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While listening to YOU speak today November 16, 2021,  I had a thought and a question. It is this: 
How would YOU like to speak to us in your own voice?

Fact 1.   JESUS is on URANTIA.
Fact 2.   JESUS speaks to passersby and in Living color.
Fact 3.   Jesus speaks to Ron, Lemuel, Phyllis, and others through transmissions.


The members of the Discussion Forum invites you, JESUS, to speak live via telephone to the attendees of the Sunday LightLine USA this coming Sunday November 21, 2021,  or another Sunday LightLine in case YOU are working that day.  In fact, Ron could make an announcement this Sunday that YOU are, in fact, going to dial in on a Sunday LL USA of YOUR choosing, hosted by your good friend, Ron.  JESUS, today we had almost 30 call-in subscribers and on streaming and internet that attended this Sunday LL USA.

The fruits of YOUR acceptance of our invitation are 1) that the attendees could double, triple, or more. Our telephone service is supposed to handle 100 call-ins, but we can urge many to use the internet service to prevent drop offs. 2) the pleasure to hear Your voice and message. 3) Aside for Agondonters, Your call can inspire those on the fence to open the gate.

Our Beloved JESUS, please remit YOUR response to the host of Sunday LL USA, YOUR friend, Ron. JESUS, if YOU don’t have a cell phone, and if the the Man with the purse, MM, did not give YOU enough travel money to buy one, try to borrow one. Just tell whomever that YOU are JESUS, and YOU need to make a call for 10 minutes. Warning: be prepare to catch the person falling backwards from fainting.
Thank you JESUS for your consideration to attend.

Your friend and little brother,


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