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Threads for New Transmissions / Information blocking.
« on: October 01, 2023, 20:51:20 pm »

 Information blocking.

 By: The Adjuster.
 Transmitter: Evelio Rivas 

 El Salvador September 24, 2023, 5 a.m.

 The Thought Adjuster:
 "I Am your Adjuster, today we will focus on the issue of blocking, it is a rebellious technique used for millennia to keep humanity in limbo, in this way people fall due to lack of options in what they offer and they make sure to form to the leaders in such a way that they only have to do what they have learned, thus overshadowing any probability of changes in the mind of humanity, now you can understand the emergence of the new approaches brought by the Distinguished V. M. SAMAEL, although it may seem ironic, It constitutes a scandal worth dealing with because it completely disturbs the scene, in which someone can take the script taught by this character and put an end to the marginalization to which humanity has been systematically subjected, in this way, they inserted his pieces into the movements organized by SAMAEL and it is clear that they managed to finish them off and finally entropy delivers the final blow.

 "There is a crucial element in this whole plot and that is that again and again the scholarship grew and the death of the ego shrank, so that a lot of scholarship was produced which to this day is the reason why the various groups that still exist They bring together they do not listen, because they conclude that they are possessors of the truth and show distrust of any new data that disturbs their dominance and established order, thus the blocking of information constitutes a barrier that until this moment continues to be the strategy that manipulates to the land masses.

 "Only a few choose to search within and manage to establish connection with things on the other side of the veil because there is no other way than inner work, theories must be released and choose inner work, in fact one of the crucial points in this action It is the death of the ego, although its implementation requires a minimum of intellectual effort, its impact is such that it thins the wall that separates and maintains isolation, this denotes a radically understood conclusion in the mind of the practically, he has reached the conclusion that the ego is unnecessary and chooses to end it, against this free determination there is no brainwashing or manipulation that is worth it and that is why we maintain that free will constitutes a strength that humanity has not yet exercised to achieve the highest goals.

 "I Am your Adjuster finalizing this focus on things on Earth and wishing to show ways out of the crisis of the moment, we wish you all success, have a good day."


 Evelio Rivas 

« on: October 01, 2023, 13:32:24 pm »
Hi everyone, 
this is just inform that Lightline El Salvador in Sunday evening is canceled for health problems. I got an uninvited guest  at home, COVID, so I apologize for this inconvenience.
Thank you.


Threads for New Transmissions / "New time"
« on: September 28, 2023, 05:37:10 am »
"New Time"

 By: The Pleiadians.
 Transmitter: Evelio Rivas

 El Salvador September 20, 2023 5 a.m.

 My God, my Lord, I thank you for life. I beg you to prepare my mind and my heart to receive messages from the Celestial Family. At the same time, I ask you to provide a channel free of interference.

 The Pleiadians:
 "We are the PLEIADIANS, it is evident that we resist the hard times at your side and as you are not the only one of us incarnated in this sphere, so we have always remained close to you, motivating hope and work, unfortunately, many of us Ours have fallen into the torpor that for centuries anesthetizes them, today that they already constitute a bond between you, we are pleased with this relationship that in fact has arrived thanks to work. Here we call work a clear and definitive fact, we would say that it is about thinning the wall that It separates you from the things that are on this side of the veil. It is an act, we would say, fortuitous in some way, a product of the search for light in each one. But the moment has come to arrive at the understanding that only when the ego is devastated or dead does it become thinner. the fence

 "Thus, all work in this direction will connect you directly to us. We truly believe that each one will put in the effort that ensures this achievement and consciously drives you to climb higher levels from where we can cooperate more intensely with you. The induction that the V.M. has been vital has been. SAMAEL AND RABOLÚ will show before you.

  "Today, we find ourselves with updates to the techniques for disintegration and it has been a challenging path to encourage new forms since part of the rebellious manipulation consisted of dogmas and the tendency not to change is supported by mistrust and ultimately has been fear .

 "We celebrate that you are understanding your free will and looking more practically at this matter of Divinity that we are not even remotely what you think, it is inadmissible to fit into your images, your set of images about God is very far from reality, this is the denominator in the human conglomerate, so that your free will constitutes the entrance to this new course that opens today for this Group 11:21 and we hope you find success.

 "We are the PLEIADIANS taking a step back and happy with your progress, have a good day everyone."

 Pleiadians Brothers, we are very grateful to you, we have to recognize it in this life, I have memories of you all the time, thank you for loving us and taking care of us, we love you too, welcome to Earth and at whatever time you decide to do so, thank you.



This is the link for the conference call recording Father and Michael of Nebadon were the speakers

Thank you for listening.


Threads for New Transmissions / The ABCs of strength
« on: September 22, 2023, 00:01:10 am »

 The ABCs of strength

 By: The Adjuster..
 Transmitter: Evelio Rivas.

 El Salvador September 18, 2023 5 a.m.

 My God, my Father, I thank you for your encouragement, I beg you to prepare my mind and my heart to receive messages from the Celestial Family and provide a channel free of interference.
The Thought Adjuster:
 "I Am the Adjuster, this day we focus on the controversial topic of strength and expandable force in some way it is for the level of understanding and use that you grasp how to meet the need for perpetual strength and expandable force as you have to understand at this point of the party they will become familiar with things that are totally new and that are outside the menu offered to mortals, given the expected evolutionary development of the human genome, this is part of the vision when creating Homo Sapiens.

 "It was expected that he would rise until he started and climbed the evolutionary ladder and became one with his inner being, but that is not the case of the mass of terrestrial humans who have embodied routines of the lower steps and the rebellious philosophy mercilessly traps them and most notable have defined a trend.

  "This denotes that they learned to follow the script on autopilot, the conglomerate does not even remotely imagine that there are other levels and that they are so busy that no one wants to stay on the step they are on, there is more and enough to learn at the top.

 "Let's return to the practical life of each of you, we observe that a void is generated that launches you into an inner search. The force or vector that balances it cannot come from outside, and as we are noticing, you want to fill such a void, and indeed, it is the inherent flow. to the expansion of life remember it now: a new course opens to Urantia and will enter the domains of the community of worlds in light and life.

  "So first of all, the strategy is being refined as we go: we will support changes within the individual to change the various structures of this world, so little by little some will enter the direct connection with the force and soon they will be able to use in its protection and study the expandable force.

 "If you notice, it is a whole menu of nutrition that is never delivered if the ego is not detrimental, so manipulating the land masses has been pathetic to the rebellion, homo sapiens has offered only its neck and inciting its ego has been the insurance method to securely dominate over it.

 "But the course, the rudder of the ship is in the hands of the Superior Helmsman and he has already adjusted the coordinates towards the beacon of light and life.

 "Urantia will be a beautiful and dazzling corner of starry space and the light will nest in its soil like a charm. Here things are defined and the die is cast. Congratulations for choosing light and life."
 "When you feel that the legion practices low vibrational frequency routines wrapped in marketing and you become able to look beyond that mask you stand in line, the death of the ego constitutes the sum of anti-rebellion and the action that frees you from chaos."

 "I am your Adjuster stopping here this focus on the earthly condition I wish success for everyone today we make known you have always sought light for others thank you this is innate in you thank you have a good day."

 My Father, my Lord, we are very grateful to you, thank you, my God, welcome you always and all those you let pass.



Threads for New Transmissions / "Approval Message"
« on: September 20, 2023, 23:11:38 pm »

 "Approval Message"

 By: Jesus of Nazareth
 Received by: Salvatore.

 "This message of approval is for all students who are being taught to transmit; therefore, it is necessary to move forward with the transmission system to select students who are cooperating and supporting our mission and have acquired interest in participating and learning to transmit the voice of the Universal Father.

 And they submit to the will that helps us move forward to transcend and improve the teaching system that grants the category of the Universal Father of your
 effort they are making possible to improve their work and the progress they are obtaining through spiritual teaching.

 And we thank the group who are teaching themselves to hear the voice of the Inner Father who provides them with wisdom and strength, will, and support for this project.
 So that there is a progress in spirituality, which we are always interested in promoting in students to stimulate their spiritual concerns in this Era of Light and Life that is becoming noticeable throughout URANTIA.
 And we must prepare for the changes that are coming. Changes are necessary both geologically and in our psychological system, for there to be PEACE, we must sacrifice.

 To wake up in a reality that will be different before and after and everything will begin in a new spiritual dawn.

 New rules will be applied and a new system of life and spirituality will flourish in fullness and everyone will kneel at the feet of our UNIVERSAL FATHER and the divine light will shine in your hearts.
 And the human being will learn to love God because God is love, he loves all races because it is his Divine creation.
 And a reason to continue learning for our spiritual evolution.



Threads for New Transmissions / "Training lesson'
« on: September 20, 2023, 17:55:21 pm »
"Training lesson'
By The Thought Adjuster
Received: Nataly.

Nataly: My father, prepare my mind and my heart for a clean and safe transmission.

"In effect, I am your Thought Adjuster, attending to your request tonight, so that you can continue your training in the development of your transmission capabilities at the service of the voice of the Heavenly Father, to carry his commands to all places. where its orientations are necessary, in critical moments of planetary ordering, directly and specifically of imminent dangers caused by the ordering of tectonic plates, in all danger zones.
 I am your Thought Adjuster, ending today's lesson."

Nataly: My father, my adjuster, you are always welcome to me at any time you want, thank you for assisting me.



Threads for New Transmissions / “THE TRANSFORMATION OF URANTIA”
« on: September 19, 2023, 23:26:55 pm »

 Group 11:21 transmission of truths Phoenix AZ.
 Received: Nestor
 EL SALVADOR, September 10, 2023
 Time: 11:24 to 11:44 pm
 Nestor: My Father, my Lord, my Adjuster, I beg you to prepare my mind for a transmission.
 MONJORONSON: “In effect, I am the Magisterial Son Monjoronson, with a lesson, we are working hard to stabilize this planet, so that it can be the headquarters of my brother MIGUEL DE NEBADON, we are giving continuity to the missions, only those who are Prepared people will have the privilege of participating, it is almost time for this planet to begin to be transformed into a planet full of beauty, as it was before, it will be unrecognizable after it is transformed, but that will be after some catastrophic events that will occur on Urantia. "We do not want many lives to be lost, for which we have the rescue team ready, to act in the most crucial moments, I am Monjoronson taking a step back, have a happy night."
 Néstor: thank you Mr. Monjoronson, you will always be welcome to this humble abode.
 Group 11:21 transmission of truths Phoenix AZ.
 Received: Nestor
 EL SALVADOR, September 11, 2023
 Time: 11:34 to 11:57
 Néstor: My father, my God, my Lord, I beg you to prepare my mind for a transmission.
 UNIVERSAL FATHER: “In effect, I am the UNIVERSAL FATHER, with a message for my children who are in preparation, I am referring to the 11:21 Group, it is pleasing to me to know that they make an effort every day to get closer to me, they show it to me by do the practices, by worrying about doing their tasks, which we are continually reviewing, but it is necessary that they do a self-evaluation, which the Scribe mentioned to them in the extraordinary meeting. It is so that you become aware of the entire process that you are going through and how you are evolving, as you develop this work. We are pleased to see how some of you care about being punctual in your practices and make an effort every day.
 We here on the other side of the veil also care about each of you.
 On the other hand, we are also working hard, so that everything is adequate and in order for when my son, MIGUEL DE NEBADON, makes his announcement, they will be difficult days, for you, due to the agitation of humanity that knows nothing about it, but We trust that we will be able to handle all this with the most professional calm possible, we are always making sure that the conflictive countries are carrying out the party in peace, this is all for today and I wish you a happy night."
 Néstor: Thank you, beloved Universal Father, I thank you for this lesson and you will always be welcome, my Lord.
 Group 11:21 transmission of truths Phoenix AZ.
 Received: Nestor
 EL SALVADOR, September 12, 2023
 Time: 11:42
 Néstor: My Father, my God, my Lord, I thank you for giving me one more day of life, I beg you to prepare my mind for a transmission.
 MICHAEL OF NEBADON: “Indeed, I am Miguel of Nebadón. This day we will study the change that Urantia will have after my announcement, there will no longer be a need for authorities or armies since each person will have to govern themselves, there will be no need for police, It would not make sense, without criminals it would have no reason to exist, which means that there will be a purge, and the people who are not willing to change will be separated or taken out of circulation, until only the people who want to change and be different remain, We have studied these changes deeply and of course it will not happen overnight, but they will happen, just as natural catastrophes are necessary to renew the planet, all of this will require several years of hard work, but we will do it. It is our desire to preserve as many lives as possible, but there are situations that are beyond our control. The day will come when Urantia will be a paradise and a place where people live full of happiness, therefore, it is necessary for people to prepare for it, we leave this topic here, have a happy night”
 Néstor: Thank you, beloved Father Miguel de Nebadón, you will always be welcome, my Lord.

Threads for New Transmissions / "The Art of Transmitting"
« on: September 19, 2023, 23:20:28 pm »
Group 11:21 Transmission of Truths Phoenix AZ.

 "The Art of Transmitting"

 By: The Thought Adjuster
 Receives: Mike

 Here the Adjuster:
 "My son, I am your Thought Adjuster.

  "The art of transmitting is beautiful and wonderful that humanity needs many transmitters to do the will of the Universal Father and live a life of love.

  "Respect, love for God, manners and good customs make human beings live with harmony, peace and happiness.

 "Sow love to your fellow humans and do not harm the flora and fauna.

  "Give a lot of happiness to your family, friends and your neighbors.

 "Progress spiritually and they will try to change too."



Is there a recording available today Dominick? That link appears not the be working, thank you


Threads for New Transmissions / WORDS FROM JESUS CHRIST
« on: September 18, 2023, 23:02:24 pm »

 By: Jesus Christ
 Transmitter: Evelio Rivas.

 El Salvador September 17, 2023 5 a.m.

 My Father, my God, I thank you for the encouragement and I ask you to prepare my mind to receive messages from the Celestial Family. Lord, I beg you to provide a channel free of interference.

 "I AM JESUS CHRIST we look with pleasure at your development in the group led by Rene Durán, we wish everyone progress.

 "Today they are about to hold a meeting that will consolidate the bond of brothers, it is a long journey that they have come and fortunately they have come together and we hope they do not separate, it is necessary that they begin to look at each other as we, from this side of the veil, have always seen them as one family, the feeling that they are brothers will do them a lot of good. It is truly a small group in the sea of humanity on Earth, but we love to look at them. Please believe me, they are already looked at by a vast series of delegations and they are seen as heroes, because as Don Ron said Besser still do not know everything they endure against to take off and the rebel actions are applied so that you do not wake up so that they are becoming well known beyond the Earth.

 "We expect a lot from you. We admire your determination when you choose to work and that is how when there is work there will be results. Racial sentiment will appear little by little among you. You should know that we are ready to help you and our existence is still recent. Some doubts in your minds are something fantastic. Accept that you have family waiting for you standing looking at you on the other side of the veil and this wait of ours is coming to an end no matter how numerous they are or are not we are interested in taking care of them act with prudence never forget it we wish everyone to preserve their lives and progress.

 "I am JESUS CHRIST leaving the scene and wishing my Peace to flood you all, have a good morning"

 Venerable Master JESUS CHRIST Our Father, thank you for loving us and caring for us. Now we understand deeply and familiarly your advice. We are very grateful to YOU. Welcome at the time you choose.



Hi everyone, this is link to the recording for Lightline El Salvadore:

Thank you for listening.

Your host 

Threads for New Transmissions / The other side of the veil informing
« on: September 17, 2023, 13:37:21 pm »

 The other side of the veil informing

 By: The Adjuster..
 Transmitter: Evelio Rivas 

 El Salvador September 15, 2023 5.a.m.

 My Father, my God, I thank you for breathing and life. Please, Lord, prepare my mind to receive messages from the Celestial Family and provide a channel free of interference.

 "I Am your Adjuster, pointing out that it is a constant challenge to develop faculties that continually illuminate psychology and this is because being of the seventh and last order of intelligent children, it is to be expected that you are born without internal faculties; in fact, We must fill this philosophical land that we are with knowledge of attributes of Light and they will not be thrown away without effort and dedication.

  I want to express that at all times you have free will to request help in this task and that there is never negligence on our part to listen to your calls. What has happened then on Urantia is that life slides into chaos as if God did not exist and makes us proud. people achieve external goals that are worth zero points when it comes to taking stock.

 "What has happened is that you still believe that you are the only inhabited world, you have also believed that you are the only intelligent beings and you do not fully understand that the rebels against the Creator have led you for more than 200,000 years since the rebellion broke out, You assume that there is some good in this system outlined by the rebels, you completely forgot that dogmas and paradigms lock you in and you assign no credit to common causes, you leave that for someone else to do, of course all the strengths that would take you encounter with the Light have been deformed and you take that cup with joy; if you could even remotely find reasons to feel that your destiny is glorious and full of Light, but this happens through free will. So the rebellious dominion over various fields of the Human knowledge is cured so that you do not awaken to a new reality, so you observe that the insurgents block the information that passes from the other side of the veil to the three-dimensional stage.

  In fact, they, our opponents, see the end of their rule with unbearable concern and cling to the worst to boycott the entry of information. They know that the missions have been organized for this purpose and we want you to stop and look at this. On the other hand, it is just that our patience to wait for you is endless, but something must be clear: in the vast universe of space-time there is no world segregated from the Creator and Urantia will not be the exception, the aid plan will continue and as expressed by the Distinguished V.M.  SAMAEL, there is an eagerness on the part of the sister humanities to help us and the time has come for Being and non-being in this sphere, it will be what should Be and will not be what should not be."

 "I am your Adjuster stopping here this focus on the earthly condition and I have not forgotten this day I wish you much success and also your companions

My Father, my Lord, I know, I thank you greatly, I ask for your strength and light, Lord, you are always welcome, thank you.



Threads for New Transmissions / The Heavenly Father
« on: September 16, 2023, 11:33:05 am »
I like to share a new transmission from Nataly, here is one of a few transmission  she has received:

Nataly: My Father, prepare my mind and my heart for a transmission.

"I am your Heavenly Father. Assisting your request, my daughter, so that you can develop your potential and serve humanity in the moments when they need it most, difficult days are coming on your planet, you must prepare to serve those who need it most. , teaching to listen to the inner voice of their adjuster. So that each being can find the path of their evolutionary edification and follow the indicated path. I am Machiventa Melchizedek leaving the scene.

Nataly: Thank you Lord Machiventa Melchizedek for coming to me, you are welcome any time you wish or another member of the heavenly family, thank you for the gift of life.

"I am Jesus the Christ, coming to you, my daughter, to support your spiritual development in this existence."

Nataly: Thank you beloved Father Jesus the Christ.  Always be welcome.



Threads for New Transmissions / "For the Common Good."
« on: September 15, 2023, 15:26:09 pm »

 "For the Common Good."

 Transmitter: Salvatore.
 Los Angeles September 12, 2023

 "I hope you feel like writing these lines for the common good, as we are interested in continuing to provide our teaching to all the students of 11:21.

 "We are going to continue training in this workshop of practice of teaching the transmissions that is working well, and it is necessary to instruct them with wisdom and love to motivate the spiritual longing to continue doing the will of the Universal Father and your Personal Adjuster and He with love and wisdom will guide you to move forward making Divine Spiritual progress.

  "We will continue to fulfill our duty to teach to improve the transmission system of each of you and be able to feel when we are present and it is a reason to prepare for the 11:21 group project.

 "In order to carry out the teaching of the transmission, it is necessary to do so through our assistance and other divine Hierarchies that we are doing the will of the Universal Father and put us to continue working together and put the effort of improvement that intuits us to deliver our teaching of literacy for the service of spirituality and it is our desire for cooperation.
 I am GAIA.



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