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Questions for WTP
« on: June 07, 2024, 13:35:48 pm »
Be of good cheer! I have overcome the world.
No better words for right now!

Good morning All! Father, and Michael, and Melchizedek, Pleiadeans, and celestial friends. . .

Good morning Ron!

It is June 7, 2024.

We all appreciate the deep distress you are in, and it sounds like the end of the line.

Here is a quote from the above post:
No one is especially interested in the electric patent I have invented, and to the people on this Discussion Forum, I welcome your chance to see to it in some way

For many here in east Texas, homes are demolished, from tornadoes high straight-on winds, floods, and falling trees. Many have been without power for days. And this is not only for east Texas, but all over the country. Whole towns and communities are in rubble.

If the WTP tower was up in this area, would people be able to access the electricity?
I have never heard about a separate patent for the receiving mechanism for the electricity. If all someone has is a cell phone, would there be a way to keep it charged?

Would a WTP tower pose a danger if it were demolished in some kind of disaster?
Are there patents on the individual parts of the tower?
Who would make the parts to create this tower?
Are the individual parts patented?
Who would have the expertise to assemble such a tower?
Who would be the building engineer?
Who would pay the workers?
Would there be a relay system to convey the electricity to other parts of the country?


Thank you for your thoughts on this!


p.s. I have come to understand recently that there are about 6000 patents for new inventions that have been bought up by the wealthy and sequestered. For what purpose do you suppose?

If WTP were up and running, who would be the beneficiary, if there are no missions?


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Re: Questions for WTP
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2024, 14:41:55 pm »
Dear Carol,
I answered your above quote and got truncated by the cabal who listens to everything we do now.
First of all I will try again and this time make sure the authorities are aware of the post and that the answer is general but real.
It should be known that I will not tolerate the use of the cabal in any of these answers, and that the cabal should understand they are done very soon, and that I will be the first to celebrate.  Right now they are held back by the FATHER, and for two good reasons.  First:

There is no charge for the plant as it appears to be replicated; however, we have finks in the ways of producing this material, and I f or one am calling for their annihilation. 

Second, be aware Carole you have asked previously good questions with this second round, but let me answer you with this in general response to this post of yours:

1 - We are no where where we should be with Missions to this planet.
2 - The Magisterial Sons wanted to do this work but cannot without an injunction lifted by Paradise, that no further activity may be permitted on Urantia, either by the insurrectionists or those who prepare for the Missions on Urantia.
3 -  No one is permitted to do what I have done in the past, and that is to invent further without expressed permission by  the FATHER to do it well and without further insinuation of problems than we already have on Urantia.  I am staying in the flesh people by request for the moment upheld to not go over as they keep preparing me to leave for the mansion worlds.   I dare not say much of anything in this regard but already we have people leaving the mansion worlds without this information an that is deadly to all we need to do on this world in response to a MICHAEL OF NEBADON announcements as follows:

"WE THE DEITIES OF SALVINGTON announce the following to all living on Urantia or Who Serve Urantia:
1 - No further incursions may be recorded on Urantia until Urantia is released for general use by all powers again;
2 - We are having no further conversations with anyone except Ron or Dominick, as they have faithfully seen to the operations of these communication circuity;
3 -  I have a broad based announcement coming later today about the use of URANTIA for Missions;
4 -  No one may develop any further discussions on Urantia, until I can gather exactly what is being said and why.
5 - No further examination of this material will be forthcoming until Ron is safely on Mansonia or he is ratified to stay the course on Urantia as a mortal of the realm.  That is still undecided and I want him on Urantia, but Father thinks he serves better in the Supreme Court under Machiventa Melchizedek for good.  Let that sink in folks as Ron and Dominick and a few others have taken up the present course so well they are indeed working for you and us in these matters.  K
6 - No one is prepared to take on Urantia in a Mission now.  The Melchizedeks  and the Magisterial Sons are waiting for orders from Salvington and I am waiting too.  This will take a few moments what to do with all of it.
7 - Finally, the trial I am having right now is that Ron has gotten silly in the middle of my heart felt insecurities and he is not sure what to do but either cry or exalt, and neither seems appropriate yet.  I am concluding with this:
a - No further transmissions until he is right again;
b - Nothing further for him until he is given his medicine to stay really blue and true;
c - He is to be finished with all of this messaging when he is fully retunred to his future status of waiting interminably, and K."

Ron - I really did it and apologetically, I got so silly he got rid of me.  I do not know why that happens, but maybe I want to be cruel and leave him to think things over by himself but I am always available to help that Creator Son when it is really necessary, as he does not seem to know what to do with everybody anymore.  I leave it alone for now and hopefully be back with his announcement when he is ready to give it to humans on Urantia, in particular,  K"

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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Re: Questions for WTP
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2024, 22:45:01 pm »
I have some questions for the lightline:
When the war between Ukraine and Russia be over?
How can we manifest objects?
How can we heal ourselfs with our brains like the Pleiadians said?
What would be the ideal work system? (how many hours, minimum salary, age for retirement)
What are the best foods to eat in both North and South america when one wants to eat healthy?