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The Bestowal Son - I Approach Your World
« on: April 16, 2022, 10:52:24 am »
Saturday, April 16, 2022
I Approach Your World . . . .

York, Pa
T/R Ron Besser

 "I AM GOD THE FATHER, and for that reason I stand back to present to you my beloved Son, Jesus.

"To those who love Me, I say unto you, gather not the weeds of distrust you feel all these days.  For that reason I stand in awe at Ron for his tenacity to make Me available to all of you in spite of what is a total ban on Voice of God transmissions today.  What does that mean?

"It means that the souls of God on Urantia have almost nothing to understand as Easter approaches this year, and for that reason, I make no full standing statement, but to insist that I be heard in spite of a ban on the voices you usually hear this time of year and days.  Keep this in mind, I am truly yours, and I am truly Me before the Father and the Son and the Spirit.  For that reason know that all I say is now recorded and I will make sure I say something even on a day of drought like this one is going to be.  For the same reason I want you all to know that I prepare my Return, not just for you, but for everyone and that is going to take some doing since fully 30% of the souls alive on Urantia today have no concept of God, much less of monotheism.

"I declare that all things spoken today should be of the holy nature, but we are nearing the cusp of the SECOND RETURN and for that reason we must clear the air and make sure there is no explosive around us as it is around Chechnya  and Chernobyl  and the Russians pound them unmercifully over nothing, really.  I am quite sure that the war in Ukraine will be of a minor news when what we have prepared is finally visible.  Be assured we know nothing beyond that my entrance is mine to make and I say nothing more than that.

"I am JESUS, and please be sure I carry nothing but good will to Urantia.   I state one last thing before I go:  Take me as I am and you are welcome to enjoy the spectacle, and then to join in on the WORK I fully intend to insist you take on or drop out.  We are fully aware of the heat in t he Ukraine and those statements above on Chernobyl are indeed mine but slipped into the text by a cabal full of rust and uncaring decision making just what side it really is on.  I indicate one last thing too, the entire matter of my Return is not questioned but statements herein are full trusted by me as what should be said even though Ron is picking up insurrectionists around him as deep as sixteen feet at times. 

"We close with this idea: no one reaches the epitome of heart and soul as does MICHAEL OF NEBADON, but I am here as one of his minions myself, and for that reason I state that nothing you do today will change my mind as to how and what I intend to do and say shortly, and visibly, quite soon.  My best wishes to all of you and good day until we meet in the flesh once more.  JESUS OF NAZARETH."

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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Re: The Bestowal Son - I Approach Your World
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2022, 02:29:42 pm »

Thank you so much GOD the FATHER, JESUS and Ron for this transmission. It is like manna for a starving soul that has been unable to get transmissions lately and hear the Voice of God. I join in with all of you as I say the sooner, the better!  May Jesus return SOON!
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