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Why I Do This
« on: April 27, 2023, 10:52:43 am »
I started posting these tales of humor (That's what I would call it) because at the time I started,  it appeared to me that our morale was low so I took it upon myself to do something different.
This last story is known as "The World's Longest Joke". I read it right along with you.  The other stories or jokes came from the website of  "SMILE GOD LOVES YOU" at least most of them did.
In doing this I didn't know I would be label as a court jester.  In my mind, on one hand he's an entertainer on the other hand he's a fool. I'm referring to this statement:     "Once you do arrive here you will observe that there are no queens, princes, dukes or duchess, neither be there a court jester like Weydevu, surfs or peasants."  Seeing that St. Peter is a high ascending being, I'm sure he meant it in a positive way I'm sure.  Yes I am sensitive but I try to keep my feelings in my back pocket. It's just that with all those titles my name pops up, you feel me?  God Bless.