc, żeby sobie poradzić z rozpoznaniem zła i unikaniem go.

Drodzy ludzie ! Zbliżcie się. Słuchajcie uważnie.

Nigdzie nie ma takiej grupy jak wy. Waszym zadaniem jest podtrzymywanie wiary, niesienie pochodni i zabieranie głosu, kiedy wiecie.

Najważniejszą rzeczą, jaką możemy powiedzieć, jest : „Nie bójcie się !” Rzeczy niewidzialne nie są powodem do strachu. Kiedy wasza wiara, wasze serce i nadzieja są mocno zakorzenione w dobru, jesteśmy tutaj z wami. Jest nas tu wielu z wami i cokolwiek się stanie, jesteście pod opieką.

Po prostu bądźcie gotowi powiedzieć „Dziękujemy !” na każdym kroku swojego życia, ponieważ nic tak nie otwiera możliwości komunikacji z kimkolwiek jak wdzięczność i życzliwość.

Niektórzy z Was mogą chcieć siedzieć i się przyglądać, ale to nie załatwia sprawy. Proście, proście i proście, aby wasze umysły i oczy dostrzegły wielkie możliwości, jakie Bóg chce wam dać. Czy sposobność do tego może być niewidoczna ? Oczywiście. Wyobraźnia pokonuje długą drogę do stworzenia zupełnie nowej ścieżki odkryć i pracy.

Nie czekajcie, aż Ron wykona całą tę pracę. BPE (bezprzewodowe przekazywanie energii) jest ważne (ale wciąż niewidoczne), ale wszyscy możecie podjąć inne działania, żeby zbudować to forum, ten mechanizm wsparcia dla powrotu Jezusa i budowania siły waszej osobistej wiary i wizji.

A tak przy okazji, większość z was jest niewidoczna. Wasze myśli, wasze plany, wasze radości. . . znaczna część ludzkiej egzystencji jest niewidoczna. Kiedy niewidzialne nabiera widzialności przez dokonane wybory, wykonaną pracę, wypowiedziane słowa, wówczas niewidzialne staje się widzialne. Tego wszystkiego musieliśmy się nauczyć na naszych własnych rodzinnych planetach.

Jesteśmy tutaj, żeby wam pomóc. Już to gdzieś robiliśmy. Dlatego otrzymaliśmy specjalne pozwolenie, żeby tu przybyć i zaoferować swoje usługi. Dołączcie do nas. Posłuchajcie nas. Jesteśmy tu dla was. Kochamy was.


Dziękuję wam Plejadianie !

General Discussion / Re: The Pleiadeans speak
« Last post by occerpa on Today at 00:03:08 »
Thank you SongatSunrice for this new transmission from the Pleiadians, always full of practical teaching. Thank you, dear Pleiadian brothers, for so much time trying and worrying that we get out of the slavery of ignorance where the Rebellion still has us. And I start to think that if the same Father Creator Michael of Nebadon came to say that He Himself did not know everything, what is left for us with "knuckleheads", or at least mine, and then we better understand that of "Only I know that I know nothing" (Socrates). Here the Pleiadians call us to follow the guideline of SAIBABA where he insinuates that we follow the guidance of our divine inhabitant, when he tells us: "That is why you are asked to surrender, to love to trust, until you reach that instance in which There will be no more questions, only ineffable bliss."
Make visible what remains invisible in us.
General Discussion / Re: The Pleiadeans speak
« Last post by PJammer on December 02, 2023, 19:40:20 pm »
Thank you SongatSunrise and Pleiadeans.  Your communications, wisdom, and support inspires us to do our very best.  Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your attention and support.
Andre, I consider your views correct above, and thank you for discussing them here too.

Above all, I notice that seraphim who do not English and have to learn it quickly, are not well informed until they speak with higher authority.  That seems to be just the way as English is rarely known by the cabal until they are forced to understand the discussions I am dealing with regarding the WTP issue and other issues of  State we need to understand ourselves much better than we are doing right now.

Why there is much discussion about all of this should bring to light the entire matter of speech between the spirit and man.  In the middle of the 19th century spirit learned that humans on Urantia could use brain cells to communicate fully.  Thus arose the many channels still famous today.  Yet there was very little in the channel which spoke to the future with spirit and/or how it was to be used.  Not until the Sadlers found a use through Archangel Ryan in the secret commission to provide the 5th epochal revelation, did spirit realize how transmissible man's mind could be used to provide true epochal revelation as a standard way to communicate upgrades to man's religion.

Unfortunately, the 5th epochal revelation got mishandled and we are still not sure why but do know how.  For that reason it is hard to communicate to the Urantia Foundation and its off spring the Fellowship marginally called the Brotherhood which it should have stayed so.
You who read this and do NOT know what that means will just have to assume there is more to the structure of the Urantia Foundation than what you see today.  However, I know these histories and well and lament the entire matter is now up for bid due to the fact that the original fracture with the Brotherhood was a terrible error by the Foundation to adjudicate by throwing it out.  Now the Fellowship has developed its own infrastructure and NOW YOU HAVE SCHISM!  That on top of the fact the the Magisterial Foundation is returning the old idea of the BROTHERHOOD back to its original idea of promoting epochal revelation and will have a BROTHERHOOD again!  However, the form of the coming Brotherhood for the Magisterial Foundation is still in the hands of the Melchizedeks, now that they own and operate the Magisterial Foundation as their own concerns for service to the Michael Government and the Uversa concern that these inventions be prompted and protected fully from nefarious universe users of a whole different bent. 

I, as Ron Besser, refuse any service to arguments that the seraphic division should ever have any say whatsoever in the work of the Magisterial Foundation, and my body is design not to work well with seraphim of certain beliefs and sinecures.  However, I am warned that the return of spirit to Urantia will undo me unless I learn protocols of the Master Universe to accept what FATHER decrees.  Unfortunately for those protocols, I dare not accept insurrection ever and I am fully conscious of the fact I care more for the Master Universe than I do for humans who fall all over themselves over Jesus.  I love Jesus, but he cannot work on Urantia being adored to point people faint as he walks by.  The great actor Tyrone Power once said, "I rather be my old self than to go through one more famous day being Tyrone Power!"  He hated fame and Jesus does not like how it takes away from the message to believe in the Kingdom, and stop fussing over the man who invented its name and use.

Finally this, Andre, the entire matter of the Magisterial Foundation and who should run it has finally been determined by UVERSA by it declaring it a sovereign corporation and not a misfit of man trying to make his work resoundingly usable for all time.  The was never my intent, but it was my intent to give a material home to a material mission for the Magisterial Sons.  It has been escalated to some distinction due to the fact it serves very well the intentions of the MAGISTERIAL SONS themselves.  They can easily use it as a side issues for material compliments to their REGENCY WORK.  Please realize I had nothing to do with that, but the Regency developed over top of it and is useful today more than I ever first intended it to be.  Furthermore, I state here now there is no real good use for the Magisterial Foundation for man unless it is known as the source of free and transmissible electricity as a gift of God to man from God.  I must say that is so high I never ever first saw that either, but now that it is established, and that RAYSON has assigned himself to this work, it is bound to eventually become a landmark of invention when it is finally built and running.

WE conclude this situation by saying that the error a seraphic consort to declare Lemuel deceased does not bother me as much as it seems to bother others on this forum.  However, I drop the issue since I know it was a summary mistake due to Lemuel's condition and my happening to be listening at the time the decision was taken to remove him to the mansion worlds.  Of course, he never made it because Michael intervened and that is a whole other story I know more about but I am bidden not to transmit that to you now.  In any case I leave the entire matter alone now as you have a full bit of information it takes to say that it is not an inference of how good I am as a transmitter, but how difficult it is to transmit truth when there are spiritual events taking place to change how things seem or look like at the time.  Thank you for your interest all!   Ron Besser

MICHAEL OF NEBADON speaking now - "I happen to know all about this ever more than Ron does, and let me assure you Pjammer there is no inference tro the value of the transmitter's work, but an inference about how quickly I can move when a piece I need falls into disrepair as Lemuel did.  Let this be a lesson that Ron transmits so well we trust him implicitly and even then we catch something that forces the message either not to be posted or left alone.  This one was not left alone and it is the origins of the message that had it incorrect to Ron, and not me, but others who regret saying anything at all now.  I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and I wish you all a good day.  K"


//Transmission approved for use// admin//

The Tuesday 24Nov2023 Lightline tape.  Host Dominick Ohrbeck

  • 112423 Audio Tape Light Line USA; host: Dominick Ohrbeck; other transmitter: Ron Besser;
  • Subjects: new and renewed spiritual circuits are always being established, free will explanation and the differences in free will since the supreme’s demise, species bifurcation discussed, and our human participation with Spirit will assist other humans in their increasing their understanding;
  • Speakers: Machiventa Melchizedek, Operations Director, and Arthura;
  • Transcribed By: RAZ ( I welcome corrections - just message me )
  • Link To Tape:

Hi everyone, welcome to, what is it? Friday Light Line. This is an unscheduled program at the request of the Magisterial Foundation, which is run by the Melchizedek Sons. So I hope you're all enjoying today. I'm of the age at five zero, where I still recall the day before the internet and being a young child and my mother taking me to the crazy shopping stores where you can literally have to fight people to go through bins of clothes, where you get all your good clothes. That used to be the way and now everybody does it online. But that's not so good or bad. We also get to enjoy each other's company here remotely without having to travel so we're grateful for that. And we're still grateful for all the wonderful things at half-price or better.

For the Light Line today, we ask is there an emcee, knowing full well who that emcee is. If you joined us earlier before the call started and before we get started, I'm going to position my phone better. Okay, that's out of the way. And hopefully, you can hear me well, I'm about half a foot from my phone and I'm sitting down. So we pray to Father, we beseech Michael of Nebadon, in the circuits connecting all of our Light Line today for a clear communication otherwise known as a clear channel like a transmission channel, not the verb known as channeling, but transmission, which was talked about the other day on Wednesday's Light Line.

Machiventa Melchizedek  
Dominick did not attend, but he knows the subject matter. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. I am the emcee today and I was also speaking and I will come in and transmit when these circuits are clean, and the appropriate flow is established. Machiventa Melchizedek. I am the planetary Supreme Court Justice. This is somewhat of a promotion from being Planetary Prince. But I served as many offices regarding the past, present, and future of this planet I now share a market interest in, as you should, as Michael does, and as Father does.

With that in mind, we want to discuss today some of the future prospects for the planet and your role that you could possibly play as helpers of a series and set of divine entrance that seeks to guide mankind in its free will capacity to act better and use its full capacities as more than animals. What we have discussed in past Light Line starts to accrue. It should begin to accrue in your understanding that things are afoot and there are new and renewed spiritual circuits being relaid and established all the time. Some of this has been a battle like chugging water out of a boat that's leaking. I refer to the planetary government which has been beset by cabal sabotage over and over again for years in our reestablishment of quarantine liftment.

We have also discussed the replacement of the supreme by the Deity Ultimate and how the essential difference relates to what I'm just speaking about. Whereas, free will was processed by the supreme for the Trinity, whereas the Deity Ultimate concerns Himself with the decision to generate a free will act. Where does free will begin would be the appropriate question. Far too many thinkers and that really is anybody with a thought that I'm referring to attributes their actions to free will. There has been discussion because of the research and realization that a lot of mankind thinks it's using its free will but is not. And this has led to the baby with the bathwater presumption and hypothesis whether free will exists at all. And if you go back further with Light Lines, we have hinted that there is a difference and that you should be aware of when free will is utilized or being utilized compared to an animal and adjutant mind action or mind process. Put a simpler way: do not attribute free will to higher mind that processes behavior and perception even this influences your decision. Free will accesses higher mind and so when the question is postulated, whether free will even exists and asserts that it does not; really all they are observing inaccurately so at this point, is how your perception and your behavior is influenced. However, it is being influenced to use your lower mind and not your higher mind. You have no one to guide you. When I say you I mean the general populace. No one to guide you in: a. Either understanding the differences. or b. How. Religion used to do this. Science can clarify this and philosophy unifies that in a system of living that adapts to the changing societies and civilization.

When we add revelation, and furthermore, when we add divine presence and guidance with that presence you have the guarantee of what higher mind would choose and what higher mind seeks to influence and have you perceive. As such, you can consider that a social contract between what the divine appears before you to assert and guide because when all is said and done, at that point, you have the free will to continue your ways of collective damnation in your animalistic behaviors that you erroneously attribute to higher mind. Even furthermore erroneously attributed to God and for further sake we will in some cases explicitly and expressly declare god on earth in the form of representatives. And so there is the rub. Because this planet suffers from rebellion there is a period of transition, we don't know how long it will take, a period of transition for this to sink in for this to process, and for the planetary population to come to individual decisions on whether it will: a. use higher mind capable of God acceptance or (b.) either deny it and shut itself off from us and the rest of the planet choosing to utilize this mind.

This will be a speciation bifurcation at that point. That is very stressful to have an event to have such a thing as a species bifurcation. Not only will it happen at a species level it will happen at the institutional level of human institutions of government and commerce and law. One of the wonderful benefits of the Magisterial Foundation is its capacity to enter the arena of the court system through legal entitization. There is no overlord decree of dictatorial acceptance that must be adhered to by a claim of a God before you even though you might see what appears to be a mortal man.

We now pause. Okay, we resume again.

Machiventa Melchizedek  
This is Machiventa still your emcee and primary speaker. It is a good day and I'm happy to speak before you. I am happy to have the ability to speak at all without incarnating. It is the ability to speak that is so important for you humans to learn and have the confidence that God works through you and that God expresses Himself/Itself through you using your words, your frequency, and that without it our mission would be expressed in more impractical. It must be reiterated time and time again we need you to speak to the planet. When we say you, you can take this individually and you can take this collectively. We need you to access higher mind and without it, we cannot function to help you. And that when we planetize we still need this type of liaison together. We always cannot always know, we always cannot fully understand your mind, although we get a good idea but your free will together with your Adjuster is the control mechanism that leaves the circuit open or not to our cooperation and one of the easiest ways to restrict this cooperation is to lay back and see what we can do without your help. Frankly, if you do not actively participate, you contribute to a slower understanding by your fellow man to follow your lead and to spread the capacity of higher mind to actually use free will and demonstrate what it is for. At that point, we can begin to create things that bear fruit in alleviating some of the problems on this planet.

So, we go to those on the line today, you are privileged to have come this far, you are considered workers, and you should consider that you will be used in the near future and that it would be wise and useful for us and you to pray about this and dialogue about this with your Adjuster. You can now also consider how you appreciated the revelation of the supreme and now attribute those appreciations to the Deity Ultimate, who is now supremely concerned with how you arrive at your decision not just that the decision was made and the experience is registered. But now the ascension mechanism of experience now concerns itself with the process of how the experience was attained and resulted. At this point, we will be setting an example for the Superuniverse 7 and we will be establishing a circuit connecting Superuniverse 7 to Outer Space Level One. At that point you might see time-space pilgrims arriving in finaliter corps for training on Orion if you play your cards right and wish to join those trainings, you will be of service in these missions and qualify for such training. I am Machiventa and I wish you a good day. I wish to cease using this transmitter at the moment and go to Ron about planetary events.

All right Machiventa, I thank you and check the system. All right, Ron, you have them. You have the mic now.

Ron Besser  
Well, thank you, Dominick. Thank you, Machiventa Melchizedek and our Melchizedek directors. Thank you. This is Ron Besser. I am following the transmission very well, Machiventa. But I have been marked very hard to suffer the last of this transition and I'm having a hard time remembering. I'm asking you Machiventa, what it is you would like to say? And please go ahead. We're ready.

Machiventa Melchizedek  
Thank you, Ron, and as always, I love your protocols. It's this: to the group. The entire matter for Friday, November 24, 2023, Black Friday, as the capitalist societies like to refer to it is about returning everything back, not to the Magisterial Foundation, but to the people who contributed to all of the particular needs this foundation has succeeded in producing. For that reason, George Meyer, you have been generous. You are most thanked for your generosity and help. It has saved the day several times. To you, Steven Gitz for your immense generosity, Ron will make restitution and you will be back in the pink again. To you George, we will say thank you and use what you gave us. It has been so helpful. And finally to the rest of you particularly Rene Duran and his group. They have been loyal and pledged every month, hundreds of dollars. To you Carol Deptula when you do hear this, your cancer will go into remission and you will stay with us for a nice long time. And finally to all of you who line up when we have a Light Line to listen to. Thank you for attending. Your support is wonderful.

And finally, this to you Ron: the entire matter concerning WTP, the engineer, and all other concerns that you worried with all last evening and most of today is fully compacted into a concern you call a request for engineering and a proposal for a contract. You have worked it now for hours and hours to make sure that the request contains enough information for the engineer to make an appraisal. Not only will he be delighted, he will say to you, can we participate in becoming a part owner. For that reason, Ron, they may dedicate most of the engineering gratis.

Ron Besser  
Well, I hope you don't have a headache.

Machiventa Melchizedek  
Yes, Ron. Now this: the entire matter concerning the engineer, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and your own rights to the patent and producing it to the chairman. Manatuba Melchizedek is your attempt to secure it from being stolen or manipulated by the larger financial concerns that surround such a big project. The real cost of the project people is about 80 million. Ron needs 35 million to build the plant. The rest of that money up to 85 million is to be produced in order to secure not only the patent for fusion (fission?) but also the patents for other issues Ron is not aware of.

Patent number 11601013 is the one that is worth we estimate about $250 billion. Ron thinks it could go higher. We do too. But for now, Ron sees to it that the money that we must procure and then receive in operation is to be distributed to the people, particularly in the Susquehanna Valley. Ron has denominated that the first project that the WTP plant will do will be to electrify the Susquehanna Valley. That runs from about Southern New York State to the Chesapeake Bay, and finally the outlet at the Potomac River. The plant will electrify Central Virginia to New York City and everything in between. Ron has no idea how to do this and wants the engineer to take care of it. For that reason, the engineer will modify the proposal and to stipulate that it receives no money and replace the idea of a contractual relationship to be one of a mutual ownership. I doubt that Ron will allow that. But we suspect that is what Buchart Horn located in York may propose.

Ron has written, rewritten, and did it again to make a proposal so they understand when they read it what is in effect, a major breakthrough for the world of science and its operations. Ron is making no claims but suggesting that once the plant is built, we can serve a radius of 200 miles around it to electrify anybody with a house antenna. It is free electricity just as the FM radio station through your radio may be, so will this be. For that reason, Ron is aware it's hard to bill people for it. But he will in some way modify the production of the plant to receive in houses and cars, a small monitor that determines use. We believe that one year's worth of use will cost the user totally $155 for one year's use of unlimited electricity. That's how big this is. How important it is. And now for reasons of state let us say the following.

Operations Director
I am not Machiventa Melchizedek, Ron. I am a principal office you've never heard of. I am Operations Director for the Magisterial Mission, the Second Return, and the Michael Missions which includes primarily the Regency. For that particular reason, Ron, I can't believe it! You have named every one of these missions, so you could refer to them in text. You have done so well. We will always call it the Regency, the Second Return, and the Michael Missions. Notice, there are three projects. The Michael Mission includes the Magisterial Foundation. The Jesus Mission includes the Second Return but is not limited to it. And the third mission, for you, Ron in particular, for even thinking about it, is the 10-volume work to be called The Chronicles of the Life of Jesus Christ during His Second Bestowal. All of this Ron is primarily executed through the Magisterial Foundation and what are six subsidiaries. Those six companies under the Magisterial Foundation are individual departments that you prefer to be separate corporations. So that they had their own board of directors. That will be honored Ron. You will be chairman emeritus over each of them.

And now this: you are constantly harassed by what you call the cabal. What we call a cabal is identical. But now it has been decreed by the Ancients of Days to remove this harassment for eternity. You will carry Ron, the ability to speak clearly and well, and will be part of the High Council just to be sure, there is no unfairness or law-breaking in attempting to do the will of God. For some reason or other, this has come to you and you have used it so well, it will continue. Thank you, Ron.

And now this to the rest of you: we are fortunate that there are 14 of you on the call today on the big shopping day of the year, at least in the United States. Ridiculous bargains are available and the stores are full of people. This will be a very profitable Black Friday. And now to the rest of you let me state this: Ron's illness is culminating today. He can barely see. He can barely move and he keeps falling asleep. But he managed to convince all of you it was worthwhile to hear a Light Line today through Dominick. Dominick has always fully and truthfully done as he is asked to do as he is being asked to do today. For that reason, Dominick you are permanently involved with the Magisterial Foundation, regardless of whatever else you find you want to do. Ron has seen that you are honored and cared for. See to it that you honor and care for the board and the Magisterial Sons whose support is fully given to the Magisterial Foundation, to Ron, and the board.

We as Manatuba Melchizedek, Mantutia Melchizedek, and Machiventa Melchizedek hereby form a ring of trinity around this enterprise. For that reason, Ron deeply bowed. We ask that each of the board including you Dominick, in your own mind; bow, and accept the largess of the Trinity, the Michael administration on Salvington, and the Magisterial Sons who Ron cares a great deal about. For that reason, the Universal Father is now announcing that the Magisterial Foundation as a concept is to be tried on other missions to other planets, particularly in Nebadon. It is such a good idea we can't wait to try it out. And Ron, you are amused.

Ron Besser
Only because it's like putting a bulldozer into the middle of some ground and wondering how to use it. Do we dig a road? Or do we dig a hole? I'm not sure, Melchizedeks, but I am so delighted with the idea, I can't wait to see how it might work elsewhere. Thank you so much.

Operations Director
Thank you, Ron, it's beautiful. The truth of the matter is Ron. Very few planets can hold it. You can hold it on Urantia mainly because you're a capitalist society. You know how to direct resources to build and do anything so the public knows about it. We will modify the Magisterial Foundation to do it their way. We look forward to it.

Ron Besser
So do we from Urantia. Believe me.

Operations Director
Thank you, Ron. That is truly amazing. In any case, Ron one more thing before we turn this back to you, Dominick. The entire issue concerning the resources, that's M O N E Y in case you're wondering, has nothing to do with you, Ron, as you must perceive that the engineering firm might even sell itself to you and operate as your subsidiary or in other of the corporations as subsidiaries. We are not sure what they will react to, but your proposal is beautifully written, and when you're done with this Light Line today, I want you to get ready to prepare not to mail it to Buchart Horn, but to request a big meeting in the week following the receipt of your resources. Machiventa Melchizedek, Mantutia Melchizedek, & Manatuba Melchizedek will form a corporate resource. And you will assign the money to the corporate resource. That saves it from becoming an issue with the IRS and any other taxing concerns including the Commonwealth. Ron, you're saying to yourself, well, that's wonderful, but I have no idea how you can do that. We will show you.

Ron Besser
We are delighted.

Operations Director
Thank you, Ron. And now this: to finalize this report with you today, Dominick we're going to return you to the mammoth project that you are going to help shoulder with Ron. You keep worrying about money. Well, don't. The board of directors will become very wealthy. They also will become essentially the spokesman, the human side for the Magisterial Mission and the Michael Missions. Jesus will be his own spokesman and we are promising you before Christmas, you will see Jesus. We now would like to return this to you Dominick. You have an announcement of your own. Please take it away.

Ron Besser
This is Ron. Thank you, Dominick. Go ahead.

Thank you, Ron. And you're now muted. And we thank everyone that you transmitted.

This is Arthura, ladies and gentlemen. We are almost at the end of the hour. We have a few items. Not any more big news, but items that propel us into the new year, into the future. One of those items is the arrival of Gitz, another board member in the future. The reason I bring this up is because the doing of the mission work of anything in the Foundation contains more and more the necessity of delegation. No longer can a handful of you perform the scope of work arriving before you.  Let alone the animal fear and social fear and mental trepidation and doubts of the requirement to transmit. If you are to join in this work, if you are a delegator you are likely a board member because of your ability to transmit. If you are a worker you may not be transmitting, but you might be faithfully in the way of serving while you go through the training of transmitting.

Now on an even duller subject but nonetheless necessary. No, there's one more addendum to what I just spoke to. As Arthura, I am quite fluent in not only human behavior but also the higher orders of personalities in between you and your Father. Hailing from the corners of the hyperinfinite, a space you need to imagine as quite real, outside of the reality that is revealed to you at the Master Universe. Know this: I am because of my origin fully confident and the most comfortable person in the room when I am dealing with all of you. The ability for you to transmit then is most capable in my hands. When I beg of you to associate with me for this purpose, I will lend you my gravitas.

Now, on to the next, before we leave, we head into the new year, we will aim for a few things as possible at an organizational level before the new year and launch the new year better off.
  • Communications will tighten up. Right now the ability to contact board members or organizations is obtuse. Those contact channels will be clarified in the near future. Some of it has been on purpose for many reasons. From the human side, it is the deluge of unnecessary spam that comes with establishing a contact that is public and accessible. But that will become evident in the near future for purposes of work, delegation, and public and private communications.
  • The second point before we conclude is that we do have the capacity for other transmitters to fulfill a seven-day-a-week schedule heading into the new year. Now is the time to, like your insurance plans, express the desire or inclination to change your schedule perhaps to a new day. The 2:00 p.m. Eastern time remains in effect. I am Arthura and if you wish to transmit ask your Father. Do not ask me. And that when your Adjuster facilitates the contact that is when I have the ability to arrive. Thank you and good day.

Thank you, Arthura.

Thank you.

Machiventa, is there any last words?

Machiventa Melchizedek  
No, Dominick. Go now everyone and do enjoy what you can out of the remainder of your day and socialize on the board as you do. Good day and Good night, everyone.

General Discussion / The Pleiadeans speak
« Last post by SongatSunrise on December 02, 2023, 14:38:36 pm »

Dear Forum members, we are the Pleiadeans. We have arisen from humble beginnings, but as of now, we have grown to a spiritual level you will also attain some day.

You cannot see us.  But we are here on this planet, watching with horror as things get worse and worse. Our planets never saw such activities, but we had to learn good from evil just like you do.

That is what these days are all about. Evil is everywhere, but you have not only the means, but also the power to deal with discerning the evils and avoiding them.

Dear people! Come closer. Listen hard.

There is no group like you anywhere. You have a job of keeping the faith, of carrying the torch, and of speaking up when you know to.

The biggest thing we can say is "Don't be afraid!" Things that are invisible are nothing to be afraid of. When your faith and your heart, and hope are firmly entrenched with good, we are here with you, there are many here with you, and whatever happens, you are being watched over.

Just be ready to say "Thank you!" at every turn in your life, because nothing opens up the avenues of communication with anybody, like gratitude and kindness.

Some of you might want to sit and watch. But that doesn't get things done. Ask, ask, ask for the mind and eyes to see the big opportunities God is wanting to give you. Can an opportunity be invisible? Of course. Imagination goes a long way to creating a whole new path of discovery and work.

Don't wait for Ron to do all the work. WTP is important, (but still invisible). But other actions are available to all of you to build this forum, this support mechanism for the Jesus return, and the building of strength in your own personal faith and vision.

And by the way, much about all of you is invisible. Your thoughts, Your plans, Your joys. . . much of the human existence is invisible. When the invisible takes on visibility, the choices made, the work done, the words spoken, then the invisible becomes visible. We had to learn all of that on our own home planets.

We are here to help you. We've been there done that. That is why we were granted the special permission to come here and offer our services. Join us. Listen to us. We are here for you. We love you.

The Pleiadeans.

Thank you Pleiadeans!


First of all, I agree fully occerpa with your concluding remark.

Secondly, I believe that there has been a very important and informative discussion about transmission errors on this forum for the first time. This topic has already been brought up several times on the forum with serious consequences, it could even in a few cases cause members to leave the forum. Ron Besser just kept saying that he was transmitting what he was hearing, but not everyone and not always wanted to believe him. I believe that after the above explanations from the higher spirits, these doubts of ours should disappear, and if anyone still had them, they had better read the statements on the subject above.

I believe that the last two announcements of the death of important members of the forum we rightly interpreted as cases of authentic death reading messages from high spirits, only that the "dead" themselves did not confirm them, because they were alive. Why so ? Because even if they were already in the process of being transported to the dwelling worlds, they were turned back by the decision of the Universal Father, back to a healed body that could accept them, and in this way they did not even know that they had passed through a temporary state of material death. Meanwhile, the seraphim employed in this procedure reported the deaths above, and these messages came back to us in messages from the spirits.

In the case of Lazarus, the interruption in life was much longer, and I think it has been described somewhere how it took place. Michael of Nebadon recently talked about the possibility of using this method from his side.

Thirdly, there have been a couple of cases on the forum where forum members have encountered opinions or assessments about them from higher spirits, which they found very difficult to come to terms with, because their self-awareness told them that they had little or nothing to do with reality, and then, of course, Ron is accused of wrong transmission, meanwhile the point is probably that the transmitting higher spirits rely on the wrong assessments and opinions of imperfect low spirits, who, when questioned, transmit their wrong impressions to them.

I also think that various spirits may have an inaccurate understanding of our material reality, unusual for them, which may cause errors obvious to us. Meanwhile, we have been accustomed for centuries by many of our authorities to the idea that spirits are always perfect and infallible, and many people find it hard to accept that even rare errors on their part are possible.

I think we should take such aspects into account when we encounter messages in transmissions that we find difficult to consider as being either correct or truthful.

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