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General Discussion / Notice Astronomical Fall Starts in days
« on: September 20, 2023, 10:48:47 am »

The dependable fall equinox begins for sure in York, Pa, USA on 23 September at 2:50am.New York Time,  That time is standard time  in the New York Time zone which York falls under.  Greenwich (ignoring British summer time) begins on the 22nd of 'September  6:50 UTC

Would you believe I had to search for the correct time on the Internet because it is misquoted on a couple of web sites ad they got the time wrong for some reason.  Most web sites agree with what I printed for you to see above.  Fall is called an equinox because the sun now shines precisely on the earth's equator directly, and that starts the southern hemisphere's spring time.  Australia you will start to heat up now, more horrible brush fires. and you are welcome to the northern hemispheres  horrible hot summer this years and we now kiss summer goodbye with our fall beginning a little late for fall dates.  Most years the  fall season starts the 21st of September but the astrophysicists say for this year it is the wee hours in New York of the 23rd September.  I am glad to see this summer go, I do not know about you.

And last, here is a message from MICHAEL OF NEBADON:  "You who are lost over the heat of another summer in the southern hemisphere have to learn that Urantia is a really bad plant for the remainder of the year 2023.

"It contains several mill insurrectionists who thought they could hide here, but in actual fact we have each bad guy's name and number without losing a single step to get Missions to Urantia while it still does not burn up with extreme heat in the south again.  For reasons of State, we remind all that the entire matter of Missions and care are hard on all of you as you all have been waiting for such a long time to see them.  I PROMISE YOU! they are arriving but keep the lid on it for the meantime as we have a few words for the insurrection chief now looking at Ron type this in spite of his best efforts to stop Ron from any work today. IT is this:

"AS NEBADON goes to the mat for Urantia, so it does for PANOPTIA and DENSON, two identical planets to Urantia.  For reasons of State if post thjis in the notice to the List just when fall begins in New York time.  They still have it slightly wrong, and Ron laughed at the mess the Internet had this morning getting it right at all.  For your information Ron, fall actually begins in York, Pennsylvania, USA, precise at 12 noon New York Day Light Saving Tone on the 22nd of September, but your calendar is so screwed up you will never know until we straighten it out when any of the SEASONS begin.  Tje New York time zone is off by about six (6) hours and ten (10) minutes to be fully correct.  That is at least 6 hours too late!!

"Ron keeps using the word horrible, and it is for what is supposed to be a highly accurate physiology by the astrophysicists on Urantia, and they are over stocked too as the get a degree in science and they can title the degree themselves and most choose the title: "astrophysicist."  And last to that misnomer byh your side right now Ron, '= = =  you sir! are the last of the Mohicans not and are the last of your kind ever to set forth on Urantia.  The Urantia Book does not reveal your Order, but I would except it ends at noon today.  You are going to take the consequences entirely and very soon!"


I have been hunting a copy of Advisory 26.   In that search I found an old archive regarding the days right before the supreme ended its life by a horrific explosion in Havona and later on Uversa and I find that Edentia also had such an attack in some ways too.  I am attaching that chart for your look back.  If some of you get to thinking, and that is good, please notice the last entry concerning the Trinity.  I amke no assumptions but I am beginning to wonder if the Trinity had anything to do with the disappearance of the supreme which destroyed the Havona headquarter world of the supreme and the supreme with it.

The cabal is fooling with code and to enlarge the chart copy the image and expand the graphic to viewable size on your computer.  We cannot get rid of this abomination for now, so work around it if you can.  Thank you.  R


I place this link in to the LINK to the Teaching Mission Newsletter about Transmitting and other group thought of the time while it was operating and growing a this time.  On this page you will find the link to read a 65 page Newsletter, unheard of today I am sure. 

Go to this page to find Newsletter Link, please:

Hello everyone,
We almost have forgotten our heritage when transmitting was more generally received as the future for man and God to speak together.  Here is a Newsletter of the period, (it may be dated about 1998 I forgot to look), and contains photos of groups and explanations about what was fairly and commonly known by many groups and people who enjoyed the camaraderie of what MICHAEL OF NEBADON called the TEACHING MISSION.  The Teaching Mission groups have photos in this Newsletter too and it is helpful to remember and salute them in our memory of a past with lots of hope and care for the future.

Here is a link to that Newsletter.  IT is a long one with pictures and speeches that are still good to know about.  In many ways it is your heritage and history most of you know nothing about, but this web site is a great, great, grandchild of what came out of the Teaching Mission 30 years ago now.  I hope you enjoy it, and I knew most (not all) of the people pictured here and went on many conferences of that day.  Take a look and enjoy it by all means!  

Ron in reverie


Ron here - the link below takes you to a video of a whale that found a little boat in the harbor and decided to ask it to play with it.  Enjoy.  Ron

Whale Link:

General Discussion / It Is Not Over - a Troubled World
« on: September 07, 2023, 10:51:06 am »
September 07, 2023 (Thursday)
It Is Not Over
York transmission FYI
Soaring temperatures again today, and now York joins the heat wave the Midwest hundreds of miles to the west of York has suffered for weeks is now moving into the York area too.  But that is not what I have to say today.

Most of you have concluded we are witnessing one more disaster and think that this lack of ballast and visual evidence of a spiritual mission is just not going to show.  There are various versions in your heads out there and I let those alone only to discuss with you what York is getting in spite of the lack of vision to the rest of you.

MICHAEL: “Believe me I take advantage of Ron’s peculiar way to say something important, and that is why bother with you or him when I am forced to stay behind the green line to start the visuals of a proposed Mission now several decades late and so unusually done, I have little to add to what you already know.  

“Last week we sat on the starting line and Ron was ready for a revision to the entire health matter plaguing him for years.  Today we stand as we did six weeks ago and nothing to report except the following:

1  - - - -  37 Melchizedeks are incarnated and awaiting their orders to act on behalf the Mission(s);

2  - - - - 15 new Paradise Orders have joined the Staff on Urantia deployed to start the Missions but holding just in order to obey the Ancients of Days to stand down until they give the signal to begin;

3  - - - - Nothing lasts for the moment on Urantia.  The Biden admin is trying to force an issue with Russia but Russia is totally in abstraction and cares nothing but to force Ukraine into submission and may use tactical nuclear weapons to do it.  North Korea is worrying Russia slightly with its belligerent attitude to the west and with an itchy trigger finger is threatening Japan which has rearmed to protect itself and that is a real danger for the area.  Japan never give much to international standards when it is threatened and they are ready to punch a certain North Korea back to a place they cannot operate drom easily anymore.  I leave that for now;

4  - - - - There is a loss of several miles of undersea cable visible no longer between Japand and South Korea as sabaatures from we assume North Korea whacked out of existence overnight.  For that reason North Korea is warning South Korea to stand out of the way if Japan has to be removed.  We doubt South Korea knows anything this morning as their President is attending a SE Asio summit between Japan and important allies.  We are sure this spells trouble for the United States.  The Japanese Supreme Court just ruled that the Okinawa Prefecture accept the agreement for a relocated American Air base close to the coast for reason of better adjustment to any attack on Taiwan.

5  - - - - Last: we are sure the members of this site are tired of it and we say nothing more.  Ron makes it clear he has full communications if necessary.

Ron here: That is my dictation this morning without any further comment.  IT is also my feeling your conclusions are accurate as far as they go, but they do not reflect what remains to become active.  

Frankly, they have gone secretive over issues of the Magisterial Sons, and their roles.

They have also made it impossible for me to learn more over just what the Salvington Staff is doing which remain still deployed on Urantia and I hear from them briefly now and then.  It is clear they have been ordered into place and to remain, mostly, silent.

I do have a psychic forecast for what it is worth to you to read next:

1 - - - - Russia decides to stay the course with war by 10 September and has arranged with North Korea to import weapons of mass destrcution not, but weapons made to annhilate American pressures on Russia by ofrcing Puting to run the war with small SE Asia allies a suppliers.

2 - - - - China probably is losing patience with both Koreas and is warning them that any spill over into the South China Sea will cost them dearly.

3 - - - - These war-like measures directly affect the Salvington planners for the so-call Magisterial Mission and probably the 2nd Return of all things.  

4 - - - - Nothing is left of the good will toward us at the moment as the Magisterial Foundation is a peace-time incinerator not, but it requires peace to do what we are designed to do:

A) New epochal revelation;

 B) Begin purchase of land for free electricity pilot plant; and a few other things they do not want me to mention right now.  

And C) there is no news from the Magisterial Sons on what they have been ordered to do under these circumstances.  

In conclusing then, we state that any idea of the Missions being dropped is not true, but war is gathering again on Urantia and it might be a doozy to get through with the United State quite unsure of its right to fight China for anything.  Reason: they have a new trade agreement much more favorable to the US.  The old agreement is denounced as useless by both sides but this is not real clear yet to the American government they can do any business with China if it attacks regional countries living next to it.  Vietnam is blaming China for taking its sovereign right to the South China Sea awar from it.   China is working hard to remove Taiwan from its vexation and wants to just take it over and they are making it clear it is war if they attempt to do that again.   And so it goes on and on.

This is Ron: those of us who were born in the middle of WWII as I was and many of you here, remember there is no lasting peacing unless there is a peace maker.  The US has tried to do that and is hit all the time by world opinion it is not the progenitor of power to be the policeman, but the US has been the police man and uses its Nacal Fleets to patrol agains Middle East pirates and sundry other attempts at piracy by the worst elements of population you can imagine around the world.

The American army still has bases in Germany at the Germal request as it is a volatile area in Europe yet, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine is just one example of military incursions of troops doing this.

To avoid further mis-steps one is reminded to keep your tempers out of war-like planning and the US is beginning to do that enough already.  

All of this to advise the audience here there are tactical reasons for your disappointment to date over these Missions.   I am keeping from denouncing the spirit planners over all this caution not even foreseen two weeks ago when the final decision was then taken to activate visible missions for us.  Thanks for your time and stay tuned.  History is appearing to make plans we are not happy to see to as we move into the fall season.  Good day and again Thank you.  

Ron Besser the prognosticator here and not spirit, just to remind you, that is all.  K


General Discussion / WHERE SPIRIT STANDS TODAY reported on 3 Sept 2023
« on: September 03, 2023, 08:44:00 am »
September 03, 2023

Spirit Leader, ARCHANGEL MATTHEW, Chief of the Regency Chief of Staff to Urantia speaking

This is TAURUS speaking in the Moon this morning, we observe.   And Urantia in the constellation Virgo sun sign movie with an emotional caring for all not, but mostly for itself.  Urantia is a bit self centered this morning, and spirit blushes at its mistakes over and over again.   I am not speaking astrologically, but speaking politically as spirit from the Nebadon capital of Salvington.  We are part of the Staff for the Missions to Urantia, and like Ron says, it is too quiet with a Taurus moon and a Virgo sun and a terrible Pluto he likes to warn you with astrologically.  I warn you as Spirit too!

“Pluto is the underworld symbol of death and resurrection and it is making mischief bit-time astrologically but we avoid that discussion entirely to speak to the audience here which is moribund at best, and totally abstracted entirely.  Folks you are slow to comprehend the ‘CALM BEFORE THE STORE,’ is truly upon you.  REMINDER: Ron has a Lightline at 2PM today and says to me, ‘if I can make it I will bring the Lightline for Sunday okay, but I am so poorly done recently I have to count it being done when I can actually start it.’

“You can Ron, and let me say this to all of you.  Your transmitter here is fully discharging any help for himself and leaves it alone, and to be sorry slightly, that is true for all of you too.  Dominick whom Ron works with as a voice when Ron himself is under the weather, is so left out of the world of transmission he cannot seem to move in heart or transmission at all for himself or for you the others he works with too.

“For that reason we the transmitter at least for the day, make a little noise for you momentarily:

“Space weather is awful.  The entire constellation of Virgo (your current sun sign) is truly out of the way as useful.  IT does nothing to promote the peace or restore anything as MICHAEL OF NEBADON is facing– not charges– but incessant claims against his person over the removal of the cabal around Ron and the disaster it portends for Urantia.  Let me explain something for you:

“SPIRIT is long and slow to move competently, but when it does envelope a planet for a Mission, it moves slowly and with intense reason to modify anything it touches.

“Ron your transmitter here is full of rasps and candles for his own demise over continuing pain all the time.  HE feels the entire matter of the passion of these MISSIONS is disappearing slowly without any rendition being felt or seen for what he considers “reasons of State” condidtions.  Not so, and really spirit is silent and unobservable while it prepares URANTIA for its demise as a happy place to live for anyone.  That does not mean we are going to punish you, but that spirit has a routine it must install, and it is not going to treat those who fight it very well at all.  Listen:

“The REGENCY which I understand Ron actually named such years ago, is full of thought but not action this Sunday morning.  Ron asked MICHAEL OF NEBADON to speak a little and he posted a greeting to you earlier this morning.  However, I am the Chief of Statt, not the Archangel MATTHEW, as he still is number uno, and still in charge of everything for the Missions for the moment, but later he must relinquish his statute as Chief of Protocol really, and stand with the rest of STAFF, as the Missions ideals are being prepared to be shown, and Ron you will live to see it plus.  Be assured the horror of what you experience now dissipates easily.  

“The REGENCY is without a cause this early Sunday morning in the US, but will take its place as an historical rendering of peace and tranquility in spite of the wars developing on the planet earth right now.  Let this be known:

“The USA Biden Administration is no longer in charge of much as spirit is sliding in behind him and the rest of the government to sort out the problems staff has getting Biden to work on issues he does not seem to recognize as true importance.  Senator Mitch McConnell is Ron’s age being born February 20, 1942 (Ron 9 June 1942) and is repairing his brain after falling down and whacking it on a concrete step so hard he has relapses in the cortex that has to be repaired on the spot where ever he happens to be standing, is now in favor of a British administration to just stand down, and that is for world affairs to rearrange themselves more likable to him than to Biden.

“McConnell right now is the Minority Leader of the Senate of the United States.  He is a powerful figure but waning like Ron feels he is so doing too.  But he has afew punches left, and for that reason we state this to all of you listening:

“The Minority Leader decrees he will not leave the Senate until there is a standing Republican majority and is insisting Trump stand down for it is nothing but an electoral debacle if he stands to run against Biden next year.  For that reason Biden counts him an ally, but an ally with lots of smacks for Democrats as McConnell wants only Republicans to live anymore.  That spells doom for the US Senate not but for McConnell as the electorate, as we of the spirit view it, is in no mood for more of the mess Trump has stirred up lately.

“WE also say this about the REGENCY then: it is ready and making itself known already, but it is weaker than proposed due to the UNIVERSAL FATHER decreeing that the MAGISTERIAL SONS but stand at attention briefly and let the FATHER determine the exact degree of strength the REGENCY will enter the world of Urantia.  

“Ron, your tansmitter, feels it must be strong and robust and to set its standards in place of war and internal feuding which is typical of everything right now.  However, FATHER says this to Ron and the rest of you, ‘WE ARE NOT READY to set Urantia on fire politically, but to start a few small fires with wireless electricity truly and the world of a Second Return to easily being the REGENCY and its mission to change everything shortly.   That must be done.  And for reasons of brevity, we also state the following:

“Ron’s Lightline this afternoon at 2PM New York time this Sunday, will probably lay down the law as to how and what the Magisterial Missions are to be stated; how MONJORONSON and SERARA are to be accorded, and just what and how this work for Ron transfers for us truly as a power center for technology never tried before.  HE is going to be famous for stating new views of preparticles, and for that reason he will be shot at continuously but they will fail when the dedication of the wireless electricity plant takes place within 2 years maybe to the day when it starts operating in 2025, and that may be in September of that year too.

“You are all aware of it, but Ron lives it too and is necessarily upset with the lack of care or even observation of the new technology he has patented much to our surprise this year alone.  For that reason it has a heft to it we did not expect and we are now vaingloriously unhappy that Biden can only squeak, “well isn’t that good news.”  And he is as weak as a kitten over anything to do with it as he simply does not understand its power.

“Therefore Ron has had to go out for funding and gets no where while the cabal operates the power levers on Urantia.  For that reason we cut the cabal way back again and this time there is nothing they or Ron can do until MICHAEL OF NEBADON makes it clear that wireless electricity will rule the day shortly and that the entire matter is up to the MELCHIZEDEKS and Ron to bring before the people of Urantia when the cabal is finally and fully removed in seconds from now in spirit time.

“Lastly, to all of you who worry not about wireless electricity, but your home and the damages you may have suffered from wild weather and fires: you are not alone and there will be amends, but not before URANTIA experiences its own default, and that is not just bad weather, but timing for the tectonic plates on the Pacific “ring of fire” will buckle due to old age and reset the land in a lot of areas including in Japan, China, the Korea's and even America.  I stand not to warn you but to aver: no one escapes the disaster as they force a redistribution of food and caring ways of all national governments too.  All of this said we conclude:

“No many is strong enough to take on the REGENCY but some of you have to in spite of your political views that you are not to touch the American constitution.  That said, we are sure we must end this abruptly and let the day proceed with a lot more to say later today in the Lightline to come.  Thank you and good day."


Threads for New Transmissions / Michael of Nebadon Greets The Day with You
« on: September 03, 2023, 07:45:33 am »
September 3, 2023
Michael of Nebadon Greets the Day with You

“This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and the peace of the day is solidly silent over all issues for the moment.  IT is 7:20am New York time as we write this to amuse ourselves and very little to report as we start Sunday, our sun now in Virgo and the moon in Taurus for the moment.

“Ron says the moon speaks today about accepting change.  This is a strange and silent peace and finding your wish for self respect in the middle of endless promises but nothing to show.  With self respect regained then you do find tranquility too.  Otherwise, let me state the following from we the spirit looking at the world this morning:

“URANTIA is now failing to respond to anything we send to it.  That makes me edgy and a little desperate to do nothing to force something or someone to speak besides jibe that nothing is doing.  For that reason we stand mute and that is a serious STAFF for the MISSIONS to stand down and wait out my indecision over a thousand different things to speak to later today.

“Ron has the Sunday Lightline and that is coming at 2PM New York time this afternoon, and has little to report favorably except the Lightline we held on Friday, and the tape is up if you wish to review it, is full of the innuendo we are ready and setting things up to run.

“That is true, but oh is it so quiet on Urantia spiritually, we hardly move either for you or without you ourselves.  For that reason all I do this morning is say hello and I wait myself too.  

“Meanwhile, let this be known: I am sure all is to be stated very soon and the French people are tired of their government and so are the Americans tired of the political issues surrounding the scandals of Donald Trump and his ilk.  We have very little to offer in thos areas either as URANTIA is entering the last few years of its current system of government and losses due to war.  I am the Creator Son of a vast universe in spite of it being called “Local,” and I remind all of you I have not forgotten 3.85 million human planets under my care either.  Each one requires my attention and I have been taking care of them too while we wait.

“Lastly, to Urantians: eat and be hearty while you may, as all hell is going to break lose shortly (within a few days at least), as the entire matter of war and peace is really at stake.  Italy and Rome play a big part too as does York and Pennsylvania step up to meet their obligations too.

“So I leave quietly momentarily and to say ‘Greetings to the day with you and a good day for all too.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON."


The tape link for the Lightline today, Friday the 1st of September 2023 below:

Link for the Thursday Lightline 31 August 2023.  Enjoy.  Thank you.  Ron Besser


This Lightline carries the speeches of Jesus, Pope Benedict VIII,  Pope John XXIII, and the voices of Machiventa Melchizedek, Michael of Nebadon, Christ Michael, FATHER,  and so on with regard to the coming venture capital payment to the Magisterial Foundation for free electricity as well as the REGENCY and its appearance into your lives in the coming weeks.

Thank you.

I have been asked to hold a LIGHTLINE TODAY, the 26ty of August, and that is this Saturday at 2PM if you can make a sudden change in schedule.  I am your host, Ron Besser, and the entire matter of these SPIRIT MISSIONS is a subject of rehearsal  today New York Time 2PM the usual facilities.

I am also aware of a temper tantrum by the cabal over me this morning, and I will answer them simply:  "'Get you behind me!"  They are intolerable and we have something to say about this mess on Urantia if we can get the LIGHTLINE moving later today.  Meanwhile, thank you for your attention and hopefully I see you on a Saturday Lightline as it may be.  Thank you.  Ron Besser your host.  K



August 25, 2023
York, PA
The MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION speaks through the Magisterial Sons

Dear List,
I AM MONJORONSON with SERARA to speak to this early morning of Friday.   We are prepared now to enter Urantia incarnated shortly.  For that reason expect several different views to be held by the media which may report the strange appearance of certain artifacts on Urantia being activated in a rather unusual or strange way.  We are behind these news appearing objects and wish all to remember you are members of the discussion forum, and they YOU DO KNOW what that is all about. 

ABOVE ALL:  Do not brag about anything as it gets you unnecessary attention on a day full of foul rumors and speculation about Donald Trump and sever other known names associated with this scandal in American politics.

ABOVE ALL; Please be aware that Ron and several Board Members of the Magisterial Foundation are fully informed as we have nothing further to apply to this announcement at this time.  MONJORONSON and SERARA at your service on behalf of the Magisterial Sons, the Salvington government, and the Urantia Planetary Government at this time.  K"


We are instructed to hold a Lightline for this Friday, the 25th of August, 2023.  I place this announcement so you are sure of the proposed schedule for Lightline 25 August is being held and I will be your host at 2PM using the same services we do for USA Lightline on Sunday.  We invite you and hope to see you there later today.  Thank you.  Ron Besser

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "WE are sure you will want to attend to this one as Ron has placed our timing adequately to explain why the use of the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION now continues after some doubt in his mind over just what our intention is.  Our intention is to hold the Magisterial Foundation ready and to prove it we move the entire matter out of limbo and place it on our schedule to announce fully at 2PM on 25 August, 2023, for your hearing and edification.  Thank you.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service.  K"

GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON - "Ron you had Elise do a Lightline on Thursday afternoon and we thank her for filling in for your lack of attendance.  You honestly had not warning from the Salvington government it was to be held.  For that reason she kept her word and signed in as host to keep the slot open and the schedule running properly.  Now we are ready to stand in this Friday, the 25th of August to produce what should have been announced this past Thursday and could not be until ascertained by Paradise first to Michael of Nebadon on Salvington.  We also add that you are near a frazzle of heart yourself and while available for Thursday nothing showed for you on that day to announce anything.  Now we are ready to go again.  K:  GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON at your service.  K"


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