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Ron, I perused the transcripts from this week, but didn’t find the request that you hold this Thursday LightLine, but that doesn’t mean much while speed reading.
I’ll connect now and see if any others are chiming in.

Ron, the request came from One of the Deities and was requested at the end of a LightLine. I will review the data and get back to you soon. Steven.

Ron, good to hear from MICHAEL and the firm sentiments from FATHER. Thank you for this morning’s message.

And this:  a LightLine was requested for today Thursday for you, Ron, to host. And now wondering if everyone remembers. So, if there is scheduled a LightLine for today, this is a reminder.


General Discussion / Re: ULTIMATONS AND SPACE April 1, 2015
« on: April 01, 2024, 13:07:15 pm »
Thank you Jose Vargas for revisiting an April 1, 2015 post by Ron on the Ultimaton. Personally, I re-learned a couple of facts and I’m grateful for your effort to bring it to us so that we have a review of the origin of the Ultimatons.

See you at Elise’s LL USA later today.


Elise, thank you for posting Ron’s LL USA even with the Spanish Flu.
Prayers to you and your husband for a speedy recovery.


Thank you Ron and the Spirit educators working through and with you in order to present this first edition of our Preparticle studies. And a special thanks to Mr. Einstein for supporting Ron with his studies. Can’t wait until next Friday for special class for the next “Breakfast at 2709.”


Thank you MICHAEL for this morning’s greeting, and thank you Ron for bringing the morning breakfast treat for the soul.

Now I would like to bring us back a few days to last Friday’s LightLine USA which was auspicious and historic. For sure I will not forget Sept.1. That morning my oldest son, Peter, and I met at Home Depot to get baseboards and quarter round boards for a bedroom renovation project including floors, vanity, toilet, and more. My loaded truck and I planned to rejoinPeter at his house for lunch. But I ran out of gas and had to call Peter to bring some gas, and he did in just 10 minutes. ( hadn’t run out of gas since my teenage days. But I recently replaced the fuel pump on my 2006 Dodge 5.7 hemi engine and the fuel gauge telling me that it is not accurate past 3/4 full.) That morning I was prompted to get gas but I didn’t want to delay meeting my son and took a chance. And that was my first unexpected dumb move of the day.

Ron and others heard about this event during the chit-chat before the LightLine began, but “now here’s the rest of the story” to remember and quote the radio phenom, Paul Harvey. When Ron started the LightLine, I quickly finish eating and left to take my loaded truck to my house where Peter would join me to unload the wood. But that plan was abruptly changed. Here’s the rest of the story.

I took my bag of leftovers in one hand and my IPhone in the other and walked to the truck.  Ron was speaking and I had my head bent a bit to hold the phone close to my left ear as I was walking to the truck. The hot sun was brightly reflecting the white truck and white primed wood. ( I’ve walked around
the bed of the truck a thousand times) but this time my hand has the phone to my tilted head with my gaze toward the feet. Well ladies and gentlemen, I walked into the hanging cut lumber and  slammed my face on the cut pieces of wood in order to have a minimum footage hanging off the truck’s bed. I didn’t know what hit me, or rather what happened. But in a split second I knew to feel the right side of my face. When looking at my hand it was full of blood. So I quickly went back inside Peter’s house and to the bathroom to inspect the damage. The entire right side of my face was total blood (the face bleeds profusely for sure). After splashing water on my face, I started to see the damage. My eye glasses were still cocked so Peter took it off only to discover wood pieces embedded between the lens and frame of the eye glasses. He tried to pull them out but couldn’t because the splinters were stuck hard so he took the lens off and cleaned the glasses that didn’t break. Peter’s wife Robin handed me some butterfly bandages so that I could squeeze the laceration tightly together and head to the emergency room. (When there, the doctor and nurse practitioner said that the gasses prevented the loss of my right eye.)

Why am I telling all of you all of this?  Because of this lesson we all should learn. And that is to be very careful during this time, and because of this following part of “the rest of the story.” And it is this:  After I closed the laceration with the butterfly bandages and cleaned up my face, I went to the truck to locate the place where my face broke the wood, or should I say where the wood broke the face, then turned LightLine back on and at that exact moment I listened to Ron’s dictation from my Thought Adjuster who said for my benefit  “…come to York—it’s your new home…”take care of yourself for goodness sake.” (I suppose Ron didn’t say “ for God’s sake” because later when I listened to the tape I learned that he was asked not to use God’s name in sensational bursts of communication!). I drove to the emergency room with a BIG SMILE on my face. Now that I have listened to the whole LightLine for last Friday, the smile has gotten wider in heart only because I can’t smile widely yet in order to lesson the scar as much as possible.
Lemuel, you say you don’t believe in coincidence. I’m supporting your belief in this accounting. All that I had to due prior to being able to drive to the hospital, and the virtual instant I got in the truck my Thought Adjuster was telling me to take care of myself for god’s sake (it’s okay Ron, I used a little “g”) ha ha.

Thanks to all, and “take care of yourselves” says my Thought Adjuster, and he knows a thing or two.

Recovering and good to go//Steven

Occerpa, I too thank Dominick for Authura’s lesson “the Reality of Conflict.”  And thanks for the tie-in to the the passage in the Urantia Book that supports this lesson.

On another note:  Occerpa, I cannot find the three piano pieces that I composed and placed on the discussion forum some years ago and that you requested to be sent again. It was not found in my forum archives, however the recording studio would have the master tape. I’m glad to say that I added two short movements to the more lengthy 1st movement, and the last movement is played on the organ. Occerpa, Ron will be happy to know that it ends on the deep C Major cord. It was originally written with an anthem as the central theme. But know I don’t know what it is, ha ha.

Thanks for the interest and patience with me. (Another smile).

Dominick, your post for Lesson number 1 of Series II from MICHAEL OF NEBADON is in my opinion a very well done piece. The Lesson shows the reality of the manipulation of Wisdom by intelligence expressed. In addition the Lesson teaches us that the Adjutant of Wisdom is more than Mind, but connected  to Mind. And it teaches the need for Spirit engagement both personally  and in governance.

Dominick, there is so much in this piece that you and Michael brought to us in the Series II: Lesson 1, and could be a first draft of a “PREAMBLE” to the REGENCY of the United States. Or perhaps a “DECLARATION” as the one offered  on July 4, 1776 which begins “ When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary….”

Because of the rapidly moving events going on that Ron has kept us to speed with,  some forum members may have overlooked the WISDOM evoked in Lesson 1. Everyone, please find the time to visit the post.

Thank you and Michael for this piece that I will read and study in dept.


Thanks a lot for your drawing for the WTP pilot plant. I sent it to George Huber, architect, this morning.
And you announce a second slave generator — interesting!

Also, thanks for your recent post highlighting the ongoing organizational work proposed, and decisions
enacted on high, in particular in regard to the ROWLEY GROUP on Mansion world number four — exciting!


Thank you for your message, Sue.  It’s more than comforting to know that Father Michael insists that we are kept informed of events both now and in the near future. I think that the core’s failures have been mightily mitigated by the Power Directors, and even humans from a water world planet, and perhaps bought us some precious time to get to a point of deliverances.

Well, thanks again.

Dominick, Lesson 25 MISSION CONTROL can be the origin of your first book. If I can paraphrase while suggesting a title, title it :

(and subtitled)


Thanks Dominick for bringing to us “Omni-circuitry” post quarantine.

« on: March 14, 2022, 23:00:32 pm »
Clency and Ron, Just today I discovered that 40% of the houses in India still do not have electricity. That’s 400 Million, more population than USA total. India is entertaining the idea of buying a lot of discounted oil from Russia, which they need, but India is a federal republic/parliamentary democracy government. Ron would know the history, but it goes back 60 years when the new government promised electricity to all, but 40% of the citizens are still without. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Perhaps India can find the resources to install some towers in the rural areas where mostly needed. It would get the government out of the even tighter energy bind they’re in today.



While listening to YOU speak today November 16, 2021,  I had a thought and a question. It is this: 
How would YOU like to speak to us in your own voice?

Fact 1.   JESUS is on URANTIA.
Fact 2.   JESUS speaks to passersby and in Living color.
Fact 3.   Jesus speaks to Ron, Lemuel, Phyllis, and others through transmissions.


The members of the Discussion Forum invites you, JESUS, to speak live via telephone to the attendees of the Sunday LightLine USA this coming Sunday November 21, 2021,  or another Sunday LightLine in case YOU are working that day.  In fact, Ron could make an announcement this Sunday that YOU are, in fact, going to dial in on a Sunday LL USA of YOUR choosing, hosted by your good friend, Ron.  JESUS, today we had almost 30 call-in subscribers and on streaming and internet that attended this Sunday LL USA.

The fruits of YOUR acceptance of our invitation are 1) that the attendees could double, triple, or more. Our telephone service is supposed to handle 100 call-ins, but we can urge many to use the internet service to prevent drop offs. 2) the pleasure to hear Your voice and message. 3) Aside for Agondonters, Your call can inspire those on the fence to open the gate.

Our Beloved JESUS, please remit YOUR response to the host of Sunday LL USA, YOUR friend, Ron. JESUS, if YOU don’t have a cell phone, and if the the Man with the purse, MM, did not give YOU enough travel money to buy one, try to borrow one. Just tell whomever that YOU are JESUS, and YOU need to make a call for 10 minutes. Warning: be prepare to catch the person falling backwards from fainting.
Thank you JESUS for your consideration to attend.

Your friend and little brother,


Thank you, Ron, for the graphic showing an electron being formed, and also for the clear picture that you present on the differential weight between the Electron and the Muon for easier travel. It is often advised when traveling, pack lightly.

Thanks also for at least an overview of “the materialization of infinite purpose,” as stated during Sunday’s LL USA. This phrase could be a book in itself.  I crave to hear more on the sequence of Creation evolving from God’s particle to materialization to infinite purpose. Question:  is there a sequence that can be stated that is similar in the area outside of infinity or extra infinity?

Finally, here is a suggestion for Spirit to mull over as a reference name for the combining states of the material, the morontial, and the spiritual, and it is this:


We are the Amalgams.

Synonyms:  fusion, meld, mixture, intermixture.

Use in a sentence: the Amalgams are a new order of ascending beings; a combination of the material, morontial, and spiritual existences.

I like the coined word partly because it’s an “A” word, like Agondonter, but a lot easier to vocalize— took me years to get that pronunciation without stumbling. ha ha.

See you later today on LL Tuesday.
All for now,


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