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General Discussion / ABC SUMMARIES JUNE 12. 2015
« on: Yesterday at 09:24:59 »

Yes, this is a very important announcement for those who know what the ABC Summaries are and how hard I worked to bring them into being.

Today, Michael of Nebadon asked me to remove all The ABC Summaries.  Other than my sentimental take on the Summaries, I told him they were never meant to be cast in stone for the history of what it was like before the Magisterial Son appeared as history of that period.  I concurred with Michael that they were experimental and there were errors of commission and omission in them too, and while imperfect, they also could not stand the test of time with so much fresh and better constructed revelation than I could do on my own.  In other words, I agreed with Michael and Serara we do not need evidence around that contradicts or may even get in the way of how they wish new information to be presented. 

In the final analysis I agreed with Michael it is better to take them down now rather than them getting in the way of what and how they wished to present new information to the Urantia public.

I still have to put out the new publication, Jus Regulae Urantia,  as late as it is getting already on June 11th, but I will start pulling down all the ABC Summaries to comply with the request of Salvington.  In a way they were very gracious to allow them to stand so long for people to read them and at least get a sense of what was coming.  Many of you have them in notebooks and that is okay to keep as relics, relics of the new beginnings that are being superseded by a new Urantia Book that will have most of what I wrote in the Summaries in better context and language than I could manage at the time as I was still learning to make contact through transmissions and some growing problems as well.

These ABC Summaries also include what were then important papers on the Ultimaton and the outer space forecasts for the destiny of the Master Universe and several others I especially was proud of. 

Bottom line.  The era of The ABC Summaries is over.  Their presence is being removed and I understand why and do not complain.  I thank all of you for liking to have them and more and better publications, I hope, will be on their way not so long from now, as they will keep me busy writing and sending out these things until nobody needs them anymore.

Thank you all for the rewarding experience of having people wanting to read them.


With “only” 195 countries in the world, the total number of different languages spoken is impressive. According to the Ethnologue guide, there are 7,139 officially known languages in the world, but this number is declining.
Ron, in how many languages will the Migisterial Mission’s messages be transmitted in?

Jose L. Vargas Núñez

General Discussion / June 10,2015 Magisterial Mission
« on: June 10, 2024, 11:19:05 am »
Revelatory - Update about the coming Magisterial Mission & Anticipated Civil Problems Coming on Urantia
June 10, 2015 1010PM York

1111Prompts and expected civil problems coming

Everyone, please:

Poughkeepsie will transmit the announcement.  But the main headquarters has been changed further south.  Poughkeepsie will be a communications hub, and York, PA will be the main material building(s) which will house the Magisterial Son and his Staff and other commanders necessary to treat Urantia to a new way of doing things.

These things get announced and so many of you do not, for some reason, see them or maybe remember them.

Also this midwayer thing with some-- Midwayers were instructed in 1978 to start using an 11:11 or 1:11 prompt to minds on Urantia to prepare them for the Teaching Mission.  George Barnard was one of the first to be aware of these prompts and clarified the intentions of the Midwayers to use these prompts as stated.

It ensued that certain Teaching Mission teachers began using prompts.  In particular one called Abraham often used the 1111 prompt to call his students to the group table when it was time to start the transmissions for a Teaching Mission lesson.

Gerdean (Karen Bowen) used the 111 prompt to listen to ABC-22 and ABC-23 in those days.  Matthew, the Midwayer as well as Samuel the Penoptian used 333 and 555 for their entrance to Teaching Mission lessons and for everyone to take their places around the table and receive them.

The word went out in 1995 to start reducing the use of the 1111 prompt.  That was not so much to stop using them but the world was spending a lot of time looking for its cause and wondering what it was all about.  In 2003, Michael of Nebadon requested the Midwayers to end the use of these prompts, but they became so popular they have continued on to this day--  not so much because the Midwayers perpetuate them, but because people rather enjoy being surprised by finding themselves looking at a 1111 prompt.  Now it is sometimes a Midwayer doing it and sometimes it just happens spontaneously in the environment of people around the world. 

Let me return to the subject of the location of the Magisterial Mission headquarters now planned for York, PA.

I had little to do with any of it.  It just so happens that York, PA sits on, not a tectonic place, but on a shelf of the old Eurasian plate that scraped itself off as Africa moved up what is now our eastern seaboard.  That was about 65 million years ago, and the plate or escarpment that York got placed on was the result of the Horn of Africa being placed almost into the interior of what is now Pennsylvania as far north as Wilkesbarrow.   When Africa moved by, it also left certain of the Caribbean Islands behind, notably Trinidad and Tobago and a few other remnants too small for habitation today.  The resulting tectonic plate disasters forecast for the eastern part of the United States will only shake York, PA and it will not flood since it sits at least 50 miles northwest of the neck of the Chesapeake Bay, too far to submerge the Susquehanna River delta at the Bay and the river is too shallow to easily flood from pressing water up the bay which will happen to some extent.

Moving to York is not the answer, but it is safe. Draw a radius of 50 to 100 miles with York in the center and except for the western fringes of that circle, everything in that circle is safe and will not sink or catch fire from volcanoes.  Pittsburgh might see smoke from volcanic activity in Ohio and the Chicago area, but other than that little will harm even Pittsburgh as far as we can see it.

Poughkeepsie is safe too, but you will have discharges down the Hudson River that will flood parts of it.  This is why we decided to move the headquarters from Poughkeepsie down to York, for York has no river around it as the Susquehanna Rive lies at least 15 to o18 miles east of the eastern most extension of York itself.

I am not familiar with what they propose as that is a closely held secret and plans.  I also must tell you that the last time I spoke with Manotia, the superangel said she was keeping everything ready with triage and broken bone repairs as the turbulence in the air will be great if any of you attempt flight to local airport.

Please also be advised that the Magisterial Son intends to jam cell phone towers and hubs in order to control riot like conditions developing on the east and west coasts of the United States.  Cell phones and email will be useless on several occasions with the effects of the announcement and the resulting overkill by the television and on-line media.  Control of panic and loss of life due to panic will be reduced by closing down Facebook, Twitter, and many other on-line social media everyone is used to now.  The only "FOR SURE" broadcast will be an emergency channel on your TV screen that will broadcast beginning the evening of the announcement on television and subsequently thereto, as we expect stations like CNN to be so enraptured with the event(s) that they will have problems keeping their satellite beaming to all areas they cover in the world.  The communications satellite will be monitored from Poughkeepsie and if it shows signs of tampering by governments, it will be protected so that CNN has a clear shot of transmitting the events that unfold on Urantia that night and subsequent days.

Problems will immediately develop with public transport.  Gasoline should not be a problem immediately or should cell phones be permanently knocked off the air, as they will be unblocked as soon as people stop panicking.

Keep that tank of your car or truck full.  Never leave more than 5 gallons in spare cans or autos elsewhere without securing them with lock and key.  Do not share gasoline with neighbors because word gets out so fast you will be inundated for gasoline.  Communications with loved ones and other important to your household will have to be done by land line phones.  Even these will be jammed, but they have the advantage of being able to withdraw from the public when the land lines themselves get clogged with unscheduled calls themselves to people you would never or regularly want to speak to.

We suggest no one call the government in Washington.  They will be jammed.  They may even call martial law depending on the kind of reaction the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch of the U. S. Government decide to do.  We would rather they did call for martial law as the allows policing and maintenance of calm.  The militia, such as the Reserves and State Militias, may be invoked in Poughkeepsie since we have a secure agreement with the Midwayers who can operate the towers around that city to provide telephone communications open from the headquarter transmitter area to places like York and other sovereign nations around the world for the purpose of forcing calm by nations that think somehow they are being invaded by aliens.  Believe it or not, so many people mix up God with aliens we cannot trust anyone yet to be affirmed as a supporter for the Magisterial Mission until that confusion is cleared.

Telephone lines and militia operations depend on each other to keep working.  Telephone lines of the nature of a cell phone are so vulnerable to disease of poor weather interference that we have asked that all users of cell phones in our announcement desist at once.  911 offices will not last for more than 30 minutes after the announcement.  They are poorly conceived and will not operate if we can keep them off the air.  They exist as an excuse to confuse the public and detract from the normal operation of emergency situations.

Police will use their vehicles to commandeer those who cannot behave.  Those who can behave but refuse to behave will be taking in hand by our spotters.  We mean the word "spotters" as these are celestial beings of an origin you do not know about who have been transported to Urantia all around the world to act as emergency viewers of what happens and they will have sufficient power to stop riots immediately.

We believe the time it takes to calm everyone down will be about two days.  By then major governments around the world will have had their meetings with us, and they will understand what is to be done soon.

This update is from Mantutia Melchizedek, and his co-hero of the Lucifer Rebellion, Machiventa Melchizedek, who will be awarded some sort of major gift of the highest order when he declared Urantia off the air once Lucifer spurned his offer to release all celestial beings on the planet so Lucifer could not interfere with communications and the like.  This is a whole new story to be told by Ron and others when the time comes.

I am Mantutia and I thank you all for your time and concerns you certainly must feel once this Mission unfolds before your eyes in a short while.

For Mantutia and others unseen for my transmission tonight,
Ron Besser

General Discussion / Happy Birthday!!
« on: June 09, 2024, 09:05:57 am »
Happy Birthday Ron!! Enjoy your special day!!!


General Discussion / The Purple Flame
« on: June 07, 2024, 11:04:34 am »
Urantia, May 17, 2015.
The Beloved One.
Subject: “The Purple Flame.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Today I will speak about a subject that is well-known only among the very few. It is the indwelling of all normal-minded humans by the Spark from God — the Light that lights every human born on this particular planet. Know that you are not regurgitating this knowledge from the Urantia Papers, as there is much more than has ever been revealed due to the fact that not many are ready or willing to hear other-worldly news.

“This planet is one of well-nigh uncountable peopled planets in God’s creation. Their people may be different in appearance but they also have a potentially undying soul, depending on how they lead their lives. All are chosen, but few here care to listen on this particular planet, yet this is not so on other planets. In fact, many wish that they had been born here, due to the fact that you are inhabited by a personal Spark from the Universal Creator God.

“The point I desire to make is to bring this indisputable fact more into the thought-stream of humanity. And the reason why? The simple reason is that upon completion of Michael’s (Jesus’) Mission the time had come to take up the duties of His and Mother Spirit’s universe, this time not only as an existential Son of God, but also now in full experiential capacity.

“The 18th day of May on your calendar will be the official date when he made His ascension in his own power. A few days later the promised Helper arrived in the form of the Spirit of Truth. From that time onwards, the Universal Creator gifted each human on this planet with their individual “Points of Light.” Perhaps you are more familiar with the term Thought Adjuster or Thought Controller.

“Ultimately the name does not matter. What does matter is that you humans learn to listen to your own individual Sparks from God, which is not all that difficult, if you would only open your end of the communication line so you can enjoy individual Guidance on your travels through life.

“The point I also desire to make is that there will then be no more reason to feel alone or to feel like an orphan, because you have your own Partner on board who will help you co-create a soul-fulfilling life upon which you can later in eternity look back without regret and with joy and happiness.

“The point I next desire to make — as humans always wonder where this Spark would be residing — actually like the Creator this Spark is everywhere. Now I will also divulge, that whenever you do sit in meditation visualize a purple flame behind your heart and consider it your holy of holies where you can retreat to be on hallowed ground. This then would become your shelter from the storms of life.

“It will be a place of security, a place of safe refuge, a place to glorify the Maker and Sustainer of your evolving soul. The Purple Flame will increase in brightness according to how much it is being used. This will be a sign that is noticed in heaven and by which your spiritual development is known.”

General Discussion / Clifax
« on: April 25, 2024, 09:33:40 am »
Legal & Official Notices from the Divine Missions / Re: Audio Tape: Califax speaks to his becoming Urantia Planetary Prince June 2017
« Last post by newstarsaphire on Today at 04:49:19 PM »
TRANSCRIPTION OF   Ron Besser   audio tape

[audio tape transcript only, not including text notations by Ron B ]


This is Ron Besser with an audio tape made on the 24th of April 2017 at 9 pm local time, it is a transmission from Califax regarding the office of the Planetary Prince on Urantia.

“This is Califax – Thank you Ron.  I want you to understand that I am the Father, as the Father,  I want you to understand that Urantia has been dedicated to me for many purposes and for many uses and that I want to make sure that it is used as I ask for.  The truth of the matter is that Urantia has defaulted so often in spiritual accommodation that we have had to redo Urantia at least 3 times.  Let me list them.  When Caligastia, rebelled that was the first time, we sent to Urantia reformers in the form of Melchizedeks to direct the planet and we have done so the third time with 12 Melchizedeks who see to the rule of God on Urantia today.  The second time we had to redo Urantia was when Adam and Eve defaulted and we had to send receivers once more.  We are now well into our third time of default and that the Melchizedeks headed by Machiventa Melchizedek are now in charge of your local Planetary Prince and all that he stands for.

“I am the Father, I want you to know that, I am the I AM, most of you do not even know what that means,  but let it suffice to be that I carry credentials in my heart as the I AM, as well as the Father, as well as the spirit unifier of all that is in this Master Universe, through Paradise and through many of our status spheres such as Edentia, Salvington and the thousands of other capitals in the Grand Universe as you know it today.  Today I state that I am Planetary Prince.  There has been confusion about this because the Melchizedeks consider themselves to be in place of the Planetary Prince, but they are not.  I do not exercise the role of Planetary Prince immediately.  I will exercise the role of Planetary Prince on June 6, 2017 when my inauguration is likely to take place.  When we set dates we mean them, but there have been so many defaults and so many restarts that you, our supporters, hardly know which end is up.  Our transmitter is also in your camp, this evening he saw a message that said I would take over as Planetary Prince as of 6 June 2017, he found it hard to believe and wasted no time in doing nothing.  He asked me what the story was and I tell you this I am not the Planetary Prince today, but I will be on the June date I have given you, that is my inauguration to become Planetary Prince of Urantia. 

“Further, Ron has decided that a tape works so well he will produce one of these tapes several times a week, we do not know when or what the message will be but be assured that the tape gets to the mind very well.  I now give you Michael of Nebadon the Creator Son who rules from Salvington.”

“I am Michael I greet you all, I love you all and I wish to say this, this tape was not planned by me but I hear Ron put everything he has into it so that Califax could tell you and the transmitter and everyone else that the organization of the new government on Urantia begins in about six weeks.  We will not implode other governments on Urantia we will treat them as though they belong to us and that they support us regardless of the fact they know nothing.  In many respects the United States is in default before us, in many respects the governments of France, Belgium and the Netherlands are in default before us.  Great Britain has managed to stay clean and for that reason we suspect that Great Britain will become the great power either in Europe or over the United States or with the United States.  We suspect that Great Britain contains the seeds of all that we need to do and will cooperate with us once she understands that the heart of God is truly with her.  Now let me explain something, I am a Creator Son as you well know but I am also the head of the Salvington government and I choose that the United States remain in ascendancy for all sorts of reasons.  The United States belongs to the world order as much as any other country should or could be.  I am providing the American government, the United States, all she needs to stay in power but we must either remove an administration that runs it at the present time or insist that a regency be established with the divine Serara as part of the Presidency or otherwise in the government of the United States.  I am sure you understand the complications that are involved including the need to rewrite The Constitution and so long as I am in power on Salvington it will be done in the beauty the original Constitution has come down to you. 

“Further, I want it to be known that our transmitter is working very hard to keep me in balance and Califax in balance and Machiventa Melchizedek in balance.  He feels the transmission slide at times and wonders why he is having such difficulty.  The real reason is no tape was expected today but Califax asked him anyhow and he was glad to do it.  Our friend Califax is from Paradise, he is the Father in unit form, but he also carries one other word of advice to you transmitter and that is, when we start making you cough you are done for the day or for the moment.  You have a temper over this and you become quite angry at what we do to you physically.  That is not unexpected as you are highly independent and ready to smack the moment someone attacks.  The truth of the matter is that the following members of our staff advise that Ron Besser become their spokesman, when it comes time, and that includes the Planetary Prince Califax, that includes Machiventa Melchizedek, ruler of the return of the Melchizedeks on Urantia, and for myself and for others who wish to speak officially when it comes time to redress those who listen on Urantia and those who listen in the greater universe.  Ron is not angry, Ron is happy, I am happy but we have this conflict and he’d rather be told not to do something rather than force him physically. 

“Finally, the trial for Califax is to become Planetary Prince in an available form that precludes him being the Father.  You all know that the Universal Father has retired from ruling the Universe but He cannot avoid being the one in charge because He started it all.  Therefore, Califax will metamorphosize from being The Father, the I AM, to being a Planetary Prince of Lanonandek order.  The Lanonandek order is famous for being Planetary Princes and we have one who wishes to speak to you now.”

Lanaforge - “I am, for lack of a better word a Planetary Prince you know very well.   I was and still am the System Sovereign, I ruled Satania and now I rule Overton and its name sake Overtontia, it is a temporary name and Ron has trouble remembering it.  But when Califax assumes his place about June 6, 2017 I will assume my place over the new dispensational planetary system that has no name just yet.  In that new system will be Urantia, Panoptia and four other planets that are so similar to Earth they all should be quintuplets, not sextuplets, a foursome.  We also state that I am Lanaforge, I’m in the Urantia Book as Lanaforge and I continue to use the name.  Temporarily I am Planetary Prince of Panoptia but that will change when Califax takes his place as Planetary Prince as a Lanonandek son and I will become my own order which is a Lanonandek son.  The Vorondadek Sons, the Most Highs will assist me in my rule as System Sovereign of a brand new system of which there are only 5 [see correction to 6 posted by Ron B  text after the audio was posted] planets, this will grow to hundreds, we do not know how or why but it will do so.  Now I wish Califax to conclude the tape.”

“This is Califax and I welcome all of you who listen to these tapes and wonder how in the world Ron gets through it with all these names, he has an encyclopedic memory and we will release it to him again when he is able to speak the word god without getting upset about who it is.  He doesn’t recall being upset but he becomes upset when God performs miracles that he doesn’t recognize and that he must somehow or other come to terms with.  The ultimaton status in Ron’s body is so unusual he will be studied for centuries, mankind can’t do it but we can, and Dr. Mendoza will be his chief aid in this study. 

“As a result of the unusual nature of this transmitter we are going to ask that the Father include him in many works of revelation that are not available to anyone else in the Master Universe this is not only to inform you it is also to inform those on high who do not have it.  The ultimaton disclosures of red rod, blue rod, yellow rod and violet rod are brand new to the entire universe, they listen carefully and they know not what Ron really means by a violet rod ultimaton.  Let me tell you, when Jesus was born his mind was assigned to the Father and the Father placed in the mind of Jesus, in the brain tissue which connects to the mind, several thousand violet rod ultimatons.  These ultimatons of the violet nature withstood the jeering and the thoughtless horrors that people wished to press upon Jesus in those days.  When Jesus was sent to die he asked the Father for permission to cry, in this respect he was allowed to, as Ron cries at times.  The violet rod ultimaton is meant to protect the mind from serious injury during life with people who would kill you or kill them and laugh.  We will not permit this to any divine being incarnated on Urantia and Ron does run the risk of assassination.  He is openly pure about that risk and says he trusts the Father for whatever happens, and that is what Jesus said, and that is what some of you will say when you receive my violet rods ultimatons in your minds when the time comes.  Ron is experimental, you will be experimental, and I cannot predict what will happen to all of you when you leave the flesh and become one with the Father before Michael. 

“So often it happens that we must make amends to people, like this transmitter, who cannot foresee the trouble they are asking for by being direct in publication and in tape.  He sent tape # 2 made on the 22 of April to his Flurry list, he used only the reference and people surged to hear it, but the problem that has developed is that The Father does not want that information out and He blocked the tape from being heard at all.   This is a disappointment to Ron, this is a disappointment to many who did not hear the tape.  Of the 300 on the list of the Flurry 100 heard it 200 did not understand why it did not play.  Ron was concerned enough to think about it this morning as he got up and figured out because he heard no feed-back except for one person, that the tape malfunctioned or the technical use of it malfunctioned, it did not, we selected who would hear it and none of them found it interesting enough to refund a comment back to Ron or anyone else.  That tells us that the Flurry itself, once so liked, is now defunct and can’t be used anymore.  We are not going to allow publication of tapes, interesting or otherwise, to groups of people on Urantia who have no interest of spiritual progress or spiritual administration.  It is our concern that all of you hear me Califax to say this, Ron does not mind not sending Flurry information out because it’s a pain to get all those email addresses and sent.  We are now going to use the tapes on the discussion Forum and in other forums not yet decided upon, but we are glad Ron uses the ‘box’  software and storage site because they are well done and they will keep what is put up on it. 

“Now Ron has asked Phyllis, Newstarsaphire, for a download of her archive of the Flurry and the ABC Summaries for he has destroyed all of his.  He has downloaded them and placed them safely aside and will not use them but merely keep them as a record of what he did.  The following information is very important do not worry about what old Flurry said, do not worry about what old ABC Summaries said but listen carefully, the book that Ron used through Ocilliaya Master Spirit Four the voice of the Father Son was used by Michael when he taught students from another solar system to learn how to understand what God says in English.  That book is partially a part of the new Urantia Book but we have cut out the ABC Summary information and the Flurry information.  Why?  the answer is simple, it is too strong a revelation for most on Urantia to ever understand in their present form.  One that knows Ron very well, now on the mansion worlds is Gerdean.   Gerdean is well understood of what happened when she was here and Ron and she battled but she doesn’t understand that Ron never knew the real problem and that is her jealously of him stepping in and taking care of an archive that was long overdue.  She now resides on mansion world three and is happy to listen to this broadcast as we are making it available as Ron speaks it, she is now understanding that Ron had nothing to do with stealing her work but was directed to do it immediately and without result upon, what was then, the Teaching Mission.  They became so incensed over the change of Ron doing it instead of Gerdean that it broke the old Teaching Mission up essentially.

“I conclude with this, your transmitter is fully advised that Califax is to be the Planetary Prince and will transfigure himself as a Lanonandek Son and the Vorondadek Sons, the Most Highs, will accommodate him by recognizing him as the Planetary Prince on Urantia.  I also wish to make sure that Ron understands that this tape is to be entirely included on the discussion Forum and that his friend Overmind understands that his transmission earlier today stating that Califax would become Planetary Prince on or about June 6, 2017, that Ron recognizes his good work and wishes him to understand he need not further accommodate those statements.  This is Califax, I wish you a good day.”

“I am Michael of Nebadon and I want one word before I close, I was very hard on Ron about his dislike of God doing things to him physically when we don’t want something, that is now ended he no longer will have physical things done but will be told verbally what we want. “

This is Ron, thank you Michael, I truly appreciate that instead of going into gales of cough, and whatever else you do sometimes, I love God, I serve God, I am yours.  I only wish that those who listen to me, via tape or written word,  understand  I am no more superhuman than you are, it’s all talk, to me anyhow.  I do not understand all that they talk about regarding my physical form, my mind or my spirit.  You will serve with me, I know you will.  I will enjoy it, we will be together as a band of good fellows in the old place called York and that will happen soon enough.  Thank you very much for listening, good day.


Dear Ron:

“There is a fundamental change to contact now.  Contact was and is still used to reach human minds so that we have a continuum of voicing according to the Magisterial Sons and Daughters (more on this later), then we did before.  Do not lament this, but address Michael of Nebadon, the Fair Axis of Employment.”

Could you please ask Michael of Nebadon to please clarify who are the “Magisterial Daughters“?

Jose L. Vargas Nunez

General Discussion / Re: EASTER
« on: April 06, 2024, 14:15:57 pm »
You are right PJammer, my post was a memory post from April 6, 2020.

General Discussion / EASTER
« on: April 06, 2024, 09:11:00 am »
APRIL 6, 2020:

Jesus was just 29 years and about 8 months old as he gave up his life today 1,990 years ago today.  True Easter, the Resurrection, happened APRIL 09, IN THE YEAR 30AD.

José L. Vargas Núñez

General Discussion / ULTIMATONS AND SPACE April 1, 2015
« on: April 01, 2024, 08:53:46 am »
ULTIMATONS and SPACE / Re: Subabsolute Space
« Last post by Ron Besser on Today at 07:59:38 AM » (Abril 1, 2015)
Louis, here is a graphic supplied in concept by Michael of Nebadon and Rayson, the Magisterial Science Officer for the Magisterial Mission.  These are representations of Ultimatons at different stages of their becoming ready to enter time-space from Havona space and they are shown without their heat shields.

I have comments below the graphic for you.

Ultimatons do have Paradise as their central point of reference for their own orientation, and that orientation has to do with how they are produced and prepared for time-space universe building.  The Ultimaton you and I are familiar with is the creative effort of the Deity Absolute, who in turn produces what is called a graphic work sheet of each Ultimaton to be built by the Unqualified Absolute.  The Unqualified Absolute is activated by the Paradise Trinity, and when this entity becomes active, it produces prodigious amounts of pre-material sparks which become Ultimatons.  Look at the graphic and see there are two blue-white rods in the center of the Ultimaton.  Each Ultimaton has these two blue-white plasma rods from which the one on the right as you look at the graphic, extends up to 11 strings out of the shell from the rod, and each string finds another Ultimaton to grab one of its strings to form sub-particles.  The electron requires 100 Ultimatons and each Ultimaton in the union that becomes an electron has bound itself around another string in another Ultimaton to form the union we call an electron.

Now, I wish to point out something to your ideas about space you have to reinvent in your own mind.  Space, according to the Science Officer is neither bound by, or is it contained, by anything.  Space fills areas but is not contained as a jar would contain water; water representing space in this analogy.  Space is non-absolute, but it has really nothing to do with being absolute or non-absolute at all.  Space is space and please remember that.  Ron reminded you it is an endowment and endowments are just given without explanation and are often times impossible to define with other theories that abound on Urantia about what space really is.

Ultimatons are created by the Unqualified Absolute by the patterns provided to it by the Deity Absolute, which in its turn, promises the Father in the Paradise Trinity, that each Ultimaton will bear the will of God in its glowing plasmic rods.

Ultimatons are released in nether Paradise by the Unqualified Absolute in non space.  The Ultimatons travel from nether Paradise to the inner limits of Havona, where space is unknown as you know it, for space in Havona is different from the space in the Superuniverses, for space in Havona is neither absolute or non-absolute, it is just space with the addition of the sub-particle in it called the Triata.  The Triata is known for its ability to force brand new Ultimatons into great big balls called globules, and these globules are pressed into peripheral Paradise by the Triata sub-particles designed to do just this.

The globules of trillions of Ultimatons each, attach themselves to the Triata and are pressed into the opening in the Paradise wall that leads to a chamber to non-space on Paradise, and from there the Paradise Trinity examines each one of the new Ultimatons for flaws, and if good, the stamp each new Ultimaton with a date-time stamp and a Paradise number on each Ultimaton as well.

These Ultimatons that have a number and a date-time stamp in universe terms, are than pressed back out into Havona, and the process to heat them up and pushes them out through various other chambers into the Superuniverses commences.  Once they are in time-space, each Ultimaton becomes irradiated, and when irradiated, they are now capable of extending strings from the right rod in each Ultimaton to start bonding to form electrons, protons, neutrons, pions, muons, and so forth.  I am Rayson and we welcome your questions on this forum Louis, now that you have been informed how an Ultimaton is made and how it is processed to get ready to go to time and space and build matter.

Space is not different anywhere else except in Havona.  The Triata in Havona are specialized sub-particles provided for the remaking of Ultimatons if they have to be modified or changed in any way.  The common Ultimaton is the Superuniverse level of space is the blue rod ones.  But there are red rod Ultimatons, and some yellow, some orange and some green, although the green rod Ultimaton is highly secret and no one really knows what they are for.

For Rayson.

General Discussion / Adjuster fusion
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March 27,2017
General Discussion / Re: Advanced Adjusters, How?
« Last post by Ron Besser on Today at 09:42:56 AM »March 27,2017

Jose, I wish I could give you some details about what you ask, but nothing is available, at least for the time being.  But just human reasoning affirms your statement: your Adjuster has had many previous indwellings, and I suspect you are the end of the line and can fuse when you are ready.

This whole idea of being able to fuse with your Adjuster while here remaining on Urantia and in the flesh is extraordinary, and I think takes getting used to.  The old Urantia Book was entirely unprepared to understand that such a way of moving into a God centered life could be done this way.  That is why we need a completely updated revelation.

I do not recall some Melchizedek details, but you know Mantutia Melchizedek is Chief Writer and Editor of the URANTIA Book?  Remember that if you can so you can give some weight to his words when he speaks.

Mantutia Melchizedek: "I speak gladly for you Ron, the new URANTIA Book to come off the Urantia presses soon enough, is one volume that comes to people like you Jose.  And that is because it updates all of this information about Thought Adjusters.  Your Thought Adjuster is really old and has over 700 indwellings to His credit.  Ron is not allowed to speak to anyone for the moment on these particular issues, but I can.  Your Adjuster's favorite moment with you recently is about your curiosity about who he is and what he has done to get here on Urantia.  He is now considered a Fusion Adjuster, and the way is open to you to complete your psychic circles and fuse with him before you leave the flesh on this planet."

Ron - The Urantia Foundation will never swallow anything not written in the old book.  I understand that, but then they cannot explain me at all, and really consider my name to be unruly and ugly to their point of view.  It turns out that most of us on this discussion forum, have learned so much and have been prepared for so much, that all of us combined are outside of the present fifth epochal revelation as the Urantia Foundation and others see us.  But ask yourself:  Does it matter what a human organization really thinks about miracles?  Think about it.  Then you might understand why human organizations will be replaced by divine organizations for the Magisterial Mission and beyond.

Keep your powder dry, Jose, and by that, I mean keep your reasoning sharp, and your heart and mind ready to become one with God, and that is IF you keep studying and hoping to work with that ancient friend of yours that indwells you so well today.  My best to you and all who read this message of hope for fusion on Urantia!   Ron

LEMUEL !!! Glad to hear from you that you’re still here with us!! It really touched my heart the message received in today’s Lightline that you had departed.  Welcome back!!

Tu amigo y hermano,


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: FASTING
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Dear brother Lemuel:

I wish to express my sinceré gratitude for having the honor of participating  in your Lightlines, specially  Lightline España. I’m am confident that our Father will provide us more opportunities to have you again as one of His transmitters in the near future.  Let us keep our faith in Him and pray that His will be done. Thank you Lemuel!!

Blessings to all,

Jose L. Vargas Núñez

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