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Our guests and speakers this evening were Michael of Nebadon and Bree.
We thank them both.

This is the link to the tape: 
AUDIO TAPE Links - Comments - Schedule inside / LLUSA SUNDAY TAPE 22 MAY 2022
« Last post by Ron Besser on May 22, 2022, 09:39:11 pm »
Link for 22 May 2022 Sunday Lightline for your listening pleasure.  Thank you all for attending.

Thank you for your post, Albert. I am sure that your work is pleasing to Father as you faithfully hold on to serve him under difficult circumstances and life situations with a pure heart. I am very sorry about the hardship you all have to go through. Hang on to each other for love never fails and Father God is with you. We too are overwhelmed with our circumstances and situations, so your post also serves as a reminder to keep praying for you. Probably the recording has stopped when the callers were cut off. Is it possible that after a half an hour struggle to reassemble the call you forgot to turn it back on?
Blessings and love, 
Valerie, sonsofGod





The Host : Albert;


Hello Dear Ron and you all Dear Sisters and Brothers also you all Dear Guests on this forum

 Before all my Dear spiritual family, I  am apologizing for the absence of posted reports before  today concerning  all  the MLLCCTHOM that has been done every THURSDAY since the recent restart up of FEBRUARY of this year 2022.  My  personal family life is  being seriously disturbed so I cannot find the appropriate sufficient time to do them and that contrarily to my wish...

However,  I am beginning to change that with the help of GOD from now on.

On THURSDAY 19TH, MAY, 2022, we held a session as scheduled, started 1:29 minutes but not at 1:00 because one attendee  among the FIVE OTHERS all being SOME NEW ONES has been dropped very early and I , as being the Host tried to restore the call and that costed us an entire half of an hour but I succeeded positively at last.

 He introduced Himself as being the PLANETARY MANIGER  of this planet by talking about the sad story in the case of Urantia
due to the luciferian rebellion to God

.MICHAEL OF NEBADON was coming just some few ten minutes as being a Teacher before the end of the session speaking eloquently. 

The session ended at 2:30 minutes P.M.

That has been decided after a request done by myself before the end that this group of five will come back again for the  next THURSDAY ( The  26th, MAY; 2022; at 1:00; P.M.; as schedule for Q & A.  That has been allowed as official.  

Just after ONLY ONE MINUTE AND FIFTY THREE SECONDS the audio recordings has been turned in blank. Yes , there has been nothing more recorded mysteriously ( : cabal  deeds ? )

Thank you all for reading.



The  host : Albert.




General Discussion / Re: A new way of transmitting?
« Last post by SonsofGod on May 22, 2022, 01:55:57 pm »
Thank you, Ron. This turned out to be a lesson for me and I certainly appreciate that. An eye opener.

Concerning anonymous messengers, I agree that I am not in the position to advise what Spirit should do. I accept that and that we want to hear the messengers regardless of their name and position. It is true, the truth is inconcussible (I looked it up and it spelled inconcussible). Meaning: cannot be shaken. We shall know the speakers by their fruit. The fruit of falsehood is negativity and lies. Our Father gives us the ability to discern them. Good point. I accept that.

The problem with not listening enough is that we humans have a problem with retaining information long enough that it would permanently change our lives without being impacted by the experience, like it or not. What we hear changes our views little by little, or may even shake us up for a while, but after returning to the daily problems we tend to refocus on those again on a need to solve them basis. A Hungarian proverb may apply: Every wonder last three days. And another: ‘A liar is not believed even if he tells the truth.’  

This leads me to the second point you made, my resistance to deliver negative messages. I did not consciously processed it but it is true. Thank you for telling me. I am not a liar, but because we kept repeating messages that delays made untrue, nobody believes me. I lost my confidence as began to see myself in a different light. I got tired of sharing warning and complaints and made that decision to shot up. Not to protect myself, but to avoid being wrong and annoying. Also because I feel I am talking to the wall, but if Father wants to use me that way, I will deliver messages for him.

Looking back, years ago I was a member of a ‘prophetic church’, which means most everyone received the gift of prophecy and they were just flowing in it. The pastors lead a prophetic school for years and they were accurate in hearing God. The way to know that they were right is that they were all up in our business, knowing things otherwise they have not known. God exposed the darkness of some people. Pastor Reta always said, ‘don’t you dare to come into this church unless you are holy’. (Pure hearts, pure hands, pure behavior), One day a sister who was a well-respected prophetess for her accuracy said to me: Valerie, you keep asking God why aren't you prophecy like we do? He says, because you are a rebuking prophet. Now that was the truth. I always had sharp discernment what evil spirits operated through people and recognized their works to divide, and so on. Telling the truth got me into trouble too when they were not ready to receive it. One time the entire congratulation turned on me and would not speak to me for months. I stood my ground until Father restored me. I know persecution over and over, yet in the past I was clear on my mission being a ‘rebuking prophet’. Now that we only value transmission prophecy became almost like a myth. What is the difference if we are telling the truth? Accuracy? Verb usage?  

Making my Though Adjuster infuriated? Woe! I hear you. I believe you. I need to pay attention to that! I am sure you are right. Thank you for the truth. I'll work on it.

Prozonov, thank you for your reply. You are a dear brother to me. Let us digest Ron’s message together. I still believe that we both right concerning the content of your message, but not the anonymity. Truly, how could you say, I will not post this message until you tell me your name. You cannot. We can still use our discernment the same way to know the truth.


Mr Prozonov, I think you should not let yourself be affected by this kind of hateful transmission, because that is the goal of those who do it; infect several people by their hatreds, and their fears and revolt them negatively.
If not, why not send these messages directly to President Putin, instead of posting them on a website that is not frequented by President Putin?
Be like President Putin, who doesn't consider insolent and offensive remarks, because he received thousands of them, even before the war in Ukraine.
In Syria, when bombing US-trained terrorists, Putin was blamed and insulted. But, when Europe was threatened, they sent François Hollande to ask him for help. He refused, and defeated the terrorists of the United States. And saved Europe.
The same Putin who defeated evil at the door of Europe so that he would not return there, is fighting the same evil in another form at the door of his country, flying to the aid of his Russian people, the we blame him for that.

No wonder, since it is the manifestation of the mark of the beast, calling good evil and evil good.

Your transmission is true, because one of the humanitarians who distributed the drugs to the Ukrainian soldiers, saw and filmed the crimes of the Ukrainian soldiers in Bosha, and in other cities. He was arrested by Ukrainian soldiers, but freed by one of his bosses, was exfiltrated to another country to return to France with the images. I watched several shows where he testified to what he saw and filmed in secret.
The truth of a message is not found in knowing the name of the heavenly being who gave it, but by the energy one senses in reading the message, in receiving the message, or in the evidence physically verifiable.
I share below two messages from Jesus Christ, which I found on a Catholic religious site, on which they publish the messages of blame and insults against Putin and Russia, received according to them, from Mary, Jesus- Christ, and other heavenly Beings.
But there is another sister who receives contrary messages. Messages of justice and love. The first passage is from February 25, and announced the war in Ukraine and why, before it even started. The second message was to ask readers not to be deceived. Here are the messages.


Friday, February 25, 2022

The war is on

Yes, the war is on and like any war, there will be misunderstandings, closed minds, blocked feelings and resentment will ensue.

President Putin is reasonable and his demands, his demands were too. The West, on the other hand, with its immorality, its unilateral demands, has produced the rigidity of the opposing camp and what had to happen is happening: war.

Westerners, walled in their paranoia, who drift morally, religiously and politically, will have it for their baseness and insolvency.

It is I, the Lord, the Almighty God, who affirms this and it is not the vox populi that influences my divine Word.

I bless you, My very dear children, and I want to tell you this: pray and do not stop praying because all war is cruel, it wounds, it kills, it impoverishes, it destabilizes. But you, you will fear nothing because you will rely on Me, My Providence watches over you and whatever happens, you must fear nothing: neither lightning, nor fire, nor earthquakes, nor thieves, nor war.

You are Mine, remain in My Love and we will remain united until the day of our final reunion in the heavenly Abode.

I take you in My Love, I love you as only a God can love, I proved it to you by offering Me on the Cross as a sacrifice for you, for each one of you, and you, you will prove your love to Me by having confidence, by having no fear, by being generous and by helping your neighbor when he needs it.

Thank you, My dearest children, thank you!



Monday, February 28, 2022

God's view of the news

My children, what you see and hear is hard, it repels you and you are right. War is a revolt against good, against charity, and it is often the result of the demonic absence of charity.

Here, this is not the case. Russia has been attacked sneakily and in a thousand ways by the West, and its intervention is a defensive attack on the part of whoever is considered an aggressor. You must not mistake the enemies and I, the Lord, want to open your eyes to the reality of this war.

When a country is attacked, it has the moral right to defend itself. But the West has extended its web to the gates of Russia, it has installed many pawns on Ukrainian territory and, by attacking strategic positions, Russia is doing nothing but protecting itself.

I am the Lord, I see the evil where it is and the faults where they are. We must not indulge in credulity, blissful innocence and the absence of judgment. War is evil, but defensive war is legitimate. Russia to this day is on this ground and it is fair to tell the truth. I am not deceiving you, I, the Lord, your God and your Master, am simply rectifying the news that is given by Western media and leaders. These have failed for so many years, they have been mendacious, thieves, immoral and depraved, they have enriched themselves by impoverishing the population, they have deceived it and they have degraded it.

My children, all come back to faith in your God, the infinitely good God, the One who wants your good, the One who gave you His Commandments and who recommends them to you again and again today: you will adore your one God and He alone will serve. Through Him, you will put yourself at the service of your neighbour, but you will not steal from him, you will not slander him. You will be good, a peacemaker but not a pacifist because the fight of faith is a fight, but the child of God is a fighter for Jesus Christ. You will devote yourself to your neighbour, you will not allow yourself to be taken in by the single thought of this century which has changed evil into good and good into evil. The values of the modern world are not equivalent to the values of the Christian, they are often even opposed to them.

My children, do not seek the truth by listening to the media which are the clerks of your rulers; there are other media that are closer to the truth than these. Be kind, be gentle, be generous and be compassionate. Yes, help the poor refugees from this war because any war causes abuse, suffering, settling of scores. All war has its source in injustice, intransigence, in unilateralism. Since the beginning of the world, the demon has fomented war against God, the exquisite Creator of all things; and men, like Eve and then Adam, lend an attentive ear. As long as they do not turn away from him, prince of lies and darkness, he will lead them to their loss.

Stay with Me, My dear ones, keep faith, hope and charity, and the Kingdom of Heaven will be your eternal reward.
TRANSLATIONS / 22.5.2022 - Sprawa do przestudiowania
« Last post by Andre_P on May 22, 2022, 09:11:43 am »
Link do wiadomości po angielsku :
Napisał / Przekazał : Ron Besser, administrator, członek bohater
Kategoria / Temat : Co się dzisisiaj dzieje ? / 21 maja, sprawy zalecane do przestydiowania
« 21 maja 2022 r., godz. 13:05:05 »

Tu Ron Besser. Prawie wszyscy rozpoznają to nazwisko, które kojarzy się z tą stroną internetową i naszym forum dyskusyjnym. Zawsze przeglądam (tzn. przeglądam i przeglądam, aby znaleźć problemy) i jest jeden natarczwy, który chciałbym, żbyście również przeanalizowali.

Jak wiecie, większość naszej pracy tutaj rozbija się o załamujące się plany, mimo zapewnień, że TYM RAZEM to się naprawdę stanie. Tak. Mnie też to dotyczy. Spojrzałem wstecz o dekadę, kiedy tu działamy, jakbym był NOWYM CZŁONKIEM na nasze osiągnięcia i doszedłem do wniosku, że nie tyle przywiązaliśmy się do niewłaściwego pługa, co do niewłaściwego pomysłu.

Nasz pierwotny pomysł polegał na tym, aby porozmawiać o tym, jak grupa ludzi może odnieść korzyść, dostosowując się do boskiej misji (w tym przypadku Misji Magisterskiej), która nauczyłaby nas również procedur stosowanych przez Boga w celu prowadzenia jednej z takich Misji. Przyjęliśmy też do wiadomości, że Misja Jezusa jest ponad nasze mozliwości i nikt nie może nam powiedzieć, jak wykonać taką misję, chyba że sam jest Synem Obdarzającym. Zadowoliliśmy się więc przekazywaniem nowości od Synów Magisterskich i osób z ich otoczenia, które miały cokolwiek wspólnego z tym, co chcieli robić.

Jednak w 2019 roku nastąpiło kosmiczna zmiana, tak wielka, że większość z was nadal nie rozumie różnicy. Nie zamierzam się w to zagłębiać, ale jestem też dosyć pewien, że grunt przesunął się tak daleko od naszego pierwotnego pomysłu, że zamierzam przedstawić kilka uwag z mojej własnej koncepcji waszej sytuacji teraz i sytuacji wszechświata, gdy zbliżamy się do końca maja 2022 roku.

Po pierwsze : Cała sprawa badania i dbania o przeszłą historię, aby odkryć precedensy tego, jak Duch postępował w poprzednich Misjach na Urantii, już nie działa. Dlaczego ?

Z dwóch powodów :
Nie ma już nadduszy czasu stworzonego.
Nie ma dobrych powodów, aby ufać resztkom personelu, które przepadły, gdy zniknęła naddusza czasu.

Z tego powodu nie możemy zrozumieć zmian w działaniach duchów, które niemal wojują z wielką dziurą w swoim planie dotyczącym tego, jak Wszechświat Nadrzędny ma zakończyć swój rozwój. Wątpię, by Kontroler Wszechświata Nadrzędnego w ogóle podniósł ręce do góry z tego powodu (W końcu Nieskończoność ma odpowiedzi na inne odpowiedzi, o które nie wiemy, o co pytać.), ale On widzi coś, czego my nie widzimy i prawdopodobnie nigdy byśmy nie zobaczyli, gdyby nie utrata nadduszy.

Myślę, że Kontroler widzi, że w kwestii czasu można obedrzeć kota ze skóry na dwa sposoby.
Wyjąć kota i wyrzucić jego skórę. (Zabrać nadduszę czasu i pozwolić jej odejść.)
Zjeść kota bez futra i uznać, że sprawa jest kotu nieznana. (Naddusza nigdy nie zostanie naprawiona, ale hałasuje w grobie.).

Jakkolwiek moje przykłady są nieudane, stara dusza NADAL drapie w grobie, który sama sobie wybrała. Przykładem tego hałasu z grobu jest obłąkana Matka-Duch; innym jest powstanie serafinów tak wielkie, że wezwano policję z Uversy i tak dalej.

Ta strasząca naddusza sprawiła, że teraz jesteśmy chorzy na Urantii. Tym z was, którzy korzystają z Lightline, zanika połączenie strumieniowe, niektórym z was kradną pliki z komputera, niektórzy, jak ja, są atakowani fizycznie i krzywdzeni. Mimo to naddusza nigdy nic nie mówi, ponieważ myślimy, że jest jak kot w skórze, martwa i pogrzebana w naszym powyższym przykładzie. Mniej więcej stwierdziłem, że nawiedzenia są błędnym określeniem, żeby w ogóle nazywać to nawiedzeniami przez nadduszę. Szczerze mówiąc, naddusza czasu po prostu ukryła się poza czasem, gdzie nikt nie zagląda i nie można jej znaleźć i przywołać do porządku z jej złośliwości.

Na zakończenie chciałbym zwrócić waszą uwagę na to, co następuje dzisiaj : Nie bójcie się już ducha Marleya. Powód : Posłuchajcie MICHAŁA NEBADOŃSKIEGO.

MICHAŁ NEBADOŃSKI : "Ron, jak zwykle masz rację. Cała sprawa najwyższego, który jest lub był duszą czasu, zdołała się wymknąć w przestrzeń zewnętrzną pod pozorem eksplozji plazmy w Havonie. Wszyscy wiecie, że jak już kilkakrotnie donoszono, 26 września 2019 r. doszło do eksplozji większej niż największa eksplozja jądrowa, jaka kiedykolwiek miała miejsce na Urantii (Rosja, Car Bomba, 30 października 1962 r. - 3800 razy większa niż eksplozja atomowa nad Nagasaki.), a jednak planeta, na której żył Najwyższy, nigdy w pełni nie umarła i dziś jest przywracana do podstawowych wzorców życia w Hawonie. Dzięki wnikliwej obserwacji odkryliśmy, że istota najwyższego ukryła się na drugim poziomie przestrzeni zewnętrznej (PPZ2). W tym momencie usunęliśmy tę pozycję, aby nie stała się problemu dla przestrzeni, żeby zapobiec dalszym zakłóceniom czasu.

"Bóg Ostateczny nie był w zmowie, żeby to robić. Bóg Ostateczny wiedział o tym, ale nie ujawnił tego. Z tego powodu Bóg Ostateczny szuka teraz nowej pracy, a my jesteśmy na tyle głupi, że śmiejemy się razm z tobą, Ron. Zapewniamy, że nikt z was nie może nic zrobić, a my jesteśmy pewni, że ta istota tam utknęła, dopóki sami jej nie usuniemy za pomocą jakiegoś boskiego urządzenia. K"

Ron : Z całym szacunkiem dla Ciebie, Michale i Twojego zadowolenia z pozostawienia najwyższego w PPZ2, uderza mnie to ogromnym niebezpieczeństwem, ponieważ nie podałeś, czy istota najwyższego została całkowicie ograniczona w jego mocy administracyjnej czy stwórczej, a założę się o co tylko chcesz, że jeśli ktoś nie zamknie tego oszusta, to PPZ2 będzie pełne spraw z najwyższym. Ron

MICHAŁ NEBADOŃSKI : "Dobra, bestyjko, tak, w pełni się z tobą zgadzam, ale to wszystko, co wiem !

OJCIEC : "Ron PPZ2 nie ma jeszcze realnego miejsca w stworzeniu i jest "MARTWE" dla jakiejkolwiek manipulacji narzędziami władzy czy twórczymi nakazami, a ty mówisz: Ale on może je nosić w sobie !!! I to też już nie jest prawdą, bestyjko ! K

Jeszcze raz KONIEC
What Is Happening Today? / Re: May 21st Issues Recommended to Study
« Last post by SongatSunrise on May 21, 2022, 06:35:57 pm »
Ron mentioned that "we have tethered ourselves to the wrong idea. Our original idea was to talk about how a group o f humans could benefit by aligning ourselves to a divine mission (in this case a Magisterial Mission) which would also teach us the procedures the divine uses to do one of these missions. "

But now, "the entire matter of research and care of past history to discover the precedence of how spirit did things in past Missions to Urantia does not work any more".

Ron said that the Controller of the Master Universe "does see something we do not and probably never would have seen without the loss of the oversoul."

The establishment of a New Universe Age is so huge, that it may have totally affected the destiny of this planet.
We are in the middle of the action. We may have a first hand view of how the universe evolves -- with speeded up time frames no less!
The missions here, important as they are to us, may be preview throughout the universe of what other planets may have to experience. New species, such as homo spiritus, may arise far faster than the human species extant throughout the present universe. The purpose of the "works of God" is to bring glory to the Father. What we don't understand is the springboard for our faith. The perfecting of our faith starts right now.
We choose what we have faith in.
What Is Happening Today? / Re: May 21st Issues Recommended to Study
« Last post by SongatSunrise on May 21, 2022, 06:07:52 pm »
Ron, here is something to consider. Lucifer designated minions to hide until the right time and as in these past days, to interfere with universe plans. If Lucifer did that why would not supreme do the same? Supreme has many followers, and could well manage a whole operation from OSL2 with those that stay in contact with him. I think supreme needs to be watched closely, no matter how far away he is.
What Is Happening Today? / May 21st Issues Recommended to Study
« Last post by Ron Besser on May 21, 2022, 01:05:05 pm »
I  am Ron Besser, and nearly all recognize the name which attends to this web site and our discussion forum here.  I am always perusing (i.e.  - looking over and out to find issues), and there is a persistent one I would like you to examine too.  

As you know most of our work here gets smashed over broken schedules in spite of assurances that THIS TIME it really happens.  Yeah.  Me too.  I have looked back over the decade we have been operating here and assign myself as a NEWBIE, and I look at the track record and have decided it is not so much we have tethered ourselves to the wrong plow, but to the wrong idea.

Our original idea was t o talk about how a group of humans could benefit by aligning ourselves to a divine mission (in this case a Magisterial Mission) which would also teach us the procedures the divine uses to do one of these Missions.  We also accepted that a Jesus Mission is above our pay grade and no one can tell procedures on how to do one of those unless you yourself were the Bestowal Son.  So we contented our selves with transmitting the updates from the Magisterial Sons and those around them that have anything to do with what they wanted to do.

However in 2019, there was a cosmic shift so large most of you still do not comprehend the difference.  I am not going to go into any of that; however, I am also quite sure the ground has shifted so far away from our original idea I am going to make some remarks from my own conception of your situation now and what the universe situation is as we approach the end of May of 2022.

First:  The entire matter of research and care of past history to discover the precedence of how spirit did things in past Missions to Urantia does not work any more.  Why?

Two reasons:
    There is no longer an oversoul of created time;
    There are no good reasons to trust the personnel dregs shook lose when the oversoul of time disappeared.

For that reason we cannot fathom the changes in spirit actions which almost contend with a great big hole in their outline about how the Master Universe is to finish growing.  I doubt the Controller of the Master Universe has thrown its hands up in the air over it at all (after all Infinity has answers for other answers we do not know the questions about), but He does see something we do not and probably never would have seen without the loss of the oversoul.

What the Controller sees, I think, is there are two ways to skin a cat concerning time.
    Take the cat out and remove its skin (take the oversoul of time out and let it go)
    Eat the cat without the fur and consider the matter unknown to the cat (the oversoul is never repaired but is making noises in the grave0

As unflattering as my examples are, the old oversoul REMAINS scratching in the grave it chose itself.  An example of this noise from the grave is a deranged Mother Spirit; another is seraphic insurrection so large the police from Uversa have been called out, and so on.

That haunting oversoul has now made us ill on Urantia.  Those of you do Lightline have your Streaming communications go down, some of you have files stolen off your computer, some like me get physically attacked and harmed.  Nonetheless the oversoul never says nothing because we think it is, like the skinned cat, dead and buried in our example above.  I have more or less determined that the hauntings are a misnomer to call the oversoul haunting at all.  Frankly, the oversoul of time just hid itself outside of time where no one looks, and fails to be found and called out for its mischief.

I conclude the following for your attention today:  Beware the ghost of Marley no more.  Reason:  listen to MICHAEL OF NEBADON.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON _ "Ron, as usual you are right on.  The entire matter of the supreme which is the oversoul of time, or was, has managed to slip away into the outer space regions under the guise of a plasmic explosions in Havona.  You all know that  as it has been reported several times that on September 26, 2019  what was bigger than the biggest nuclear explosion ever put off on Urantia (Russia, Tsar Bomba, Oct 30. 1962 it was 3,800 x the size of the bomb over Nagasaki), and yet the planet the supreme lived on never fully died and today it is being rehabilitated for basic Havona life patterns.  What we discovered by acute observation was that the entity of the supreme hid in the second outer space level (OSL2).  We have extricated that position from becoming a problem to space at this point to prevent further disruptions to time.  

"God the Ultimate did not collude to do this.  God the Ultimate knew of it but did not disclose it.  For that reason God the Ultimate is now looking for a new job and we are silly enough to laugh with you Ron.  Be assured there is nothing any of you can do, and we are assured the entity is stuck out there until we remove it ourselves through some sort of divine device.  K"
Ron - With due respect to you Michael and your contentment to leave the supreme wafting in OSL2, strikes me as mighty dangerous, as you did not report whether the entity of the supreme was wholly reduced in administrative powers or creative powers, and I bet you, dollars to donuts, that mischief will have OSL2 scrambled with supreme interests galore if someone does not tie that crook down and in jail.  Ron

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Okay beasty boy, yeah, I fully agree with you, but that is all I have!

FATHER  - "Ron OSL2 has no real placement in creation yet and is "DEAD," to any manipulation of power tools or creative injunctions.  And you say, but he may carry them inside of him!!  And that is no longer true either, beasty boy!  K


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