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Reserve Corps of Destiny
« on: January 28, 2023, 11:35:07 am »
In The Urantia Book: 114.7.2 - All reservists have self-conscious Adjusters, and most of them function in the higher cosmic circles of intellectual achievement and spiritual attainment.
My question is; what is a self-conscious Adjuster? I would think that all Adjusters are self-conscious. Or am I reading it wrongly and it means that all reservists are self-conscious of their adjusters? 
My next questions come from this paper also which I realize is amongst those considered now to be in error. Are there still the 12 groups of Reserve Corps of Destiny? At one point almost one thousand such humans were on Urantia. Are there still any today?
Further, 114.6.20 says of the Reserve Corps of Destiny: The chief function of these reservists is to insure against breakdown of evolutionary progress; they are the provisions which the celestial forces have made against surprise; they are the guarantees against disaster. 
If they aren't in place today is there a replacement mechanism?
Thanks for your responses.

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Re: Reserve Corps of Destiny
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2023, 12:24:58 pm »
Hello RAZ and we have discussed this before months ago.  At that time I was informed that the old seraphic departments of the 5th epochal revelation characterization were all taken down.

When Mantutia Melchizedek took control as Planetary Prince, about a year ago now, he reordered the Urantia Planetary Government to be redone over.  That updating removed the 10 or so departments once in place an described in the 5th epochal revelation, and replaced them with eight (8) departments. 

However, about six weeks ago the Commission which more or less dictates the organization of our planetary government decreed that six (6) departments were to be reestablished and those department heads were to be ruled by two seraphim each.  NOW, however, six weeks later, those seraphim all quit and ran away to launch a counter attack against people like me and Gabriel of Salvington for condoning work like our Magisterial Foundation.

On January 28, 2023, the situation is there are no departments anymore and what was established is taken down.  For that reason there is no  Corp of Destiny. 

The reason we can report this now RAZ, is that the entire matter MANTUTIA has to consider is just what to do with 10 Departments in name only while the rest of the Planetary Government is up and running?  He considers the Departments to be the backbone for human help, but humans do not work well with spirit anymore, and for that reason he is inclined to let it sit until something either better suggests itself like the Magisterial Foundation be sort of a hub around spiritual departments that work for human beings directly.  That means the old departments remain and we add a new one called the Magisterial Foundation or perhaps just the Department of Revelation as in the old set up.

MANTUTIA, THE PLANETARY PRINCE - "The truth is we are working on that angle ourselves without giving it undo notice as why replicate all that Ron has done to establish this work on the face of the planet.  However, Ron, your health is not improving but worse than usual and you are not happy that right in the middle of a resurrection for the Second Return, there is nothing but chaos erupting on Urantia with a war and gun violence beyond compare with morons with guns and no control.  Biden is not working this well and dislikes the subject mightily but must do something including a decree the Supreme Court will strike down but he should do it anyhow.  Now this:

"AS MANITUBA, for you RAZ, take it easy on this Secretary business for the Magisterial Foundation.  Ron is using you as a great helper to see to it documents are kept archived, safe, and ready for reference.  However, the Magisterial Foundation Board of Directors is going to be changed somewhat for reasons that MANTUTIA is convinced the WTP issue is coming directly to Ron, and for that reason Ron has turn the Board of Directors over to MANITUBA MELCHIZEDEK as Chairman of that institution.  Therefore you as Secretary take on even greater work loads to make sure that Ron is fully informed when you archive the documents, and that is to make sure Ron gets a copy of everything said and done with the Board.

"Ron wisely made you Secretary-General, which you do not understand and I am not going to explain it here, but that is what you are compared to just Secretary, and so  you must do for the Rayson Corporation what you do for the Magisterial Foundation as Ron set it up that the Board of Directors for the Magisterial Foundation, is als the Board of Directors for the Rayson Corporation, for York Preparticles Technology of York corporation and likely for others until it can all be sorted out later.  Think a little RAZ and you will do fine as it is not a hard position but secretarial for documents and Board communication.  Ron as the original owner will always see to what must be said too but for now keep communications open for all the Boards.

"As far as the government departments are concerned there is no  Corp of Destiny as too few belong there and those that do are mostly working with the discussion forum and as the Board of Directors herein.

"Until the Planetary Government is well established and we know the need, the departments hardly exist at all and without leadership.  K"

Ron here - RAZ this position is normal and caring for its Board.  You are unnecessarily concerned over issues that I do not think matters that much you attend to.  There is no need to bond yourself yet, and when that time comes we will take care of that for you.  I am self bonded as Treasurer and Dominick is co-treasurer because he is living in the neighborhood, and he needs bonded too but I am not to worry over that yet either because he must be better instituted than he now is and I take that up with him now.  Lastly, Elise is under great personal pressured and we leave the entire matter of the business of the Board lay silent until I have other things that have to be said I am not yet aware of myself.

Thanks for you salient question RAZ, as when you ask questions it triggers a lot of information as it did here.  Blessing to you and  all./    Ron

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "While we are at it Ron, your rapture with Aquinas is paying off with others outside of  this site.  George Meyer, a member of the Board states it is refreshing to see such things and several people have commented the raspy voice is worthy to listen to just because it brings refreshment like this to a dull board at times.  Let us all hope they change their minds at occasional input and stay the course with you on theological questions of import to the human mind.  Please keep this counter present and useful RAZ as you are slow to recognize your importance and stay out of it too much.  Keep your interest in questions ready more and more as the place needs a revision of membership too.  This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON saying goodbye for now.  K"


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