Author Topic: LIGHTLINE ADVISORY 28 JULY 2022  (Read 7187 times)

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« on: July 28, 2022, 08:08:49 am »
Our spirit leadership has requested a momentary shut down of Lightline for about two weeks.  Part of the problem we are all having is the constant interference of rebels and insurrectionists breaking into the Lightline transmissions.  The speech misinforms the audience and now spirit wants that eliminated entirely and must gain control of the airwaves again.  As this is attempted to be done, they cannot guarantee they can stop the cabal from doing interference again.

Therefore mostly until further notice we curtail the regularly scheduled Lightline timing until sometime probably the second week of August this year.  This notice is meant to clarify any questions any of you may have and is not directed to Hosts if they want to try anyhow.  If you want to do it anyhow, be our guest, but the general idea is to close off until the cabal situation is better controlled.  I thank all of our loyal audience for keeping with us on these Lightline calls, and look forward to resumption in a few weeks.  I will inform you what is to be rescheduled when I know too.  Cheers!
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