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Lightline Netherlands International 01 Aprill 2024
« on: April 01, 2024, 16:31:43 pm »
We received words from Machiventa Melchizedek, Mary (Mother of Jesus) Christ Micheal and Jesus

Ron Besser transmitted important information from Christ Michael and Michael of Nebadon

Link to the recording:
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Re: Lightline Netherlands International 01 Aprill 2024
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1. 040134 Audio Tape Lightline Netherlands International; host: Elise; other transmitter: Ron Besser;
2. Subjects: 
a) The Melchizedeks are fully prepared for the work to be done, will come to us and help us. Give it time to grow and see how the first very difficult steps will work out. The truth will shock people and it will seem unbelievable for most,
b) Mother Mary shared her earthly experiences of receiving the baby Jesus, his crucifixion and resurrection, its meaning to her and us, and her kind words to us
c) Jesus will come again to teach the population, and explained the way to the Father through Christ
d) Read Ron’s post on the forum he joust put ip right before this Lightline
e) Spanish speaking transmitters must transmit in Spanish and not in English unless they take a dictation
f) Michael of Nebadon is fully disgusted of Urantia politics that makes the Missions impossible. We will see him on television only, not yet a visible Mission.
g) Free electricity project will be though the Magisterial Foundation, and the sixth epochal revelation.
h) The UAI conference was a shame to Michael of Nebadon, and the last one
i) Three points of deceleration; war is coming to Urantia
j) More news on the reorganization of the Magisterial Foundation, on the future of Urantia Foundation
k) The Empty days of the week for Lightlines must be filled
l) Another bad political decision of the United States just announced  
3. Speakers: Machiventa Melchizedek, Mary, mother of Jesus, Jesus, Christ Michael, Michael of Nebadon
4. Transcriber: sonsofGod
5. Link To Tape:
Hello, everyone. It's Monday today, in a new month, April, and it's the first day of April 2024. This is Lightline Netherlands International. I'm Elise Sofia Veronica, your host. And I'm glad to see so many of you on the call today, and through internet connection also, we are at the moment with 18 altogether. And let's see if we may receive some words from the spiritual world. But first, let's give thanks to the Father, just for our lives, and for being a part of His creation. Where we can more and more experience the immensity of His love for us as we grow and come to understand, all what represents truth and beauty, and goodness. We also ask for clear communication and understanding of speech. We thank You, Father, for giving us this day and the opportunity to be with you. And let's see if there is someone for us here who would come to address this group.
Machiventa Melchizedek  
This is Machiventa Melchizedek. Good day to all. Yes, I am Machiventa Melchizedek, and well, you have... yeh, you have received some words on Easter day, I remember. All I can tell you that we are working hard to get things done that are on the agenda, to be able to explain the nations of Urantia when the time comes our announcements with the intention of making things clear and understandable to you. To all of you, to the world. We, as the Melchizedeks, are fully prepared for the work to be done. But that does not mean that we have a full idea of how the visible missions could be offered to the people in a most careful manner, You know that many ways of introduction have been mentioned and changed and adapted many times because of various unexpected situations here on the planet, but also in many affairs in the universe. We, as the Melchizedeks, we do like to come to you. We know the planet, we know you, and we have looked forward to working with you and among you. And we will but for now we will have to stick for some time to our own resources, to our own personnel, because it has become too dangerous to involve any of you, when we show up in the field. And of course, you know, what I mean by that
The Father does not want anything to go wrong, that would normally be assigned to any of the celestials, and could be assigned to any of you, but should really be done by celestial beings of high status and authority. It is just too risky, too uncertain to start something like that. And although we hope to be your collaborators in some way, in times to come, we hope that you will understand and give it time to grow and see how the first very difficult steps will work out for both sides, the spiritual side and the human side
Yes, we need to be very careful and not be hasty in our decisions, or to have you burdened with all the unforeseen consequences that can come from actions or work that has not been applied on this planet before. And that could shake up the entire population. It will certainly give them a totally new image of the world and of their future. They will all have to deal with that. No one will be able to escape the consequences of the evolution of the planet itself, and its relation to men. No one will be able to escape the methods that are used to inform people of the truth of life and survival of their growing souls into the Father's Kingdom.
I am Machiventa Melchizedek, and yes, for very good reasons the truth will shock people. And it will seem unbelievable for some and for most, I could say, but it must be faced for the ongoing development of all and everything on this planet. A planet that has been ruled by turmoil and extortion, abuse and crime, selfishly dominating groups with money and power all the way up to war. In reaching an innocent population is dragged along and the world is trapped in the grip of poverty and retardants in every field. I am Machiventa, you know me well. And you also know that's my order, the order, the order of Melchizedeks, will always be ready. We are very experienced to work for the good cause. Many of our order will assist you in what you have to go through. And many will have to take on very difficult tasks and methods to restore and reform this world, and to get all this done. But we promise, we will do our utmost and succeed in our efforts to fulfill the hopes, the wishes of our Creator Father, Michael of Nebadon, who is also your Creator Father, and Master Sovereign of his local universe of Nepotism.
I am Machiventa, and we hope you understand that any decision made is for the good of Urantia, and for all people, and for all generations to come. And we thank you for now, we stand back. And I will hand this over Elise to someone who is very familiar to all of you, but does not speak very often, if ever on the Lightline, as we remember. Thank you for listening. I am Machiventa Melchizedek, and I step back.
Thank you, Machiventa Melchizedek, thank you. Thank you for your words, and your care.
Mary, the Mother of Jesus  
This is Mary, the mother of Jesus, my son, who was born to me and was my first child in our little household. It was very difficult to leave our home just before he was expected, and to undertake the journey to Bethlehem in the condition I was in. But we, Joseph and I, like everyone else had been called to register by order of the Roman rulers who ruled Palestine at that time. And heavily packed we left. I could often rest on the donkey that Joseph had prepared to serve as a beast of burden for my convenience. And we completed the journey in a few days knowing that it will be difficult to find shelter in a very overcrowded city of Bethlehem, which was our destination. Joseph was very caring. He took good care of me and the animal and we arrived in Bethlehem tired but in good spirits. When looking for a place to spend the night we found a place where many people had set up their little camps. But because I was heavy with the child we were eventually offered a place in an empty barn with clean straw and water, which was very suitable for spending the night. But much rest was not given to us as Jesus was born that following day, and we were happy with the health of the women who were around to help. Jesus was a beautiful, healthy baby, and we were both overjoyed. I can tell you this, because you all understand the happiness of a mother, holding her newborn in her arms for the first time. And admiring the life that has just been born from her. It is that deep, motherly love that in a very special way, bonds, mother and child forever. And together with the father's love, will set aside everything throughout their lives, to give that child everything the child needs
All sorrow or pain, or all that will happen to her child strikes a mother deep in her heart. And she will always be willing to sacrifice everything for her children. When a child suffers or dies, it is always heartbreaking for the parent, in whatever way the child is called back to the Creator. But there is no way I can explain to you my pain, my suffering, when I experienced what was done to my son Jesus when he was arrested as an innocent man, and cruelly put to death.
The pain in my heart was unbearable. In many times, I felt myself on the verge of collapsing. And only my family members knew how to keep me going. The death of Jesus was horrible to witness. And it took me years to get rid of the images of this repulsive event that transformed me and my family into stronger believers in the words that Jesus had imparted to us, but which never erased the images and the grief.
And now, my dear children just after Easter you have been celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. And that is exactly the right thing to be celebrated forever. His life on earth was of great significance and will forever prove to be of value to this world, and to the many other worlds in Nebadon and beyond. For Jesus's resurrection is proof to all the living in the entire universe of the power Are and love between the Creator Son, and a Bestowal Son, the divine mystery of the Father revealed to the people of the inhabited planet
I am Mary, the mother or Jesus, I say this to all of you. Nothing is so holy, so purely Divine is what has manifested itself here in this world during the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. it overshadows all pain and sorrow and destroys it, through to divine manifestation and love of the Father himself. Remember these things when you celebrate Easter. And remember my joy when I came to understand all these, and when I came to the full realization of its meaning, as you all will one day. May this truth take root in your heart so that you may be forever reconciled with the glory of our Jesus of whom I, Mary, had the privilege of being the mother. I am truly Mary, Jesus's earthly Mother and I give you my son with all my love, as He gave Himself to you. Love one another as Jesus has loved you during his life in the flesh. I thank you. Good day.
This is Elise. Thank you Mary. That was a wonderful story. Thank you so much. Thank you very much.
This is Jesus. I'm here for all of you. And I give you a few words to remember for today, and the days to come. For the world will see me again and will learn of the many things I'm going to teach them. They will have to get used to my different ways of teaching, especially those who have learned about my previous life on this earth. I have much to say, which will not always be easy to understand and appreciate. I'm coming to the world for a second time as I promised, when I left the world so many years ago. I am still Jesus, but I have been given a different status, and I now work for the Father and for Michael of Nebadon as deity. I have the power to do that and to make sure that my world of my human birth becomes a world for the Father to enjoy, and for his children to grow and prosper, and to live in his name.
Yesterday was Easter Sunday. I did not speak. Although it's a very special day in history. But most people do not understand its meaning. They will just tend to their own business and gather for a happy meal. That's good. I want them to have fun. I want them to enjoy each other, to be happy. That's the way it is. That we are in for a change.
Remember, we come to this planet to help, to correct, what has been done to the planet and its peoples for so many generations. Many have refused their Creator. God, who loves each of his children, and continues to wait for their love in return. I am Jesus. Keep up the good spirits, all of you. Be what you always are, trustful and patient. Be happy and full of expectation for a new time to come. I am Jesus. I am your Jesus, and I am with you every day. Remember me. The way to the Father is through me. I am your shepherd. I am your teacher. I am your brother. I am Jesus. And I wish you a blessed day
Thank You, Jesus. Thank you so very much for coming to us on this Lightline. Thank you for your words.
Christ Michael
You're very welcome. I am Jesus, but now is Christ Michael. And I want to speak a few words. It is this. All who understand the mystery of my incarnation to become the Christ, they'll be with me in the kingdom. It is the Father who asks his Sons to experience the worlds of His creation. No matter what those worlds offer them, they will succeed in their missions. But they are the Sons of God who represent him in the realms of creation. For the Father will never come down to meet his children. No, the children go up to the Father, after they have experienced what the Father has given them. We, the Christ, are the means by which the Father spreads his knowledge and shows the people of the inhabited planets and throughout his creation, his love and his great mercy to those who do not know yet, but we'll learn by taking up their cross, and walk with me, to the Father, who will see your efforts and understand your love for him.
I am Christ Michael. These words are not difficult to understand. And they will even reach the ears of all those who do not believe in the Father. And his holy existence is Christ Michael. And I have spoken. Remember these words, and go in peace.
This is Jesus again to all of you. Take these words of Christ Michael and make them your own by doing what your life offers you to do. Do not neglect what has been brought before you, for you shall go where the Father wants you to go. You shall serve where the Father needs you to serve, along with others, making the world a little brighter. With the help of me, Jesus, and many, many other divine Sons sent by our Father who was once ordained that is will be done. And no one can escape it. Nor will they be able to deny the truth or what the Father has so clearly indicated to his creation of time and space. This is Jesus and we are all waiting for the right moment to put our feet on the ground to join hands and join in a Mission, so important to this world. Your world, my world, as I was once a human on this earth. This is Jesus and I leave you again with my peace.
Thank you so much Jesus. Thank you Christ Michael. Thank you for these special-special messages we may hear today. Let's see what else we can do. Let me look at your dashboard for a moment. We have, oh we have Charlotte and Carol joining us. They came in a little later. And I see Ron is joining us also. You're all very welcome shall we? So, we're up to 19 altogether.
Let me see if I can connect to something else? Someone else? Ron, I have a very strong feeling that I have to hand it over to you. I just try to... I'm just going to ask you, if if you're ready, if you can take it for a while. You are unmuted Ron.
Ron Besser  
All right, Elise, this is Ron, can you hear me all right?
Yes, sure.
Ron Besser
Okay. I have more or less relegated myself to a back seat in order to appropriate what is really going on. The entire idea of the Magisterial Foundation is to have prepared a landing ground for whatever the Creator Son wishes to use it for. We are more or less put out to sea and not operating very well at all. But, I do have a connection yet to Christ Michael. And he wishes to speak on additional concerns.
Christ Michael
I am Christ Michael. I recently had Ron post a very important post that describes my conviction that the world has gotten itself into a turmoil that is very hard to remove. In normal Missions, we will remove the worst of the problems and motion all to see the circumstances and what we must prevail with. That post is up. He posted it after the Lightline started, but had to take about an extra 10 minutes before he could finish it. He is in difficulty. He's nearly blind and has no real feeling and his fingers or legs. I am pressing that in order to make sure that the entire issue of the Magisterial Foundation is no longer present. However, it has been present long enough to make a statement.
The statement is the Magisterial Foundation is now the organ through which I will speak to Urantia. I am Christ Michael. I am no longer just the Creator Son. For reasons of state Ron is sitting back and letting me take the entire meaning of this connection to you for whatever it means to you. We've slowed him down as we've slowed Elise. Those of you who speak Spanish need to speak English better. I am going to announce that transmissions which are going out through Hispanic individuals will be mostly in Spanish, then English. You're not asked to do the English I will send it to you. But wait when you are done with the Hispanic translation for me to speak English and take it down accordingly with what I dictate, Don't attempt to translate. Do not, I repeat, attempt to translate,
And now this. You, Ron, are almost blind, you have about 10% vision left. You are exhausted, you can barely see the list of names in front of you. But you do have the sense of having control. In that control, let me speak to this. I provided Ron a post of considerable length that is now up. Just go find it and read it. It repeats the problem that the Missions have. Urantia has managed to snarl up the entire idea of a managed Mission. I am disgusted with the United States and its allies. And I am thoroughly impoverished with the idea of Russia even being a nation state. However, that's what I have to deal with. Starting, oh, maybe late tonight, maybe tomorrow, I will establish a new regime to talk through. I'm not tired of the Magisterial Foundation, I'm not tired of this discussion forum, but I am very tired of the political situation found on Urantia in the middle of what I consider a robust need for God
For reasons of state let me pontificate. One moment. I look at Russia as impossible to deal with. It will learn what to do in the future. I look at the Ukraine situation as impossible. Russia wants to play King Tut. All right. You play King Tut, but I guarantee you kingdom of what? I am asking Ron to slither down from his Magisterial Foundation and just let it ride. He's happy to, as the reason for the appearance of Dominick at the Lightline, or rather at the Conference in Baltimore, was to see to it just what the UAI and others have come to with regard not only to the disaster in Baltimore, but to the disaster on Urantia that I have decided not to do a Mission, but to become fully available through a visible exercise, I never had the chance to do when I was Jesus.
You will see me on television. But that's about it. I am not going to come to a world that is so full of chatenary and disabling employees as you've got now. The gentleman called Trump has managed to snarl the political ways of the United States and its allies. In normal times, I would remove him, but these are not normal times. Please be advised. I will not appear, so long as that gentleman is appearing in your political process. I will save you the time of what I think, but I warn you. Do not be particularly caring about the Trump situation, or the United States situation, or the Russian situation, or the Japanese association with regard to China and the South China Sea. It's war. But let's be a little calm. The trial that the Chinese see is that the United States has surrounded it with allies with nuclear technology. It refuses to live that way, and will demand that the United States remove itself from the South China Sea and remove the fleet between Formosa and the mainline Chinese. For that reason, the United States will employ its nuclear edge and provide all allies in the region with one statement. This shall not stand. If it comes to that, and it hasn't it, it has not yet come to that. Then when it does, I will not appear either to the Magisterial Foundation or to Urantia. I will go silent.
Furthermore, Ron Besser has the leading edge in one particular concern. He has technology that will save the world. He has free electricity and for that reason, he will have to figure it out himself because we are not going to help one iota. For reasons of state Ron says, Well, fine. It's your technology. I merely copied it. For reasons of state that’s not true Ron, your heart is in that and so is your soul. You are fully aware that the entire matter is dependent upon money and that you are not looked at, much less provided money. For that reason, you have said, All right. Let it sit there until hell freezes over. I'm not budging. For reasons of state, hell is now already apparent, but you are not going to let it freeze over the technology. It will find its own and it will find its way, but I guarantee you do not let it just for the Susquehanna Valley. Let it for the United States and let it for the free world. The communists have made superior changes to their ideology. Their ideology is fail safe, so long as you don't question it. China has managed to put a state together where no one is required to say anything. Just keep your nose to the grindstone and you're fine. China will lose big time. But that's not miy doing. That's political doing.
Finally, this, the entire region of the world that will enjoy free electricity is the United States and its allies. It will not broker the time or the temperature to afford free electricity to the communist state. You want to be communist, you go right ahead. But it is required that spiritual progression be dominated by a multi force. Republican or Democratic state. The United States is in terrible grief over the loss of the bridge in Baltimore. Ron knows the bridge he's been over it several times. It's quite a construction. But he also knows that it is not necessary to use if you have an alternate way of getting to the south. That is south of Baltimore.
For reasons of state, he knows that route 50 will take him beyond the bridge and does not use a bridge at all. For our calculation, we're going to use route 50 and not worry about a bridge like the Magisterial Foundation. For that reason, then, Ron, you are being removed from the concerns of the Missions and let to survive with the technology that you hold. You don't particularly care but you are a little concerned about what we have in mind. Well, let me tell you what we have in mind.
The Magisterial Foundation is no longer the king of what shall we call it? The Internet convention to Jesus, or to the Jesus homes sphere, now Salvington. The Magisterial Foundation is now concerned with the technology, but not speaking to the terminology upon which we base our Mission. Listen to this tape again and again to get that. We will not use the Magisterial Foundation to get to the technology of the Mission. It will be used as the technology for free electricity and whatever else we choose to provide. Ron is stoic about this, you're not. The truth of the matter is that we will have a station broadcasting what we want and what we have to say, free of any human activity. For reasons of state Ron is reacting. What in the world was all that join us at the beginning of the announcement of the Missions and suddenly they are not even speaking, the Magisterial Sons. Well, the problem is not them or you, Ron. The problem is Michael of Nebadon. Ron says, well, that son of a gun. The truth of the matter is I laugh, because Ron is for me, whatever I do. And whatever I do is a surprise.
You're not going to have a visible Mission. Not yet. Listen carefully. I am now pulling down all of the means for us to enter. I am putting up all of the means to communicate enough for you to understand what is happening. But the journals that have other Foundations or Missions is now truncated. I don't know what Machiventa Melchizedek has in mind, but we are closing down some of those transmitters. Ron just offered Machiventa a rebuttal. He says he has nothing to say. I am Michael of Nebadon Ron, and you are out of order to suggest that he needs to say anything. All right, Ron, you have your point. In any case, let us say this. The entire matter of the Magisterial Foundation, its work, its technology is flat out denied. If you make one more remark and I see you have and it is this.
Ron Besser
We have cooperated. You may do as you please, Michael. We support that. But we will not be silenced, at least until we understand what has prompted the disuse of all that was prepared.
Michael of Nebadon
That is fair Ron and I tell you this. That Conference in Baltimore this past weekend. is a shame to me. Ron noted that Steven Gitz went home slightly ashamed and not understanding what he ran into. Dominick Ohrbach stayed the course, and was applied with the usual Gitz over attending a conference with a UAI. I looked at it, and Ron did and said It is useless. It does not settle anything. It leaves open, a way to be used, but there is no confirmation of what to do with the Urantia Foundation or the fifth epochal revelation. Folks, the fifth epochal revelation is over. The sixth will take care of it, but it takes about a year to do it. Ron will do it. He is fully dedicated, and one of my favorite biased individuals. And finally, this. 
I have decreed that the Magisterial Foundation will do the Magisterial Foundation technology, but that it is not particularly I'll place for us. What do I mean by that? I mean, we shall not use the Magisterial Foundation, or its ability to combine transmissions, or its ability to stand well. It does stand well, but we dare not use a human institution for what we are about to do. Ron says, I failed to understand that, but as you choose, it is your prerogative, Michael, and we stand with you. For that reason the Magisterial Foundation then folks, is to be applied to the technology and to the Lightlines and to the various communication sets that we have established. But it is not the mission itself. You had hoped that you could participate, Well, you can. But it's not through the Magisterial Foundation. Is through the magisterial pronouncement of another corporation Ron has applied but not used. It is the Michael Foundation, International. It's got sitting there without any broadcast without any bank account. It is just sitting there as a subsidiary of the Magisterial Foundation and the Rayson Corporation. I will make use of it as I will and no need for an account Ron. It is strictly spiritual. I will bring it to your attention now and then and you will bring it to the attention of the world when I say so.
And finally, I have never met a son so determined to be right. Ron has supplied everyone with an ability to get into these discussions fully. He is at the end of his road. He is nearly blind. He can barely make the day and frankly is hungry most of the time, not because of lack of food, but because of lack of confirmation. He has placed ready to do anything I want to do, but I don't want to do anything. For that reason Ron says okay, what do you have in mind? The answer is nothing. The truth of the matter is, I'm not doing a darn thing. The truth of the matter is, I have so soiled my hands, trying to put Urantia back the way it was for a Mission that I've lost some of the keep that the Father says is necessary for a Creator Son to provide a Mission when it goes to a planet, especially Urantia.
I am now going to decree the following. Number one, the Magisterial Foundation is not corrupt. It is slow and bleeding. It knows the truth. Number two, we are not removing the Magisterial Foundation. We are using it to produce free electricity. It will go. Three, I am no longer going to converse with Ron or anyone else until they understand there is no longer a precipice which they must travel to and jump into the bottom to affirm that they are with us, but have no real understanding as to what they are to do. I thought it was obvious. Ron is obvious. Do as you wish. We support whatever you want. But this is Michael, I will not use the Foundations. I will use my own protocol. And that is to let things ride until we have a Mission. The Magisterial Foundation is the most proud foundation we have on Urantia. It will continue. It will continue to hold these frequency meetings where I may speak. But I will not allow the Magisterial Foundation to produce free electricity without me in charge of the technology. Ron says he's a little confused, he's already dedicated it to the Melchizedeks, that he is not in charge unless there is no one else to speak, then he will speak. I approve of that. But the time is coming, that Urantia will be at war. Don't be fooled. Don't be uncaring. China is a rascal. Japan is a worthy adversary. Formosa will not trigger the war. The United States will by insisting that the South China Sea is freely navigable. China will dispute it. And then the grease is in the fire. It will flame.
But that's not immediate. What is immediate is the final statement of the Conference in Baltimore was, we'll see you again on another day. Well, I doubt it. What is about to occur is that the Urantia Foundation has had it and will declare itself more or less out of the way. Ron has not declared that. But he means it. If the Urantia Foundation goes, the Magisterial Foundation is the people, is the corporation, is the staff that will see to it that the Urantia Book is available and readable, and that a new Urantia Book is available by the end of this year. That's number one. Number two, don't mistake the Magisterial Foundation as the Urantia foundation. Even Ron does not do that. But is the survivor of what is to come. Number four. Let it be known that I'm Michael of Nebadon no longer converse simply with Ron, Dominick, and whoever happens to be there. But I am sending them a Melchizedek, fully incarnated to speak with Ron and Dominick in the evenings I choose. That will be fun to Ron and Dominick, but let's put it this way. Melchizedek is not Machiventa, or Manituba, but Mantutia, and he will insist that the Magisterial Foundation become the spokesman for what is left of the plans for a spiritual Mission to Urantia.
I am withdrawing all capabilities, all intentions now. They will have their meetings in the evening when I propose. They will see him inside and no need to go to the door, Ron. That's fine with you. You are fully acclimated with that anyhow, and Dominick will get used to it.
Finally this. The temper of some of you is, this is grandstanding. Well be damned. You're not welcome. For those who take it honestly and sincerely, we have a place for you. It's not the Magisterial Foundation, but for now it does. To keep us together and to not remove the foundation which is listening. We are quite sure that the symposium that was held in Baltimore was the last of its kind forever. Ron sent Dominick because he couldn't go. Steven attempted to be there and he was made very ill. The truth of the matter is, it's no way to conduct an epochal revelation and a Mission, the size we have prepared. It must be withdrawn. The sixth epochal revelation prepared. The Magisterial Foundation enlivened that it produces technology and the six epochal revelation. It's the only one, the only position we have left on Urantia. Ron has carefully worked it. What you propose Michael is yours. I will support it. For those of you who do not support it, be damned. You're welcome to go to the wind and reap whatever is there. You have no understanding, none, of what is proposed.
Ron does and holds it well. I will continue to communicate with him. The discussion forum is too valuable to take down, But people I warn you, you're losing your center when you do not discuss the modes of the day that trouble you. Ron looked at it and said well do I take it down? It's useless. The only thing that we have got going is the Lightline. And that is not discussed. We need more posting, we need more availability. I have thought to put up another one and I will. But it will be by invitation only. This one, the one you're using now will continue as it is. There are reasons to state that the next one is by invitation only. And not immediately.
And now this to you Ron Your eyes are very bad, you can barely see, You are not welcome to spirit away while others play.
Ron Besser
(hah) All right.
Michael of Nebadon
Now this. It tickles your sense of humor because you know it got a fist in it. But also, you don't understand what you may have done wrong or not done. You have done everything and you have not done wrong. You have left the door open to join, to use and to make use of, but you have not said to me take it and I will assist. You are silent because I'm not done.
This. I will take on the Magisterial Foundation fully, providing you are entirely absent for one week. You want to play with the word weak, for that's what you consider yourself if removed. But I need to rebuild the Magisterial Foundation, so that it is a powerhouse. It will not take the place of the Urantia foundation. That is another corporation you have already established, Ron, and I will make it clear what I want. You say fine, that is just fine. But this, I probably am going to remove you not as a living human being, but as an abstract of me. You are not easily concerned with a Magisterial Foundation or any of its doings unless we have a direct voice. And without the direct voice, you find it just another corporation. That's true. and you do not make a lot of fuss about it. For reasons of state then, the Magisterial Foundation is not truncated, but stays as the technology. And I will use the Michael Foundation International as the spiritual mission to Urantia in absentia until we decide that a Mission is really possible.
And you say, so be it. You do not bother to fight the other institutions that must be enjoined. You have Raz working on the archive, do so. It's mighty important. Raz, get it done. There is an urgency to it. War. Get what you can. Let Ron know what you have. Be specific. How you have protected it, and how we may provide it for readers in the future to know the final dissolution of what we prepare for a Mission to Urantia, with a Magisterial Foundation and whatnot, and are going to prepare the Mission with the Magisterial Foundation regarded. It's too good. We like it. We can plan through it.
As far as the other spokesman, transmitters out west, and in certain cases out east, we are going to ask them to stand down and provide nothing for about a week. Here we go again. Today is the first of April 2024. We are now learning that we are shutting down, not the Magisterial Foundation, or the magisterial discussion forum known as We are going to announce this. 
Number one, no Mission, not as you understood. Number two, no final dissolution. Urantia Foundation will remain until it falls apart. Number three, The Magisterial Foundation known as this particular forum will remain. It's too valuable. You are to hold the meetings of Lightlines, as far as I'm concerned, forever into the future. Tomorrow is Dominick. Wednesday is Lemuel. There is no Thursday and Friday and Saturday but Sunday is Ron. Ron will be available and well. I insist that new Lightlines be accorded to the schedule. You now have Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, empty Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I want them filled with Ron. You cannot comment to the unity, or to the other individuals who transmit. Well, because they have decided you are useless. Well, let them decide that, let them become cast to the wind. We don't care about them. Machiventa does, and we'll see to it as he pleases.
You, Ron, will decide how to put it together. But we invite unity and other transmitters to fill in Thursday, Friday and Saturday transmissions as Lightlines scheduled here at 2pm on every day. And for that reason the invitation is open. Let us see what you do. Otherwise, you have no say.
And finally this Elise, we're over half an hour. But so what? I'm giving this back to you with the understanding that Elise, you are not to open any office for the EU until there is some understanding by the EU that God matters. In the United States it is still a major factor. In the east, it doesn't matter. We shall make a difference, but our way. The Magisterial Foundation and the discussion forum shall remain present. I will see to the remaining concerns of Ron in his own way. I now return this to you, Elise, for your own consideration and to end this particular Lightline now.
Ron Besser
This is Ron, Elise, go ahead and take it back. And do as you please. Thank you.
Yes, thank you, Ron. I will, thank you. And great Michael of Nebadon for this long and extensive dictation, and a very clear explanation. And know Ron, that we appreciate your work, especially in the circumstances you're in. Thank you so much. We're going to close this Lightline. We have had 20 on the call. And I have seen a very important Lightline, very important to listen to again and again. I think it's very clear how it was explained. So, thank you, Machiventa Melchizedek for coming to us, and Mary, the mother of Jesus, Jesus himself, and Christ Michael and Michael of Nebadon, and all of you who came to be our listeners on this very important Lightline. I thank you all. I wish you a very good day.
Ron Besser
Elise. Elise, this is Ron.
Ron Besser
One moment
Christ Michael  
I am deed to speak in spite of my question and I allow this to come through regardless of my concern.
Ron Besser
Go ahead voice if there is one, and let us know what you have held the closure up for please.
Michael of Nebadon
This is Michael Nebadon. Ron. I didn't know if I would dare do that. But your senses are super alert. You will not permit the cabal to speak, but you will allow Me to speak.
Ron Besser
I certainly do.
Christ Michael
Thank you. I am Christ Michael. I have stepped on her farewell and I will return to it, so you can close it down fully, Elise. But hear me out on this. The truth of the matter is that Ron is operating on about 6% of his energy. He is unable to see almost anything, and is just about ready to close the Lightline and take on what's left of the day. I am going to say this to all of you. Don't count me out for anything I may propose. I am fully disgusted with the United States, with Europe and Southeast Asia. None of them can seem to pull out the truth. War is not allowed. Wait till they run into that. But also listen to this.
I am not going to esteem myself by speaking only to Ron, Dominick, you have got to set up another discussion forum using the simple machines, so that we can have an audience that is invited and that we do not play to those who do not listen. Many of you are so decided that this is normal circumstances. It isn't. I am returning this to you Elise, only to warn Ron and Dominick they've got to perform immediately and not wait for another day. Dominick, you need to be with Ron to determine what is planned and to do it immediately. Do it there while you're at Ron's. I want another discussion forum. Ron, we'll set it up, you bring it online. And further, it will be by invitation only. Don't go looking for it without the invite.
And fully this. I am outraged at what has just happened. The United States has warned Jordan that unless it provides the food and supplies, it will do so, but will stage the aircraft and ships not in Jordan, but in Saudi Arabia. It's the wrong move. In any case, I turn this back to you, Elise.  I'm sorry for the input., but it just occurred and I wanted to speak to it.
Ron Besser
Go ahead, Elise, close this down then. Thank you.
Thank you Michael, thank you Michael of Nebadon. You are always welcome to speak in any time or any circumstance. You’re welcome to do whatever you think is needed, thank you so much. Well, let us close up this Lightline for today by just saying goodbye and just waiting for another day and another Lightline tomorrow. Thank you for listening and have a good day and good night.  
"See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called the sons of God!" 
"For in him we live, and move, and have our being;"