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Thank you Ron, but it happened that it was late and ready to sleep when I received the news in Spanish and without open the link in English, I rushed to publish the note. Already after I went to the link, I could see the deception; I am very sorry but I can assume that something like this should happen in due course, hopefully soon. Thank you and my apologies

Clency excuse me because I published this information without dwelling on the name of the newspaper or the date. I received the news in Spanish and it seemed so extraordinary to me because of its topicality and because of the declaration of Christ Jesus that he would speak with the pope, that I hastened to publish it. I am sorry

I would like to ask Clency, who is a very well-informed person, if he knows anything about this news that I received today about Pope Francis' statement to cancel the Bible to implement a new Scripture for the Catholic Church, citing the same reasons as Jesus expressed that his message is inadequate for modern times. I would not be surprised if it were legitimate news knowing the revolutionary policy that the pope has imposed during his apostolate.

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: The lost of a warrior
« on: June 23, 2022, 05:29:23 pm »
Like everyone else on the forum I suppose, I had the opportunity to contact Larry Gosset on different occasions via gmail and we all knew of his significant presence on the forum as R/T and through his posts. Due to such facts, the news of his transition to the mansion worlds, no matter how normal it may be for us, has also caused me much consternation as it has everyone else, despite the fact that, as Father Michael expressed it: Larry was almost happy to have freed himself from the terrible pain his body suffered. How I would like to know what was the cause of his death and of that terrible pain. I have this question: if the Father granted us advance knowledge of death, was it not possible for Larry to communicate it to the group? If I'm not mistaken Larry is the first member of this forum group to have passed away.
The milestone of death will continue to cause us endless, tremendous suffering when it comes to our loved ones; I remember that even Jesus Himself felt deep pain when he arrived and learned of the death of Lazarus, and did not resign himself to bringing him back to life. Wouldn't this have been possible with Larry, given his importance in the forum? Just one question. Condolences to Ron and those close to him. The big difference is that we know that he is under the best care. Thanks

Greetings Julio; I totally agree with your point of view about this individual who aspires to dispute the presidency tomorrow against Gustavo Petro, the most outstanding candidate for the presidency that Colombia has ever had, while the other man (Rodolfo Hernandez), who boasts of being a billionaire with more than 100 million dollars, is accused of major corruption when he was mayor of his city two years ago. But you only have to find out that he flatly refused to debate for this second round to disqualify his candidacy, because he has shown that he does not have the capabilities to be president. This is a classic representative of that ultra--right oligarchy that has been ruling Colombia for decades and who are willing to hand over power to any progressive movement for nothing.
This is why, taking into account that in this country these terrorist governments that remain in power, to prevent any strong presidential candidate who is not part of their own, from assassinating them and that in this case it has not happened with Petro (and there are 5 in history), I believe that the document that Majesthia Gongo shared with us, is a splendid manifestation of the end of the Prince of Darkness and Hate. Thank you Julio and I asks you to say a prayer because tomorrow Colombia will have its first progressive that governs for all.

Greetings and thank you very much Majesthia Gondo for this other extraordinary document that should give us all a lot of hope. From here I also present my thanks to Wivine and Monssoen Melchizedek for such valuable information that they testify as expected, regarding world geopolitics but especially the war in Ukraine, what we all hoped to confirm about the Prince of Darkness. of Hate. This information makes me very happy because it is the same thing I expected to hear about the end of the domain of those demonic forces that have ruled Colombia for decades, and this coming Sunday, June 19, in the second round of elections, we are very confident that it will be elected, with the will of the Heavenly Father, Senator Gustavo Petro, unquestionably a being of light, I don't think I'm wrong.
On the other hand, the information given about the morontia mote is quite interesting, because I did not understand how it was possible that our soul could be receiving instructions in the mansion worlds while we exist in a material world. Thanks again Majesthia Gondo

Greetings Roger, I hope you can decide to make the transcriptions of the OHRBECK tapes, which would be a great contribution and a much appreciated service, especially for those of us who cannot follow the tapes for language reasons. God bless you.

General Discussion / Re: Ron's Birthday
« on: June 10, 2022, 12:54:09 am »
Dear Ron, just before the end of this June 9, your date of birth, I wish you much happiness and success in plans and projects. Thank you for so much dedication. Heartfelt congratulations on your birthday

Thank you Ron for your kind and interesting comment and for the LIKE you gave to my post. I try to understand all this complex topic related to the brain-mind relationship, but I don't get very far. And it is true that I would like to be able to better understand the mind that, as the Urantia Book says, is where we really live and have our being, and it is in and through the mind that we choose or reject eternal life (something like that). And regarding that mental state of primitive man that confused dreams with reality, Sai Baba makes a similar reference saying that in man when he dreams he is in a dream state within another dream. And he made it known that he had come to awaken man from the sleep of ages. And if we analyze it in the light of our days after a million years of the first couple, we still have a hard time not identifying ourselves with the body. Once again, thank you so much Ron for your attention.

In the forum we have become accustomed to receiving a large amount of information mainly through the Light Line, but also extensive documents in such a volume that it is quite difficult for me to retain much of that information, On the other hand, what we check with some regularity is that there is considerable imprecission in terms of time and space, in this torrent of informative material. This aspect in particular does not affect me in the least and I follow each news as if it were unfailing, due to the absolute reliability of the source. In this, it is necessary to take into account the margin of inaccuracy and error resulting from the disturbances in the transmissions caused by the insurgency. However, where I want to get to and insisting on the subject, is the priority that we must give to self-knowledge. And I would like to start from that precious passage in the Urantia Book that offers us a starting point: "When in the natural evolution of the species, the higher animal becomes aware of itself, primitive man appears" (words more or less ). This fact is anatomically determined by the complete development of the neocortex, which shows us the close relationship between the physical and the non-physical. Only at this stage of brain evolution can the higher mind helper spirits of worship and wisdom affect the mind. Very interesting this particular aspect in the line of man's ascension from his humble animal origin but with divine destiny. I leave this here, hoping that it can elicit some reaction whatever it may be.
"The adventure of humanity is the adventure of knowledge" (Sai Baba). I can understand that in such a small space in the skull that the brain occupies, it will be impossible for us to cover everything we need to know and understand in order to receive information that allows us to have the most complete idea of this majestic Creation, the divine game. That is why I admire and recognize with the greatest respect the high intellectual capacity achieved by Ron Besser, with a morontia mind, that Father Michael of Nebadon sets as an example for us and tells us that one day not too soon, we can be like him. Thank you Ron and thanks Father Michael of Nebadon, because I think that without Ron`s  reality, it would be very difficult for all these manifestations that we begin to glimpse around the Second Coming of the beloved by all, Christ Jesus.

I consider the statements that Christ Jesus gave us in the lightLine last Tuesday through Lemuel, though not all of them, new, if all of them are revolutionary and I identify with each one of them, because they are similar to those that in some way, I had expected for some time. Of course, as Jesus the Christ himself emphasizes, the opposition will make itself felt from the very moment each reform is announced; but they will have no option. 
Regarding the schools of Adam and Eve, I would like to know what would be the special agenda that cannot be advanced or covered by teachers in existing schools on Urantia or by experts knowledgeable about the Urantia Book? To the group of disciples of Jesus from 2000 years ago, in addition to the teachings that we can learn from the Urantia Book, Jesus subjected them to some other type of training and taught them hidden lessons that were not available to other groups of people? When the risen Jesus, upon saying goodbye, promises his apostles that he will send them a new teacher, as consolation, the Spirit of Truth, how did this hitherto unknown aspect operate in them? The fact that the promise of the New Master, offered by Christ Jesus, was particularly exclusive to the group of his collaborators in those days, taking into account that it was not about anything physical or material, had to do with some skill or power granted by the Master to these men chosen by Him? How was this skill imparted to those men or was it specifically focused on the practice to train them as R/T? These are some questions that I consider important to know his answers so that we can better adapt to what comes with this return of Christ Jesus. I read I don't know where, of a Quantum Second Coming; does all this have to do with something so complex for our level (mine) of understanding? Thanks

The question arose on last Tuesday's lightline in which we should recognize the extraordinary work of transmitter carried out by Phillys, (thanks Phillys), José asked, if we as human beings could perceive the presence of the crown of light of Christ who today surrounds our planet and everyone and everything in general; and the categorical answer from Christ Jesus was no. In other words, we do not have the necessary equipment to verify this reality that vibrates at a very high frequency above our sensory potential. However, we were informed that perhaps not all, but there would be those who could perceive the physical presence of that light without visualizing it. What I think would be important for all of us here in our group, that in addition to the novel revelations that we receive through this privileged circle of transmitters, we can also be instructed about the nature or natures of our wondrous physical body and its wonders. I understand that our main subject of study is the reality of eternal life and the need to transcend mortal life: however, it is not a "piece of cake" for us to assimilate this process. Since life in our material body is the touchstone around which everything else revolves, it would be very important and essential that we know this beloved body as deeply as possible. I suppose that in this way it would be easier for us to understand why we can only settle for hearing and not seeing the presence of Christ Jesus. I understand well that in order to interact between the subtle and the dense, there are a series of interfaces or media, all of an energetic nature. In this sense, there are the so-called energetic bodies or non-ponderable subtle bodies. Perhaps all of us in this order have heard of the etheric body, astral body, etc., since Christ Jesus named the energy centers or Chakras, I think that by getting more knowledge of these, we will be interested, take care and love much more our physical body. Without losing sight of a statement by Sai Baba that says: "The mother of all ignorance is the identification with the body" To conclude I am going to transcribe from a document entitled "Understanding your Perceptive Bio-Electric Machine", written by master Hilarion, part of the introduction that says: "The body is an autonomous bio-electrical machine capable of processing a wide range of frequencies and energy patterns, allowing animation and coordination between the physical and the non-physical. The body's electrical system is quite perceptive and balanced in such a way that it has the ability to respond and make alterations depending on the emotional desires of the person who controls the mechanism.

Thank you very much Father Michael, Ron and Rayson; I was very happy to receive these comments. There are always things that are left unfinished; for example that reference to the negative effect that spiritual practice and study have on memory loss, which Father Michael talks about, which I think is for the purpose of us working on it to try complete it but it is there, as we say very colloquially around here in my land: "it is where the pig twists its tail", meaning that it is not easy at all. In my case, I strive to involve in all my activities, whatever they may be, the divine presence of my Adjuster, keeping in mind that with the sole contact with the name of the Lord, we wash away even the most impure in our minds; this practice according to the teachings of Sai Baba: "What can be impure when the intentions come from a pure mind and heart".
"Let man amuse himself; let the human race find pleasure in a thousand and one ways; let evolutionary Humanity explore all kinds of legitimate self-gratification" (The Urantia Book 943).
Bedtime Prayer: "Lord, the activities of this day whose weight I gave you this morning, have concluded; You made me think, speak and act, therefore I place all my activities of this day at your feet, receive me, I am returning to you" (SAI BABA)
Prayer upon rising: "Lord, now that I am born from the womb of sleep, I am about to carry out all my activities for this day, as offerings of love for you, with your name always present in front of my mind's eye. Make my thoughts, my words and my actions are pure and sacred and do not allow me to cause harm to anyone or anyone to cause harm to me; direct me and guide me" (SAI BABA)

To continue the important thread on memory, I would like to add another observation, hoping that it may provoke some reaction in order to go deeper into this matter, which I consider to be of such vital importance, especially for the group of members in this forum who have stepped on or they are bordering the table of the 80s, where the effects of this deficiency in memory are so manifest. In a circumstantial analysis, anyone could think that it is quite a complicated aspect to be able to both prevent and treat these memory disorders. There in another video that I found in the same group of videos in which the extraordinary exposition made by Dr. Daniel Amen appears, you can get this other very interesting video also, titled Power Foods for the Brain, which I attach in the bottom. Important because among the aspects that we found in the response to Prozonov, there was that of the importance of food, which Father Michael touches very tenuously referring to "poisons of the mind", because definitely together with alcohol and other toxic substances, the so-called junk food, generate what we should appropriately call "mesenchyme stagnation", which when they affect brain tissue or neurons after many years, those amyloid proteins appear that are among those directly responsible for memory problems until reaching Alzheimer's disease.
But apart I wanted to comment in relation to the effect of the reduction of the volume of the skull on memory by compressing the brain mass, that we must take into account the very frequent dehydration in the elderly due to the decrease in physical activity and therefore a lower intake of water. But perhaps another important cause but for which there is very little we could do is the constant and inclement pressure that it exerts on our bipedal position, the force of gravity, silent cause of the shortening of our height, as well as scars and other decreases in our body. As if reminding us that the body is not ours and that we must return to the Earth who provided it to us only for use during a lifetime, and little by little what we see is that our body is bending in the direction where it will have to end: "Dust you are and you will turn to dust."
In my practice I have recommended to somewhat counteract this obstinate "enemy", a table known as the "Gravity Inversion Table", with wonderful results in certain cases of disc herniation, for obvious reasons: by reversing the pressure on the spine, it allows the misplaced or herniated disc, can spring back into place. Natural, it is not very popular among neurosurgeons. Thank you for reading this far

Very interesting Wendy.Winter, Dr. Daniel Amen's conference on the importance of brain imaging studies in the field of psychiatric disorders: revolutionary. Thank you very much Wendy

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