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Teacher: One Without Name and Number (OWNN)
Subject: The State of Inhabitability
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 18/10/2022 7.40 am (AEDT)

S: It has been a wet spring season in the state I live in. The LaNina event is still bringing in huge amounts of precipitation to the extent that these weather events have caused flooding of inland rivers and towns. This flooding is spreading across borders and affecting three States and another State which also has suffered the rain event which just recently occurred. Governments have now stepped in to assist with their Defense Force personnel to assist in rescue and recovery along with financial aid to those most affected by these floods. The floods have caused towns to be flooded and houses inhabitable. Many people are affected in these areas where they are located near rivers that are experiencing huge volumes of rising waters. It is devastating to watch whole towns awash with water everywhere. People are now ripping out carpets and furniture that are wet, but there are reports that this weather of raining will come back and cause more flooding in the days ahead. The La Nina is still lurking to arouse such a wet phenomenon. These inland country towns for many years have been relatively dry and their rivers trickling by only to be facing a huge inland sea of water in their wake after so much rain now making its way down streams, rivers, creeks and so on. All eyes are on the great Murray River which is a main water source from which all other rivers are affected by its flow. As a result these towns are now seeing massive flooding. 

The State of Victoria is in an emergency crisis as it deals with the flooding of a number of towns. It will also cause food prices to rise due to the disruption of supplies and shortage of workers who are busy with the recovery work of their homes, businesses and so on. It is a massive task and one that will take weeks to find some normalcy. 

For now, it is a time to be alert to the weather that keeps coming and to watch the news for developments as it may occur. Even in the town I am in, the rivers have flooded to the extent that roads were closed and drivers have to steer a different route. This sort of flooding is not seen for some years. Some say a decade ago, others say it is a 1-in-1000 year flood. As for me, towns built near rivers and beaches should never have been placed and bad town planning should be revised drastically. I see it as a consequence of nature and humans who ought to learn from it and do better than just stay where it will happen again and again. Local Councils need to do better in planning their towns and avoid approvals near rivers entirely. Something that is too late now to change. As established it is;  those buildings will suffer many times until people come to a realization that it is not habitable or sustainable to persist in such an environment. It is no wonder why in ancient times, the nomadic tribes who had tents were able to move more quickly when such disasters strike and they were able to adapt to the environment they were confronting where certain disasters pose unlivable life. It is for this reason, the ability to move has secured their survivability in those times. 

While I ponder on the plight of man’s predicament. I ask for someone to come forward to speak on this. Silence and waiting……..I sense a teacher, go ahead please, if you would….

OWNN: “This is your teacher for today, dear one. I am here to speak on the natural disasters you are witnessing and you are right to be affected in some way by it. In your mind, you are seeing how those errors in town planning in allowing towns to be built near rivers and even on beach fronts where such erosion, flooding, landslides, even loss of lands can be as a result of such severe weather events. This is only going to get worse, as the earth experiences changes in its climactic pattern in the last year or so and the polar regions are going into a retreat. I am One Without Name and Number. I am your teacher and have no name to give you. My title warrants that I am anonymous and wish to stay that way. A name and number is for the identification process for those tasked in areas of work. Mine is not so classified as I work across fields, space and time. I assist you as you ask for someone to come forward to speak on your thoughts. It is a current situation in your news media you watched this morning and your reaction is both intelligent as well as emotional due to the fact this could have been avoidable. Rather, it is a disaster in an aging urban planning mechanism which is failing to understand the geomorphology of the landscapes these planners are dealing with, both in the past eons of geologic history, as well as, in the current climate of landform topography. Such planners do not see the errors made by previous planners and are now facing the real disasters that soon will render such plans inhabitable. 

“You will discover that when the planetary earth changes occur many areas will be in such a state of inhabitability, that most will take on the manner in which the nomadic tribes once used. Such will be the rapid change that will come across the landscape in which humans will need to learn to move quickly or go under with the changes. You are wondering the reasons for such a change is to do with the necessity for adaptability, to the earth’s new cycle which is now emerging to cope with the huge numbers of life it has. It can no longer sustain such a number. Both animal and human populations are at a rate it can not sustain. You must consider the old philosophy of the weight to land ratio. The more life-forms on it, the land is to sustain the weight and pressure upon its crustal plate. When one plate is heavier than the other it will be submerged and do a take to balance it. You are not aware of the mechanisms in which a tectonic plate derives from and to where it will go to align its parts to the other. That is yet to be understood by scientists to factor in the weight that is upon the continental areas of the plate itself. The oceanic plates also will experience the increasing weight of the waters now rising due to the ice melt in the polar regions and that too will offset the balance between the lands and the oceans. This is a water planet and it must be dealt with accordingly. Your lands are moving in relation to this weight ratio I mention and it is so delicate even more so now than in the geologic past. The earth’s core has shown its liquidity in that it too will cause it to buckle under some weight that now will place pressure elsewhere. 

“I will only mention the subject of the earth’s dynamics and no more. I teach this. I do not delve into the Mission plans as that is the subject of those so identified to do that. My area of expertise is to touch upon the geology of the earth's processes as that will soon come to the fore when it erupts into a full blown planetary emergency. The Mission plans will come into play to adapt to the change and will amend it as to human cooperation. I am One Without Name and Number, that is all for now. More is coming as the disaster will become more compounding on other factors you will see soon enough. Good day. Out. K.” 

S: Thank you so much One Without Name and Number, I appreciate your knowledge in the areas that concern me too. I feel that I have someone that is sensible about what I am seeing too. I appreciate some level of coherence on the problems of urban planning and its aging practices. For that matter I leave it there. Enough said. 


Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: Awaiting for Commencement of My Second Bestowal
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 4.30am (AEDT)

You are not sure what it is to understand and so you step back to get a better perspective on what it is that we are letting out at this moment of time. Just recently you have been hearing the term the Secret Police and that is such a term unheard of for us as well. It is not to do with norms that are in place, but to do with what the Paradise Trinity now places to inform us not to go ahead unless it is safe to do so. Most of our Mission plans are ready and are in place to go with, but the current matter of nuclear weapons and the use of them concerns the Universal Father in particular. As is discussed in recent developments any nuclear weapons that are used can have such an effect on the earth’s atmosphere that it will disrupt our work in assisting you all on the planet. The free energy system relies on a good working atmosphere and so on. That too, will be difficult if nuclear weapons are detonated and so we will render them useless by means we will not disclose. I am the Creator Son, your Local Universe Father and Sovereign, my name is Michael of Nebadon and I lived the life of JESUS in my first Bestowal in a human life on a mortal planet. It is still my pride and joy and so it will be again in my second Bestowal as JESUS before you all once again.

This time it will require much more than the first as we enter into a different age and mentality on this planet. Much change will occur and so it will require all the assistance that I and my team can offer to enable your growth and survival. Danger is lurking and you will all need to be on the watch as the earth is about to change due to the tectonic uplift and how that will affect the landscape you live on. 

There are so many areas of concerns and we will attend to them in each as they occur. For the most part we will be with you and reassure you that assistance is not far away. Right now we are ready and waiting for the go ahead signal from the Universal Father who is doing a sweep on the landscape of Urantia to ensure it is safe for us to begin our work. At the moment we are awaiting for the Secret Police to give us an update and we will not speak any further than that. 

Stay tuned for our updates as this is a rolling ball so-to-speak. I tune out as that is all for now. Good day, Out. K.


[Thank you Micheal of Nebadon for explaining a little more for us to be aware of. Shalom.]

Speaker: JESUS
Subject: Standing Down due to Some Concerns
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 12/10/2022 5.50am (AEDT)

This is JESUS. I am requesting this scribe to stand down and stay quiet until Michael and I have determined what it is that needs to be done at this point in time. There is quite a lot concerning us and we are of the opinion to stand down our work for a time due to the dangerous situation now occurring in Urantia both with conflicts, global recession and financial woes yet to be a real problem. That is all. Out. K.



Speakers: Michael of Nebadon and JESUS
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 10/10/2022 7.30am(AEDT)

I would like you to make a new header for this post. This is JESUS and Michael of Nebadon speaking. I am aware the date in your part of the world is the 10th of October and that is the date we have established to begin our Michael Missions to this planet we call Urantia 606 of the system of Satania, in the Local Universe of Nebadon which is among many Local Universes in the Seventh Super Universe, named Orvonton with its capital of Uversa, the seat of the Ancients of Days. That was a mouthful, and for good reason, to the facts we need to present to introduce ourselves to the world we now consider mostly in default both spiritually, materially and administratively. 

The header above is a statement now being announced in the Universe Broadcasts throughout the system of Satania. It states this: Urantia 606 is in Default and will face adjudication by the Ancients of Days by request of the Paradise Trinity. As a result, the Missions we will introduce will be swift and harsh due to the status of the Rebellion this planet has been under for an unusually long time that it has no bearing with the laws of Universe Administration. Micheal of Nebadon and I will now no longer be doing a renewal mission but a disciplinary mission to establish good conduct and social reform. There are more to that than we state here but it means there are various issues we must address to the populations of this planet now experiencing overpopulation to the extent the material earth can no longer sustain it. The earth will buckle in its tectonic plates in various locations and cause crustal movements and ocean inundation on a planetary scale. Loss of life will be in the billions by our estimation and those who die will be taken care of. 

What will be left is destruction, loss of supplies, transportation and energy. It is for this reason we will introduce free energy, pure water systems, free energy car systems, and food supplements of the sort that maintains your body during the harsh environmental conditions the survivors will face. Civilizations as you once knew will disappear as so many will be under the oceans and the new lands will be formed in newer areas. The planet will undergo a metamorphosis of the sort it has done in its geologic past. I, as Michael of Nebadon, have seen it before and am aware how much damage this will cause to a heavily populated earth as Urantia has now become. This will now be occurring in the phase we estimate to be between late 2023 through to 2025. JESUS and I now come to prepare you all for what is a troubling time ahead. Most of you will simply go into shock and then panic. That is to be expected. For now, it is our task to prepare you for your life in the next phase of your adventure when you do die, if that happens to you. That will be for you to know and to relieve you of fear. For those who are fortunate to survive, it will also be an extraordinary adventure in a new world that emerges from the rubble and mess that may be left after the earth changes subsided. It will be a testing time for the most part as you discover so much of what matters in life and beyond in the new life to come. You will have us here to guide you and assist you in this phase of renewal as you will see how much more our works means to you. It is with this you will find Father and know the journey better than it ever has been in your past. The past is done, the ‘old house that Jack built’ will be gone and the House of God will be your new home. 

That is all for now as we go about this with a sense of the duty of care we have for each of you, who are to face some harsh truths soon enough. We ask that you do not fear, but rather, to know that the Father has your life in His hands and you will be taken care of even now and in your eternal future. You will come to know that in due time. I am Michael of Nebadon and JESUS as we speak as one. Good day. Out. K.


[Thank you so much Michael of Nebadon and JESUS. What a message to receive today. It is good to know that we need not fear even though there are scary times ahead for us to watch out for. Shalom. ]

[T/R note: I am not sure if I should put this out to the public forum as it is rather shocking news and may cause many to be upset and panic. I will listen again and ask Michael if it is appropriate to place it….]

Sue, this is Michael of Nebadon, I am sure you are receiving this as quite alarming and rightly so it is. This is not comfortable news to your ears and nor is it for your fellows either but to hold back this revelation would be reckless as well. I have no business in keeping my children in the dark over matters that affect you and it is my duty to prepare you for things that do. That is what fathers do and so I make it known in order for you all to be aware and be ready for such life changing events. I and JESUS, will do what we can to reassure you all that such planetary disasters are given much assistance and care for such a massive loss of life on the planet. When a planet is placed in a Default category it is immediately placed under the auspices of the Ancients of Days and is given priority attention and management as well as funding for disaster relief. This frees up the queue for supply and support. In such a case as Planet 606 is, there is no time to waste as things now become clear to us that the earth’s core is behaving in an abnormal manner now reported by the Power Directors who keep a close watch on it. It is losing its magnetic ability at such a rapid rate that it will cause the earth to tilt and the crustal upheaval will result due to the inability to retain heat and pressure. The Monmatia sun is causing this as well from its solar flares of late, that it too affects the magnetic field around the polar regions of the earth’s atmosphere. I am told that it is imminent that the earth may turn at any moment and we must make our introduction to prepare the populations for their life’s purpose and ascensionary plans to look forward to rather than be consumed in fear and shock. I would do anything to avoid the numbing effects of shock, but the truth must be known so you are able to remain calm and in a state of assurance that your eternal destiny awaits you, no matter what happens to your earthly life. Please place this at once, as there is more for us to report in the coming days. Thank you for checking with me on this and it is true what is stated. Out. K.


[okay thank you Father Michael I will place it, as you requested.]

Speaker: Manodet Melchizedek
Subject: Missile Launches are Rendered Useless by Us.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 09/10/2022 5.50am (AEDT)

You are concerned about the number of missile launches that North Korea has been firing in recent weeks and that is being monitored by us with both the Planetary Prince and the Planetary Manager. I am consigned in your region as one of the Mission Governors in the Pacific region, I am Manodet Melchizedek. I have relayed my concerns as well and it is being watched as most of these missiles are deadly. Any more of these that come close to civilization, we will render them useless on impact by our own methods we use. This is not to be disclosed how that can be done, but it is something that we use once we are aware that nuclear weapons are being deployed. 
I am keeping this short at this stage due to the coming business we have that makes the world stand up and take notice. That is all for now, Good day. Out. K.


Threads for New Transmissions / JESUS - My Arrival is Soon
« on: October 07, 2022, 15:03:14 pm »
Speaker: JESUS
Subject: My Arrival is Soon
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 08/10/2022 5.45am (AEDT)

I know this seems like a quiet spell waiting for my arrival and that is because most of my time is being used to check and verify what is most at risk and even potentially advantageous. Policy renewal and social reforms are on the top of my list to do as well as the usual religious meanings that require it. I am JESUS and that is the one that was on the earth long ago, but I promised to return, and it is soon to be my turn to make another round of new inspiration to enable your growth with your abiding Thought Adjuster. It is with your Adjuster that you become aware of what it is that leads you north. As soon as I arrive, it will become a non-agondontor age on the planet. Prior to my arrival, most who have been led and found their Adjuster within, are the ones who are Agondontors. Agondontors are those who believe without seeing, the faith journey with their Source and Centre within, the great I AM. 

In my sojourn in the Levant two millennia ago, you will recall many times those two words I used to identify the Source within and the personality of the Universal Father whom I love and represent. It is with this I bring, and with more of what needs to be learned and understood as I was abruptly killed before my time. Now that is to be continued and no one or thing can remove me as I am a Spirit Being/Entity incarnated in material form. There is more to this as Michael of Nebadon is in it with me. As we return to complete the work of renewing your minds to the Father and His House. 

I leave it there as much will unfold soon when I appear and you will know me when I speak the words of the Universal Father who bids you all to listen to the Son of God in your midst. There are more who come with me to do this work and they represent the Father also. This is all for now, be prepared for my visit and may you be in my peace. Shalom.


[Thank you so much JESUS, we all look forward to your arrival. God bless you and Shalom.] 

Speaker: JESUS
Subject: Keep On Course With Me and Your Adjuster
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 05/10/2022 5.56am(AEDT)

This is JESUS. I'll keep this short. There is one thing to do for you while it is time. Keep on course with me and with your Adjuster. Stay vigilant and informed by our steady stream of information we have now being made on a daily basis as the air is clear and I can make some remarks and sayings once in a while but mostly there is too much work to do and we have a huge list of personnel now ready to do it. I am JESUS. May my peace be with you. Shalom.


[Thank you very much JESUS.]

Speakers: JESUS and Michael of Nebadon
Subject: Possible Planetary Default
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 02/10/2022 9.10am (AEDT)

[It is now daylight saving time where I am and the clock is put forward one hour. It is not something I like, but what is placed in certain states to practice. I lived in other states and territories in the past that do not have daylight saving and it makes a whole lot of sense, for the simple reason to keep at standard time because of the sheer heat of the sun in the warmer northern part of the continent. Also, it works better for farmers that way. In the cooler southern states, the idea to have more recreation time in the sun was favoured by most so that extra daylight in the afternoon was a bonus to enjoy. I see the point, but still find the standard time far better in any case because why upset the natural cycle of the sunrise and sunset and with the habitual nature of animals. Milking cows early in the morning just got a whole lot trickier so I hear from those who do that work….]   

I am JESUS Sue, may I intervene in your daily thoughts here. [Yes of course JESUS, go ahead if you would please…] Thank you. Now, what is at stake is the course of what is occurring in your world is so alarming that although I am keen to step in to start the Mission, Michael of Nebadon is now requesting me to stand back and wait this out so as to see what is unfolding before our eyes. If those who are using nuclear weapons and even doing testing with them are to be told to stop, due to the sensitive nature it will cause to your earth’s atmosphere, along with the horrible effects of such weapons if used in war efforts. I am convening a meeting to discuss this very issue with the Council of Equilibrium as it is concerning me what is escalating out of places such as between nations such as Russia/Ukraine, the North Korea regime in its rogue missile launches, and the middle east that is now showing signs of tension flaring once again due to the cultural protest erupting. These tensions boil over and begin another round of conflicts we do not wish to see at all in the middle of what we have plans to be about. 

If there is any nuclear confrontation and unrest then I, Jesus and the Magisterial Sons will pull out, period. The Universal Father has made it clear that no such actions by humans be tolerated. Father is adamant if this goes a certain way, there are consequences, and He is to declare a default at once. Once a world is declared in default, it suffers planetary failure and isolation. It will eventually die of its own accord. For those who are wondering what happens to them in this instance is that you are to live out your life naturally until you naturally die, from there you go to the receiving area in the grid to be assessed, from there those who are with Adjusters will be transported to the Mansion Worlds and be adjudicated as to your status from such a world. Most will not stand, but fail because of the nature of rebellion still inherent in humans. 

This is not easy for me to state, but one that must be reported due to the nature we are now seeing as turning worse than a few weeks ago. If these conflicts turn around and peaceful dialogue is sought, then we may avoid default and move towards Mission actuality. Right now we stand back and watch and wait for which way this is turning out to be. Humans are unpredictable at worst and yet potentially transforming at best. It is truly up to each and every one of you to seek the Father and seek peace and not war and division between you. I seek for you to do so and so I leave it there. This is JESUS and Michael of Nebadon speaking as one. I bid you well and in peace. Out. K.

[Wow, thank you JESUS and Michael of Nebadon.  At least we know how you are seeing this one way or the other. And it is saddening if it is the other. Default is not something we could ever wish in your Universe and it is a shame on all of us. May we pray and seek you Father in all that is and is to come. May your will be done Father as to the state of this world and for our future. ]

[T/R Note: folks as I write here I am feeling an overwhelming sense of sadness enveloping me and it is tinged with a foreboding loss of life soon; it seems so likely, yet it only takes goodness in humans to behave and seek peaceful resolutions, this could turn around for the better.  Let us hope so, Sue.]


Speakers: JESUS and Michael of Nebadon
Subject: The Alarm of Red Rod Ultimatons in Urantia
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 27/09/2022 7.22am (AEST)

It has now been some time for the new day to arrive and it feels like any normal day with a lot of weather and financial woes. You are all feeling it and so am I as that comes close to an awful truth. The world in which you live is a disaster in so many ways. I as JESUS walk here to get a feel for what is afoot and it is truly a sad place even though the natural earth is a remarkable sight with so much diversity to admire. For now this is the situation, and soon it will get a whole lot worse, with the reports now coming in from the Universe Force Organizers who oversee so much of material organization as well as its impacts upon human life on habitable spheres now existing in the Satania system. Nebadon’s universe is showing signs of stress in the magnitude of material imbalance due to the insurrection interference. This is being attended to and redone to ensure proper balance in material manifestation. The Ultimatons arriving and stationed in Urantia are showing mostly red rods which alarms the Universe Force Organisers as it portends to disasters in the atmosphere surrounding the earth’s mantle. The ozone layer is being compromised yet again, even as it is appearing to strengthen, but in truth it is decaying at a rate caused by the red rods in the Ultimatons.

[JESUS can I interrupt with a question here please? (yes go ahead) Thank you, it is with my understanding that these red rods when they appear are to return to Paradise at once for addressing its appearance and for that to be evident in Urantia, does that point to the intention it brings even if it arrives from Paradise as red and not blue?]

JESUS here scribe. This is correct in your thinking of the matter, but in truth, the Paradise Trinity has signaled a red flag in Satania by all accounts to the problems these spheres who are experiencing insurrection interference and these red rods are to do a great deal of damage in relation to it. It is a known secret up here as to the work of the Ultimations and certain colors have certain designations and tasks in the Universe materialization work. Here we have a signal that tells me there are certain disasters now being detected and I am to stand back yet again from any visible mission because this is not safe for me to walk and stand and talk, let alone, breathe.

Yes, I know this alarms you and rightly so, as it does to me and Michael of Nebadon at this point in time. We are now convening for a meeting to sort out what is happening and to discuss this with the Council of Equilibrium and the Universe Force Organizers and then with the Paradise Trinity as to what these Ultimatons portends for planets like yours in the Satania system.

[JESUS, can I ask another question if I may? (yes of course go ahead) Some time ago there was this sense given to us that such a planetary disaster may occur and that there may even have to be a planetary evacuation if that is to be the case, is this what now may be, due to the coming collapse of our planet and others as well, and what can we do if this is the outcome?]

Yes good question, and one to make in all honesty given the alarm now being raised. It is a normal response for humans to know alarm, fear and to respond in survival readiness. It is with this that you take to heart what is at stake and how best you can deal with it. I think it best to wait for what we find in the meeting and for what action may be taken in response to it, both on our part and on yours. For now, wait, be patient and see how this turns out. It may be avoidable or it may not, depending on what changes we can make to the materialization behaviors of the Ultimatons, the Universe Force Organizers can do, if it can be done. But my guess is that, given what comes from Paradise is almost irreversible and has its intentions truly designed for its use. So that too is of certainty. I would rather that we take the wait-and-see approach and seek guidance as to what can be learned in this most informative of meetings to date.

I am JESUS. I speak with Michael of Nebadon and with others I rather not reveal at this time. Michael of Nebadon is busy attending the meeting to shore up what can be done and I too. For now, please stand by and await further instructions. BE still and know that we are with thee. Be in my peace and Shalom.


[Thank you so much JESUS and Michael of Nebadon and others for allowing us to see what alarms you and for us to be concerned with as well. May the Father’s will be done even if we are to see a planetary emergency and perhaps a possible planetary evacuation. We await and may our prayers be with you JESUS.]

[T/R note: Hi everyone, this is rather unusual for me to take down as I get the sense that I feel unusually flat this morning. It is a very overcast day in Geelong and I did not get to see Jupiter in the night sky so close to earth as some of you have seen. This morning, I feel flat and I do not know why. Reading Ron’s post on the Universe Force Organizers and how I received from JESUS this morning regarding the red rod Ultimatons does signal the reason why I feel so flat. It is not good news to receive and I feel it so pronounced as yet another disaster in the works and deflates all our hopes of a Divine Mission because this planet, along with others, are now getting hit by red rod Ultimatons that do worse than blue ones. If Ron can shore up more news on what can be received, that would be great, but I am sure as JESUS advised, we may need to wait for what outcomes can be made from the meeting now being convened. I hope this transmission is clear channel and is correct in reception as I feel it is so unusual after such a nice period of hopeful plans for JESUS to appear in October. Now this seems to look uncertain at this point in time. I leave it there and hope you are all staying calm and prayerful as I am. Good day. Sue.] 

[P.S. I make an apology for a typo error here in this post - the Universe Force Organizers should be typed Master Force Organizers instead, even though that is what I am getting in the transmission. I think it is interchangeable between the two. Just so you know. Thanks. Sue.]

Speaker: JESUS
Subject: A New Christmas, New Tidings and Good Health and More
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 26/09/2022 7.40am (AEST)

Alright Sue, this is JESUS. I speak here mainly because there is soon to be a Divine Mission to be presented. At first I come with no fanfare as I get to see the Magisterial Foundation get duly organized and functioning with the funds Michael of Nebadon makes to it. How that is done is kept secret for now. It will be disclosed in a later time when the WTP Patent gets up and running and a lot of resources will be made available as the necessity of free energy becomes increasingly demanded. You have wondered this morning, dear scribe, that it already feels like Christmas and you are correct to think it. I am here already, even though I may not be visible to you, but, lo and behold, I am speaking and you are keen to be about this with me. My second coming will set a new Christmas date in your calendars as the first coming will be superseded by all that I represent to the world at large. It may come to a surprise to many that the 25th of December is an incorrect birthday date, as I was not born at that time of the year in my first bestowal as the little Jesus of the Levant. The true date of my birth is recorded in the Urantia Book as the 21st of August. Urantia Book readers will have already known this fact and celebrate it as to my life and work. Now these dates will change to a new one soon and that is with newer meaning and a statement of intention for the work of God to and with you all. 

I, as JESUS, will present some policy changes, educational courses with the Adam and Eve School, and the WTP project with the RAYSON Corporation. All these will culminate in a fitting exercise in grace as to how it serves you as a child of God in the Father’s House. It is with this that I toil to ensure you who read this and many more will come to learn of a new consciousness in the way of the FATHER of All. There is a New Universe Age in which we now operate and that means there has been a lot of changes to the way Universal Life works and functions in line with the Paradise Trinity and not of the old way of the experiential deity once called god the supreme (no capitals), as that was the previous design before that deity chose to blow himself up and is no more. However, we now have a new experiential design now incorporated with the Deity Absolute. Who takes it to task to ensure the experiential life is well cared for and respected as to the mortal education and life experience so important for growth in understanding and wisdom. 

The Adam and Eve School will most certainly have courses to bring out these elements for you all to learn how and why the mortal life, as well as, your morontial life, brings so much depth of meaning in your journey with the indwelling Father Fragment who leads you and guides you in each step of life, even in eternal life as well. Your life is truly a gift from the Father and one that is greatly cared for as to the wealth of experience, wisdom and adoration that all life brings upon oneself. It truly is an amazing life to be in and thrive in to explore what infinity is and how one can seek the unknown force of God. [Unqualified Absolute(UA)?] 

The scribe had a flash of thought as to the UA in my words, and that is right to question it. Of course there is a hint by your Adjuster with reference of the unknown force as the UA and that is rightly there and not expounded upon because it is yet to be understood the steps in the Master Universe life before we even get to the UA part, which will be, in all respects, every part and parcel intrickly involved in the working order of the Master Universe. So much is yet to learn for you as you are on the verge of a great education buzz that will greatly inspire you and enhance your life journey. 

This will be all for now. I am JESUS. I am here and know that the new Christmas is about to be a real new day to celebrate as it brings great new tidings and good health for all. I bid you a good day and be ready for a new day that I bring soon. Shalom.


[Thank you so much JESUS. So good you bring new tidings and good health and more. May the Father’s will be done. Amen.]

Speaker: JESUS
Subject:  The Discourse of Life Continues and the FATHER’s Temple and Fusion.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 20/09/2022 8.31 am (AEST)

This is JESUS. You watched the funeral like no other ever done in the way the Queen has been given in such full honours and respect. You stayed to the last images to see the coffin lowered and was moved to watch and hear the lone bagpipe sounded as it did. Death has no sting when you know I am here and so is your Queen. I once had a discourse to give and now the discourse continues as I live eternal and my words give such to you who hear them. Soon death will come to a thing in the past, as those who reach their final Spirit Circles will stand in the centre of the FATHER’s Temple and will be surrounded by loved ones to witness the Fusion with the Adjuster in the sacred Spirit Flames of Love and Service. Once done, the Fused One is enrapt in Spirit form and moved on to Uversa where it is greeted by the accompanying Supernaphim. 

Those are Ones who have finished and completed the Circles to reach the point of Spirit Entity no longer visible in material form or eyes. The old form of natural death no longer is used, as most who live, will reach those circles due my presence and work soon and even now. Your material form is transformed into a new Spirit form as those who do are swallowed up by the Adjuster Fusion process. It is a most sacred transition for all to see when encircled in the FATHER’s Temple. The Fusion candidate says his/her last words and farewell and is placed in the centre to be fully graduated and fused before all.

Why I speak on this is because there will be a lot of you that will reach these milestones shortly and many more will follow. It is why I am here to allow all of you to prepare for such an event so sacred and so wondrous to understand what is happening to those of you who are to be fully fused with your Adjuster. There will of course be a transition of earth changes and an upheaval, yet to be passed, and many will of course perish an untimely death from such disasters, and it will come a time of renewal and change that the FATHER’s Temple will be a place you will come to know and respect for what it is and why it is placed. It is a circular stone structure of beauty and not one that is huge, but a simple one that only stands for the Spirit Fusion of the child of God. It will be quite similar to the circle of stones such as you see at Stonehenge and other areas that resemble such a design. It is not a house but an open Temple to the sky and to the stars. 

When I died on the cross, I did commend my Spirit with and to the FATHER in my last breath before I could breathe no more. It is the same as you who are fused to be so commended with the FATHER of All, both in Spirit and in Soul. You, who have reached a certain level in Fusion attainment, will know this and are close to the final stage and it is then you are prompted to approach the Temple for such finality to occur in a sacred vow and prayer.

It is with great excitement that I come again to allow you all to know there is an eternity of life to live beyond this natural earthly one you inhabit for only a short time. I come to prepare you for such a journey and a wonderful adventure the FATHER has for each and all of you who are so willing to follow. I walked to the nine yards of it, if it can be called that, and now I come to enable you to know it is attainable and incredible to do so. There is no shortage of amazement and astonishment as you walk it as I did, and still do. The FATHER has so many surprises in store and it never ceases as His Infinity unfolds and it is breath-taking. 

I am JESUS. I come to you as a brother and as a Deity as you will soon discover my journey is also yours to follow. It takes courage, determination, faith, trust and, dare I say, a lot of humour along the way. Be of good cheer, my fellows, as I bring good news for your ears to hear and you will know that my words ring true and I speak only of the FATHER and His House. I leave it there for now for you to ponder the life to come in the Spirit of God. May my peace be with you and may you have a good day. Shalom.


[Thank you so much JESUS for this truly grants us so much more to look forward to and to adore the FATHER who wishes the discourse of life to continue and not end. I bow.]

Speakers: Machiventia Melchizedek and JESUS
Subjects: The Work of Machiventia, JESUS and the FATHER’s House
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 19/09/2022 6.45am (AEST)

This is Machiventia Melchizedek. There has been a computer problem you had that did not allow you to type or edit the last message I gave you yesterday and I advised you to stop and leave for another day. Here we are and let's get going on what I have to say. As Planetary Manager I have the position that oversees most of what traffic is occurring in and out of the planetary grid and to get reports from the Most High of Norlatiadek who have their delegates on the planet that do some very important work behind the scenes to prepare the way for the Missions soon to be visible before long.

I am getting the reports daily and I also see to it that the insurgents, insurrectionists and rebels who dislike anything to do with the human involvement in our missions are placed in quarantine and are facing the court for adjudication. Most will face extinction if they persist. Others who are repentant and loyal will be pardoned and sent elsewhere for rehabilitation.

That side of things is being sorted and for now we have a road cleared and the work of establishing an organization that has real dough in the eyes of men. The Magisterial Foundation is that organization that we work from and make real progress through many of its subsidiary functions. The free energy WTP patent will make its way throughout the entire planet to ensure that humans get this energy freely and uninterrupted when it gets built and transmitting to the exact instructions laid out in Rayson’s descriptions in the WTP Patent. That Patent is now approved and will make its way to Ron Besser the Administrator of this website and the current Director of the Magisterial Foundation. The WTP Patent will not be sold or transferred as it is the property of the Magisterial Foundation. It is to be used by humans and for humans and not to be abused by other corporations for monetary gains. For so long, energy production and consumption has been used and abused by utility giants that must be stopped. No longer will they have that as the Free Energy we produce on our side is for the benefit of and for humanity. As the Planetary Manager, I will keep a close watch on the Patent and its use thereof in the decades it is to be used.

As for the Magisterial Foundation it is now operating and will be funded by the Michael Fund from Salvington as the monies that is sent is to be used to allow the WTP to get built in various locations and be operating as it is designed for. Also, much of the funds will also go to assist in the work of JESUS and the Melchizedeks who are now stationed in the geographical locations to assist in the planetary renewal soon to take place.

There will also be the Adam and Eve School that also will be funded and supported, as the education they bring will uplift the spiritual progress of Ascenders already receiving their Adjuster’s guidance.

JESUS is here to speak and I hand it over to him.

JESUS is speaking here, dear scribe. I have a few things to add to Machiventia’s work.

Machiventia is a huge personality and a great brother I admire very much, he is to be fully respected by me, as I work closely with him and with Mantutia, the Planetary Prince. These two are the bulls in the park and Urantia is greatly blessed to have them in this work. I am deeply honored to be working with them as they have helped me tremendously in my ascension journey long ago. It is the Melchizedeks such as these that make all the difference to our education and training in our ascension. Mine included with yours, is very much well instructed by such great Masters of Thought and Heart. God bless them and their work!

Now this: as your JESUS, I come with a few words to all in a few weeks time to express some stern views, as well as, some corrections to make to who and what I am. I am not the JESUS in my first bestowal you know of in the biblical writings of old. That is old hat by now, so much has changed since then and so have I and you. You know that. What I bring is big news and new revelations that ought to have made it through the day two thousand years ago, but got lost along the way. I bring the truth as it should be told and I bring the team with me who you know as Apostles but they are much more than that when they work with me. Paul of Tarsus, Peter and John and a few more are here to speak in the Missions later on after I have set the record straight, on what needs to be understood on the outset before all else. No more gospels of the cross are to be preached, because that is not and never ought to be my gospel. My gospel is to be about the Fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man and the sonship of man. This is about the Cosmic Universal family in which we all belong in the Father’s House. For that reason, I am about the Father’s House. Once upon a time it used to be called the Kingdom of God, I would much rather call it the House of God or the Father’s House. That is my gospel and I preach the UNIVERSAL FATHER as that is who indwells you as the Fragment of God or the Mystery Monitor, the Pilot Light, the Thought Adjuster and Controller. You are HIS CHILDREN and I am your brother and friend. Machiventia and Mantutia are to be viewed as such and as Masters.

When that time comes for me to appear publicly, I will make this known about the House of God and my gospel. The Apostles, the Melchizedeks and the Most High Delegates who are present will also speak in the same terms that I speak and it is wise that you learn the vocabulary and terminology we use in reference to the Universal thought and way. For now, the humans badly require correction and education into the new gospel and as to the new life we bring unto you. Soon after the upheaval, the renewal grows and then there will come a time for the early stages of Light and Life for which the Magisterial Sons will bring, as well as, the Trinity Son Margul, who is the teacher for all things to do with Light and Life.

I am JESUS. This name is in capitals because it is a new JESUS to the old one of years past as I have ascended and am now deity in my own right in my own Local Universe. I work with your Sovereign Father of Nebadon who is Michael of Nebadon, I have my own called Titanium and that is far away in another galaxy if you like Star Wars. That is another story to tell some far away time when you are ready to receive it. For now, I am back in a second return or what is called the Second Bestowal  which is a first in the Universe of Time never done before, but because of the unique situation that Michael of Nebadon is in, it is such to bring back the children of Urantia into the Father’s House once more. The Lucifer Rebellion caused so much disruption that it left some planets such as Urantia, Panoptia and a few others, out of the usual transition paths of ascension work. For a long time, these planets were placed under quarantine to curb the spread of rebellious infection in the system of Satania, Nebadon and beyond. For this reason, your planet Urantia has suffered under the worst kind of rebel attacks no where else seen in the Universe.

Urantia is Michael's first bestowal planet where he became as Jesus in the Levant before he became Sovereign of His Local Universe. It is in this work, Jesus brought much enlightenment and could have brought even more had he lived further beyond the awful untimely death. That was the work of rebels who are now adjudicated and extinct. There are still some remnants of rebels, and they are being removed and adjudicated appropriately as we speak. This clears the way for me as JESUS, to begin very shortly after the Queen’s funeral is passed and our work can begin to pave a new path for all to see who matters most in our hearts and minds. I bring the message of eternal life in the Father’s House and for all to know they are loved by Father and all are welcomed and embraced by me who are willing to follow me, as I walk with FATHER.

That is it for now and we close this with a prayer:

OUR FATHER, hallowed be thy name, great is your name and greatly are you to be praised in your sanctuary, may you grant us all that we need to learn and grow in the love of God and in the love of our fellows, thank you FATHER, blessed by thy name, Amen.

To you all, know that I am with thee and may my peace be with you, Shalom.


[Oh thank you so much Machiventia Melchizedek and JESUS, wonderful message well received. Blessed be the FATHER.]

Threads for New Transmissions / JESUS - The Work and the Surprise
« on: September 16, 2022, 15:59:31 pm »
Speaker: JESUS.
Subject: The Work and the Surprise
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Locaton: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 17/09/2022 5.51 am (AEST)

This is JESUS. There is one thing to say and it is this. Soon I appear and I get about the business of the Father and you are in for some surprises. When I work you will find that I really do mean it and that you as humans will find that work more meaningful in relation to the business at hand. Much will open up and more personnel will arrive to assist in the rehabilitation of Urantia. It will take time and much effort on all involved in seeing to the Mission and for the health and well being of each. I am JESUS. I keep this short as there is a lot I do behind the scenes to prepare the way for our visible work soon to take place. I bid you well and in good spirits. Shalom.


[Thank you so much JESUS.]

Speaker: Machiventia Melchizedek
Subject: The Planetary Manager and the Concerted Effort 
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 16/09/2022 5.48 am (AEST)

This is Machiventia Melchizedek. I am here with JESUS, Manodet Melchizedek, Arthura Melchizedek and the Planetary Prince Mantutia Melchizedek. I am the Planetary Manager, I work alongside Mantutia Melchizedek and consult with all the Melchizedeks now stationed in their positions of responsibilities. JESUS is also stationed ready and awaiting for the mourning process of Queen Elizabeth II to be done with . It is in October that our work will surely take place when Gabriel and Michael of Nebadon give the signal to commence and do. What is soon to take place are policy changes and protocols to be respected as JESUS will make clear the reasons for them along with the necessity of his presence in the Second Return. It will occur without fanfare and much publicity at first as we are to get certain things in place before we approach the media. 

I am speaking mainly because there are some things that need to be said by me as your Planetary Manager and it is the above to make sure all things go smoothly and to ensure the safety of our personnel including JESUS. Mantutia runs a tight ship and is ensuring that the process of the Missions do adhere to the requirements made through the Ancients of Days, Michael of Nebadon and the Paradise Trinity. These requirements are numerous and very involved in the way it must create a whole new way forward for the planet Urantia and also for others in the system of Satania. It is certainly a concerted effort to align these planets in the course of Universal Life which badly needs to be set in Universal time and not the old times of each planet’s system. 

This is about it for now, more is to come. I am Machiventia Melchizedek at your service. May you keep well and be prepared for the coming changes. Out.K.


[Thank you so much Machiventia Melchizedek, so good to hear from you and that you are in service to assist us all. God bless you all. Shalom. ]

Speakers: JESUS, Manodet and Arthura Melchizdek
Subject: The Coming Earth Changes and our Work
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 15/09/2022 5.45 am (AEST)

I am JESUS. I work closely with the Melchizedeks now stationed on Urantia. As it is there are a number of them who are assigned designated geographical areas to oversee and care for. Manodet Melchizedek is your Mission Governor for your country Australia, scribe, along with one another you do not know the name yet but it will be revealed later. The reason being in manifold and most certainly to do with the nature of our service to the planet. Manodet and Arthura are here to speak on that.

This is Manodet Melchizedek speaking. I am in charge of your country and the Pacific region in particular as those islands are relying on both Australia and New Zealand for assistance when required. Soon it will become essential as those islands will face inundation and loss of land due to the rising sea levels and worse still the tectonic plate movements soon to be realized. You are correct in thinking that there will be a correlation of effects upon these lands in the sea as well as your own continent as these landmasses will suffer along with many other continents on the planet when the tectonic plates begin to buckle and move. It will come to pass that the realities of change will be confronting and, not only do you contend with nature, but with the new way that JESUS will present to the people as to the way that it will mean to them.

Energy production will change, resource management will be modified and adjusted to the growing problems arising from the natural disasters, transportation will be massively cut due to the disruption of roads, airports and waterways. So much is yet to be faced and it is for us to be stationed ready to act when the time comes. For now it is so vital to have more scribes to take these messages as they become the beacon of knowledge and guidance as to what can be done better. I am Manodet Melchizedek. Here is Arthura Melchizedek. 

This is Arthura Melchizedek, I am here because it is my task to get in touch with many of you who can transmit and be of service in this way. I am to be working in conjunction with all the Melchizedeks now stationed around Urantia and it is very imminent that we estimate the earth changes to be erupting. The Power Directors have done their best to keep it stable but the earth’s core is showing strain and must move on its axis and that in turn will result in the tectonic plates to move as well. I advise that you keep in tune with us and take these minutes to task as they become news for you to be aware of. 

I now have JESUS here that wishes to speak. 

This is JESUS. I am here and ready and it will come to pass all that is said here. Soon these revelations will become real and tangible and you will notice how my words that I speak become a lifeline in a sea of confusion. I am JESUS, I bid you well and have a good day. Shalom.


[Thank you so much JESUS, Manodet and Arthura Melchizidek.]

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