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« on: May 10, 2022, 15:17:34 pm »
Hi Everyone,

Our thanks to Michael of Nebadon, Van the Steadfast and Frank who managed to push through the constant interference on this call.

So great to have with us the 6 on streaming 21 on the direct call and internet audio and for showing your tenacity

Here is the link for the audio tape of todays call:

NOTE:   verbatim transcript of this call is not required.  Thank you
Time is a currency we can use to invest in our eternal future. 
The riches of the possible are never fully mined.

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« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2022, 17:27:36 pm »
My 5* wasn't working, so here is my 5$ worth:  
Jose: Is there an update on the date of the Announcement?
Phyllis: We will check with Jesus.

Song At Sunrise's musings:

(Jose, can you see?) {Take -off on a well known song}.
OK never mind.
But at some point in a recent Light Line it was said there was change in the TIME STRUCTURES.
It wasn't elaborated on, but I suspect that is minutes, days, weeks, years, centuries, eons.
We have known that spirit lives outside of time, and our perception of time structures are limited to the rotation of the earth around the sun.
It says in the Bible that a thousand years are as a day, and a day as a thousand years, (in a reference to the Lord). II Peter 3:8.

That could account for "Sooooon" to stretch out as far as the Golden Gate Bridge! It also says that spirit sees the event as in the "now" as well as in the "potential".
Time is like an accordion. It can be squeezed, and stretched. In between the squeezing and the stretching, there is music!
Fun fact: My husband's father brought his accordion to our wedding, and he played Polish polkas for our reception. We danced!

Roger and Charlotte: Why are our prayers "Thy Will be done" be important?
Song at Sunrise's musings on the subject:

TA: We pray "May Thy Will Be done".

We pray that Your Will may become evident to all your creatures. You are not the author of confusion. To know what your will is, is to know with a whole heart that goodness is the final desire of the Father, and that goodness is put into place by the work of his creation who understand what the will of the Father is.
God wants us to ask, Seek. Knock. And Work. All things work together for good for those who love God. How can we know the Will of God, unless we ask to know it, seek to do it, and knock on doors that barriers be removed? It is different for every creature according to their work and faith.

Many angels and seraphim do not know that it is the will of the Father for humans to become like Him -- to be sovereign in their choices, and to pursue goals and paths that lead to good however that may be. How does the Supreme say, hold on, you can't do that?
Charlotte: What is the process of depersonalization?
Phyllis: I wouldn't know that at all.
Anyone like to address that question? A personality is the gift of the Father. To be depersonalized means you have no personality any more.
Lemuel's TA: Spirit beings are personalized too. Their position, their job, and identity is part of their personality.
Spirit beings are created instantaneously. So their job defines them.

Phyllis: Spirit authority is very reluctant to invoke depersonalization. The purpose of time and space is to progress and support the goals of the universe, the super universe and master universes.

The opportunity for the capacity for correction is removed in the depersonalization process. Rehabilitation and restoration is the hope to restore before depersonalization is considered.

The balance of energies is vital to the universes. If energies are out of balance, depersonalization can restore it.
Song At Sunrise's musings: Removal of that dissonance is the choice of the Father and the Ancients of Days.

Our personalities can be considered a special "energy" gift that corresponds to our genetics accordingly.
Animals have a certain "personality" according to their pedigree, or their specie.
But the personality gifts for humans is much more complex according to our talents, abilities, calling if, as such, gender, and many other considerations. Sometimes personalities run in families. Sometimes they come right out of the blue. Personality can be nurtured, squelched, encouraged, or ignored. Our environmental status has much to do with its development. Our choices and our acquaintances have much to do with its growth.
A human that is depersonalized becomes a nobody. No one would know who you are. You become faceless. The things you do have no impact.

Some people who by accident or intent become depersonalized, can carefully and slowly reclaim some of it. But the current situation of he existence of "sub humans" is a result of the abuse of our minds, bad diet, the misuse of drugs or substances, the wrong choice of life style, medical accidents, physical accidents and many other things can result in a genetic disturbance that could result in a DNA mutation causing sub human capabilities. Such sub humans are below the possibilities intended by the creator, and subvert his will, and create chaos and continuing degeneration of the civilization rather than progressive evolution. Depersonalization is "hell", sometimes referred to as "the pit" or the "void". If the person is still alive, there is no good attending it, extermination is the final outcome.



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« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2022, 20:04:06 pm »
Dear Phyllis, your comment of "verbatim transcript of this call is not required" is a bit confusing to me after we have agreed among transcribers that each of us take one Lightline upon ourselves to transcribe weekly. Tuesday Lightline would be my responsibility (even though I had to get help last week for reason of computer troubles) and now finding your comment for the second time. An hour recording can take a whole day to transcribe, so, I am hesitant to spend the time if not 'required' or there is no interest, but shouldn't we record every Lightline for the sake of our Celestial family and non-English-speaking people who might be interested in reading their words? I would appreciate sharing your views in this matter. 

Song at sunrise's quotation of the scripture that 1,000 years is a day reminds me of the fact written in the Urantia book that a day in Paradise is nearly 1,000 years of Urantia time. Apostle Peter therefore received a revelation from above when wrote that scripture.  

Paper 14 - The Central and Divine Universe
14:1:12 (153.3) You have unwittingly read the truth when your eyes rested on the statement “A day is as a thousand years with God, as but a watch in the night.” One Paradise-Havona day is just seven minutes, three and one-eighth seconds less than one thousand years of the present Urantia leap-year calendar.

I also wonder if this would still be true, after finding our Gregorian calendar in error.  

"See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called the sons of God!" 
"For in him we live, and move, and have our being;"

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« Reply #3 on: May 10, 2022, 23:52:05 pm »
Hi SonsofGod,

My apologies I probably should have said the "verification" step of any transcription of this call is not required.  

I was referring to the note that transcribers post when they have posted their transcription of the Sunday Lightlines which spirit had asked to be reviewed and verified as verbatim.  I have been doing this by reviewing and making needed corrections to each Sunday tape transcription word for word while listening to the entire tape and then posting notification for "translators" that the text of the transcript has been reviewed and approved for translation.

Spirit had not requested this extra step be taken for Tuesday Lightlines when someone is kind enough to provide a transcription.
Time is a currency we can use to invest in our eternal future. 
The riches of the possible are never fully mined.

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« Reply #4 on: May 11, 2022, 12:47:36 pm »
Thank you very much, now I understand. Blessings and love, 
"See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called the sons of God!" 
"For in him we live, and move, and have our being;"

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« Reply #5 on: May 12, 2022, 08:15:29 am »
Dear Ron, could you tell us about Asmodeus, if he really existed. This is one of the main close to Lucifer. Its main mission on Earth is to spread lust among both ordinary people and divine beings. The name of this demon appears in many Old Testament traditions, apocrypha, medieval treatises and Jewish legends. According to ancient beliefs, Asmodeus occupies the very top of the infernal hierarchy and has tremendous power that can influence the natural course of events and human destinies.
Didn't he, along with Lucifer, interfere with human DNA?
Уважаемый Рон, не могли бы вы рассказать об Асмодее, если он действительно существовал. Это один из главных приближенных к Люциферу. Главной его миссией на Земле является распространение похоти как среди обычных людей, так и божественных существ. Имя этого демона фигурирует во многих ветхозаветных преданиях, апокрифах, средневековых трактатах и иудейских легендах. Согласно древним поверьям, Асмодей занимает самую вершину адской иерархии и обладает огромной силой, способной влиять на естественный ход событий и человеческие судьбы.
Не он ли вместе с Люцифером вмешался в человеческую ДНК?

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« Reply #6 on: May 12, 2022, 09:26:01 am »
Hello Prozonov.  You asked whether a character named Asmodeus exists or ever existed. 

From Wikipedia:
Asmodeus or Ashmedai, is a prince of demons, or in Judeo-Islamic lore one king of the earthly spirits called the Ars Goetia, mostly known from the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit, in which he is the primary antagonist. In Peter Binsfeld's classification of demons, Asmodeus represents lust. Wikipedia.


Two things Prozonov, the evil that Asmodeus represents is a name derived from a prehistory pantheon of evil spirits long before the devil was known to exist by the early Sumatrans, who also believed that evil spirits existed as a creation, not by God, but by evil creations like Asmodeus.  This character was known by other names before the name Asmodeus has found a more universally known spirit the misdirects sexual desire into evil excess. 

Your question is I think really asking, did the Asmodeus character become part of the Lucifer rebellion, and has the first adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion by the Uversa Ancients of Days finish him off if he existed at all in that rebellion.

Well, yes in some ways he was part of the Lucifer rebellion, but was never acknowledged by Lucifer as an important influence to Lucifer himself.  The pagan gods of the Egyptians also has Thoth doing what Asmodeus trialed us all with too, and therefore the entire idea of Asmodeus also gets mixed up with ancient lore about evil doing among pagans long before the Jewish monotheism started to take root, and is today, frankly a fetish god more than anything real today.

I am not really familiar with this lore itself, but I am familiar with man dramatizing his sexual and greed for gold as a pagan god that some folklore here in the States arises when someone says for their poor performance, "the devil made me do it."  That statement is what people of old would say when they were not proud of the their behavior, more than Asmodeus being a real personality to contend with.  In summation I would say this Prozonov:

Asmodeus exists in all civilizations as the idea of being too lax in morality to agree one behaved properly, and as such is present a lot in our current societies.  An actual Asmodeus did exist in the Lucifer rebellion briefly, and I think such a person there was just a coincidence and the real Asmodeus was executed by the Ancients of Days as they announced on March 16th, 1986 when the entire list of executions was made available to our Creator Son.  That list is not available for human view, but Asmodeus was cited for behavior unbecoming a spatial son of God and was depersonalized.

I hope this helps you Prozonov and I thank you for your question.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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« Reply #7 on: May 12, 2022, 11:40:53 am »
Thanks a lot!

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« Reply #8 on: May 13, 2022, 09:58:01 am »
05102022 Lightline USA, Tuesday, Host: Phyllis Simpson
Subject: busy preparation in the spirit realm; loss of personnel; human dedication; human’s perception of life in the spirit; praying for the Father’s will; understanding of depersonalization.  
Transcriber: sonsofGod
Audio Link:


Phyllis: Greetings everyone, this is Lightline USA on May 10th, 2022, and no, that’s not a wood-packer in the background, that’s a … probably the staff of my apartment building doing some work on an apartment above me that just started as Lightline was about to start. Welcome Weydevu and Carole, and all the five that we currently have on the streaming service, as well as the eleven on the direct call in. I apologize for the hammerings, I am sorry, there is nothing I can do. I can't close the door or anything, because it is above me, so, it wouldn’t make any difference I am afraid. Anyways, I welcome our Celestial family, and ask if anyone is our MC today, or whoever would like to kick off this Lightline. Please, go ahead!

Michael of Nebadon: Yes, Phyllis, this is Michael of Nebadon, and I wouldn’t really say that I am your MC for today, but I am coming to everyone right now and I just want to say that you have been given a lot of information. And from that information from me two Lightlines we needed to hold on Sunday. Until now you have been apprised of the fact that there is still a war going on and a lot of issues to be dealt with, and we are certainly addressing them as best we can. But as you can tell we definitely have an issue with the very persistent beings who have their own agenda, and because they were part of what should have been the workforce and the support system for the missions and the helpers for the missions to Urantia to get things going. You can well imagine how it's not only cause chaos and interrupting because of the fact that their continued efforts to stymie any progress at every turn has not only caused a great amount of work for everyone involved in bringing these missions forward, but it is left us sort of short staffed to deal with all of these extras that it's definitely challenging. And something that we want to see completely and fully dealt with, and as you know that is being worked on on our behalf. Yet the decisions are in some ways out of our hands, out of my hands as the local Creator Son, because these rebellion and insurrectionist issues are gone way behind my local universe, etc. What we continue on, as you continue on, and I applaud you all for being available. Dear Heavenly Father in me bringing forth of his will and his ways, even if it's one step at a time, and one inch at the time, we will continue to move forward.

Phyllis: Thank you, Father Michael. I think he's been called away for a moment. I'm not sure if I lost my connection, its seems like everything is gone quiet. Lemuel, may I come to you for a moment? I'm going to unmute you, Lemuel. I am more like you, I am getting interference here, and I'm wondering if you have clear channel at the moment.

Lemuel: Yes, I believe I do, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Please go ahead, when you are ready.

Lemuel: Thank you. Ah ... Yes. What I'm receiving now, I don't know where this is coming from, but it is … it is to say that for us, those of us here on the forum, the streaming and all the others, we are asked to be as patient as we possibly can. The problem is and always has been in situations where there is no information, it is soon, soon appears frustration and doubt, and mistrust etcetera, etcetera. And it is why we, that is to say the Celestials, I repeat, I don't know where this is coming from, it may be my own Thought Adjuster, I do not know. But this is why it is so important that there is communication to inform us of the situation. So that we understand the terrible situation that we are in. By we, I mean, not just us humans, but also the Celestials, upstairs as I like to refer to, upstairs and downstairs. And so, well as Lemuel has said many times, what happens upstairs is reflecting downstairs. Well the problem is and the solution is always communication. Even if it is a continuous stream bad news. Let us know. We try to let you know. And this is why we applaud you so much because you have been patient. You have been tolerant and you are forbearing. And just we ask you to continue, because of the situation. And the fact that you are still here is, is really wonderful. So many of you could have thrown in the towel a long time ago, but you are still here. You are steadfast and it's wonderful. And this is what I'm receiving now, at the moment, Phyllis. And so, just a moment, just give me a moment, please. Well, I think I'm picking up Michael of Nebadon, so whether he is just come back or whether he is just coming up I'm not sure,

Phyllis: Go ahead, Lemuel.

Michael of Nebadon: But, but just to follow up on what I was talking about earlier, the fact of the matter is as you can well understand and imagine, we are indeed so short staffed, there is so much to do and so little of the Celestials to do it! But as. … as was mentioned earlier, we are continuing even if it is inch by inch or yard by yard. and as the saying goes, yard by hard, yard by yard is very hard, but inch by inch is a cinch. And this is what we are doing and this is what we want you to understand. And so I must go again and I will leave it with these three words and perhaps I will be able to come back a little later.So I say bye-bye for now.

Lemuel: All right, thank you, Michael, thank you. In fact your voice, I am not sure, actually. This is Lemuel now, again. Just a moment, please. Yes. I think I have Van the Steadfast here now.

Van, the Steadfast: Yes. Thank you Lemuel, this is Van, the Steadfast. And I've been listening to what is going on now, at the beginning of this Lightline, and not just for this Lightline, but the Lightline on Sunday. And you were all given the information about the Inspector, the Supreme Inspector, and how it is that such a high being has come to this planet. And it is because of course of the situation here. Well, that being the case, it is a dire situation as you all fully aware And the missions in fact has started as you all know, but it is going to be so slow, because of the situation. I, Van the Steadfast and my dear friend, Amadon, who is always with me, in fact he is not with me at the moment, but I want to say, we are always together. We know the situation better than you do, really, but in fact the circumstances that you are facing at the moment aren’t different from the one that we were facing. And so, we understand your frustration. And we understand that it is so difficult sometimes to remain trustful, and patient, and all these things. But never the less, you are still here! Another Lightline and you are still here. We applaud you for that. And we hope that you would continue attending the Lightlines, because your assistance is so needed and its so appreciated. The fact that you do understand, it's a great benefit for all of us here, for Celestials. So, thank you for that. This is all I have to say, really, and this is Van the Steadfast, I step back now. Thank you.

Lemuel: Thank you, Van. Thank you. I sense no one else here now, at the moment, Phyllis. So, if you are available I like to send it back to you now, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Thank you so much, and thank you Van, and Michael of Nebadon coming to us through Lemuel, I appreciate that Lemuel. I am going to mute you now, dear, OK?

Lemuel: Yes, OK. Thank you.

Phyllis: Yes, I am just asking if there is any one specific ... It seems to me like Tarkas is trying to come through but it's as if it starts to come through and then it pushed back. Okay. I don't know if it was my Adjuster or not, but we were encouraged on Sunday to asked questions. And perhaps right now if their is such, it seems to be such a large difficulty with spirit trying to just get through to us on anything in particular and my perception when I'm trying to connect to spirit right now is that it's like looking through or looking into a room that is just absolutely full of people or beings so busy, with so many demands on them coming from every direction. I would like to encourage anyone, if you have a question, please go ahead and raise your hand. OK, I see your hand Dominick and anyone else of course. And one of the reasons I say this is because perhaps there are some Spirit beings who would be available to answer some questions for us, and you know, others are just too busy right now or there's too much interference. So, I'm coming to you, Dominick and I then I see your hand, Jose. Go ahead, Dominick.

Dominick:. Thanks. I think one there interjects the position, its even though things are really slow, they're really fanatic, right? Frail, right? Like the picture you just painted.

Phyllis: Yeah, it's as if there's, there's so much activity. Everybody's just trying to get to what they need to do and then went trying to do that something else is being interjected and interrupted and … yah,

Dominick: Yes. Anyway, I was listening and I asked a question about, typically after the fifth epochal revelation it was understood that the pace is somewhat slow as far as what a … how that might land, so to speak, and then the answer I got in my head with that it's not basically we have a - when I finished the premise - we have a problem with things going too fast because we assume that evolution is really slow. And anyway, the answer I got was that we as a planet are assimilating with the space of the universe. And that we shouldn't have a problem. I'm adding words there, but basically we are, we are ... this is this is the standard pace so to speak of the universe broadcast. Anyway, that's my, that's my question. I suppose.

Phyllis: Feel free to clarify that, Dominick. Are you asking if, if what we experiencing right now, specifically on this Lightline is commonplace with the pace of the universe?

Dominick: Yah, basically, are the missions are planetary status? You know. Maybe someone can speak to that, you know, it seems like as a civilization, our planetary status that may be someone can speak to that whereas like the pace. It seems like as a civilization an technology, it's really sped up. and things are so our … the normal, is this the norm that things are frenetic like this?

Phyllis: on our end or on spirit’s end?

Dominick: Yah, all the above.

Phyllis: Okay. Well, I'm going to ask anyone who would like to make a comment on that. Thank you Dominick. And may I ask who would like to address that for us in the spirit? One sec, somebody is trying to come through. And I ma asking my Thought Adjuster for clear channel, of course. Kind of seems like there's a taffle for the microphone type of a situation between the cabal and those who want to address us in spirit. I will wait this out, but I will not receive from interference. I ask Machiventa if you were there or RA, if you could resolve this situation, please. Someone is trying to come through, pertaining to address the comment and the questions from Dominic. And it's also being interfered with. Thank you RA, thank you, Machiventa.

Machiventa Melchizedek: This is Machiventa. Phyllis, go ahead. I'm holding them back. This is someone new to you, Phyllis. You are hustling with the name Frank, as it doesn't mean anything to you, but just go with it. It's not, it's not cabal. It's just one of us who wants to address themselves.

Phyllis: Thank you, Machiventa. Yes, the entity known as Frank, go ahead.

Frank: Thank you Phyllis for taking my message. I do address you and others Dominick. I am of a high order, but that is not important as to what my order is at this point. What is here tussling with Dominick is as mortals, you really don't know how to correctly perceive what is the norm in the spirit, and what is, what should be, and what is the norm with yourselves on Urantia as far as evolutionary and spiritual progress. And I tell you, for the most part that would actually be a fairly standard response that we could give you, but in the case of Urantia and with the overlying influence of the loss of the supreme on top of your luciferian rebellion, and on top of the fact that order after order of those who were aligned with the Supreme end of the Supreme, constantly upset the apple cart. And so much that was done has been undone. And before things can be properly resolved there is more interference and continuous interference. And that is happening in the spiritual realm and happening in the material realm, especially on your planet Urantia with all of the influence that has on the mortal mind, the mortal status and the mortal perception of things. And your current issue with an ongoing morphing pandemic and it's constant status of flux, is also having a great bearing on everything that we normally would be able to elude to clarify for you to some extent. We understand this makes it extremely difficult for you to know, I don't even know where you stand, where you should be and where you should be going. It is completely disrupting everything that you have had a normally would to get your bearings and to keep yourself grounded. And I would say to you all that you are doing a remarkable job by reaching out to this opportunity that you have for us to communicate with you. We understand that the information that we gave you many times seams not helpful for the moment, and a little bit disconcerting for the future. But you are learning to stand and you are learning to, for lack of a better way, to reveal it to you right now. You are, you are learning to be patient and await. I would use the word instruction rather than orders because we do not order you around your freewheel beings, but for sure, you're desirous of instructions, and ways and means to assure yourself that where you currently are and where you want to go are correct and possible for you all. Have I been able to untangle it a bit for you, Dominick? I request your impression.

Dominick: Yes, thank you. That was a good way of forming, addressing the question I had. I didn't even … it formulated the question better than I presented it. So appreciate that. It does have the effect of short-circuiting my direction.

Phyllis: Absolutely.

Dominick: (can’t understand his words)

Phyllis: I am sorry, that was my fault. Could you repeat that?

Dominick: Oh, so it's a little bit reassuring to sit back and wait for, patiently. Is there anything we can do while we're doing that, I suppose, that’s most productive, rather than I get back into old habits, I suppose. As a younger person I'm not to, I'm prone to just fall back to younger habits, procrastination. Stuff like that.

Frank: Understandable, and we recognize that end, and we, we are aware of the struggles that you face. It is of course different for each of you, but at the same time, it is a universal struggle that you face. You desire progress, but in your in all of your perceptions you request instruction on how to progress, you request and require confirmation that you are making progress. You desire clarification as to what changes you could make individually to perfect that progress and stay on target, and keep on target. The biggest assurance and reassurance I can give you right now Dominick is to continue your self-awareness. You just mentioned that, you were just mention old habits and when there's a lack of a feeling of progress or directions, there you're aware that there's that strong possibility of going back to the familiar. And you know, you don't want to go back to that place where you would impede your progress. And that is why we come to you and then we encourage you to be, not complacent, but to be self assured that you are standing. You are still reaching out to the help that is available to you. And even though it is not always available at the moment, you believe you need it or want it. The fact that you're still reaching out is confirming your desire within yourself and your awareness that progress is what you want, it's what you desire, and it is your focus. And just keep building your personal foundation with those things that give you a strong foundation. And that is your personal awareness of yourself, personal awareness of your past, personal awareness of those things that you, you have decided you are to leave in your past, and the continued focus on where you want to be, because where your focus is is where you will end up. Is that helpful for you Dominick?

Dominick: Yeah, always, thanks. You can go to someone else. I appreciate it.

Phyllis: Thank you so much for your question and for sharing it with everyone. Thank you, Frank, and I will remute Dominick, and there is couple of other hands here that I see with questions. The next one was Jose, and I also see Roger and Charlotte from Alabama. I'm coming to you now, Jose as you were the next hand raised.

Jose: Thank you, Phyllis. I have a question regarding Jesus’ announcement. It was supposed to be last week. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. Is there any update on possible new date for his announcement?

Phyllis: I've heard nothing. My understanding and everything we've been told is to not get hung up on dates Jose. So I'll leave it at that. If Jesus has something to say, I'm sure he would come and let us know if he wants to address that. And Lemuel is absolutely willing to unmute himself to address that at any point of this call if Jesus would chose to do so.

Jose: Okay,

Phyllis: OK?

Jose: All right, thank you very much.

Phyllis: I am just letting it aside to go over to what Jesus wants to do, knowing that he asked over and over again not to hung up on dates.

Jose: Yeah, I know. I just asked, because we were told to mark our calendars and its just a verification. That’s fine.  

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah. Well, I think maybe we should use a pencil, so we can erase. Ha-ha-ha.

Jose: Ha-ha. All right, OK.

Phyllis: I know Jesus is doing his best. It there anything else, Jose?

Jose: No, that's all . Thank you very much.

Phyllis: OK. So, I am now coming to I believe it was Roger and then Charlotte. Roger, I'm unmuting you now, go ahead.

Roger: Thank you, Phyllis. The person who is, or the Celestial who is talking good and didn’t identify themselves, I am wondering if, this is a follow up question to them. We've been asked many times in the past to pray for the Celestial organization, for our conditions and their conditions. My question is, would it be helpful for us to ask others who aren't involved in our Lightlines to pray for Father's will to be done? I've never quite been able to wrap my mind around why our prayers are important, but I gathered that they are somehow and I'm going to pose the specific question is: Would it be helpful for us to ask others to pray for Father’s will to be done?

Phyllis: Well, just for myself before I go, while I'm waiting for someone to come in from our Celestial family to answer that. We have our example, Roger, for sure from Jesus himself, when he was here. When Michael of Nebadon in his bestowal mission, when I believe the disciples did ask that same question, how … teach us to pray, teach us to pray. And I believe you touched on, on the crux of the matter when you said, you know, to pray for the Father’s will to be done, and his kingdom to come on Earth, on this planet, as it is in heaven. If Michael of Nebadon in his bestowal and at that time Jesus is in his awareness of who he was and who his Father was chose to make that prayer aware to his disciples and his apostles, how, how very … I believe he would not have said that if it would not be vitally important, and lucky. I cannot believe he would not have said that to them if it hadn't been vitally important, and I, I cannot believe that he would have encouraged them to do that, if it wouldn't make a difference. How do you feel about that Roger? I believe you hit the nail on the head.

Roger: Well, I agree with you, but I guess my specific question is people who have no idea what's transpiring,

Phyllis: Right. Exactly.

Roger: How do we ask them to pray. I mean they will ask for the Father’s will, I am sure …

Phyllis: Just encourage them that there's no, there's no better prayer because without information, obviously we still have influence.

Roger: Hmm

Phyllis: Would you agree with that?

Roger: Yes.

Phyllis: I don't know the full will of the Father, and I don’t fully know his kingdom. So, you know, if we're giving something specific to pray for, I'm sure you know when God has put something on your heart to pray for. And I'm sure you do that. And I am sure we have all, at some point, and at different times in our life been given a specific prayer focus. But especially as you, as you are bringing to pass and I was thinking of it myself at the beginning of this Lightline, well, if nothing else. It's nothing comes through from Spirit. We still know and we still have the influence of praying for the Father's will to be done and his kingdom to come. And that has to be relevant, and it has to hold influence because Jesus said so, and Father still has continued to promote that specific prayer. So, whether people are aware, whether it's us who have some information that prayed or people who have no clue, as to for example, what we know what's been revealed to us through the Urantia book, whether it's us or them makes no difference. We are still, I believe, in Father's will when we pray for our Father, Who Art in Heaven, Will to be done and for his kingdom to come, and I believe that hold just as much power and authority. Because it was Jesus, in effect God himself recommending and promoting that prayer. But I am still going to go to whoever is available to answer that for us.

Phyllis: Hmm, somebody is coming through just … The only one I am getting is Frank who has not otherwise identify themself, please go ahead.

Frank: Thank you Phyllis for trusting me with this. As a high order of being with some Authority that you wouldn't really be graphically able to comprehend, should I even explain it to you, let me assure you -

Phyllis: Oh, I am really getting a witness to this rise, truly, you really have hit on something that is very important today. That was Phyllis, go ahead, Frank.

Frank: I use a name that is very benign to any of you and not relevant to you of any of the other beings, and orders of beings that have come to you through this Lightline. I do that specifically because It's my desire to invoke your trust and to come to you in a way that is palatable and easy. And my assurance to you is that when Father speaks anything to you directly to carry out, as he has through Jesus on his time in the flesh where he directed his apostles after their request for guidance in prayer. It was no accident that he instructed them those two specific directions: to pray for the Father's will to be done, and to pray for his kingdom to come. Because how that transpires? All of the detail between your request and Its manifestation in your life and its manifestation on your planet Urantia is up to the will of the Father, how it is to transpire, and how it is to come to pass. And he is also saying that whatever is his will, will not be counteracted counter-mended or stymied or kept from coming to pass. But his will will come to pass, and his kingdom will come one way or another, it will happen. And in all of those details, and in that whole time period while you're waiting for its manifestation, know that it is never an actual problem for Father to bring it to pass. And also know that his very being, the very essence of who he is and how he chooses to work in the worlds of time and space, and how he chooses to mete out Mercy and extend Grace is his and his alone. He is the final Authority. He is the base ingredient in all of it. So, you never ever, whether you can, whether you run into a situation where you, any of you personally cannot physically manifest anything in your life other than thought, you still have great, the power behind that prayer of requesting the Father's will to be done and his kingdom to come. Have I addressed your concern Roger?

Roger: Yes, thank you. That was helpful.

Frank: Thank you for your faithfulness to the Father's will and the coming up his kingdom, and for your faith in allowing him to bring it to pass as he see it fit. And I leave you with that.

Roger: Thank you.

Phyllis: Thank you, Roger. I'm going to mute. Was there anything else before I do it?

Roger: No.

Phyllis: OK. Thank you so much. I am coming to you now Charlotte. Go ahead.

Charlotte: Can you hear me weekend?

Phyllis: We can.

Charlotte: OK, great! Wonderful to hear all of you. I enjoyed hearing from all of you every time I get to listen. I appreciate you all, the Celestials, the teachers, the members, the participants. The comments, beside just to make it, you know, we need to be participating or commenting, asking questions. At certain times, you feel like you're so lacking and ignorant, asking stupid ass questions, hah! I can’t say that, quite often that’s my sentiment, however, I know we are all learning at our different places and we're all have different attitude and aptitude. The question I ask, one question that has come to me process of depersonalization when the insurrectionist and so forth and the cabal are working on things. Exactly, or can you give me a clearer idea what the depersonalization process might be?

Phyllis: Thank you for your question. Charlotte. It is a very interesting question and there is no question. I think, that is not worthy of being asked for it shows that your mind is always attempting to process information. And sometimes the answer to our question is, you're not ready for it right now and sometimes, you know, it is the perfect time for us to receive it.

Charlotte: Correct, yes.

Phyllis: And, yeah, so thank you so much for sharing that question. And I want to ask our Celestial family if anyone would like to address that. If Ron was here, I am sure he has some insight into it, but myself I wouldn't want to…, I wouldn’t attempt it with my own understanding at all.

Charlotte: I am just trying make it clear to my mind, but I just can’t wrap my mind around it at all.

Phyllis: Exactly. So, I am asking right now who would like to come and address that for us. … Pretty slow today getting you, getting responses.

Charlotte: Oh, I remember that (…) today, so how I am getting my call answered, I am thankful for that.

Phyllis: Oh! That's wonderful. I'm so glad. OK.

Charlotte: And you now, any of the thoughts and processes that I have in my growth and development, I have ... you know, there's so many things that come up on a daily basis, well, how do we need to handle this? Why is, why are things this way? And you know, when you going into your stillness and prayer, and you notice some things and you need to study more, and at times certain things seem to come too you. And I'm assuming that's that was my Thought Adjuster working with that process. But anything that I try, I try to help my, my family and so close to me at certain times and sometimes it's hard to know when to speak up and when to be silent in regard to what everybody else is dealing with. But I try, one thing that … two things that I do try to tell my family, children, grandchildren in regard to what they’re facing is, well, what would Jesus do? You know. Let it set around in your Consciousness and what you've been taught and what you have been fed, and what we need to keep studying on, and if you still don't know, just study a little bit more, at the life of Jesus, and the teachings that we have been given. And sometimes that will open up answers for us in regard to how we need to behave and deal with certain situations. If you just think, what would Jesus do? How he would handle this thing? That's just one of my thoughts until I am waiting on the personalization answer.
Phyllis: As you say, it's what you just mentioned is for sure, and this is Phyllis speaking. Is for sure, good guidance for what its really saying is, get to know Jesus. And when you know someone, you know, you learn to expect how they're thinking, and how they would act or react in the situation. So the better you know them the more you ask that question, what would Jesus do, etc., it, you know, it implies when you better now him what he is going to so, right? So, its certainly encouraging a personal relationship. And that is the crux of everything. Is it not? A personal relationship with Father, and so, he didn't, Jesus himself said, he didn't come here to start a religion. One of his purpose was to create an awareness of the personal relationship that God wants to have with each of us.

Charlotte: Right. And it's a growth process and its different with everyone and then its the same with everyone, that's kinda, you know, that’s the way it work kind of, I think.

Phyllis: Well, especially if each of us has a unique personality gifting from Father, we can’t expect each other to all ask the same. We all, we all need to learn the same lessons, but, you know, it's like taking a journey, there are many roads to get there and you can chose whatever is the most inviting I guess. Yes, I'm going to ask again. Please, If anyone would like to address the issue of depersonalization.

Charlotte: It is so hard for me to wrap my mind around the insurrectionists and the cabal and so forth as to why those spirits would not have the same philosophy of Father’s …

Lemuel: Phyllis …

Charlotte: I am sorry, go ahead.

Lemuel: Phyllis!

Phyllis: Yes, Lemuel.

Lemuel: My Adjuster is here, would like to address this question, if he may.

Phyllis: Go ahead.

Thought Adjuster of Lemuel: Right. Just imagine how it would be for a human also to be depersonalized. It would mean you are again nothing. Well, spirit beings are not nothing. They are not human. When they are personalized, it is as if they are given their position, their job on the identity. That is to say, for example a seraphim. When they are personalized, they are personalized as seraphim. Remember, Spirit beings that are created instantaneously as spirit, not as human beings. There is no intercourse, there is no male and female, they are created as they are. And at that moment they have the personality of seraphim, or whatever it is they have to do. They are, that personality identifies them. So, for them to be depersonalized, they go back to just being. That is to say, like, without portfolio, they have to be re… not refrained, but they have to be given another personality. And to have another personality means for them, that they will be doing something completely different in the future, are a different order perhaps, or a different rank with them at the same angelic order, for example. I think this … I think you can understand this. I hope you can understand that. The personality that we have as humans, our perception is totally different of course. But Spirit, they are spirit and always will be spirit, and for them to be personalized is simply gives them identity as to what they are and what they do. And that’s it. So, with those few words, I hope I've been able to help to answer the question, and I thank Lemuel for letting me come through with that.

Lemuel: Want to know. Thank you, beloved, thank you. Phyllis, this is Lemuel now. I can't remember the name of the questioner, but thank you.

Phyllis: Charlotte

Lemuel: Oh! Charlotte. OK, forgive me. Thank you. Charlotte, I hope that helped you to understand, hes it?

Charlotte: That that does help, and it increases the level of understanding just a little bit more, and I appreciate the information. Thank you so much.

Lemuel: OK. Thank you Charlotte, thank you.

Charlotte: Thank you all and I appreciate it and I will close out now. Thank you very much.

Lemuel: Well, thank you. I shall remute myself, Phyllis.  

Phyllis: OK, Lemuel. And thank you Lemuel. Charlotte, don’t mute yourself yet. As .. just because as Lemuel was speaking, I was given some information. Okay. What was pointed out to me is a depersonalization is something that Spirit Authority is very reticent to invoke. Some of the reasons for that are the purposes of time and space is to progress and to support the evolutionary goals of the universes, the super universes, and the mater universes. Every possible venue for correction is taken by the authorities that exist to make these decisions, including the Ancients of Days, to bring rehabilitation and restoration to any being before they even will consider depersonalization. I also … (hammering) That's the work going on in my apartment, I apologize. Okay. Regarding depersonalization there was another chip, another piece of information that was given was their reluctance. The reluctance to invoke depersonalization, also because of the effect it has, because of the effect that it has on the balance of energies that are vital throughout the universes. And it does not sound like this pounding is going to stop any time soon. Were you able to hear that Charlotte?

Charlotte: Yes, I heard it all, yeah. I really appreciate the inside and information. It helped my thinking towards that process somewhat. Thank you very much.

Phyllis: I was just concerned that it wasn't coming through. It's their very reticent always to adjudicate a situation to the point where the personalization is necessary. One fact regarding that is because of the purposes for the progress and the support of evolutionary goals within the universes, and also the effect of the depersonalization has in the balance of energies, and what must be done to ameliorate that. Okay. Thank you. Charlotte. Does that give you some satisfaction?

Charlotte: It does, it really does. Thank you very much for all the information.

Phyllis: Thank you. Okay, everybody. It's 3 o’clock here. I'm sorry the, the hammering upstairs that doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. So, I'm going to end this call today. If anyone else has questions that they needed to be addressed right now, go ahead and raise your hand. Thank you to those 6 on the streaming and the 20 callers on the the direct call in. I'm not seeing any hand raised. I don't think you want to listen to the hammering anymore. Thank you all for being here and thank you all for your patience. And thank you all for being my brothers and sisters and let us continue to pray for Father's kingdom to come, and his will be done. We don't need to know the details. We just need to know that he is love, his light, he is life, and however he decides to bring his kingdom to pass and however, whatever decisions he makes in doing some of that are in his will, will be the best for everyone and everything. And we will leave it with him.
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