Author Topic: 15August 2023 - New Report DONATIONS AND EXPENSES MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION  (Read 173 times)

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Hello everyone.  The financial report is made below for the Magisterial Foundation.  It shows your donations (our income) and the total of expenses from January until today the 15th of August 2023.

Our expenses in general are running remarkably close to the donations received to today.  Knock on wood we can handle things for the rest of the year although with that wireless electricity patent hanging over us, we could see some income changes and costs we do not anticipate.

To our donors and well wishers alike, thank you for thinking of us and keeping us relatively current in the donation to expense ratio so far.  I find it rather remarkable we have done this so far.  I do expect marketing expenses later this month and year but so far there is no invoice for them and I did not include them for this report as I do not know those costs yet.

And thanks to those donors who are so loyal from the various transmission groups to date as well.  For your information, I paid a tax bill on the office at 2709 Sunset Lane as we use the house for an office and the property for storage of Foundation materials as well.  We also are paying legal expenses for the Trust arrangement between this house and the Magisterial Foundation, as the Foundation will own this house when I pass on, and already it owns the Trust arrangements between the MELCHIZEDEK Chairman operations and our Planetary Government.

You who look at these things, I have donated the house-office property to the Foundation.  I pay the expenses mostly for the house except the tax from our school district.  Further examination will show that the Foundation has paid for a new printer and all the costs to put our discussion forum up, marketing expenses such as brochures and more, plus the telephone conference calls, legal fees on our Trust arrangements to the Foundation from my personal estate.  Tax year ends the end of December, and a revised report will be available then when I take care of little details like the ridiculous account entries of the bank paying interest on the deposit of less than $2.00 a month.  I have to put that detail back for tax purposes later as  I did not count them here.

Here is the report.  IF you think of us and want to provide us some help, send us a check please made payable:
The Magisterial Foundation
2709 Sunset Lane
York, Pa 17408

That is all you need do and greatly appreciate the help to keep us going.  Thank you !  Always!

Ron Besser

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania