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Good morning to all and thank you, Ron. I would like to add that upon dialing the number the recording says the host hasn't arrived yet. Thus, we all would think there is no conference call and some of you may hang up, especiallly if right on time or a minute or so late. 

But if listen further it continues with: if you are the host, please enter your host code and press the star key. If you are not the host just press the star key and wait.

Then please make sure to press star, for the next announcement is: now we will connect you to your call. At that point we are in and begin to hear the ongoing conversation.

I hope this helps and I can meet you at Elise's LL today.  May be the cabal can only do so much with the software, but cannot uproot the connection , so just keep pressing.  Have a good day.

  • 061724 Lightline Netherlands International; host: Elise Sophia Veronica
  • Subjects: All plans are ready, Magisterial Sons are coming; the glorious future await us after all the struggle; the cabal is unwilling to give up; the Melchizedeks are here to help us; strive to do Father’s business; Missions are ready and people will be shocked; prepare in the wait;
  • Speakers: Michael of Nebadon, Machiventa Melchizedek, Arthura, and Thought Adjuster of Elise;
  • Transcriber: sonsofGod
  • Link to tape:
Hello, everyone. This is the Lightline Netherlands International for Monday, June 17th, 2024. I'm Elise Sophia Veronica, your host, and I welcome everyone to this Lightline. We had some problems getting in, or I had some problems getting in, and Dominick will do the dashboard for me. And that's all right, because it works anyway.
Well, we are asking for a good connection today with the spiritual circuits, and for some words to make us aware of all the good and beautiful things around us in these times of trial and uncertainty. We'd like to thank our Father, our Creator Son Michael, Machiventa Melchizedek, and all celestials who give their time to make the world more aware of what needs to be done to become a healthy planet for all to live on. And we thank all celestial beings for their care and assistance in our search for truth and knowledge that leads us to a better understanding of God, our Paradise Father. We thank you, Father. Amen.
So let's see if we have some speakers today.
Michael of Nebadon
Yes, hello, this is Michael of Nebadon. We greet you from the spirit side, which is actually so close to you that there is hardly a separation between the two. Except that we can see you and you cannot see us. But feel our presence and get everything from it we are going to give you in this intimate moment of togetherness. The Lightlines are a wonderful instrument we have never had before, making us very near to you, and more valuable for many people and for our work for missions, and perhaps in the many other ways of our contacts with humans on the planets.
It is not all that easy and it has been not easy for this planet. And you know that we need to get rid of all rebel influence before the Lightlines can be fully used as such an instrument to ensure that whatever we try to initiate will be done without interference from the rebels. And that the circuits will remain open and free, so that we have clear and fair access to the world and to all, and all citizens can hear and notice changes when they will take place.
We have a lot of other troubles to take care of. And you have maybe noticed on your discussion forum the need we are having now to get out of trouble with Ron and the Japanese, and to protect the patent, as the Japanese will soon discover that muons carry the preliminary voltage of electricity. And that means big trouble for us. Now Ron has to fight for his patent. And let's pray, he won't get too much bothered with the cabal into this. And that the patent may be handled with care, and its right of first registration as a valuable patent.
So, you see it's one difficult thing after the other. You always have to keep an eye open. for major changes in your world that may be important. But be careful and try to find out from what source they come and where you get your information from. Because the rebels are always lurking and you need to know how to protect yourself against their attack. So trust yourself, and rely on your faith to become a true and worthy partner in the plan that has long been prepared for your planet, and which will one day show you why all these delays had to occur.
Do your work in peace and happiness. And always give thanks to the Father who cares about every person, and continues to bless you and sends me in His name. Trust our Holy Father. I am Michael of Nebadon. And as you might know, we spoke on the Sunday Lightline about spirit, why spirit is here, and why it is necessary to explain that life has a spiritual purpose. We also pointed out to you that evil and iniquity have to disappear, and that has to be dealt with. It is. something inherited from all life that has taken place on your planet. It is part of your history, and it is a part of you. as well as the inheritance of the Father, whose child you are. and who lives in you. And who gives you that beautiful chance to grow out of evil. and to look at your future with confidence and hope.
And yes, Urantia has our attention. You, the humans have our attention. You have our care and assistance. We have made our decisions and everything is in preparation to be implemented. There are no errors in our plans, but unexpected things may occur. But they are taken into account or have to be adjusted. For the incarnated Magisterial Sons will be doing their work on the planet from their own headquarters, which could be called a remote location where no journalist or curious person can penetrate. There exist places in this world that are completely safe and inaccessible to humans. And Spirit will work through there and through the Magisterial Foundation when the time comes, the foundation that is founded by Ron Besser. And you are all familiar with that.
From here, we connect with each other anywhere in the world and move to different places if necessary. We have the ability to travel the planet as we do on all planets we visit. Some of these places in the world have been used by us since time immemorial. and are always guarded by special guards appointed for this purpose. They have their work, their own work there and are always present, even when those places are not in use by us.
Our plans have been adapted to what the planet needs most. And once the decision has been made to carry out the mission, all possible obstacles have been considered and thoroughly discussed. We have studied every possible response, and we are prepared for all possible scenes. So, we want you to be cheerful at heart. and pray for a good reception for the Divine Sons who will appear on your earth, who will calm down the people and direct things very well. We will rely on your trust to become a true and worthy partner in what has long been prepared. And that will also one day show you why delays had to occur.
But for now... work in peace and happiness, and give thanks to the Father, who continues to bless all of you. Trust our Father. This is a Mission of God's hand. Do not forget. And I, Michael, I am always in true partnership with the Father. What I want all of you to understand is the relationship between me and the Father that is also your relationship through me to the Father, and through your Adjuster in you. I am your Creator Father and I gave you your form, but we are all from the same Father. Father has created beings of many orders, high and low, and they all serve Him in His creation so that we can become part of it and add our own experience to it. When that experience is accepted as a valuable part of creation it will remain and grow from there into new experiences. along with all the experiences of the millions of beings that make up the universe, and make it an ever evolving and expanding place to learn. and to experience many lives on many different levels.
As you all know, you began your life on this planet originating from animal life, and endowed with spirit potential and by the Father's gift who gave you personalities and a free will. And with these divine qualities, you are able to grow into a full spiritual being that is enhanced with the hereditary qualities of God. That gives you the opportunity for eternal life in the universe of the Father, who wants his children to be happy and filled with the love that he gives so freely, and that you shall learn to give (to) your brothers and sisters wherever you go in his universe.
I am Michael of Nebadon. I have created worlds and places where you may dwell and learn little by little what life is all about, and what your future is, if you adhere to the words of the Father who has decreed to become like Him, and acknowledge Him as your Father and Creator. You have been given the many means and opportunities to fulfill the Father's desire as you seek to live your life, as Jesus did on your planet as the perfect human he was to all his brothers and sisters in the flesh when he lived his life so brilliantly among you. I am Michael and I ask you, have faith and never lose sight of me. For times may be difficult and there are obstacles to overcome. But in the end you will be rewarded, and after your struggles and all the experience accumulated over a long period of training, you will find the most glorious reward, which will so richly fulfill your heart and desires. And you will thank your Father for all that has been granted to you, the hardships and the sweet memories that you have experienced during your many lives and interesting journey through the universes of time and space. This is Michael and I take my leave. And here is Machiventa Melchizedek with some words to all.
Thank you, Michael. We do appreciate your time and words, and we welcome you, Machiventa Melchizedek. Please, be our guest.
Machiventa Melchizedek
Thank you, Elise. This is Machiventa Melchizedek everyone. And I can tell this to all of you who are here in this group of listeners to a Lightline, and where we often get bothered by a group of insurrectionists who do not know how to behave well, and are not willing to give up their false intentions. We have been removing them constantly, but they manage to return through sometimes mysterious ways that are not always known to us. And this makes our transmissions difficult for us and for you, the transmitter. And for Ron who has been attacked violently. for several weeks now, and that should stop. For it is smashing him down and making him unable to do what he wants to do for us, and for all of you.
This situation may not develop any longer. And Michael of Nebadon will see to it that the rebels once again will be removed and brought back to places where they are unable to mess with planets and the lives of humans on it, who are truthful to the universe and to the Father and his business. But we need to be careful, very careful, and must take into account the power the rebels have and how they can harm and interfere with our work, and with the lives of humans who are true to the Father and to Michael of Nebadon. And those who have taken on them certain tasks that the cabal does not like them to perform because they are not willing to accept the changes, and they want to do much of that work themselves.
As you have noticed, so above, so below. As you can see on your planet, where things have developed in war and malfunctioning of your governments. These times are not easy for all of you, and we do appreciate your steadfastness to be so patient and full of hope. Never give up hope. For there is always something that will alter the situation and show you a brighter side in a more stable environment. In which things may advance and step into a time of educational and social growth for all.
Never on your planet has the time been so unstable as we experience at the moment. But I can assure all of you that we, the Melchizedeks are here, as we have been always, to help you in these difficult and challenging times where people have to find God again. But somehow there is a longing and a beginning of understanding of God's will on this earth. And the time is ripe to offer those who yearn for more spiritual food to provide it to them, and so it shall be done. When the Magisterial Sons will unfold new visions and plans for the world of today, people will see changes in each other. And a willingness to be a part of a new way of living, and to create a different society. Where men will see what will be asked of him to function as an awakened and responsible member in many of your nations of goodwill.
To you, the listeners here, it may seem if there is no end to misfortune on the planet and of the hurt that is being done to innocent people of the races. But we will strive with many other spiritual beings and with you, the people, who show their good intention for a better world and start working on it. As we direct you through education to make it possible for a world that has not known what real life on a planet is about, and the satisfaction it gives a human who lives a life according to the will of the Father, so that you may take part in the Father's business. Let's all strive for that. I am Machiventa and I thank you for listening. I step back.
Thank you, Machiventa. Thank you so much.
Well, let me get to Dominick for a moment. Have there been any changes, Dominick, on the dashboard? Do you hear me?
Yah, I am.
I didn't unmute my phone device, even though I'm sorry.
OK. No, it's correct. I can go on? No questions, no changes?
No, there's a few others, but I don't know their names because they're internet connections. But go ahead.

Oh, that's all right. Thank you. I'll go ahead and see if there's more. Thank you.
Okay, I will continue and see if we have more for this evening, for this day. It's only day, daytime in the United States.
Yes, it's me, it's Arthura. Thank you, Elise. I would like to say something, and this is for all to hear. The Missions are ready and approved, and the Magisterial Sons chose to appear to announce what will be a shock, a shock of the century for the people on this Earth. And I'm sure you can understand that, because it is not an everyday occurrence when God comes to Earth and presents himself to the people on the planet. And Urantia is indeed not a planet where such a major event could be expected, as the planet has always been struggling with war, and many social issues that have withheld the planet the change to come to a good efficient development to work for the progress of the planet.
But spirit has made the decision to come, despite the circumstances of war and of a massive absence of understanding and knowledge about God, your Creator, and His care for humanity. And the nuisance of an endless cabal and disobedient group of celestial beings who do not want to understand new situations in a New Universe Age, and all its consequences are being put aside to get the Missions on Urantia going.
It will be difficult for many believers to adjust to this miraculous event. But on the other hand, many people have a hidden faith in God deep in their consciousness. And that will come out and make them curious about the truth, and the truth can save them. And the truth will give them the strength to come to a change of mind that will lead for many to a complete turnaround in their thinking and acting. We all have this strong belief and sincere hope that the Magisterial Sons will be accepted as special and high-honored guests. As has happened before on your planet, but people were too astounded and could not immediately understand where such beautiful creatures might come from. But the Magisterial Sons know how to handle that. And they are among you as humans, and you on the forum are prepared.
But even so, your reaction will not be much different from that of others. Because they are heavenly appearances. It is what their being represents. And it cannot be less. They are true sons of God who come from Paradise and come down to be seen by all of you. Maintaining some of their divine radiance. It cannot be done in a more simple way. So prepare yourselves for a surprise to come to your sphere and stay calm and collected, and be an example for everyone. Do not panic and do not speak until you are ordered to do something and that may take some time, because there is much to be taken care of before the Magisterial Sons can begin their real work for God, and for you.
I am Arthura. You're entering a new period and we are all happy to get started and work for Michael and the Magisterial Sons as they are ready to enter the world of Urantia. Now that the planet will be cleared of the rebels as the Father has decreed and sent words to Michael of Nebadon, his Creator son, who rules his local universe of Nebadon as the most competent ruler and Father of his local universe.
I, Arthura, give you my words of trust and understanding. I am here to do my part. and to ensure that the Magisterial Sons get their work done without any disruption. And you, what can you do? Well, for now, you could prepare yourselves for the task that will be assigned to you when the time is right. And I can assure you that all members of this forum will receive work adapted to what you have to offer, as far as your experiences and talents.
We are waiting for Michael's orders. and the most need that are urgent, and for the Magisterial Sons to appear. But in the meantime you could engage yourself in your studies and reacquaint yourself with the value in the text of the Urantia book, which will benefit you when you are being questioned by your fellow man of whom most are in complete ignorance about these spiritual phenomena, and do not have any idea about missions or spiritual work given to your environment, to your people, and to their existence on the planet.
So let's hope and pray for good will among the people and for a warm welcome to the Magisterial Sons when they decide to make themselves known to the public, which could be soon. To lift the planet and its people, of whom so many are in disbelief and ignorance about our Father, about His Sons and about all celestial help coming to them. All decisions will always be by the high rulers of your universe, and what the first step will be, if decided to do anything, humans have no right on the sayings of the spiritual world. They don't know what the Father and His creation means to them, and how to recognize the Father as their true and only God to rely upon for their progress, and proceedings in the lives to come. When they have left their lives in the flesh on Urantia, the planet where they have begun to feel only a little bit of what life is all about.
I am Arthura, and I ask you to be timid and never ask for things to come your way when it does not benefit the whole group. A whole nation or the world you are a part of. You are all together here on this earth as one family. And although you do not feel as family members yet, I advise you to set the first steps to conquer the divine ability that lives in you. And open up your heart to all your brothers and sisters to come to a realization of peace as Jesus explained to you so clearly. And is just as possible on every planet, including Urantia. I am Arthura at your service. I say good day to all of you.
Thank you, Arthura.
Thought Adjuster of Elise
This is your Adjuster, Elise. And I speak to all, children. You and I, you and we, Adjusters,  we understand well how we work together to give you time in each new phase of your life to take advantage of the circumstances that help you to live closer to God. But do not forget that every child of God is already very close and present in God, and that it must stand the test of time and experience to understand what it takes to approach God in many and ever more satisfying ways. However, God the Father is pleased with everyone's prayer and with whatever you say to Him that is honest and sincere, and shows that you love him.
Man is the lowest of the creatures bestowed with intellect, and therefore requires a long time to grow from the animal element from which he emerged to the spiritual inherent element deeply hidden within him. Man is now in this social, economic, and spiritual development on this planet. His development has just begun and he has a long educational journey through the universes before him, and gradually he will learn how to reach and serve and honor God with increasing awareness of the spiritual values that he has learned to apply and use in his life to serve God through his fellow human beings. As he is given every opportunity to do the will of the Father and to render his services to him continually.
So, do not be too hasty in wanting to achieve what you are not ready for, and have therefore not yet achieved. Take the time to realize that you are a human being in service to the Father, and how happy it can make you if you fully realize that. This is the beginning of your career on a long path through the universe, and little by little you will notice how the spiritual influences become more real, and how to use them in your life, and make them your reality to find the way to your own level of being to thank God and learn to truly worship Him. So, never give up, but try to focus on what you can do now and what you can be for the Father. A content child who places his cares in the hands of the Father and who faces life with confidence.
This is your Adjuster. And know that all of you are together with your Adjusters in this, and one day you will be one in achieving the absolute satisfaction in prayer and worship to the Father. This is the Adjuster, and we thank you for listening.
Thank you, Adjuster. Thank you.
Well, let me see the time. Oh, it’s … the hour is almost over, I see. So, well, Dominick, can you open the line and see if there is anything or anyone else who wants to speak or say something? Or maybe you have to…
Does that mean you're inviting the line to be open?
Yeah, let it be open, if there is anyone who would like to comment on this or ask something or wants to say anything, just open the line, so let's see what happens.
So if the callers press, what, five star, I'll see that the hand is raised. And if you think of something, callers, attendees do that. And while we're waiting, Elise, I just have some updates, if I can, about the Lightlines this week.
Yes, sure go ahead.

Let's see. For Wednesday Lightline, there is no availability for Lemuel this week and in the foreseeable future. Simply because he's exhausted from all the procedures he's undergone. So he's... semi-retiring in order to rest. And so on that note, he's what you would consider a transmitter emeritus. So retiring in good standing. And I just want to thank Lemuel and understand he can come back anytime he wants to hold a Lightline, but right now he's just resting, because he's exhausted from the ups and downs of multiple surgeries in the span of about 12 months.
So, just as a reminder, we have many transmitters actually. Right now we have essentially we're down to three. Myself, you, Elise, and Ron at that juncture. But we have plenty still alive that are also in the emeritus or emirates standing. Those would include Amethyst, New Star Sapphire, and... and others. Rene is still doing his Lightline in Spanish on Friday. Clancy is kind of in the same boat for Friday in French, the same boat as Lemuel. We've had other transmitters in the past. Prozonov occasionally transmits from Russia. We've had Evan from the Philippines. Albert sometimes does a Lightline for Madagascar. Other transmitters include Evelio, Ghost Dancer, Sue, and Wendy, and Wanabojo.
And if I missed anybody, I apologize. I just put that together over the span of this Lightline. And of course, we had Larry Gossett, who is current is now deceased. So that's my update for that. If anybody would like to. to practice transmitting with some feedback. It's really just catching the communications and be willing to let go and just start writing. And you can post those to new transmissions on the forum and you can invite public and private feedback. But that's just a way to get your feet wet for eventual. service if you want to take up a Lightline on one of these days of the week. Certainly, you're able to... any thoughts to that, Elise?
Yeah, well, that's... Thank you. Thank you for that information, Dominick. And all those names given of the other transmitters gives us more hope and opportunity to listen to more Lightlines, I hope. Well, thank you for that. And I want to thank our speakers, Michael of Nebadon, and Machiventa Melchizedek, and Arthura, and the Adjuster. And I want to thank all the listeners who are here today. Thank you for your attention. And Dominick, you can stop the recording if you're ready. Thank you.

  • 061024 Lightline Netherlands International; host: Elise Sophia Veronica
  • Subjects: Father has given his permission to send our Missions; Ron is not well, getting ready for journey; Ron’s invention will move the world in the right direction; Urantia people need to surrender and cooperation with authorities; the ascension carrier through Thought Adjuster and fusion; Fathers beautiful words to us and all his children;  
  • Speakers: Michael of Nebadon, Machiventa Melchizedek, Thought Adjuster of Elise, and Universal Father,
  • Transcriber: sonsofGod
  • Link to tape:

Transcriber’s note: the audio quality is lacking perfection, and some words are smeared or cut off from being recognizable. Those places of imperfection were completed by transcriber and thus put into parenthesis.

Hello everyone. This is Lightline Netherlands International. It is today June 10th, 2024. I'm Elise and I welcome you all, thank you for joining. Well, let's pray for communication in clear words from spirit for this Monday session, and we thank our Father for everything we receive from spirit in our lives. I think we are very blessed of what we may experience and share with our celestial family. We thank you Father for the love and care continually given to us, and for your blessings and gifts we receive from your hands. That we may become good and useful citizens to our brothers and sisters, and that our intention and strivings shall be done to the will of you, our Father. Amen

Oh, hello, Lemuel. We are just starting a Lightline. Welcome. And let’s see if there is someone to lead us through the Lightline. Is there anyone to address this group?

Michael of Nebadon
This is Michael of Nebadon. Hello to all. Today, I would like to address all who gathered here, who all supporting this Lightline from the Netherlands for everyone to hear. Lightlines are the important tools that keep you and us together and united. And we will keep the lines strong and connected as long as we can keep them open to an interested audience in a work and missions for Urantia. I am Michael of Nebadon, and I would really like to tell you a lot of what is going on. But at this moment there is not much to say, other than the things that you know already, and have heard on the Sunday Lightline.

Ron isn’t feeling well. He is now retired, he is dizzy, and he feels himself drawn out of energy, waiting for what is further going to happen to him, and the announcements made on Sunday. But the time has come that Urantia will experience many things they have never experienced before. For the Father has given his permission to send our Missions to the planet, to carry out plans that have long been prepared for you and for all your nations, to learn about the God of creation, our Father on Paradise. And how to deal with material and sometimes with spiritual issues in your life to help elevate you on the planet, this plane of existence, where every human being will have the right to (gain) access to the Father’s plan for his creation.

And that has been swatted for thousands of years by those who do not want to know the Father as a Source and Center of all. And keep denying his will and intentions for the whole of creation. Ans so, this planet has severed more than any other planet, because of the strong persistence and believes of evil that some, even the most promising leaders, have embraced. And it has only caused suffering to the planet and its inhabitants, despite all out efforts from many in spirit to overcome the consequences of negligence.  

You have heard how the Magisterial Sons have the power to manifest themselves and can appear on your world. And that every effort has been made to bring this planet closer to the era of more sustainable and better ways of life.

And furthermore, Ron Besser’s invention will stir the world, and it will move the world in the right direction, when his findings are recognized and implemented by sensible and foresighted humans who have the best interest for the population at heart. And who do not seek profit for their own convenience or pleasure. And it will be done in accordance with the Magisterial Sons and the Melchizedek Sons, who will be all working in their own way to make people see the right use of what free electricity means, and how to help and offer it to the public when they arrive on this world. A world where there is still complete confusion and where its people are so obsessed with war and warlike thinking.

What will happen shortly? Well, what you have heard is true. Let's wait and see, and keep watching the news. Follow the discussion forum, and be alert, and do not give up. Because the way of your planet of returning evil for evil is not a good way of thinking or working. Better ways are available to all, when attention is directed to the inside (guidance of the Father fragment), when his presence is acknowledged in all one thinks and does. And your Adjuster is meant only help, (to come) for your rescue, and to accept an attitude of more and better understanding of himself, of his brothers and sisters, and ultimately of God, your Father. And the creation that is his from the beginning.

I am Michael of Nebadon. I am a Creator Son who created the whole of the local universe. Universe of Nebadon, that’s where you live in. I direct my affairs with honor and gratitude to the Father. With my Father and the Father of all living beings, high or low, in the universe of universes. Our Father never changes, he is always the same. The universe may change, and does so constantly in many ways, because the universe is a living creation. But the Father himself does not change. Nor does he leave Paradise where he has his above, and from which he supervises all his universes. Father, our Father is the constant in the universe. He is a mighty God. He is a merciful God, who loves his children and gives abundantly to all. And all his children will come to realize the purity and goodness of the Father. Well, they’ll strive to become like him, for living the divine qualities and spreading them among (their brothers and sisters).  

This is Michael of Nebadon. I step back and I am going to hand this over to my Son, Machiventa Melchizedek, who has a few words to say.

Thank you, Michael. And, well, we welcome you, Machiventa Melchizedek. Please go ahead.  

Machiventa Melchizedek  
Yes, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. I am Machiventa, and I want to say this to everyone. You have heard the news when Ron gave you (an update) on this Sunday Lightline. There you were informed about the Magisterial Sons coming for their Missions assigned to your planet.  This is good news and it bring hope and joy to your heart. We rejoice with you, and we know that there will be an opportunity to make some changes and differences that the planet needs in starting a new course and where there is hope for learning programs and insight for all of you now and in the future the world will be completely surprised when they witness the appearance of a Magisterial Son, which may happen soon. Confusion and disbelieve will rule the world for a while, but that will end after some days, and people will have to come down when we approach them in our own way, and start spreading information, and order will be largely restored.

Rob Besser will continue to work with us wherever (we need him), and we will use other transmitters when necessary. Ron could be the example to mankind as a living morontial being among you but will be not necessarily be known as such.

I am Machiventa, and we have said it before to you, this group, this group of Agondanters, you live between two worlds so to speak. You are operating in between the spiritual and the material world. You have your existence in the material world. You hear voices in the spiritual world. And that can benefit you immensely, because you already know so much more than others who think they know it all better, and not open for improvement for the population, and even less in applying divine laws, the laws of the Father operating across the universe. Well, not to mention those on your planet who willfully refuse to acknowledge their Father. This has been a big problem, this and the insurrections. They have been the major problem and the main cause of retardation on your world. And it must be changed. The population must begin to learn, a population that (…………………..) profit and forgets the less fortunate.

Need to surrender to cooperation and learn a loving respect for each other. There will be help to teach men, seek and point out the reason for his existence. And the human, he will recognize the spiritual help that is offered to them, and it will keep him from walking the earth aimlessly, waiting for a fortune to be thrown upon him. Such uneducated and undisciplined behavior will only lead to the decline of the civilization. So, it will be necessary for you people to learn to accept authority, to cooperate with each other and with your (government, or leaders). People have to become more invented in all ways to build equality between your fellow human beings. And to build good relationship with your spiritual leaders, they are all ready to pass on their wisdom and experience. And men learn to live for the divine truth within him, which continually impels the individual to improve and perfect his faith in God, the Source of his existence. And this is one of the objectives of the Mission for all countries of the world.  

And for this group, what can you do? Well, do what you can. Look inside, ask yourself and ask for help and strength. You are all supported, you know that. So, be strong, stay the course, keep yourself informed, stay with the group, pray to the Father. Talk to your Adjuster and be at peace with Jesus. And may the Father’s will prevail. I am Machiventa Melchizedek and thank you for listening, and I withdraw.

Thank you, Machiventa. OK, this is Elsie, I have look at the dashboard, and we… Well, I would like to welcome Carole Deptula, and Charlotte, and Weydevu, and Valerie. We are with 16 at the moment. So, let see if ther is more for us, if there is anyone else who would like to speak.

Thought Adjuster of Elise
This is the Adjuster. I would like to spend some words as a follow-up that you received about the mansion worlds the other day as a post on the forum. And I would like to emphasize the time to rest. Time to rest and to be with me in stillness. I am God in you, and I know how you feel in times of doubt and of great loss that are very difficult to process. You all have been led to where you are now, and we, your Adjusters, your Thought Adjusters, know the way on how to walk with you. That’s how it is always been and that’s how it will continue to be. We, Adjusters, have chosen to guide you, and that guidance is a long time of growth and development, that will continue until you and your Adjuster fuse, and allow you the course to the Father to Paradise.

The way to God is not easy. But it is fully equipped, so that God’s children, who begin in life on a material world, are provided with teachings and tools to move forward in an inviting manner. And the worlds you will visit in your transition are all very different from the harsh material world in which you now spend your ways. There is a structure that applies to everyone. And that makes it easy to provide a wide choice for your next step in development through learning and application, in the easiest way to complete your tasks successfully. On the mansion worlds there is no enmity or competition. If you become more familiar with your environment and learn what is available to you, you may choose your path, always in alignment with the Adjuster who is at your side immediately after your transition.

There are countless paths that you can follow, and each way is good and educational. From world to world, you will progress and move more easily as an emerging spirit, until you have reached the stage of (spirit being) that will take you on your way to countless episodes of your existence. And you will more and more experience the goodness of God. God is great and to reach God and to meet him everyone must be prepared. Everyone makes a journey that take years, which you can understand, as you get to know God’s greatness and his omnipotence more and more. And it is therefore clear that your time in the spheres can last hundreds of thousands of years, unless God calls you to himself for a very special reason. Which does not happen very often, because it is impossible for such a rapid development of man to take place, to even partially understand your Creator.

Jesus was the only person who could do that. As he was bestowed, he was the Bestowal Son for Michael of Nebadon, the Creator Son of your local universe of Nebadon. Michael lived in Jesus, and (gave Jesus) the powers to live and ascend as a divine (Son), but even Jesus had to make his journey through experience through learning and working to the Father, to go to his Creator and first Source and Center by everything he did in his life on earth, but with the secret of the living God within.

This is still the Adjuster speaking. And now you may ask yourselves, where will be the experience in an ever changing (world, or universe). The answer is, in your soul. It is in your soul. What is the soul? Can you see the soul? Is it an entity? Is it a substance? What is the soul? The souls is purely something that exist between you and me. That grows between you and me, the Adjuster. It is the result of that which is formed between you and me. It serves you and me, and its constantly gaining experience, both in your material life, and your experiences outside of the material. It is the result of recognizing you and me as part of God, and it gives you access to eternal life that only God can offer you, because he is a Creator an steward of life.

And (it allows) you to grow and develop from a human being to a spiritual being, with the potential of an eternal (life) with and in God, through the development of the soul. (Through) your spiritual experiences in the material life, you as a human being, is able to survive in the material and increasingly absorb the spiritual, until you are completely spiritual and continue only in spirit. (But first you should ascend) to walk in (the morontial world) and to be made ready to take on your spiritual tasks. Before (your development) remains the complement between you and the Adjuster, which at the time of (your spiritual development) offers you the opportunity to become like him, and he like you by fusing into one. In which you, and the Adjuster have both contributed to the outcome and fuse as entities of different origin to fully develop the divine in man.

It is the soul that develops between you and your Adjuster, and that gives you the assurance that you will become a child of God at perfection of what was given to you at birth. Namely your inheritance as a child of God, a child of the Father, one Father of all (of) his created children on the path of their divine origin. This is the Adjuster speaking the truth. I thank you.

Thank you, Adjuster. I need a moment to see if there is anyone else.

Universal Father
Hello, my children. This is the Universal Father. I am the Universal Father. You heard the truth. And you are drowned closer to me by your Adjuster in all your efforts to off the heaviness of the earth and move into a light that is attainable to every human being who is adheres to my desires, to follow my will and to respect my laws. I am your Father. I am God. I can give you what no one else can give you, and that is insight into the many things that are invisible yet accessible to all who listens my voice, the little voice within. That little voice that will assist you in every situation that arises in your lives. I have the power I have the strength to penetrate deep within you and lead you to the truth the beauty and goodness with which man must cloth himself in order to share in the joy of God who is already a part of you and has endeared to you. To ensure that every human being who carries within him that fragment of God has the opportunity to reach me, to meet me on Paradise, after a long journey of teaching and experience through my creations, especially made for that purpose.

I am your God. I am the God of each and every one, but many gone so far astray that they no longer know or want to know me. But this will change. To make man realize once more that he can become one with me to enter my kingdom/that is the plan for each of my children, provided they act with love towards one another and care for my creation, including the world they inhabit. These are the spheres that in their own evolution come into life and light, a condition of perfection for a material planet. I am the Universal Father. I love you all. You all (are) in my heart. I ask you, be caring, be caring, respect your fellow man, love each other. A worm heart for God and affection for your brothers and sisters are the anchors of existence. And the security for eternal life with me, your heavenly Father. I love you, good day.

Thank you, Father, thank you so much. That was beautiful. Thank you for your words.
Well, I am sensing no one else. So, well, let me have a look at the dashboard. We have 16 here altogether, and maybe there is someone who would add anything to this, or has some comments or questions that would lead to another conversation? Well, press 5-star if you want to be heard. I am going along the list and I see no hand up. OK. Here we go! I see a hand is coming up and that is the hand of Lemuel. I am unmuting you, Lemuel.
You are unmuted Lemuel, please go ahead.

Well, Elise, would you please, after you stop the recording, allow me to say a few things. Thank you.

Yes, let me see if this is the end of the recording. So, I will mute you, and I will unmute you again, Lemuel after that. OK?

Yes, yes.

OK. Everyone is muted again. Now let see what we can do. Let me just concentrate for a minute.

Machiventa Melchizedek
This is Machiventa Melchizedek, Elise, and I see that there are (no hand up) at the moment. You have had our speakers for today and I think you should be content about this. There is not much more we can tell you at this moment, as we said at the beginning. But it does not matter when you chose to end this Lightline, it is shorter than usual but that that doesn’t matter at all. So, if you like to end this Lightline and stop the recording, and Lemual will be ready to speak and you give him the microphone, if you pleased.

OK, Machiventa. I will do just that. So, for my part on this Lightline the Lightline is over. And there were no questions and no comments, so I will just stop the recording. And I thank you for being with us today and let see if there is more news tomorrow when Dominick has his Lightline. Thank you very much, and I am now stopping the recording.



  • 060924 Audio Tape Light Line USA; host: Ron Besser
  • Subjects: Mission is coming to Urantia very soon; Ron’s body will be modified on the mansion words and brought back, today is his birthday; the electric plant is to be offered to Japan and South Korea; Japan is interested; next is hydrogen car; Monjoronson and Serara will appear in a week or two, and 2nd or 3rd week to the world via television; stay tuned for upcoming Lightlines; this coming week is special; announcement of the appearance of Jesus!; Ron is used for immediate announcements, watch out for the next 10 days; how will Lightlines and broadcasts continue; warning about China; Steven advised to stay for a week in York to experience God’s appearance once more;
  • Speakers: Monjoronson, Serara, Michael of Nebadon, and Machiventa Melchizedek;
  • Transcribed By: sonsofGod
  • Link to Tape:

Ron Besser  
This is Ron Besser for a Lightline on Sunday, April or June 9th, 2024. It is the first regularly scheduled Lightline to begin again. The old set up, which we had for well over a year, is still in effect everybody. You hold your Lightlines the way you’re scheduled, please. We will keep this going until the Magisterial Sons decide to do it differently, if they want to. That’s the big news today, folks! You have a Mission coming to Urantia very soon. It’s Magisterial Sons, it’s two of them, it is Monjoronson and Serara. Serara is spelled S E R A R A, and Monjoronson is as it sounds: M O N J O R O (N) S O N. Monjoronson. They are to speak now. Fellows, are you ready?

Yes, we are Ron, and thank you. I am Monjoronson, the Magisterial Son who will take command of Urantia shortly. Ron is the last of the old transmitters. He learned his profession in 1995. He wasn’t able to use it until 2003. He will never understand that if he used transmission early on, it probably would have killed him. But we had to put the mind together, and the various glands that make it possible to reproduce our voice. For that reason, then we are going to tell you this.

The entire matter of what we are to do here is conditioned by Michael of Nebadon, for what we have to say. There is now 22 on our call, and we believe 5 more are just listening. We welcome you. For that reason, it’s a big audience for us. We would like to say this to you. The time has approached, the time is ready, and we are sure that you shall see a Magisterial Son perhaps this week. That’s how close we are.

Ron wants to stay and revel in it, but he was informed this morning that he has to go over to the mansion worlds in a few days. Don’t lament his passing, because he will be brought back in a morontial form that even Dominick can see. And if Steven still here, he can see him too. Flesh and blood will be maintained, but the name Ron will also be used for recognition purposes.

The Lightlines as you have been scheduling them are perfect. 2 PM on a weekday, and Sunday. For that reason, we state this. You, Ron, are going to stay the course long enough for us to establish our presence on Urantia, and for another 20 years, if possible. You love the work, you want the work, but are weakened by the fact that you are in the flesh. We are going to modify your body enough that you can stay in the flesh, but that you have very little to do with the flesh. No, you are not going to have lunch with the flesh. You are going to vitalized by another way of doing it.

We are going to announce now something rather extraordinary. Today Dominick and Steven Gitz are visiting in the living room. Ron is at the computer doing this Lightline. Elise’s bouquet has arrived and its sitting beside Ron’s body as he broadcasts. It’s a beautiful flower arrangement, Elise, thank you. For today is his birthday. He thinks it might be the 82nd, its actually the 81st.

Ron Besser
Uhm! I can’t add.

In any case people, the truth of the matter is, there are now 24 with us, and we welcome all 24, whoever you are. All we see is numbers on our dashboard. We don’t see your names. And now this. Here is the Magisterial Son, Serara.

Happy Birthday, Ron. We thank you.

Ron Besser
Re we pulling Victoria today?

Yes, my son.

Ron Besser
Ha-ha-ha. We are glad to have you here. I have made the conditions available for you. He-ha. That’s Victoria, right on.

Well, Victoria, can we have Ron?

Ron Besser
Oh, sure, sure, I am here.

Anyhow, this. The trial that we must forgive you for is that your program is unanimously discovered by several transmitters all at the same time, and they are delighted with the voice and the care that you give.

Ron Besser
Well, thank you. It’s wonderful to be appreciated, even if a little.

Thank you. And now this for you, Ron. Happy Birthday! Today is your 81st birthday. I think.

Ron Besser
Yah, I got mixed up between the 81st and 82nd. I can’t quite add the digits.

Yah, you were born in 42. That makes you, what?

Ron Besser
Well, today is 2024, it makes me 82.

Yes., and that is correct.

Ron Besser
I was checking to see if you could add, Serara. Ha-ha. That’s all.

Thank you. I didn’t know it was the 82nd. Anyhow, it’s this Ron. Your invention, the electric plant has been sitting without a single interest. Mainly because they don’t know how it works. But the patent office said, give him the patent. Let his figure it out, because we think its valid. Even though the patent does not explain it very well. For that reason, folks, Michael of Nebadon and the Father have decided that the new electric plant, which is so unusual and so cheap, he can almost give it away, is to be available to Japan and South Korea when they can afford to buy the first and second plant. Ron thought about it long and hard and said, the United States could care less about the invention. Let’s offer it to a place that desperately needs electricity, and stop burning fossil fuels or nuclear fuel to put it into effect. We don’t have to burn anything. All we have to do is run our generators.

And now, for this, Ron. Japan has looked at the invention and said, it’s perfect for Japan. But how do we contact you? There is nothing on the patent that gives his address or telephone number. They don’t know how to get in touch with him otherwise. The patent office is a screwball organization at times. They were forced to put it up by the director. They said, “we don’t know how this works, why do we put it up?”. And the director said, “I got a sixth sense this one is important”. Well, it’s now set a year without any interest or even a discussion. Soon, Ron will have a discussion, not with the South Koreans, but with the Japanese who thinks it’s perfect for their island. It is.  

Once the Japanese will contact him, watch out. There will be a brand-new power plant that produces electricity without burning a thing, and staying cool and collected, because it can transmit over 200 miles free electricity. And now this. Ron, just leave it be, all right? Now this. Ron also has a design for the hydrogen car. Because he can produce hydrogen inside the car without batteries, it’s just that he thought that the patent for electricity should go first without an intervening patent for a hydrogen car that so easily produces hydrogen without a battery. He knows how it’s done, he can even picture it in his mind how it works. Stay tuned.

Now, number three. I am Magisterial Son, Serara. I will appear the end of next week or beginning the week thereafter. Next week ends or begins or end with the 16th of June. We will be fully seen by all of you for the Missions by the 10th of July this year. Count on it. How will we appear? Well, Jesus said, why don’t you use television? It is all over the world, even the poorest of the poor have a television set somewhere. For your information, I decided to use it. Don’t be surprised that sometime around the second week or the third week of July all the television sets will revert to one program. Me announcing my return. Ron shut a bunch of fireworks into the sky. Let’s hope Urantia can do it, but I suspect they will be confused. All confused and Ron says, “It’s about time. They are so sure about war. Try peace and Jesus for a change. See what it does for the system.”

Hah! I agree with you Ron, this is Serara. Now, let me take control again. The trial that is to appear before Ron is today. He can hardly get awake, but he said, “No, today is a Lightline and I am going to do it. We are going to go by schedule.” So, 22 of you on the dashboard said, “Fine, let’s listen”. Well, there are about 50 of you listening, because some of your invite others to hear it.  What do you want to hear? Well, what’s going to happen this week or, well, two weeks from now? What is Wednesday got to do with today? Well, on Wednesday Dominick has his Lightline. No, Lemuel has his Lightline. Dominick has Tuesday. For that reason, both of them will broadcast a schedule for the appearance of God on earth again.

Stay tuned for those Lightlines. Elise, Monday is a little bit too early. But by Tuesday the announcements can start. And Dominick, Wednesday is your day, and you will be full of protocols. Now, if Gitz stays until the end of this coming week, will include him as well. But if you go home, you going to have to watch. Stay your course Steven, and enjoy it from the hot spot. Where is Ron, he will be watching and having his say too.

There is no particular reason that he has to hold a Lightline at 2 PM. He may call a Lightline any time in the next ten days to announce the extraordinary appearance of your beloved Jesus. It is that close, folks. Find a peaceful corner, be comfortable there, and just watch as Urantia becomes a planet of peace. Israel will go back to its borders. Hamas will no longer even be seen. The other agencies of fear and terror will have no reason to say a thing soon.

Now this. Ron is feeling terrible. They are trying to shot down his mind, but the Adjuster would not allow it. Someone is trying to shot down his vital signs, but the doesn’t allow it. What is it all about? Well, Ron has become a fixture on Urantia. It’s what we all use to speak the immediate truth of what you about to experience. He doesn’t care what others say, he is glad for the information. But he alone carries the schedule.

Today, we announce the following:
1. The appearance of Jesus is set. It’s coming during the month of July, 2024, in his own way.
2. There is no longer a Urantia Foundation to interfere by nay-saying who is what, and what is what, going on with the transmitters that has sprang up again. Ron is aware of the Western transmitters. He says, “You have no idea, but you need to cooperate. We leave room for you, but don’t interfere. Use our facilities and use them well for your broadcast, but we will not interfere.”
3. And finally, this. To certain transmitters in the west, you got to stop inveighing the devil to get out of the position you are in, and to provide services. The old Teaching Mission, hear me, you can be activated again, and we will reestablish, reestablish the Teaching Mission for all of you. It doesn’t harm you to speak to Ron, because he has the plans. You have the action. Become the teaching Mission again. You are very valuable.

And finally this, Ron. You think you are going to be taken to la-la land, because you feeling so purely. The truth of the matter is, your eyes are almost gone. Your brain is alopathed, and they screwed up the television today royally. It will be all straightened out shortly and you can go back to be normal again.

Ron Besser
Thank you.

And thank you, Ron. And finally, to you who use these Lightlines to figure out what’s going on and then report back to your constituencies. Please, use them, until we establish on your television sets a channel that you can watch, and hear the updates. Ron was originally scheduled to do them, but we will use him for even other chances for communication. I will not tell you about it, and even he doesn’t know about it, but stay tuned, because Ron will update you beyond what you hear on television. Or radio for that matter. I do not know what channels you are going to receive it on. That is up to your local networks. But please be advised that what you are going to hear is directly from Salvington. It’s not a spokesman, but it is being broadcast from Salvington.

And finally this. Ron, you are misbehaving slightly?

Ron Besser
Well, I want to say something, but I don’t have anything to say more important, and I leave the scramble to you.

Michael of Nebadon
Thank you, Ron, and that is fully accessible. I am Michael of Nebadon. And I am speaking directly to all 24 named on the dashboard and probably about 20 more who are listening through the computer. Ron has made that available too, and it is a saving grace. Because this process with this software is going to get scrambled, because of the announcement.

Ron needs to establish another means of communication, and we start using that first, and may be two. Dominick! Establish a program that this can be heard on, because the phone lines are going to go down. I guarantee it. And finally, this to you, Steven. You come the whole way to York, Pennsylvania to see and hear Ron. He is immensely grateful. And thanks for the bouquet from Elise for his birthday, it’s gorgeous. He would eat it if he could.

And now this to the rest of you who have never set in Ron’s living room and listen to this play. The truth of the matter is, that we have Monjoronson, Serara, Hensen, Sensen, and several other Magisterial Sons in the living room today. Ron had a terrible time with the devil, and it's screwed up the way to turn and tune the TV. We are hoping that Dominick has it straightened out.

And finally, this from Serara to your, Ron.

Ron Besser
I listen

Michael of Nebadon
Thank you. You feel your hair being twirled around your crown chakra.

Ron Besser
Yah, it’s like someone has got their finger there. Almost, yes.

Michael of Nebadon
What an interesting way to put it. But yes, that’s what it is. I am making available to your crown chakra, Ron, the ability to see the lower orders when they are visible.

Ron Besser
How about when they are available? That’s a different story.

Michael of Nebadon
You devil.

Ron Besser
All right. That’s fine. Just getting vocabulary.

Michael of Nebadon
OK. Now this. We have another soul joined us and thank you. We now have 24 listed.

Now, the trial that must be afforded by all of you to continue these Lightlines. Dominick will have to put up an additional contact point to hear the Lightlines.
#1. You are going to lose the phone call, because Urantia goes nuts about the announcement, and everybody wants to use the phone to talk.  
#2. Dominick. Find a way to broadcast this without having to use the Internet. I don’t know if that is possible.
#3. Steven Gitz, you are to stay a week. It’s up to you, but if you stay here at 2709, you get the immediate effect of the appearance of God on earth once more. Stay, if you can. Don’t go until the week after. We have our reasons.

And finally. The trial that has been true for now three weeks, Ron, is that your mind, your brain has been under the orders of the gestapo.  The evil ones. You refuse to deal it, you refuse to acknowledge it, and they cut you up over the night in the legs, and they’re quite sore. Don’t worry about it anymore. That is done.

Ron Besser
Hallelujah, thank you.

Michael of Nebadon
And finally, this. Because Ron has initiated the original idea of transmitting us, and all of you are quite used to and comfortable to listening to the broadcast, and those that are with Ron, we are going to keep this structure open. But also add a broadcast in other means over the Internet, if we can find and use the space. If we can’t and this is very important. We are going to find the way to broadcast the Lightlines from the station, in any case, we will just have to figure it out as it may happen.

You got a mess coming. M E S S. Don’t take it for granted. Stay out of the way. Don’t proselytize. Not for now. I will tell you when. And above all, Ron, you are safe and secret for the moment. Don’t get too boisterous with your inventions, or your ability to speak well. Let the western transmitters find out what they are trying to breach. Let them figure it and handle it.

And now, it is my pleasure to introduce you once more to the Melchizedek of Melchizedeks.

Ron Besser
Melchizedek with icing.

Michael of Nebadon
Ha-ha. Yes, Ron, who speaks now.

Ron Besser
And we welcome you Machiventa. Please, go ahead.

Machiventa Melchizedek
Thank you, Ron. What a pleasant sequence. I want to tell you all this. I have never seen a planet so well prepared without anything to offer. That’s how sad the case is. The United States is the most powerful nation on the planet. Yet it dobs around, trying to be of use to the Middle East, when it needs to pay attention to Formosa and China. China is going to make it smooth, and when they do its total war. They are idiots. And we pronounce that after the fact as well. It will be calm down because we are going to appear. Yes. Look from now until the middle of July for evidence and prepare what you can, but there is not much you can do.

And finally this, Ron. You’re not going over any time soon. You’re too valuable on Urantia. Hah, and I hear Ron say, “I told you so, I told you so”. Ha-ha. Thank you, Ron. And this.  The entire situation for you, Dominick is to stay the course, and stop fooling with little things. For you, Steven, you are to stay the week and watch the fireworks at the center. If there is anything you need to do, call your sons and have them do it for you. You got to stay this week if you can.

And finally to you, Ron. You are going to feel much better shortly. And if that’s the case, God help them, Dominick and Steven, for they are used to a quiet Ron. But have I got a broadcast for you! And Dominick and Steven, record it! It’s going to be a doozy. Its up to you whether you want to share it later.

And now one other thing Ron, you feel forced to cough.

(one small cough)

Machiventa Melchizedek
Thank you for getting it out of your system (laughing).

Ron Besser
On, you’re welcome.

Machiventa Melchizedek
Ha-ha. Ron, stop it. You’re one of a few that can respond to us in the fever that we’re offering. But don’t become familiar with Michael and his …

Ron Besser

Machiventa Melchizedek
Yes. And his rags. He has a lot to say to you, and he does not want (to be) interrupted.

Ron Besser
Well, we will keep the cat out of his hair.

Machiventa Melchizedek
Yes, yes, thank you. And now this. Why can you get away with this and no one else can?

Ron Besser
It’s because I am so used to knowing you over a long period of time, I am very comfortable with your authority, and your friendship. And so, I easily speak to you.

Machiventa Melchizedek
Thank you, Ron. It’s beautiful. There is one other thing you out to know. That you, Ron, are going to be established as a spokesman for us when we need you.

Ron Besser
That’s for pets?

Machiventa Melchizedek
Ha-ha. Yes, Ron. That’s for our pets. And now this. The truth of the matter is that we are coming up to the quarter of three, and very little else to say, except this. We are going to close this just a tad earlier than we usually do. And that’s for you to get something into your system to drink. You get very dry mouth.

Ron Besser
Yes. Yes, I do.

Machiventa Melchizedek
And thank you, Ron. And the truth of the matter is, there is no one who can do a Lightline like you do, because you are so familiar with Michael, Machiventa, Mantutia, Manituba, and about three other Melchizedeks, X. Y, and Z.

Ron Besser
Other names are so short and wonderful.

Machiventa Melchizedek
Yes, Ron, it is. In any case, Ron, we are going to close this Lightline about 15 minutes early. Not that we don’t have more to say, but that you all need to take a chance to remember what has been said. The tape is running, the tape will be heard, but there is a poignancy with Ron, for he must learn to be quiet for a week.  

Ron Besser
I offer my weakness to you then.

Machiventa Melchizedek
Stop it, Ron. And we take what we want.

Ron Besser
You’re beautiful.

Machiventa Melchizedek

Ron Besser
Big nose and all.

Machiventa Melchizedek
Thank you, Ron.

Ron Besser
Oh, you are welcome.

Machiventa Melchizedek
And I want you to all understand that Ron is his private life speaks daily to Michael, Machiventa, and a number of other officials easily and well. He always does what they ask. And we now ask you, Ron, to end this Lightline on Sunday, the 9th of June 2024, and to let the Lightlines be until we call for them again. Dominick, you have a Lightline of Tuesday, do it. Do it. Elise, do it on Monday. Wednesday, Lemuel. But Ron, if Lemuel can’t make it, Ron, you take the Lightline on Wednesday.

And finally, this. I am quite sure that the entertainment for the year has only begun. By that I mean that as long as you have a communication circuit available, we are going to find it. Ron is going to attempt to get the message to you, because you are going to have a mess. I mean a capital MESS on Urantia. Everybody is going to talk, but they don’t know what to talk about. We are going to appear shortly. And then let the leaves fall where they may. And we say, goodbye, for now.

Ron Besser
Bye-bye everybody.  


    • 052824 Tuesday Lightline USA, Host Dominick O
    • Subjects: the higher Being, sharing our faith, the reward of experiential faith, the revelation of Jesus Christ, Christ Michael, programs to correct Urantia, inherent creation, the love of the Father, The service of Melchizedeks, Magisterial Sons, Missions, reasons for revelation, incremental peace
    • Speakers: Michael of Nebadon, Machiventa Mlechizedek, Van
    • Transcriber: sonofGod
    • Links:
    YouTube: MICHAEL. Who higher Beings are & what faith is for you (

OK, we are starting the recording. This is kind of a prerecording of the Tuesday LL works through the You Tube. So, at that we got a cleaned-up version of the audio, and those on the forum who are used to getting the recording right off the web, you get to enjoy the good, the bad, and the ugly of the preediting process. They get all the long pauses, they get all the lip smacking, which gets to be taken out on YouTube, as I am finding out.

Welcome Roger. You’ve joined so many times, even though you unmute, I can hear your voice saying Hello. So, hello.
Tuesday, May 28, (2024) and we have just begun. Welcome Pictarious, Pictorious, someday you tell us how to pronounce that. And welcome.
OK. We will go into transmission here shortly. For those joining, by listening when you hear the beeps those are people coming in. Welcome Roger Raz.

There is plenty to see on past Lightlines that describe what Lightlines are. So, without further ado, let’s check in and see who can we receive from spirit, in the name of the Father within us, and Michael of Nebadon, our Lord, and Creator Father, here, and we are both of their sons. We pray for clean circuit, otherwise known as a clean channel.

And I offer a quick prayer for everyone in the world to remain hopeful, find things to be happy with, and to be able to focus on the good. Aim to be truthful of what we do, and that we experience and find relief, and appreciate that, all of it. We also pray that we could know one and other more, and that we build and nurture strong relationships in our lives, repair the ones that we can, and thank you all in spirit who help us do that. It is your will that we learn to love. And certainly, that will make a better world if we can accomplish a little of that every day. Amen

Michael of Nebadon
Thank you, Dominick, this is Michael of Nebadon. I come to the group today to speak a brief word to all who are assembled, and all who are listening. You who have faith are not blind. All who aspire to God know there is a higher being. I want you to understand who that higher being is. It is I, and that I bestowed myself upon your planet, and therefore it is my planet, it is our planet. I am your brother as Jesus, that you would know me, to know the higher Being, and as your brother, and also as you Christ, as Christ Michael. I’ve revealed the Father, the Universal Father, who you should also know and you should also know that I, Michael of Nebadon, share the same higher Being of the Father that you do. I am of a special nature, a deity myself in many regards, but I am not the Ultimate God. I am the personification of the Father when you know me and when you see me.

Belittle it not that I speak plainly before you, for I wish to be and remain in your hearts, but that your heart is not separate from the rest of you. So, when I say your heart, I mean the essence of you, the totality of you, and that which breaks through and wins over the mind that struggles to accept faith for what it truly is. And that is to empower your entire being head to toe, top to the bottom, literally and figuratively, and morontially, spiritually, that you have faith. And that with such faith you can know what you define as a higher being, and a higher purpose. Once you have this individual experience then do you seek to share this with the group, with the world, with your relationships. Now, the mind still takes over once you have established faith. It’s still attempts to utilize the mind to share what you have experienced, share what it is about. But what you do with it does not need to be such a mental exercise of sharing.

What you do with it is you exude that truth and love and beauty from that opening prayer and extend that to your relationships. And the relationships can be with the world, the environment, and especially with those who are certainly mind encircuited, which is the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, that ecology of the environment, and more so, ever more so the consciousness of spirit, the mind of spirit, and all that is endowed with higher and highest spirit of the Father, which is so essential to the extension, continuation, and seamless integration between life and death. We promise you, the Father and I, you will get more time. You will earn the reward of time with faith. Blind faith does not. In that regards, blind faith tends to present no expression of what I spoke to, and earned faith, experiential faith, bears the fruit of expressing all that is good, trustful, and beautiful that you can absorb and experience, and project that back out into the world. Without having to worry about the mental understanding and need that people need to understand what you have, and what you experience. You will simply automatically begin to share that with your brothers and sisters.

And you will, as they say, experimentally and evolutionary accrue this. It doesn't essentially graduate you into some awesome status overnight of being that ideal wonderful person that you know you can be, and that the spirit within you strives to, shall we say, construct or forge through what the planet provides with an education. An education that builds your soul to how’s this extended life and contain your personality, which remains constant. Especially over this granted extension of time, and that eventually, if you want to extrapolate that, or understand where this goes, of course it goes to the potential of fusion with the Spirit of the Father within you already, that I revealed to you. Your soul, and your personality. And this extension of time granted to you after fusion is eternity, immortality. You don’t quite have it yet. You are the lowliest order of sonship beings with the greatest asset of the Father and the greatest handicap of a material time and space being born of animal and forged into the spirit with the choice and danger of death and permanent death.    

Those who were and are created above you in the hierarchy of spirit do not have such handicaps. They can forfeit their lives eternally by denying reality. Those who have immortality aren’t necessarily perfect. They have an ascending and descending hierarchy between, you can say, myself and you, and someone in between, there is higher and lower end of the spectrum of perfection. You can define that as divinity. It is deity that creates a divine being. Deity creates beings. So, when a baby is born into your world, its deity that bestows that personality. And you are intelligent enough o understand that despite so many similarities on many levels, each one of you is unique, certainly unique enough and especially unique over time in accrue experience that you truly are filling a capacity of the universe of the being it needs to run itself, the universe to run itself. There are systems of infinity that are nonetheless enclosed, but then those system grow into more systems and yet more systems. And this fulfills the capacity of the eternal being to perpetuate a dynamic life that need not become boring and need not become stagnant to the extent that you are reposed and repelled at the concept of eternal life. Part of that initial training of this aspect I just mentioned, and this is Michael of Nebadon continuing still, is that the mystery of the Father is not to be ever fully attained, so that the pleasure of infinity together with the eternity is always there.

I thank you for your ear and those who hear let them hear. There is no shame in sharing what I have just told you. It needs no religion, it needs no religious institution. It is those institutions which need to always teach the fundamental basics, of my revealed religion to you. My reveled religion to you as Jesus. And those successive revelations that are yet to come and always coming. And potentially coming through a vehicle such as this Lightline and Lightlines in general. If they were to fall away like a leaf of a tree, if the Lightlines are to go away. It is my message today that you should take with you and learn to find new ways to grow truth, beauty and goodness, and the revelation of the Father. And really to know which way you are going and what to aim for in life through the way, which I call Michael, or you may call Michael.

When people want to ask who is the Christ, it is OK to say, Jesus. But to also say who Jesus was and if he was divine, if he was more than just a man, he was also Christ Michael. We are in the life as in with Jesus. And that they both remain alive. But it is Michael who is the constant of his creation that you live on. Michael as Jesus graduated as you will graduate. The only difference is that Jesus, as Michael, during his life on the planet had the privilege of being just a human sometimes. And when he was, when he graduated, he was a human ascending to the Father just as you shell be, and I will remain as Michael of Nebadon, the local universe of my creation and your creation. You just create in smaller ways within the bounds of your fields and influence, and your legacy of your life.

Jesus went on to become many things on his way to the Father. The way to the Father is shown by many sons, but Jesus revealed the Father. And ever since are humans such as yourselves endowed with this spirit to the extent that the ability of your species, if given the right soil to grow in, have the ability to turn itself around rather quickly. Rather quickly. What you lack is what can be supplemented by these in between orders of Divine Sons together with high orders of Deity Sons. That if we descend upon you, we are armed with the programs and methods of governance that could quickly turn things around for a planet that you could cease to strive as hard as you do, feel secure and be absent from the rage and resentment that living, simply just living on this planet represents often for the majority of the planet.

When these programs come and when these sons and beings, these higher beings become known, they will not bring resentment, they will not be adjudicators full of rage that you will seek justice, that you understand as justice today. It is not for me to lecture you on the imperfection of your approach in justice. I am your Father in creation. Those who would help administer such governance to bring forth the vision I just presented are not myself. I am your Lord in spirit, Deity. I bind all of it together though, but I am not the direct administrator of anything directly in your lives. But I am that which present you the way to do it yourself. And so that’s the base conclusion to what I have to say is that in contrast to rebellion, I, Christ Michael, provide my spirit so that you can do it yourself. You can do it within you and therefore there will be an experiential and an eternal, the prize is yours.    

Rebellion in contrast fosters this rage within you and aims to seek justice through nefarious means of destruction. An opposite end of creation., but the universe is inherently creative, you do not need the dichotomy as the rebels present it of good and bad, light and dark. You do not need that dichotomy, for creation is alternatively creative and the destruction, that you would label as destruction, is equally creative and on that spectrum. You do not need the rebel. That which was is no more. And you will learn what the light and dark truly is.

I love you all. Now, learn to love yourself, learn to love the Father within, and observe what it possibly does and will do to your inner environment and outer environment. Furthermore, I am not the only one who loves, you. Those who are loyal to me and seek to do the Father’s will also love you, and their service to me and to you and with you, will exemplify those as well. Really, all you need to do is work on it a little bit every day and then learn to share that with the Father and thank the Father. And forgive yourself and forgive your brothers and sisters and follow this creative dynamic I just outlined. That creation is difficult in your environment now, but once you experience true creation true love it never ways your experience and you can always return to it and begin to affect the world around of you. And one of the benefits of this is that you will look upon the world, look up on your brothers and sisters with a new filter of this potential love, this inherent creation that the universe is providing you.

And again, know who is providing this to you. The Trinity from Paradise, your ultimate destination and pilgrimage fit though this destination. The higher beings are the existential God of this Universal Father which so mysteriously and lovingly, and joyfully has bestowed by the Father unto you, that no other being in the universe fully understands, because they do not possess it. So, leave that mystery not to be solved but rather experienced. You can experience it and you can share that with me, share that with Father, and share that with everyone you happen to meet. Good day and I love you all, and I send a special bon voyage, if that is to be so to all of your souls, and I wish to great you when you end your physical life and begin your life anew. I have built many mansions, you hear of this before, but there are many mansions, in which to perfect what we have shared today. In this journey of immortality and eternity, which is the Father's direction that you be perfect. And be like him and know him.

I wish you well in your understanding of all that I have laid before you, and that it ultimately is not that difficult for a common person to grasp, and the brilliant person to understand as well. Behold all that is in the universe and backing that call that it knows you and you know it, and that the universe has all this energy with all of a personality to it as well. And that you are to say, the universe has a higher being, learn our names, learn that we have a name. We are Michael, we are Father, we are spirit, and we will educate you to be able to understand and discern who and what you are interacting with any given time, and your faith will be reworded with an answer. Good day.  

Thank you, Michael. All right. It is 2:35, and we welcome those who came in late, but not too late. Valerie, Salvador, Carole, Roger Krupa may be reconnected and Jose. Welcome. That makes sixteen at least on the call, and those who have more we say hello to you, if there is more than one of you on the call. Do we have any other folks to follow up Michael?

Machiventa Melchizedek
Yes, welcome everyone. This is Machiventa, Machiventa Melchizedek. Melchizedek is the order, Machiventa, or Machivente, however you want to say it, I know its difficult for many, so, whatever your style is, I will respond. And I am Machiventa. I have many other Melchizedeks on the planet. It is the Melchizedek order that reserves the right to incarnate and have your physical form at our discretion. This is an ability that we do not take lightly, and we reserve it for certainly planetary emergencies. However, emergencies aren’t always the case. We, as an order being, are quite useful in our ability to work with Avonal Sons on Magisterial Missions. When such a mission gets pushed back as we have intimated time and again for many years now, what the Melchizedek order has in place is constantly adjusted. We adhere to both, our superiors, and their plans for any planet’s mission, and then we are flexible enough to work with what we have, and what can be made of any changes. Whether those missions go on and off. So, what will happen is from time to time your best updates and your best working orders, I can’t think of a better word right now then orders, but you can think of that as next steps. Because orders topically present that question to us anyway, when we deal with humans. We can give you your generalized orders, but then you always ask us, well, Machiventa, what’s my next step? So, I learned to adjust and give those with executive function orders, and those with administrative function a next step.

That’s all I have to say for you. And to provide you with your next steps are to consider what our Lord and Sovereign Michael of Nebadon presented to us today. And who we love to work with are those who come to us in that spirit and then ask, what is your order Machiventa, what you have me to do? And then I don’t have to worry about whether or not you are predestined to be with the Father. We are capable enough to discern that and detect that within you and about you. So, your next steps are to evaluate where you are in your personal faith, and then present yourselves to me. And then I could either tell you what those next steps are in transmission, or if I am not to directly present myself in transmission, I will understand your petition, and act as a go between, encircuiting you with those who administer to your petition. Is it clear enough? Good.

We will now open up the Lightline for those who have any questions around those things just we mentioned in the Lightline. We now present those on the call with the opportunity to ask questions. If you have no personal question perhaps you have another question later on that is helpful to a listener at a future date. You can press 5-star to raise your hand on the dashboard. We have several transmitters as well, if you have a transmission and I do not feel the question, this is Machiventa, I may ask you to transmit. In which case raise your hand on the dashboard, or simply unmute yourself if you are in the dashboard.  

This is Machiventa. It’s 2:43. I am working with this transmitter to field questions, or to other transmitters to whom I may speak to. And if there are none, we could truncate the Lightline. We will give this one minute.

This is Machiventa Melchizedek. Are you… are you so brick minded that you could ask the question, Machiventa, what question do you wish we were to ask? Is there even a question you would love us to ask? Machiventa, what are some questions that the Melchizedeks seem to be asked? And this is Machiventa. We thought that at this point in a Lightline where there is revelation, that revelation is given to men based on questions. If you do not reach out to spirit in the form of a question, will you not get an answer if there is nothing asked. You do not knock there is no answer. Now, there is privilege of time that those topically on this call are members on the forum. But live performance can be intimidating, everyone experiences a mind blank when put on the spot sometimes, so you can join the forum and ask questions there, and those questions could be addressed in a future Lightline.
Please give out the address.

Yes. And you can email the administrator there to get it. Because right now its purposefully difficult to get in. Ad that is aronolac: a r o n o l a c, And please share a little bit about yourself, so that we know you are a human being. And not a nefarious or automated but.

OK, Valerie
(lots of background noise came in)

OK, thank you. All right. I have a lot of echo, so I will be short. But in response to the indication to ask questions I would just want to say that what we have received is very dense, and we need to sink into it and it will take time, as always when I hear the Lightlines, I feel it takes at least two more hours to make it my own or let it into the spirit. So, we are not quite about questions because we are uninterested, but I think we would like to have another opportunity to ask those questions. And we are going to do that on the forum as we were instructed. Once I would like to listen again so respond to it in a meaningful way. That’s all I wanted to say. And I believe I can speak for many of us that we just glad is we can intake the information on these Lightlines where it is keep going on, and so we are not able to yet ask the questions.

All right. Thank you, Valerie, I am muting you. Dominick here.

Machiventa Melchizedek
And this is Machiventa. Thank you, Valerie. In response to Valerie, I remind those listening, the administration of a planet is what the Melchizedek order currently does for this planet, we call it Urantia. I myself have experienced being and acting as the Planetary Manager, the formal title is Planetary Prince. And my point is when you are able to ask a question, it is our experience and function that we are able to coordinate these other beings and their specialties, that might be able to best address the specific nature of your question. And so, these Lightlines are not presented to you as an entertainment value that we have such a lineup for you today of this being or that being, or this celestial or that celestial. But when we do open up to questions, so that you have something presented to us on the forum that will make it into a Lightline. It is at that point that we are able to pull in those beings that provide the novelty of different orders of beings that certainly present an educational opportunity, also the opportunity for revelation.

You do not earn revelation unless there is that up-reach from you. The only other way you get revelation is by sanctioned and planned organization that such a revelation out to be provided in order to advance certain aspects of individuals or groups. Ultimately, in the evolution of the planet are those things provided. So, they work hand in hand. But they can be clearly accelerated in this co creative manner by you, and we thank you. Thank you, Valerie. And there are no further collars. I want you to put him on.

OK. Machiventa wishes to unmute Ron, which I will do after this question from Robert. So, get awake Ron and prepare yourself after Robert’s question here. 2:52 (pm).
Hi, Robert. Yah, you can go ahead.

OK. thank you very much. I have this question for quite a while. I think it was on June the 9th, in 2024 (must have been 2023), on this Lightline, it was a Sunday, that Jesus said,
“2024 is the year. It means what I have been waiting for so long, will be able to take place with a certainty of success.”
My question is, are we going to have this, this year, with a certainty the return of Jesus, and make himself visible?

All right. I understand …. am

Do you want me to repeat it?

Well, why … first off, I do understand the second part of your question. I have trouble understanding the preface where you built up. So that earlier there have been an announcement of an expectation of peace?


And that if anything would happen now, would there be peace?

Yes. Do 2024 id the year? What has been planned for so long, will be able to take place with the certainty of success?

OK. I am going to mute you, and then may be unmute you after the transmission. OK, Robert?

OK. Thank you.

Machiventa, have you understood that?

Machiventa Melchizedek
Thank you. This is Machiventa. Let me first, by protocol, see if there is anyone else who wishes to field that question.

This is Van.

Thank you, Machiventa. Why are you getting Van?

Dominick doesn’t know and neither should you, it could be, it could be anyone. But no one has the experience that I have of waiting for so long on this planet. I have seen many wars, Robert, in my mission to reestablish the garden. And my faith that someday it will happen took way longer than I ever imagined. I did have access to information and things in the entire experience that buffeted or allowed me to last that long. I conjecture that those of your experience today are not armed the ability to last as long as I did. In this respect understand the planet is much more blind today as it conducts these wars, it’s much more blind to the administration of spirit on this planet. Its stock in the legend and lords of science fiction that were controlled by rebels.

Now, the rebel can do two things. He can either tell you a different story for you to believe in, or he can muddy the waters so much that you don’t understand. I am not talking to you, Robert, that you and the planet don’t understand what spirit is, who God is that Michael of Nebadon asked you to know. We knew who they were, we just couldn’t communicate with them. The circuits were cut. Today the circuits are renewed in many respects, and yet you still don’t know who to ask for. And for that, I tell you this the waters are muddied, and so, some of these missions are to reinvigorate and reintroduce who we even are, as you could say divine administration of beings representing these spirits of deity. Divine beings represent a deity. And so, who these higher beings are, represent service to a deity that unifies and even though your understanding may be different, the loyalty of service binds you in a bound. It binds us.

Wars today couldn’t possibly be bind by this bound, for they are broken. You have a faction of a law, binding of the faction of God. Yahweh, or whoever the Jewish name is for God. Frankly, its hard to identify as just one, for there are so many splinter groups in that religion, and furthermore amongst all religions. And so, what Michael reminded you all today is that such peace is possible when these religions are excluded not of who we are, but that they are not a ultimate authority. They are a byproduct of human history. Now, just because they are byproduct of human history does not give them validity. The reason I talk about rebellion and rebels and why even Michael has to talk about them is that without this understanding of rebellion, you have no contexts by which to establish a real peace, by the fact that you are at war to begin with at a very deep level.

In this sense, no religion can win over another. But that religions can remain in existence, and become of service to God, when God descends to the planet. He descends, as I was saying, through you, the individuals. That is not enough on this current trajectory to gain the peace you ask for. The peace you ask for is now only possible through this divine intervention, as you call it, which is not a divine intervention, unless it became such a draconian intervention in your eyes. Draconian in your eyes that would force peace. And so, understand Robert that an enforced peace is not everlasting peace. This, an attempt to create the condition of security and safety, that the rehabilitation and rectification of all the harms that are being done can be even addressed, without perpetuating the evil and distraction that it is creating. So, there will be a conditional peace within one year, and the nitpick would be the observation that, well, this isn’t our version of the everlasting peace we thought it would be. But I am giving you the vision of what the incremental peace might look like where we to establish ourselves abruptly. I bid you a good day. Thank you for allowing me in, Machiventa, I am Van, and I retreat. Thank you, Robert. Good day.

You are unmuted, Robert.

Oh, yes, thank you Dominick. So, I understand that 2024 might not be the year for peace to facilitate, you know, the return of Jesus. We got to be more patient. Thank you very much.

Thank you, Robert. All right. Ron, you might be up for the Lightline. Yeh, you have a little bit of echo, I mute myself. You have the floor and might go ahead.

Ron Besser
Can you hear me?


Ron Besser
All right, I am going blank here.

Machiventa Melchizedek.  
All right. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. I want to speak through Ron in particular, and thank you, Dominick, for allowing it at some point. We are going to change the venue. That is how things are done with the Lightlines starting in about, oh, I am guessing, in about three weeks. Hold your present circumstances that is how you do things until we advise those people who control how we do Lightlines, better. Right now, you have Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with all the Lightlines that we expect after changes have occurred with the French and other participants. For that reason, we are going to change the schedules of the Lightlines. I like the fact that you hold it at 2 pm, and that Sunday is the lead off that Ron uses to start the Lightline series. For that reason, we are going to keep that. But for other reasons we are going to reschedule the Netherlands and others at this point, to obtain a much broader spectrum of listeners.

Right now, your 2 pm schedule holds pretty well across the board. But in the future, we would like a much broader board to operate from on Urantia. For that reason, we are going to change not only the call-in number, but also the way it’s done. For instance, today, we have Dominick setting up the Lightline, and then the rest of you call in and you hang on it like decorating a Christmas tree, to listen. What we would really prefer is the means to do that, plus make it available to a wider audience. I am going to ask Dominick and Ron to place this on a perpetual showtime on the internet. You know the name of it Dominick, Ron never remembers the name of it. But discuss it this afternoon when you arrive at 2709, because he does have an excellent idea, but he is a little bit shy of transferring these transmissions to a wider venue. They need to be on a wider venue. Ron hasn’t prevented it, he just hasn’t bothered.

Ron Besser
And now this, to the rest of you. I am Ron Besser. I have perpetuated these programs now for over ten years. I have gotten very tired. That isn’t me in particular, it’s a body that’s worn out. I am not sure what’s going to happen, but I have been given the idea that I have to move on. I don’t want to, but that is the order. I am not sure what the Lightlines are going to be without me, but they are planting to move me further into the mansion worlds. And primarily between the groups of the popes and the groups of the Supreme Courts. To see where I really do fit in. We are not sure, because I like it all. For reason of state I am going to tell you that they are going to attempt to put me into the Supreme Court, were I will work with some famous people that are already there that you know but I dare not mention. They will train me. And we will see it, how that works. But my true love is to be with you. I do not want to preferably leave while this is undecided. I have petitioned those in authority to stay long enough to see to an establishment of programs on Urantia that address our problems. I am now told that is available to me providing I don’t show any more power, and let things like the power station alone. Hah? That’s like tie me down and say, OK, speak.

Machiventa Melchizedek
This is Machiventa Melchizedek, Ron. Let me address this. One of the first things you did when you finally caught on that we could speak and could be like teachers, and that we could produce programs that you had today. And which you feel is excellent programming and Dominick is to be appreciated. We agree. But we also agree that your care and love for the different aspects of all that you’re trying to do would be greatly missed if you were allow to go on. Now, you have complained for the past week you can hardly get out of bed, and when you do get out of bed, you sit and stare. That is no way to live and you fully agree.

For that reason then, we are going to ask Dominick and others to prepare lessons that are more than the Lightlines. I want these lessons to be prepared over the Internet and to YouTube as well. Ron, have Dominick record a Lightline session on prepared subjects. See what they do with it on Lightline, Dominick. I would not suggest that you use the same account that you’re using your other material for. Make this into a brand-new account, and Ron, when he gets the information, will make it available to you, how to prevent it. Or, hah, present it. I might prevent it by falling over.

Now, this. The trial that we are going to present first is a Lightline discussion of the preeminence of religion over commercial versions. Ron looks at commercial versions and says, well, it’s really religion by the way you conduct it. I fully agree, but nobody will make the connection by just listening to what they doing. I want Ron to do a Lightline verbally and to present it in a brand-new account, Dominick, or others who want to help, and see what the reaction is. I doubt that you get much, but you are going to be heard around the world if it is presented. Plan on it when you go over today, Dominick, and get it started Immediately. That is Michael of Nebadon saying t to you, Ron, you ain’t gonna die, just get sleepy.

Ron Besser
And for that reason, I am not going to say anything further, except, I can hardly get out of bed lately. Is there any way to revitalize myself, anyone!

Machiventa Melchizedek
This is Machiventa Melchizedek. Talk about a direct plea!  You are now sleeping about 14 hours a day. You find it exhausting. Furthermore, it’s starting to get worm, and you dislike to be in a worm room. So, you turn on air conditioning and it chills you down to the point you can barely get awake. Somehow, you got to figure out how to get comfortable. The truth of the matter is, we will suggest it. Hah, and this, Ron. You do not have to worry about wearing anything.

Oh! Ha-ha. All right.

Machiventa Melchizedek
Now this. The trial that must be apprehended is that you, Dominick, have to get awake, and decide how to do this for the production. And for that reason, do not worry about it from Ron or yourself, I will make it available what I want to you, when you meet with Ron today. And furthermore, don’t eat much. Dominick, you are about to be prepared to move forward. Ron did about seven weeks ago. You will do it now. He knows he has got a different version of speech, but he lets it go. You are a little bit slower Dominick, you will learn not the hard way, but by participation over the next, oh, three weeks.  

Ron, you are not going over soon. You have decided that even today, you might drop out. Not so. With that in mind, keep the schedule of Lightlines. Elise, make sure you do Monday.
(few seconds of silence) Hold on. Ron, you are still connected but you can’t see it.    

Ron Besser
No, my screen just did a flip backwards. I have no idea what I got at the moment. Dominick, may I hear your voice?

Yah, yah, you are still connected. You are good, Ron.

Ron Besser
Good. Because I lost all connection, audio not sowing. Let me continue then, and I will turn this back to you.

Machiventa Melchizedek
The truth of the matter is, Ron, there is nothing left in an audio in a second. One moment.

Ron Besser
Dominick, am I still connected?

If I said no, would you believe me?

Ron Besser
I can’t tell, my screen is gone black.  

Well, you are. You are connected. Thank you.

Ron Besser
OK. Well, as long as I got your voice.

Machiventa Melchizedek
In any case, let me finish this before I lose it entirely. I don’t know what that is, Ron. It may have been Father.

Ron Besser
No, it’s not Father and it’s not cabal.  

Machiventa Melchizedek
It is someone pulling a connection on you, that we are going to remove.

Now, this. We must make arrangements between, Dominick, Ron, and the rest of the world to make these Lightlines available on a daily basis. Ron, you are in the position to do it. I am going to use you to start. I want you to recognize that you’re going to get a lot of smart asses. They’re going to try to cut you off.  But we have our own ways, and they can’t.

Ron Besser
Dominick. Because I am losing everything right now, let me turn this back to you, and you can finish your program. May be even come back to me, may be in ten minutes, when I can reestablish the call. I am turning it back to you now, because I got to reestablish. Go ahead, Dominick.

All right. So, you are going to log in and log out?

Ron Besser
Yes. Thank you.

All right. I muted Ron. Its 3:22, and we are going to hang in there for a second. So, I guess as a follow up, the callers will simply start, let me do this new link. Don’t have to worry about the software, because everybody is used to join on the internet meeting using a link now. So, just pretty much understand there will be a link to this new meeting, with software that is usually really easy to automatically install if you don’t have it. Its just that so many different tools out there, so just don’t worry about whether you have the tool or not. Understand, you have an internet link to join, and you join probably by your computer’s microphone and speaker. And secondarily, if you need to buy a phone, and may be telephone information on top of that. I guess I start with a little story.

When I helped other transmitters do something as unique as an online meeting, it was probably back in 2003, and it was just so expensive and so fault with the mistakes. And now we are pretty much enjoying providers give us up to one hundred and now coming into the thousands. So, the technology is there that without increasing the cost of the service, we are able to reach the capacity at least, say, a thousand callers on the call. May be even as much as ten thousand. We just wouldn’t be able to have participation with that many people of a Q&A. So, depends on how many people you want with a Q&A, certainly the Machiventa states in terms of the ability to reach lots of people on this type of media, it’s possible now.
And Ron, you are back in, and you’re unmuted.

Ron Besser
Yes, I am. I am not so surer what I got. I am pretty well finished what I wanted to say. But to you Dominick. I want to see you particularly today, as early as you can do it, because we must plan to do this quickly, according to Michael of Nebadon. And you are going to have to establish it or find someone that can establish it for us. Other than that, I am pretty well done, and I do turn it back to you Dominick. Thank you.

OK, thanks for attending everybody. Its 3:26. I do not have Lemuel online. So, I don’t know the status of Wednesday’s Lightline. So, check into the forum if you will want to figure it out. Really, sometime these long and extended calls turn into something, at least new and noble for you. It’s not going to make it on the YouTube recording, but your privilege to hear the laundry list of backtrack.
Elise, what’s up? An announcement?

Yes. Dominick, I know that Lemuel is doing all right. And I think he was planning to do his Lightline start again on June 5th. Is that on a Wednesday? So, that’s all I know. I got this notice from him.  

OK. Thank you. So, not tomorrow, but …  

No, no. He didn’t say that.

OK. But he is recovering.

Yes, he is recovering fine. And he is taken care of by other people. Yes.

OK. So, we suggest that everybody, you’re welcome to check in on the Lightline, but right now we have no official announcement. But we are not. That does not mean we might not decide to just go ahead and light the candle. All right, thanks, Elise.

You are welcome




  • 052724 Lightline Netherlands International, host: Elise Sophia Veronica
  • Subject: the planet is cleared from the cabal and insurrectionists; future plans and our role in planetary sustainability; stay the course and keep the faith for future work; the seventh Bestowal and Jesus’ return; the Federation of Dominion between seven local universes, its function and operation; the work of Melchizedeks and other celestials helping our planet.
  • Speakers: Machiventa Melchizedek, Michael of Nebadon, Mantutia Melchizedek, and Arthura
  • Transcriber: sonsofGod
  • Link to tape:
Hello everyone! This is Lightline Netherlands International for Monday, May 27, 2024. And this is your host, Elise Sophia Veronica, welcoming all who take the time to be present on your Memorial Day in the United States, where you all give tribute to those who gave their lives for freedom while defending your country. Well now, today we are once again confronted with this war between nations and the young men and women giving their lives for freedom. So, let’s pray and hope for the times when people will one day celebrate justice and unity, and when people can live in harmony with each other. We thank our Father and invite him to be here with us, to enable the connection between the spiritual and the material worlds, and to receive some words from the heavenly side. Thank you, Father, for all (that) you are giving us.  We would now ask if there is someone who would like to address this group?
Machiventa Melchizedek
This is Machiventa, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, Elise. Yes. I am Machiventa Melchizedek. It does not matter who speaks to you about the concerns of today, or what is to happen with the Magisterial Foundation or with the planet, or anything that has been prepared for you and for us. The fact is that the planet had to be cleared first from the cabal and from any insurrectionists who are trying to act against what spirit wants to do, before we can begin any of the work, whether it is Michael and His Staff, or we as Mechizedeks, or any other group of celestials (who are) concerned about the future of Urantia.
I am Machiventa Melchizedek. And many Mechizedeks, which is my order, have been appointed to certain places on the planet, and are still working silently to try to alter situations in areas on your world where things are brewing, and war could be a treat to the world. Remember that there were Melchizedeks placed to oversee specific regions and they have not ceased doing that. And they will be on guard for some time to come and be of assistance to the Magisterial Sons who continue their missions, and stay prepared to see the execution of what Monjoronson has been talking and teaching about to many groups of students on your world. And even to some extent had them involved in new views of managing and governing your world. There have been many among you who were interested and able to see the prospect and usefulness of such a society, although hard to understand for them how to reach such a big change with so many people involved on a world in danger, distress, and ideas of power that only could lead to war.
Monjoronson spoke about what should be implemented on the planet in order to make people aware of the necessary changes, and then understanding among the population at large to change the many aspects of your lives on Urantia. And to learn the necessity of a world that is connected and not tore apart by power and possession, but to become aware of the influence of each person in a very complicated society. And the importance of communicating and working of all your nations in an atmosphere of mutual understanding without so many differences in social and economic status, where the world does not seem to get ever be freed of. Many lessons were given by Monjoronson about a sustainable society and an environment in which the planet may grow and prosper, if there is a shift of consciousness, and a mindset that will help all your nations to become aware of better ways to make life useful, and more God conscious on this particular planet.
The absolute absence of God consciousness on your planet does make your world a place that is bound to become an apostate world. And that is not a world easily to be altered by any spirit influence, unless they could take over some of your governments or other important institutions, but that will never happen. They will always come and assist only as counselors to your leaders and other persons with influence.
I am Machiventa Melchizedek, and I know very well that every created and inhabited world has to go through the same trials, but different stages of development, to finally come to a time of realization that you can only create peace and stability when there comes a time of huge reformations, and to let go of the old that does not work. And where better and more sustainable solution must be sought to replace what was once an ideal for its society, but no longer working for an overpopulated planet, where it has become necessary to take decisions that immediately must affect all and everyone, in order to get a better world for all.
This is still Machiventa Melchizedek, and today we enter a final period of transmissions and messages where you have to ask for clear channel. The cabal has been cleared as far as we can see and connections to the spirit world will be reconstructed and made accessible to all who can find the connection with spirit, first from their hearts, and then from the special skills made available to all of you that are activated and want to practice, to do so. That will lead to contact the spirit world for all the necessary news that will come from us, helping you in your desires to connect with God, and hear him speak. You must realize that the opportunity to speak to God is always with you, and you can use it whenever you want. God is always there to listen and even answer your questions. You just have to go to him and ask him, and he will come to you, or send his messengers to help you find the way or answer your questions.
Everyone has the right to approach God, for everyone is a child of God. And all of God’s children are loved equally by him, whether you believe in him or not. God loves both, the religious and the atheist. A simple minded and the genius, all of his children. Because he knows that you are all learning and trying to find your place on this earth, and later on in a vast universe with each other, and with him, your Creator. God has spoken through many to reach his people, and you here have been privileged to hear many things about God and his creation through what you have read and through what you have learned on the Lightlines, that have been so effective over the years. And which we do not want to stop, because so many are listening and enjoying what they hear. When the time comes that you leave this earth to go to the mansion world and may be used by us in other parts of God’s creation, many others will be needed for what must be done. To keep the inhabitants of this planet informed and united by being a living example of the existence of God in them. They will find each other and unite just as you do in this group, and it will help people to bound and give them a sense of being a part of a close spiritual family, while working in cooperation with the spirit teachers and managers in what they want to bring to your planet.
I am Machiventa and I tell you that there will come a new time, a time when we reveal our plans for this planet, and we ask you to be on guard, for we will need many of you to find them, the groups that already exist. There is work to be done for your fellow human beings. So many lives in ignorance and have no idea of the love or connection between God and his children, and how they can help the world. Your world needs experienced leaders who will be strong enough to make decisions that will help all nations realize that only through communication and mutual interest in all of humanity and its environment can lead to a better world, and possibly a time of lasting peace. When each has the willingness to work for each other instead of themselves, or for their own country or community. And that is what we are going to show men in our future plans, and we will ask or even force humanity to accept our conditions, because men must realize that he is now on the threshold of a realization that cannot bring peace and could end in destruction, if he is not able to change his mentality and his attitude towards such a divine creation as your planet is. This planet has been exploited almost to its limit, it will never recover from such severe exploitation without an utmost and immediate care, which means a complete change of everything you have known in your existence so far.  
And all these changes will change the earth and the people on it. It will change their social lives, their economical goals, and their religious views. And it will undoubtedly cause confusion in the way people think, and how they have always lived their lives. But all this is necessary to give the world a change to survive and to make room, with the help of your divine counselors, for Jesus. For Jesus to return to Urantia, and to do what he wants to do, what he has promised to do, and to finish what could not be done. And now, at this time, he wants to see it completed with a much different agenda then he had to leave the planet too early in his short life as the Bestowal Son on this earth.
I am Machiventa Melchizedek and as I said, a new time will draw and we have asked all of you to stay the course, to keep your faith, and to trust your God, the Father. To trust in Michael of Nebadon, your Creator Father, to pray and work for the people who know nothing about all these things, about which you are being informed. I advise you to stay informed and to pay attention to any changes you notice in what seems so normal and useful in society today but could be very different tomorrow. We are the Melchizedeks who work in every situation under all circumstances, and we have the right to do so by the grace of our Creator Father, Michael of Nebadon. This is Machiventa Melchizedek, and I step back now to give this transmitter the opportunity to receive others who would like to speak here. Good day.
Thank you, Machiventa Melchizedek.
Michael of Nebadon
This is Michael of Nebadon. I am here with you and all of you, to say a few words to anyone who may hear or read these words later on the discussion forum. I am Michael of Nebadon and I am your Creator Son, as you all know very well. We have faced and dealt with many issues over the years in all our efforts to bring you a mission, and for the Magisterial Foundation to be used by all in spirit who wanted to be part of that mission. Much has been attempted and much has been on the verge of a new beginning for you on Urantia, the planet of my final bestowal, of the seventh that I have experienced as one of my own creations. As Michael of Nebadon, my final bestowal was to reveal God as your Father to everyone on Urantia and through the Local Universe. But I had to face much more then expected, and completed my bestowal before my time when Jesus was nailed to the cross and died in my name.
Jesus did miraculous work during his time one earth, and there is no one on this planet who has not heard his name. He is the greatest legacy on your world, and he had promised to return to finish what he could not finish during his brief sojourn as an adult man on Urantia. Jesus has had numerous dates available for his return, but there was always something that got in the way, and he had to wait for better times. Several times it came really close, and Jesus has drawn up an extensive agenda to work from. He really wanted to return and make his return a shared event with the Magisterial Mission, because of these wonderful resources that had been prepared by Ron Besser to work with, his setting up a Magisterial Foundation and its six sister companies for the Magisterial Sons. And Jesus had decided to make use of these facilities for his own return and his administrative purposes, although Jesus would also work through the Michael Mission and its facilities. Jesus’ program and everything he wants to do for Urantia is separate from everything else that is planned for Urantia. And when the situation continues to worsen, Jesus had to make the decision to withdraw and to wait for a planet that would be more receptive for what he wanted to achieve, and still want to achieve.
And many things had changed, even to the point where your leader Ron Besser can hardly hold up a broken body, which has been so severely attacked, and where we might have to let him continue his work on the mansion worlds and other places, where he will be busy to work for the Will of the Father. That will make you sad and we understand, we would understand your feelings, because he is a partner, and a teacher, and a leader, and a companion you all love, but I am Michael of Nebadon and I say this to all of you. Do never let anyone with moving from one world to another depress you. You will all experience the same things when your time comes, and we in spirit will be there to receive you, and to meet those you have loved so much, and to continue to work with us for your planet. And to see that the trials that Urantia is facing will be ended, and that new and more spiritual times will break through. We all know that Ron would love to see the foundation prosper and the electric plant built and producing. We hope so, but if not, he will watch from the mansion world and enjoy every success that is being made, and how the Magisterial Foundation will go forward and become the main spiritual organization ever seen on Urantia. And much will be done and continues to be done through the Magisterial Foundation, and it will become one of the most famous organizations on the planet, and it will serve as an example to many of the planets when they are allowed to begin founding such a beautiful place for the spirit to work from in a material world.
So, dear people, do not ever give up, and remain hopeful and expectant for the things ahead. Continue with what is your deep desire, and I know it is a deep desire for all of you to be part of what spirit can do from time to time on your planet, and to work with me, Michael of Nebadon, your Creator Son who loves you all. Go forth and begin to think of the good things you have already been part of. Think of what you can do for future times, when we make our announcements to you. You will be surprised how detailed and different some of our plans and assistance will be, when Urantia shifts from a planet of rebellion to a planet of spiritual insight and deep faith, and respect for your Paradise Father who knows you all. Who has seen your desire to help your planet rise on the horizon as a huge planet, as shining star, the planet that I created. My planet, the planet of Jesus, the planet of Machiventa Melchizedek and the planet for all of you, but especially the planet that is in the hands of our Universal Father.
Urantia has always been a planet of thousands of difficulties and the most complicated problems, when nothing ever went according to plan, but a place where we met the people who believed in the Father. In his universe, and somehow made it through by way of their faith. You are the most amazing Agondonters we have ever met. And you all will be reworded for your faith and trust in what you have seen, in what you have been thought in revelation, in the Urantia book, and the many lessons you have learned on the forum. Keep up that good work, never forget to consult your Adjuster, for he comes from the Father and knows it all. This is Michael of Nebadon, and I now step back and leave you with these words: I love you. I say goodbye and wish you a wonderful day.
Thank you very much, Michael, thank you so much.
OK, we have some new people coming in. Welcome Charlotte, welcome Carol Daptula and Roget Raz, and couple of internet callers. All together we have nineteen on the call. And let me see if there are any other speakers today.
Mantutia Melchizedek
Yes, Elsie, this is Mantutia Melchizedek, your Planetary Prince. And I would like to address the fact of the Dominion as it was presented to you several years ago. The Dominion was created out of the idea to be able to work and unite in certain cases, to stand strong and support each other in times of need. A partnership between several local universes close to each other, which may face the same difficulties, or sudden changes in development or protection of their territory. But more so to promote cooperation if it proves to be useful to all parties. And normally, local universes do not have much to do with each other. They all have their own Creator Sons, the Michael Sons, and are all created according to the ideas and ideologies of this Son, who creates the life forms in their universe after the example of the Havona worlds, where the Eternal Son in collaboration with the Father sets the example.
When Havona came into being in its entirety, with the appearance of the Infinite Spirit bringing this creation into being as a perfect creation. Havona is the modal for each new Creator Son, and his creation of a local universe in time and space. And every Creator Son of the order of the Michaels will strive for such a complete universe, as he begins to create his own local universe. In general, the orders a Michael creates are of the same type. A Bright and Morning Star, Melchizedeks, Lanonandek Sons, Life Carriers, Vorondadek Sons, and so on, until the creation of men. And the Creator Son will incarnate seven times in the form of seven of his created beings, to experience what it is like to be as one of his creatures. After a Creator Son has gone through these seven experiences, he is a Master Creator Son and can completely independently direct his creation as he pleases. The difficulties that may arise in a local universe is not usually discussed with other Creator Sons.
But in the case of an agreement as a Federation and this Dominion they form a partnership and can also draw on each other’s expertise and strength to overcome any obstacles or difficulties. And that support each other and can establish exchanges if desired or necessary. They consult each other and have a greater degree of collaboration that allows them to present themselves in joint authority. They can also borrow groups of beings from each other and make up for shortages where necessary by asking each other for assistance. Undoubtedly, there will exist consultation between affiliated members of the Federation called the Dominion, who are vest building a strong bound with each other, but otherwise are independent and might have very different policies in their local universes.
The Dominion that is formed in this Superuniverse # 7 is the first of its kind, and currently consist of seven associate members. Seven local universes, whose board is based in Nebadon, chaired by Michael of Nebadon on Salvington, and this board position can change every so many times between the members of this Dominion Federation. I am Mantutia Melchizedek, and these are my words for today about the Dominion. I wish you a beautiful day. Goodbye.
Thank you Mantutia Melchizedek. Thank you for coming to the Lightline and speaking to us.
Well ..
Yes, well, Elise. This is Arthura here as your next speaker, to see to the need of the planet and to your need as the citizen of this world that is in constant danger of geographical movements and unexpected changes in the mind of men. So few on this planet have learned so much about the intentions of Michael and His Staff as you have, all of you, over the last few decennials. Where you have been able to receive information from the celestial side and where you have also been a witness of the rebellion that has hit the planet and its planetary government so frequently. These are things that normally take place without any knowledge of the population, but thanks to the Magisterial Foundation, and our liaison Ron Besser and some other on this earth, we had and have the opportunity to give you the latest updates. And you are well aware of the situation as it has developed over the last years, since the big change of coming into a New Universe Age decreed by our Father and made necessary after the supreme blew up not only himself, but many celestials being with him.
And the great damage that is left unprepared for all to see, that huge planet where the supreme had his abode and worked from. This has changed and will change much in the Father's universe and had a great effect on all who live in it, for everything in fact is one. When one thing changes it effects the whole. It has led to that form of cooperation between certain local universes in your Superuniverse # 7. And the Federation has been formed between them, joining forces and giving each other assistance where and when needed. These local universes are all different and will remain administered according to the ideas and the ideals of their own Creator Sons, but they will negotiate certain mutual affairs and seek to assist each other when asked for reinforcement of orders, which they all have in the local universes that are created by Michael Sons in their own domain.
The order of the Melchizedeks in your local universe is framed and very suitable to perform any duty they are asked to do. They always stand ready to go out on a mission, or help with unexpected situation wherever they can, and be of assistance to Michael and his creation. I am Arthura, and I had seen the Melchizedeks placed in many and awkward situations, where they were the ones who took care of things, and many times rescued and saved the planet from disaster and loss of faith in God, in the Existential Deities, and their Paradise Sons of whom some of them come down to the planets for special adjudications and missions.
As Arthura, I can tell you that when things have been settled again and new measures have been taken to set foot on Urantia, these Paradise Sons, the Magisterial Sons will function here on earth in an amazing way of cooperation between your nation’s leaders as the divine counselors they are. It will be made know to the world that it is God who sends his high representatives to maintain a planetary government, necessary for each planet to grow into more advanced times where there is no competition, but where man had learned to live together, and where sharing and trust in each other will eventually lead to more peaceful nations that have learned to live as friends instead of enemies. And where brotherhood among its people can have a chance to sustain life on the planet in all levels and circumstances. And that is where I, Arthura, give my assistance and a helping hand to Michael’s creation, and to help you, the citizens of this world, to become aware what you can do and can be for your world. And to make you acquainted with the plans that are laid out for you by the Father and by Michael of Nebadon for all who believe and trust in God and his high divine associates. I am Arthura at your service. Good day to everyone.
Thank you, thank you so much, Arthura.
Well, I think it's time to conclude this Lightline, and well, I do want to thank all of our speakers, Machiventa Melchizedek and Mantutia Melchizedek, and Arthura, and of course Michael of Nebadon. We thank you all for being with us and for talking to as. And I want to thank all of you, the listeners, for being here, and support me in doing the Lightline. And with that, I would like to say goodbye to all of you, and I am going to unmute, well, you’ve unmuted. I am going to stop the recording.



Welcome to Tuesday Lightline everyone, it's May 21, 2024. Lightlines for those listening are universe broadcasts from various spiritual centers of yes ministry. And when you hear a beep, that's just someone entering the meeting. Just have to speak over it. Welcome, Roger. But for those new and possibly listening, these are universe broadcasts picked up by a human receiver of a transmission, an old process of give and take, its called transmission. That’s for sort. Previous Lightlines outlined this in detail, of which there are two right now. I'm speaking to the audience that might be new and listening on YouTube, we've just started uploading Tuesday Lightline to that.

So, we're going to possibly do something novel today, not too far off the scope. But we do have a change of pace with some lessons. And where do we begin? Is there anyone to bring some order to my speech? And before we do so, we pray to Father, and we thank Jesus for showing us the Father within, and the weight of the Father through Michael, our beloved Creator Son of this universe we live in.

Welcome, everyone, this is Arthura. I will speak to the group and strive to bring order to the slight chaos of the human mind. Greetings to all. We have quite a lesson today, as I admonish this transmitter to relax and get on the beam of transmission. You listen within, and when you feel the stream, let go, and let the stream take you. Some of you understand what that means, and some of you will catch up.

I am Arthura and I hail from parts outside of the Creator Sons universe. The universe is administered and broken down, for lack of a better word, into distinctly named units, with different properties that you could loosely call reality. Some of that reality includes time and space and some of it does not. And yet there is a common denominator regardless, and that is what Jesus referred to as the Father. You could talk about this without such a personality name or pronoun, for those of you allergic to them, that there is a universal source, but you miss out on the fact that source also has personality when it deals with other personalities, of which you are part of that mystery. This mystery defined as personality, that changeless aspect of you that is constant, regardless of your form, or your status in time and space.

Also, with the folks new to the Lightline, there is a reference material of revelation. In other words, this is an qualified as a loose definition of revelation. Transmission broadcasts don't always contain revelation, but they do contain the personalities of you could say the regulator's that is divine administration's, and deities, and all have the common denominator of this one deity, the universal Source and Center, the Father. The Prime Creator could be somewhat confused, depending on what aspect of the universe you're talking about. The local universe, in other words, has a Prime Creator, the Creator Son, who is in all respects the Father of his local creation. But his purpose with you is to graduate you, those who are endowed with this Spirit of the Father, to graduate you beyond the boundaries of this local creation and onward to Paradise, which even resides outside of space and time. For that reason, you are on the precipice of what the fifth epochal revelation foreshadows and calls for, which is new symbols and a reformation of religion.

What remains constant amongst all of that change is the particle experience of the individual unit, you, of your unique personal experience, regardless of time and space, or the religion of the time. But you are capable of having this spiritual growth that literally qualified you for salvation in a non material form.

Now, the material form is now beginning to be understood as fundamentally electric. We will be for, for record sake, speaking some recorded revelation of the fifth epochal, which is found an a book released in 1955. But before we begin, we speak to the fifth epochal revelation, and then we will speak to the lesson to solidify that home. That not only did the end section of this book asks or hint that new symbols are needed, but that you should be doing something with it. And this was after the last session discussing the Bestowal of Christ Michael in the life and times as Jesus, and how the church made a mistake of making a religion about Jesus, or that basically what you do if there is an error to be held in the evolution of a religion. Certainly a revelation is that you do something about it, as opposed to doing something with it.

The transmitter doesn't entirely understand the statement either, but understands enough to go with it, that to do something with it, emphasize on with is to create a harmonic wave, you could think about it that way. And then if you were doing something about it, stress the word about, you are creating a gravity field. What this does, is creates the false notion that you are doing something with it, when in fact, you are only doing with it to perpetuate that it exists at all. You can linguistically check the math enough to understand that if you identify as a book, if you identify as a Urantia reader, a Urantia Foundation, UAI, what have you, you are not to be burned at the stake, but you can easily understand that you are doing something about it and you should stop fooling yourself that you're doing anything with it.

Your endless study groups, conferences, need to teach, is doing something about it. That's not to say it's not worthy of anything. But the fact that you in general have done something about it to the extent that you prosecute those who do anything with it needs to change. And so, we ask you to begin to understand the new symbols that are emerging, new ways of thinking about reality that will provide a scientific understanding of brotherhood, and that brotherhood is a harmonic and not a gravity force. Brotherhood is not necessarily electric, but harmonic wave frequency and with that, gravity tends to lock you in, gravity keeps you within a force, or as a harmonic, frees you to be free of gravity sometimes.

Alright, I've lost my I've lost my place. Where do we start again, Arthura?

This is Arthura. Let me begin by clarifying that these are transmitted files and downloads that the receiver receives. He is asked to convey the words he understands enough himself to understand the concepts and communicate them. That's the art of transmission. That if you do not have the concepts and vocabularies, it is very difficult for a transmitter to speak to anything not understood. And therefore is it the work of the transmitter, on the aspiring transmitter, to constantly update with new information, to constantly update his or her own vocabulary, and be an open system to information. Those with a closed system are more inclined to be a less effective transmitter, but probably a more effective administrator in performing any work to be done, but you could be your own worst enemy.

So let's grapple back with the lesson of Brotherhood as a harmonic gravity, is electronic, and if you're doing something about revelation, you have a specific gravity. In that sense the foundation had a specific gravitational pull to preserve the text. Secondarily to that was distribution of said text, and that broke down within one or two generations and that gravitational force. And now, nothing is escaping it from within its gravitational pull.

But to that effect, the contrast is the Magisterial Mission and Foundation. They are different. The Mission is the deities themselves in the form of Magisterial Sons. Avonal Sons, Sons of Paradise origin, brothers of a Creator Son. The universe has a push in a pole, an exhale and inhale, a positive and negative, those sorts of things. The Creator Son from Paradise works in such harmony with the Avonal Sons that execute and perform bestowals onto the planets within the domains of these Creator Sons. Both are working on behalf of the Father, of the Paradise Deities, which you could think of as the first, second, and third Source and Center, which is personified in the Holy Trinity, the Paradise Trinity.

And the fact that your religions confused whether Jesus is the Eternal Son or Holy Spirit as the Mother Spirit, is simply this harmonic, that what happens on smaller scales, typically is expressed in larger scales. So you simply need to expand the harmonic, if you're stuck in the mind gravity of the local universe and everything that's happened. Of course, that's your entire reality. But if you're thinking that Jesus is the Eternal Son, just understand, he is of the same source as are you, sons of God. And that you can understand orders of different divine beings, if you understand the taxonomy of personalities through the Paradise Trinity of the Universal Father, spoken to initially on this Lightline, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit.

Those are unqualified deities, meaning, they need no qualification. That does not mean they are unfit. Unqualified means in this context, they require no qualification, for there are no - you could say - antecedents. The difference is the concept of the Supreme, which is a qualified deity in so much as it was created by the Paradise Deity. And your ancient traditions have this force of supremacy, which is expressed in the observation of the grand universe of time and space.

So, the Grand Universe you could say by definition includes time and space, the Masters Universe contains everything outside of the Grand Universe. Those are the higher harmonics of your spiritual ascension. You will die and cease to be an electronic material form, and you will survive as something greater than that in a new form.

Well, we hinted at that measures, thank you for listening so far. And thank you all for attending today. We welcome Charlotte as well. Welcome Charlotte.

Arthura, you're here but I, I know you're not transmitting. You're asking me to…. okay, I'll read from this first. Okay, some of the novelty of those joining a Lightline and this forum, where you can talk more offline of these Lightlines at Serara is a name that's out there on the internet as far as cartoon characters go, but this is the name identified as one of the Magisterial Sons. So, if you get confused looking at the Internet, just as you see lots of different versions of a Michael character over the years, same thing probably happened with Serara. But Serara is one of these Magisterial Sons, and the Magisterial Foundation simply wishes to do something with them. If we were doing something about it, I suppose, we would be trying to convince you all that Serara existed and that you should know about it.

Instead, the .. those involved with the Magisterial Foundation, strive to work with these Magisterial Sons. And of course, it's under the executive direction of the Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon. And all of us are subject to the will of the Father, and unified in doing the business of the Father. So, the Magisterial Foundation has worked with the revelation and proposing to help in the Missions has produced a patent. And so, this is an example of something you can do with revelation.

It's something you can do with, I'll repeat that, revelation. And this is Arthura. We're beginning again. And I'm just going to use this transmitters notes as we go. But who else has used revelation? Those who have been great minds have understood the importance and significance of symbols. The symbols of old, one of the oldest symbols is the Flower of Life. And new symbols have emerged with new industries out of many patents. And this transmitter listens to some information that seem to qualify for some of this. And that would be the, the lectures, the content, the website discoveries of these symbols, at a website called well, it's six letters in the row. T as in Tom, C. O, T as in Tom, L. (

The patent owner of some of these patents needs to be researched, but he certainly understands space respiration. He has made .., and also has made discoveries in electricity, and gravity. And so some of these need to be extrapolated. Some of you listening are waiting for work, and here's some work we can give to you, if you want to do something with it, rather than do something about it. If you're listening constantly, you're doing something about it. We asked you to do something with it now. You can look at that website,
Ø  you can find out who's on the board,
Ø  you can find out who … where all the patents are,
Ø  and you can cross reference that in sections related to the ultimaton, and the fifth epochal resolution.
Ø  You can find out what harmonic wave resequencing is

But we need you to listen to a Joe Rogan podcast, with a…. with talents on it, which just recently came out.
Ø  You need to find out what those table of elements are, that had been produced in the past that they that these terms are referring to.

The table of elements can be completely repurposed into wave harmonics, and frequencies.
Ø  Some of you can help the board by researching those who are challenging the utility of current particle physics. They're out there.
Ø  You can find out about Eric Weinstein. He's a seems to be a champion of at least calling for new models of physics to be unleashed.

Well, that's a that's a bad word, I suppose, but the same lesson, the same gravitational pull of current physics understanding is there. And so, it is not enough to do something about it, and contact traditional organizations who are more interested in their self-preservation and preserving the status quo, as opposed to being an open system of information for the sake of a harmonic brotherhood.

Do not make the mistake of assuming that everyone is interested in a harmonic. Most people are interested in the status quo of the that gravitational force is given off.

Ø  We need we need someone in the Magisterial Foundation to be part of a newsletter. And that means making sure there's an actual email list with names and emails to give communications to. And that's certainly to be expanded to multiple corporations that are nonprofit.
Ø  Another good segue is that for those interested in the patent, there is the … (Dominick someone get the reference material)  … there is the bullet point or the information that the electricity is being broadcast on an FM carrier wave at 86.4 megahertz (MHz). That's been brought to our attention that that may not be possible. And that given these current constraints, we urge those people to investigate the possibility that it could still be broadcast at 87.3. 87.3.

Those currently involved in the Magisterial Foundation are Ron Besser, the patent inventor, and creator of the nonprofits themselves. That took a lot of resource at the time, and he has worked with the deities, the Magisterial Sons, and the Force Organizers of the universe to produce that patent.

The reason someone should be looking into that website referenced earlier, is those symbols being created out of a non two dimensional view. In other words, it's greatly expanded to at least four dimensions of the symbols coming out of the negative space in the Flower of Life, with nothing like a straight line versus curve curvature. And looking at energy has electric, magnetic, but also has frequency and light, sound and color.
We will now read ..

Do you want to do that?

Yes. But we will now read for the record, as we've outlined these things, it's not to get too much into these things. That we just outlined. But now you can do some research as compared to some of the statements made in the fifth epochal revelation, known as the Urantia Book, and specifically related to the term ultimatons.

Alright, I'm just deciding which to read first. All right, this one. This is under the section energy, mind and matter. Within the subsection four, energy and matter transmutations, about the third paragraph down. Quote,

“Gravity presence and action is what prevents the appearance of the theoretical absolute zero, for interstellar space does not have the temperature of absolute zero. Throughout all organized space there are gravity-responding energy currents, power circuits, and ultimatonic activities, as well as organizing electronic energies. Practically speaking, space is not empty. Even the atmosphere of Urantia thins out increasingly until at about three thousand miles it begins to shade off into the average space matter in this section of the universe. The most nearly empty space known in Nebadon would yield about one hundred ultimatons—the equivalent of one electron—in each cubic inch. Such scarcity of matter is regarded as practically empty space.”

And then we'll skip a couple of paragraphs and continue reading. Quote,

“The quantity of energy taken in or given out when electronic or other positions are shifted is always a “quantum” or some multiple thereof, but the vibratory or wavelike behavior of such units of energy is wholly determined by the dimensions of the material structures concerned. Such wavelike energy ripples are 860 times the diameters of the ultimatons, electrons, atoms, or other units thus performing. The never-ending confusion attending the observation of the wave mechanics of quantum behavior is due to the superimposition of energy waves: Two crests can combine to make a double-height crest, while a crest and a trough may combine, thus producing mutual cancellation.”

Close quote.

Ø  So, a couple of things there should be compared immediately to the lectures I've just referred to on that website.

Ø Also, it's interesting to note the number 860, of roughly correlates to the weight of the FM spectrum of the broadcast., and someone should be checking that relationship out as well.

There are two other quotes to be referenced. And this is also, these two are also in the same section referenced. Quote,

“Mutual attraction holds one hundred ultimatons together in the constitution of the electron; and there are never more nor less than one hundred ultimatons in a typical electron. The loss of one or more ultimatons destroys typical electronic identity, thus bringing into existence one of the ten modified forms of the electron.”

It continues to the next paragraph.

“Ultimatons do not describe orbits or whirl about in circuits within the electrons, but they do spread or cluster in accordance with their axial revolutionary velocities, thus determining the differential electronic dimensions.”

I'm just going to stop there before I read more. But,
Ø  this should be compared to the concept and invention and patent related to what's called the linchpin outlined by the inventor of that patent. Again, that's at the website

And recently, I've outlined on a recent podcast at the Joe Rogan Experience, which is the number one podcast I think in the world. So he gets great, great guests. Continuing quote,

“This same ultimatonic velocity of axial revolution also determines the negative or positive reactions of the several types of electronic units. The entire segregation and grouping of electronic matter, together with the electric differentiation of negative and positive bodies of energy-matter, result from these various functions of the component ultimatonic interassociation.”

Now, close quote. So, these new symbols that are called for in the Urantia Book are, if I'm following this line of track, these new symbols I could say are now outlined in the rediscoveries or discovered, if you will, of that patent owner, of first name Terrence.

And so, we have all these new symbols arising that are corroborating the electronic science and frequency harmonics of matter itself. That was outlined in the revelation over 50 years ago, almost coming on 100 years. Certainly the Flower of Life dates back even before most of known antiquity.

Now, you could say if you believe this is a prison world, that some of this understanding of our reality is the result of something disastrous in human history. You might say that if this is a prison planet, it is also a rebel planet. The rebels in prison, (are) the people. People are defined as evolving souls, and these people are now populated with the very Father that the rebels blasphemy against. And they fable the plans of the Creator Son and strip down known reality into what the rebels can manage.

The rebellion itself was court adjudicated outside of the jurisdiction of the local universe. There is no fiat extinction yet, of the rebel. That would be the rebel cause, if you will, reeling and decrying the draconian rule of the Ancients of Days. This is one of those manifestos of rebellion claiming that if all the rebels would just unite, they could disbar the Ancients of Days from working.

You should know as humans that you should not follow this for it dooms your soul. They confuse your soul with your immortality. It is they who enjoy immortality, but the human obviously does not enjoy immortality. If you have past lives, you are much more likely to have insights into records of the past. You are created as unique beings, and in the moment of time as your birth the records of past lives could be part of this divine spirit within, revealed as Father himself within you. The rebel has no care about that. It blasphemies against it, and in fact, as we revealed in the last Lightline, has even destroyed souls. For it has no bearing. Your soul therefore has no bearing on whether they exist or not, as you could say, on their own sovereign governance. If you resist, if you get in the way, you are rubbed out. Period

It was adjudicated by the higher courts in 1986. 1986. That means you had all the world wars and Cold War, all these wars that still has legacies exist today on the planet, are playing out, but the rebels themselves have not been entirely removed. You do not have a clean break. Jesus did not solve this, for that was not his mission entirely. These next missions, you could say, are. The laws now on your side, our side, your side. How do you produce something on the planet that removes the for lack of a better word, all the problems you have?

Well, begin by the yin and yang of creation and destruction. If your philosophy is trying to do something about something, you are more likely to fall into a victim creation dynamic as opposed to creating something. So the revelation given forth is certainly not to be beaten by people over the heads. If you were to go to this website we asked for example, and identify yourself as a Urantia book reader as so many have done before, it's over. You don't need to do that. You don't need to mention it. But there's information in it that is collaborative, and how can we collaborate to work with you?

Likewise, are you not to say, Hey, do you know that this information exists in the Urantia Book? Because it existed before the Urantia Book. So don't fall into that trap earlier? It's just how you found out about it. And are you doing something about it? Or are you doing something with it? And if you're doing something with it, how are you doing with it? Are you in harmony? Are you trying to harmonize? What harmonic are you coming in at? And who are you speaking with in interacting with who might have a different harmonic?

The new symbols therefore are this adjudication, this new paradigm really of looking at what's possible in the future, and not focusing on the recriminations of the past. From a meta theory perspective, everything that divides you right now and makes you seek reparations, or justice, are they what are they predicated on? It is not enough to logically outline of the harms done, of the faults of another construct, if you are, indeed, brothers and sisters, you are more than just electric formations with the accident of consciousness. We, we laid before you the revelation, there was war in heaven, your planet is affected, your paradigms of reality are affected.

The cleansing of this problem will result in these new symbols, taking effect on how you view reality, and as that begins to happen, it will also dawn upon you whether overtly, accidentally or incidentally, what have you, that the deities themselves have spoken to you, literally face to face, and we will do so again. Your own divinity has the source of spirit, but it is high time you understand, like your Disney films, that Spirit also has form and structure to it. And that the realm of magic is the philosophy of the realm. And that the harmonic of love is the source of the universe and God itself and himself. And of course herself. For the one God has created all of these multiplications and divisions of reality in a wonderful system of what you are apart, and that you will be reintegrated back into the fold.

You have some fruitful thought today all over the board. Some of you have some homework. Some of you have been given science, some of you have been given philosophy. Others will take history from this.

And if you like, you can join us and ask questions at the forum. And if you have trouble getting in, it's basically kind of locked up, because of security. Automation gives it about 100 to 300 spambots a day. So if you really need to get in, you can contact And that's the administrator of that forum. And you can ask your questions there. We had some great questions this week, and we look forward to more. Thank you, Arthura, and thank you those on the call. It's 2:54. Anyone on the call can now press five star on the telephone, if you have any questions. Otherwise, we might end. We thank everybody for attending, Five Star. Ron, do you have anything you can unmute yourself.

Hey, Steven, hand raised. you're unmuted.

Oh, thank you, Dominick. I have a question relating to the Magisterial Sons Mission. It was given to us about a week or more ago that all the missions were suspended, I’ll you use that word, except for the Magisterial Sons Mission. Yesterday on Lightline, or could have been yesterday on Lightline? I think it was on the Lightline, Ron got this, it was stated that all the missions are on hold. So the question I have, and I may have a follow up, is, what is the status of the Magisterial Sons Mission today?

The understanding I have and let me check in .Alright, the Magisterial Mission has been on, so it cannot be necessarily off. What is certainly stopped as human participation with direct liaison at this time, as as we look at possible transitions. The Michael Missions are certainly off, the planet is not receptive at this time to make it a mission that would produce any lasting fruit. Does that help Steven?

It does. And that gives me a chance to follow up with this question. The Magisterial Sons, and I think he just said it, are somehow the brunt, I guess you would say, of some material or human being cause. And since 2015, or 2016, when I joined the forum, I always had the feeling that the Magisterial Sons, Monjoronson and Serara, could be spoken to, or about, in the biblical stance, or in, or from the Bible itself. Are they? The Bible talks about two witnesses, that they're here on this planet for 1200 and something days or 42 months, three and a half years, to be exact. It’s the way the Bible says it, if I recollect that properly.

Yeah, and I'm not the best Bible student but I think the missions, certainly the word magisterial has a few select, or majesty, anytime that in the I think, was it Revelations? Maybe mentioned it?

Well, back to the biblical point of view, is these two witnesses are on the planet for three and a half years. They are here to put the planet in good shape, to put it that way, both human wise and in which spiritual health. And …  but the people don't like what they hear. And it comes to a point where they want to destroy these two witnesses. And the Bible says that if they tried to harm that the fire would do out of these witness's mouth. Well, I don't look at that as literal fire but certainly the mouth, that speak the answers that they would have, certainly didn't save us. The insurrectionist if they would find them would kill them. Finally after

So, you're saying, you're saying Stephen, that, that you in your mind that correlates with the Magisterial Sons incarnated? Is that what you're getting? Okay.


That's something to think about. I can't speak to it. I don't think they're going to. Just to close out some of your question now is that we do have some of the fruits of whatever is transpired before now, and that is this patent. And that certainly, that we keep knocking on a paradigm that we assume is receptive to this, when we know it's probably not. Therefore, we should be looking at new sources of colleagues and brothers and sisters who are open to the invention and possibility and probability and the fact that this patent works. So that's why I cited those sources. Steven and Ron, unmute yourself if you had something, but I had something further for the board. We wanted this done.

If I can sayif I can say one last thing, Dominick, is the final .


At the end of the three and a half years they are not killed, well they are killed, but they have a spiritual lifting, a resurrection, and the world is going crazy on this. And is this the type of thing that the Magisterial Sons could participate in, to open the people's eyes and hearts? That was the final point. But go ahead, Ron, if you've got something

Yah. I hear, no, Steven, they would never be harmed.

Okay, well, okay. Well, they finally won’t then. Yeah, okay.

Okay. I'm gonna mute you again, Steven and go to Ron. His hand was raised. Ron, you had your hand raised. Did you have something?

No, I didn't.

All right.

I did see something beside my name, but I didn't do it. I don't have any. I really have no comment, Dominick.

Okay. Well, I'll put you back on mute, and I thank you for for answering.


That concludes today's Lightline. Tomorrow's Lightline for Wednesday has been canceled. We wish Lemuel all the best in his surgery. But he knows he will be missing transmitting for that reason tomorrow. So, wish you well, praying for you, Lemuel. And look for the forum for any announcements. We apologize if there were miscommunications, but we took it as it came and we realize it wasn't the best, but it is it was what it was. And we resume our normal schedule certainly this Sunday. Thank you and have a great day.


Dear Lisa,
Thank you so much for your care. I am still working on the transcription of the Tue LL from yesterday, and since could not keep my eye open last night, I am now in a wheeze as usual, so just give you a quick answer.
Yes, doing double translation sounds like trouble, but why not try to do only one to experience the result? I have some saved transcripts also, but still working on putting them into order from the beginning of LL in January 2020 to date, when I can tell which ones are missing. I talk to you more about it later.
God bless you and keep you in His peace,

Dear Lemuel, thank you for your beautiful words of truth and deep wisdom that you never miss to share with us. We love to hear from you, but very sorry for you having to go through another surgery. We all are hopeful that you will come out to start the healing process. We wouldn't want to miss you.

I hope it will cheer you up a little that I was able to find ALL your audio recording transcripts mostly from 2020, collected in a large file of over 400 pages. It also includes working audio links to each message and some comments from forum members. I listened to some and read some of it today and it is such an incredible value, very precious, filled with revelations too. I will upload the entire volume as one to my Dropbox in order to provide you the link on the forum. I also created table of content to easily navigate within the large document.  

I still have some formatting to do, so it will be available after you come out of the hospital. Perhaps listening to them will transfer some healing energy to you, they are so beautiful with the birds chirping in the background. I would offer to you if you would like it to publish this collection under your name, for it is worthily will stand the test of time. I also have all the audio recordings saved up. Great value for a series of audio books. Please let me know what you think about this good idea. I wish you the best Lemuel, get well soon! Valerie

  • 052024 Lightline Netherlands International; host: Elise Sophia Veronica, other transmitter: Ron Besser
  • Subjects: No missions as planned; Magisterial Sons do their work on Urantia first; lectures and lessons taught by Monjoronson in the book "Global Sustainability and Planetary Management"; expect sudden changes globally; human life on other planets in our solar system; Jesus will return when people are ready for him; Dominick will take over (until) Ron will feel better in weeks; WTP will be built, a gift to humanity; offer of collaboration; slightly bow before high authorities;    
  • Speakers: Machiventa Melchizedek, Pleiadians, Universal Father, Michael of Nebadon, Monjoronson, and Serara
  • Transcriber: sonsofGod
  • Link to tape:

Hello to all. This is Lightline Netherlands International for Monday, May 20th, 2024. And I'm Elise Sophia Veronica, your host, and I welcome you all. I was asked to hold the Lightline this Monday, and of course I'm here, and we hope to hear from spirit and see if there is anything to say about the situation in the world, or maybe in spirit.

Let's give thanks to our Heavenly Father for this meeting and pray that we may receive some words from our heavenly helpers. We pray for those who have to struggle to survive under very bad conditions of war and disaster, and for all the parents who are unable to offer their children's safety. And we pray for an end to violence and senseless killing, at these the world deprived of what was so perfectly prepared by spirit. We ask also today for a clear channel without interference, and we thank You Father for being together here. Amen

I'm asking if there is someone who would like to address this group today.

Machiventa Melchizedek  
Greetings. Greetings to all, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. I have some words that I want to say about these confusions that occur sometimes with the Lightlines, and to what need or can be done about them, as they are functioning now as your only source of news from spirit. And it is a chance to get updated by your transmitters who are not always receiving much, and are kept at the side one moment, and called upon the next moment. And that makes it confusing to all here on the forum, but you can be assured that we do not blame anyone of you who is not attending such an unexpected Lightline, ever. Although we do appreciate the alertness of those who keep up (with) these unexpected situations, and we know almost all of you do. You want to be present at every single moment and action in all situations. We are aware of that.

But people, there is so much to take into account, because every action we take will affect the entire planet. A planet with so many different geographical spaces and places, and all it's people with their differences in cultures and beliefs. Every action we take affects other planets and systems. For as you know everything is interconnected, and all decisions have consequences, and affect other planets in your local universe, as you are all aware of.

I am Machiventa Melchizedek. I can assure you that we, the Melchizedeks, are always available and are concerned about Urantia, and the things that should take place, the things you have heard about. We do understand your feelings of frustration, or your impatience with the ever shifting and changing announcements. And we would like to be more consistent about these things, but that is not always possible, because so many things in spirits can happen rather quickly and unexpectedly, and mostly must be attended to immediately.

And also, we cannot always be completely as open as we would like. Remember that most missions on the planet take place without knowing, in silence, and people are never notified. We do these missions as they should be done. We leave again, and many worlds have no idea that we came to visit to carry out a mission, but of course we did. And only the records need to be completed and be in order as soon as the ground mission is completed.

Yes, the whole creation is actually one big undertaking. It is an ever busy and lively affair of the Father's creation, in which we all have our part in our specific assignments. And so it is at this particular time on your world. There is not much to say here. And that is not out of secrecy, but very much is beyond your understanding at the moment, which is quite normal. And very soon, we will give you more information when we hope to get the Lightlines back on track, as soon as the planet is completely cleansed of all those who continue to get in the way of the normal procedures of transmitting. And those who are willing to be in a regular schedule to hear the words sent by spirit, and to give you updates, and the latest news that will continually play a major role in both, your spiritual and material life at this time, and much later in times to come as you move on into missions.

And further yet, after you leave this world and move to other worlds that are specifically designed to explore topics by way of new teaching methods in science, cosmology, et cetera, and most importantly the deep inner religious experience with your Creator. Little by little you will learn to understand the things of God. God in collaboration with his divine coworkers, beings of deity origin, and you will learn a deeper truth so fully that you shall need moments of rest to let everything sink in and reflect upon.

I am Machiventa Melchizedek well known by you through my incarnation on Urantia, and through what has been told about my times with Abraham and his place in the history of your planet. I am telling you all this because your place right now is on Urantia, where you need to learn and experience everything from the bottom up, as we follow you in your learning processes through your planetary existence.

I am Machiventa. And I know I can tell you that the Magisterial Sons will come, and they will carry out their mission. Urantia needs one badly and so do other planets in need. There are several Magisterial Sons working together with Monjoronson, Serara, and Rayson, to ensure that everything will be carried out. And that all of these planets will benefit from what they bring and what can be done for humanity, for their lives, for their governments, and the many other issues that need to be addressed.

The presence of so many Magisterial Sons is almost unheard of on a planet that's given a mission, but the Father is taking care of it, and he has decided that it should be done this way. And he has asked the Magisterial Sons to do their work in great detail and prepare everything in cooperation with one another. The Magisterial Sons will use the Magisterial Foundation, because they have always greatly appreciated all the material work that Ron Besser has prepared for them. So that if necessary, they can use any worldly institution or agent agency for what they want to achieve on a material planet. And this is something that has never happened before in the universe.

All Magisterial Sons are well prepared for whatever they encountered. They know the customs and ways of life on this planet, which they have studied long before all this was made possible. They have had many experiences with your planet, they are very knowledgeable about life and about the people on Urantia, and for that matter, other inhabited planets as well.

Some have been very lucky, because many students on this Earth have had the opportunity to experience the lectures and lessons taught by Monjoronson. They have had an opportunity to ask questions about his lectures, which can be found in a compilation of lessons and answers in a book called Global Sustainability and Planetary Management’, which describes a future for humanity as seen through heavenly eyes, and it is transmitted by Daniel rough rail in 2007.

I, Machiventa, would very much like to advance the listeners here, and many other interested people, to read this very well done and comprehensive work for your own insight, and to learn more about the intention and presence of the Magisterial Sons who are coming to your planet. All topics covered are meaningful and very useful in introducing you to the work of Monjoronson and his associates. And they teach the reader about a co-creative effort to heal your planet, and to work towards a sustainable world in an era of transition in building that responsible governance and social sustenance and raising your children in love and harmony and then lasting unity with the entire universe, which provides a pattern for all of this, and much, much more.

These are the most important facts that every planetary citizen should be made aware of, because these are the necessary changes that in the future will interest more and more people and open them up to the ideas of new forms at all levels of society that require change. As it was also touched on by Serara in the book ‘The Crown, the Tomb and the Coronation is some democratic vaults of sufficient care to learn from.

We think that every sensible person on this planet should strive for a better means and goals to save the planet, which will ultimately be achieved many years from now, and which will lead Urantia to a better future for all your generations to come. Try to be aware always of what may come. We are not able to give you dates, but preparations have been underway long enough to suddenly begin on a grand scale all over the world for all of those who have interest and the intellect to work and help the Magisterial Sons to achieve this perfectly outlined project and prospect that is so crucial to this planet, and so carefully defined in all its details.

I am Machiventa. I am your counselor, your teacher, your manager for many things, and for anyone who would like to get advice or help to become more involved and be prepared for the times ahead, when this world will rapidly change before your eyes, and when the days of spirit will be visible and workable on all continents of your world. Keep up the good work, dear listeners. Stay together, keep your faith, and stand the course. I step back now, and I will give this back to your transmitter, Elise. This is Machiventa, and I leave. Thank you, and good day.

Thank you Machiventa. Let's see if there's another speaker there is for us. I’ll also have a look at the dashboard. We are now together with 16, and well, we didn't welc…  did we welcome? Well, George Mayer is there, Roger Raz is there, and Rene Duran, and some internet callers 2788, 9886, and 5233. You're all very welcome and thank you for attending.

I'll be waiting to see if there is anyone else who would like to speak to us.

Good day and good evening to all of you, who are hearing us through your means of communication. We are the Pleiadians, and we're happy to be here and to speak some words.
We do live far away, but not so far that we cannot communicate. We have many representatives all over the universe as advisors. And that includes your solar system.

Your scientists do have a good overview of your solar system, but not even half of what the system contains and what they might find and encounter on planets orbiting your sun. We know as Pleiadians that many planets would be of great interest to them, and not only to your scientists, but also to your entire population. No, you are not the only living human beings In that solar system. There are others like you, who live on a planet without oxygen, or in the waters, and even inside the planet. They live their lives as you do

Excuse me. (clearing throat)

in different forms and cultures, just with as many problems and difficulties to find and solve their planetary problems, and more importantly, to find God.

Remember that the purpose of every creature created with mind is entitled to find the Creator, and that God works through them all just as he does through a human being on this planet Urantia. All planets have their history of primitive tribes growing into small or larger civilized groups, and nations. All with the opportunities that the planet offers them in the special geographical circumstances they face, which are often very difficult to overcome or to find solutions for. And that's just like here with you requires a lot of their technology and time to invent the right things to protect themselves against these sometimes very unusual conditions, of let's call it weather, or other atmospheric layers, or the lack thereof.

So, each planet has its own specific characteristics and conditions, and each planet offers humans the opportunity to make a living. But it is up to the human races that inhabit such a planet, to find ways to survive and create a world that is being maintained in all respects sufficiently, to be ready for the first ages have a period in Life and Light. But as yet, none of the planets in your solar system have reached that stage.

But Michael himself, as Jesus has come to earth, to Urantia, for them all in his final bestowal, and all planets will benefit from his works and his blessings. Wherever he does that work, it will be done for the entire population of his local universe. The universe of Nebadon, of which Michael is the rightful Sovereign Creator and ruler.

We are the Pleiadians, and we belong to another solar system. A long time ago we have travelled for centuries through this universe, and we learned a lot about various other planets and their inhabitants, which you will learn and meet when the time comes. We are no longer traveling, and we help planets and their people in a different mode, in a more spiritual way, but we are always ready to help you in any way possible. We are your brothers and sisters, and you can always rely on us. We love to be here and to greet you, and to say some words to those who are here gathered. We leave you again, we greet you, and we wish you a very good day. Thank you for listening, thank you for receiving us.

Thank you, Pleiadians. That was a surprise, thank you so much.
Well, just wait a minute.

Universal Father
This is the Universal Father. Hello my children. I want to speak to this group of attentive listeners, and you're always full of hope for better times and news to follow. I am your Universal Father, and you have just listened to some words from the Pleiadians about your solar system. You have also heard some very important and necessary words from Machiventa Melchizedek, who has explained to you in a simple way the difficulties that you and we are faced with in this world, and the gang of insurrectionists that is constantly attacking your lives and your normal procedures that run your economies and social abilities. I am fully aware of the problems and are kept up to date by several of my best advisors, of which your Creators Son, Michael of Nebadon, is one.

Michael knows the serious problems of your world, and he has done and still does all the time in all his power to keep the planet safe and healthy. But his work has become so heavy and difficult that we had to take a break and postpone the many things that had already been approved of. Even Jesus had to leave the planet again, and let the people find solutions before he will return and announce his Second Return again. That is how bad and disturbing the situation is. And that is why you get less information, and the word for the Missions seems to have stopped, but that is not the case. The Missions go, and they will continue in a different way until the world is completely ready to receive its mission for all to see and experience.
The Magisterial Sons have taken it upon themselves what they can offer, and they are willing and prepared to go ahead without being noticed at all. But over time you will hear from them, and Ron Besser we'll be the first to know and to announce when that time has arrived, if he is still alive. And that is another difficult thing to take care of with a body so used up, and many times injured by those who have been called back or sent to prison. Or even had to be taken away fully after some very undesirable deeds against created life, not only on your planet, but in the universes as well.

I am your Universal Father, and I thank Machiventa and Elise for this report. More will undoubtedly be coming your way, and you should feel assured that spirit is watching over you and over your planet. You are never alone in your struggle against those who will have to learn the hard way. Go in peace and think of me, your Father on Paradise. I am leaving. Good day. And if you wish Elise, you may turn this over to Ron if he is available and would like to transmit some last words. Thank you, Elise. This is Father, good day to all.

Thank you, Father. Thank you for coming to us. Thank you for your words.
Well, what’s the time? Oh, we still have 15 minutes to go. I think I will do what I am advised to do, and I'll go to you, Ron. I am unmuting you and asking you if you will, if you're available, if you are up to transmitting or anything you would like to say on this Lightline.

Ron Besser
I am available, I think. Let's see what we have.

Machiventa Melchizedek
This is Machiventa Melchizedek, and thank you, Ron. You're sitting all blurred, you have a headache, yada yada yada . That is not typical of a person who has taken on so much for us, and is about to leave, if we are not careful. For reasons of state, we wish to say this everyone! That's all of you and all on the planet. Please listen!

I am Machiventa Melchizedek, and I say this to all of you. The reason that we are having a Lightline today at all is because Ron insisted that it be heard by everyone. For that reason, I made it sure that I would attend and that the microphones were opened. When Ron goes, which may be very soon, he has insisted that Dominick take it over in his place, and Dominick will. Dominick will have the full power of Machiventa Melchizedek when Ron leaves, if he leaves.

The truth of the matter is that Ron has done something for the missions no one has ever done on any planet that we know about. He has made it available as a weekly schedule, and that weekly schedule is populated with at least five transmitters. We have never had this done before. We love it. It gives us an amazing opportunity to spread the good word and see to it that a lot of information becomes available to people who'd like that information.

Now, finally to you Ron. Your day has opened up very poorly. You can barely keep going., yet you made sure that you could listen to the Lightline. They are very important to you, and frankly, now to us.

I am Machiventa Melchizedek I want you to know the following. There is no Mission anymore, that is gone. Michael of Nebadon has decided that the planet is too warlike and too miserable in its approach to the divine word.

We are going to say this to you Ron. Your electric plant is going to be built. Remember us through the miracle of that electric plan. It will change preparticle theory and you will be remembered for … (laughing) for various reason, and he laughs because he doesn't want to be removed by death. And we are confirming that he will be removed, but this. He is the only one on Urantia even to say to us, the patent is yours, Melchizedeks. Use it well, and we will perform as you choose. Well, we choose the following:

1. The electric plan that you propose, Ron, is far too important to let it lie. You will suddenly have an offer to put it into effect.
2. You will live long enough to see it built and operational. That shocks you. Why?

Ron Besser
Well, today Machiventa, I'm almost blind. The left eye hurts and I am weak. I enjoy listening to the Lightline by Elise. She is so ordered and intelligent that it makes it a real privilege. I also hope to hear more about Michael, and you, Machiventa, what is transpiring now that we have no mission, which greatly saddens me. But I'm so disgusted with what has been done in the last two or three months that I understand perfectly well. You don't want to touch into this world. I thank you for allowing me to speak, Machiventa. Go ahead, please.

Machiventa Melchizedek
Thank you, Ron. I want you all to know that Ron is the first person I have ever run into that can undo me, for the simple reason, his speech is so unexpected. Dominick, when your time comes to step into the role that Ron has, may you be as viable in your speech as Ron is. It's so helpful.

Transcriber: The next speaker was unidentified, who will be speaking to Machiventa and the Melchizedeks  in one sentence.

Unidentified Speaker, assumably Michael of Nebadon
Now this for everyone listening. The entire region around New York, Pennsylvania is this. We have sequestered about 1000 Supernaphim to leave the area. They are truly the cabal and Ron is so sickened by what they have done overnight that he's barely able to speak. But he can speak well enough to say this. The cabal is never favored by me, Ron. But I will see to it that if they are compatible with what has to be done for building the power plant and other things. I will see to it that they are included in the masterminding of these projects. I will rely upon Machiventa, Manituba, and perhaps the Planetary Prince to see to it that we are able to do it in a friendly way. But so help me! You fool what you've been pulling over the last two or three years, and I will be very angry. I look forward to our compatible work together and will restrain from complaint. Thank you, Seraphim, for listening and the rest of the cabal.

And further to you, Machiventa. I bow and salute you, and the other Melchizedeks for staying the course. And what is a true rabble of humans I am sick of those who are transmitting today and giving no tip of the hat to others who can transmit and participate. I am convinced everyone that unless we do it together there is no mission. Now here is Monjoronson, who wishes to speak,

I am Monjoronson. Thank you, Ron. I want it to be known that you have adopted a policy that we love. When my name is announced, Ron bows, When Michael is announced, or other high authority, he gives a quick bow. It is so conducive to understanding between people, I would say to you Elise, when you know it's Michael, give a slight bow from your waist. That's all it takes. And Ron forgets sometimes because he's in and out so often. But do it all the time, Ron.

Ron Besser
(laughing) You want me to stand up right? Yeah? (hah)

That truth of the matter is … (he is laughing too) … understood that you could go crashing to the floor if you bow too much.

Ron Besser

Now this. This is Monjoronson, and here is Serara too.

Ron Besser
We welcome you.

Thank you. I am quite sure that Ron's foggy voice will be changed in a few weeks that are ahead of us. No, Ron, you aren't going over. You thought it was possible today. You couldn't even get out of bed at a regular time. Well, for the moment, you've got that problem. But in the week ahead, you will be fine again. And you can even go out and mow.

Ron Besser
I'm sure the grass would love that.

(laughing) Yes, yes. Yes, Ron. (keep laughing) This is Monjoronson. I have never met a transmitter that can do what you do, and that is to undermine my speech. Ladies and gentlemen, please understand, you are transmitting and listening to transmissions. Are there other planets that do it? Well, yes. Everyone, every planet 614 now in your planetary system, all will learn transmitting at some point. You have had to transmit surreptitiously and alone, because your world is full of the fake and the false. It will be cleared. But until it is cleared fully, we are not going to put you in competition with the fakers.

And now this to you Ron. You have reached the epitome of growth that is possible on a planet. You are fused three quarters with your mind. You have full communication not only within the Melchizedeks but with the gratuities of the Magisterial Sons, the Creator Son, the Trinity Teacher Sons, and above all the Father. For that reason, you're going over shortly to say hello. And then you're going to be forced back to Urantia and take up the flesh as you now have it.

You do not know what they mean that your body has been worn out. You think your body is perfectly fine and so do I, but the truth is that if you look from on high to the earth, you are worn to a frazzle. We're going to change that and make you viable for as long as the Creator Son wants you. I am now turning this back to you, Elise. Conclude your Lightline, and we'll listen to what you have to say. Go ahead Elise. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you Monjoronson and Serara. I want to thank the other speakers. Well, Machiventa Melchizedek, of course, who is always here. I thank you so much. And the Universal Father of course. And we also have to thank the Pleiadians who passed by. Thank you too, and all the listeners for your attendance here on this Monday. Well, I hope to be back next Monday on your holiday, that's Memorial Day, but I will be there to hold my Lightline. So, I wish you a good day and a good evening for now, and I say Goodbye till next time. Bye bye


We thank Universal Father, Father Michael, Machiventa Melchizedek, and Ron for this long, detailed, and much appreciated report. We especially thank Ron for being mindful about serving us even in his current most critical condition. Utmost love and respect to you, Ron.  

We pray,
May the bind see the light in and through you in these final communications, Ron.
May blessings, honor and glory be added to you in all spheres in all positions you may encounter.
May your pain and suffering cease forever, may perfect heath and fullness of joy return to you now.
May Ron continue to enrich our lives here on Urantia and thereafter as our beloved leader and most positive influence, according to our Fathers’ will.  
May we keep Ron, Dominick, Serara Forum website, Lightlines, our Celestial Leaders, and the future Missions in our prayers with hearts of love and care for all.  

050724 Tuesday Lightline, host: Dominick O, other transmitter: Ron Besser
Speakers: Arthura
Subject: a DISSERTATION, addressing Jesus and Michael of Nebadon Bestowal Missions and 2nd Return; Deity Missions impact the planet's spirit ecology and economy; Local Universe and Superuniverses. Some Dominion context, and human being differences in the Grand Universe.
Transcriber: sonsofGod
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Welcome to Tuesday Lightline everybody, we have 15 callers and attendees today. And this is Tuesday, May 7, 2024.


We've received some news, preliminary to the Lightline about Michael's whereabouts in and off the planet, as we prepare for the arrival of what are called Missions. Which serve a universe administration and evolutionary purpose at various levels and scales. Missions can be minor to quite large. And what would be constituted as a Michael Mission is somewhat similar to, but not the same necessarily, as the return of Christ.

The man we know as Jesus, this man lived his life as a fully-fledged human. And throughout his life it dawned on him and became known to him, that he was also fulfilling the Divine Bestowal and life experience of Michael of Nebadon. And that the Bestowal Mission of Michael was to live the life of a human, fully human, and to live that life from beginning to end, strictly limited where possible, as a human only.

Yes, there were times when, because of his dual status as a Divine Creator Son living the life of a human. Nonetheless, this Creator Son was warned that his will could outperform and outdo his own human decisions. And these were experienced in the life of Jesus as the miracles performed during Jesus's lifetime. There is Revelation out there we will not go into during this Lightline. But if you wanted to get into the technicalities of how and why such miracles occurred then you are free to do so. Those explanations are possible. Certainly, it would behoove a question or two if the Lightline callers are invited to ask a question.

The healings were sometimes intentional and sometimes unintentional. What was certainly intentional was the casting out of rebel spirits that, did indeed, poisoned the mind of humans back in the day. And the legacy of this demonic, possessional animal fear stems from that. Today it is a rather legacy form of entertainment in the horror genre. And that every time you experience that fear you can be thankful that Jesus, not only showed the way, but that when Jesus consciously knew, he was both the son of Man and The Son of God, as a Creator Son, that he created a new spiritual ecology and economy on the planet, by enabling the Father. Someone who Jesus spoke of, and to, often.

He spoke of it to those who would hear, he attempted to reveal the Father. And those who were privileged enough and fortunate enough to be in the private teachings when they were not publicly preaching and teaching, that he taught more about the Father as the divine and loving Deity that the Father is. But that it is this new superpower of the human being that, ironically, cannot be willfully wielded. But it is a superpower of shielding from evil possession that has plagued mankind since ancient days. And was effectively banished from occurring ever again after the event of Pentecost. Which effectively signaled the end, or rather the completion, of the Bestowal Mission of Michael; and the completed human life that that Mission was, as the life and teachings of Jesus.

A Creator Son is taught that their final Bestowal Mission, or certainly Michael of Nebadon knew, that something would or could occur on the completion of such a significant Bestowal Mission, which would signify sovereignty status over his universe creation. In other words, complete sovereignty of his own volition, and not under, or no longer under the direct supervision of Paradise Administration, from which Michael originates. In other words, those are, that is a location you can think about that resides outside of Space and Time. And the Creator Son went forth from Paradise into the time-space universe and created this; and created all this creation; and then created these classifications of beings that you are, humans, to possibly ascend to spiritual status, and so on and so forth.

And so, it was not entirely known that the Thought Adjusters would be universally bestowed, but this is part of that surprise evolution that a spiritual economy undergoes when a Deity bestows itself or incarnates itself on a planet within the rubric of a Mission. The spiritual economy can change. The evolution of the ecology, the spiritual ecology can change. And certainly, this did occur in the successful completion almost 2000 or so years ago. And that you can somewhat have this explanation of experiential knowing of what it may have been like by your ancestors, when they struggled with what we would term ascension. Or struggled with the question of life after death. Personality and soul survival, and the perception, without entirely knowing what they were perceiving, that spirit was something real.

So, you may look forward to something as a spiritual shift that you as a culture throw a lot of words at right now. And We in Spirit wish to claim that. No human can claim that. We speak through humans, but they are not that shift or that change. We in Spirit are. And when we say We, We are Deity. Eventually, that Deity can be winnowed down, or, not necessarily reduced, but for lack of a better word, it all comes down to a Universal Deity, a Universal Source. And the multiplication of that Source, and the dividing up or fractionalization, is simply a distribution of attributes and Personality of that same Source. And even your species and yourselves are grappling with this. As you know in word you are of a source, and you struggle to fully understand it. You know it in the material, and we seek to help you understand and experience the spiritual.

That will happen when a Deity descends upon the planet. You will know. When Divinity descends on the planet, you might know. And at that moment you might have a personal experience with it, or knowledge of it. But these are the more or less neighborly brothers and sisters of the universe of Michael's creation that you belong to. And so, We strive to educate you on the various geographies, the spiritual geographies of various administration levels that would stretch, say, from your individual planet, which in a local framework is almost equivalent to what you knew as a city state. We don't mean to equate the same things, but you could think of that in terms of scale. That a planet it is a rather individual unit that coalesces in a System of planets. And that is where you, more or less, start to have Divine rulers of those jurisdictions, who are not of a Deity status.

And so, one of these things a Lightline can help with, as well as revelation and whatever truth can be gleaned from religious texts of past teachings and revelations. That there has been some confusion, some divides and disagreements, all the way up to an actual Rebellion and warfare in heaven, War in Heaven. Over the ability to both recognize Deity outside of your own creation and geography, and whether or not you can attain deity status as a divine being. Those were some of the things your superiors wrestled with, and that colors your mythology and science fiction.

And when you pray to God to have the actual wars, and disasters, and plots of evil men and evil group thinking; these are labels from Our perspective as wayward behaviors. Some of them intentional without the knowledge of the divine rulership, and the rulers behind the divine, the Deities. When you pray, you pray to Deity. The ultimate destination of a prayer might invoke the divine, for that the divine is who do you know. And We strive to let you know who Deity is so that you ultimately can be more effective in your prayer. And ultimately more conscious of your worship.

Who you pray and worship to can affect the environment around you. And we simply ask you to acknowledge this fact. That as a planet, if you have not been praying and worshiping (Deity), whether it's your fault or not - at a large level is not your fault. There have been a series of defaults in previous missions. Mostly because of the remaining Rebellion. And that these things of the world, these disasters in progress are not to be lamented as ‘Why does God allow this?’ Simply redirect that rhetorical question into who are you actually worshipping and praying to that you manifest these realities? And when you connect with us this will initiate that personal change in your own spiritual ecology and economy, and it will begin to manifest in the world outside. In your relationships, certainly your ability to withstand the world, but also give back a little more light than any darkness you might be exposed to.

And so that will certainly be food for thought, some spiritual food for you, and Our desire is that you begin to prepare yourself to receive Deity. And that Deity does not preclude or exclude or necessitate Jesus's return. But nonetheless, this is a very significant and important aspect that your world and your universe, and certainly Michael of Nebadon and Jesus in his newly attained status as more than just a man, when he does return. And how this will affect your world around you in the unseen ways.

And that Missions have some goals and objectives in mind. And that is why they're called Missions. They have some material outcomes on the planet. And material doesn't necessarily have to be blatantly seen like a rock or a chair to be sensed in front of you. But that it does affect the material planet, and all of its frequencies and spectrums of energies.

And so now you understand what we're saying, because you also know how limited your own sensory perceptions are as a human. And that the reality around you is vast compared to what you sense on any moment-to-moment basis. And part of prayer and worship, or service -- in that manner where you tend to forget yourself. And that's a good experience, when you have this, what's called a self-forgetfulness. In modern times you can describe this as the lack of self-absorption or narcissism. Which is so rampant. And that depression in the modern era stems from this. Not necessarily a narcissism, that's more of a textbook term. But that self-absorption can be unhealthy. And that service to another or service to noble things creates a satisfaction that feeds the soul. And it has all sorts of other benefits we’re alluding to and don't need to get into.

A Michael Mission is the scope and scale of what a Lightline can speak to. The primary and executive sponsor and leader of Lightlines is Michael of Nebadon. However, he takes counsel and directs help from Divinity and Deity outside of His, and ours, Local Universe named Nebadon, therefore he is Michael of Nebadon. If you would ever meet in your wildest dreams another Creator Son. That Creator Son would be known by His universe name. You have such examples in the name, Avalon. So, you know, or you now know, that an additional Creator Son, named Michael of Avalon, has created a different and nearby Universe of Avalon.

And those who knew about or know about of what we describe as Dominion. Which is the conglomeration of and working cooperation of several such Universes. The service workers who gave some of their expertise to Michael of Nebadon hailed from Avalon, and worked on some of these prior Missions that you know about in your planetary legends in history.

But what we are getting back to is that Michael of Nebadon works with fellow Sons from Paradise, who work on Missions to planets in advanced status, like this planet is. It does have its problems with Rebellion. It does have its special status as a Bestowal Son of the Creator Son. Only one planet ever gets that, and you got it. And so you realize what a special destination this is, as a singular planet. You could say that this is the reason you would feel like you are the center of the universe. But it is not because of your spatial location. It is because of the fact that the Bestowal Son of a Universe, filled with the capacity of 10 million worlds, chose your planet to live His life as a human. And reveal the Universal Father in that Mission of living life as a human. To, not just yourselves, but for all of you in Nebadon, for all eternity. Until the souls being generated on every single planet were to ever fulfill the capacity of ascending souls to fill and complete the Universes of Time and Space. And journey forth in their attained perfection to the Father on Paradise ever inward. And then journey back out to a new career in the outer space zones.

And this is why we mentioned this. Because that spiritual ecology we mentioned earlier is not something that happens on every single Universe in time and space. There are six other Superuniverses expressing the mode of Trinity function. And this Superuniverse you belong to as the Seventh, strives to express itself in the mode of all combinations of Trinity combination. And that would be all of them, the Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit.

And when Pentecost occurred and the universal outpouring of Thought Adjusters --

these divine sparks of God we talked about last Lightline, last Tuesday Lightline and many, many others almost every other Lightline, but in detail from this series of Lightlines the Tuesday Lightline --

the universal bestowal of Thought Adjusters is not something that happens, say, in Superuniverse Two or Three. You might, if you were to ever journey in your imaginations to such an exotic destination as Superuniverse number Two. This is your concept of jumping actual planes, P L A N E S, planes. If you were to leave the plane of existence of the Superuniverse Seven, and attain into the plane of Superuniverse Two, you might meet a human who has a spiritual composition different than yours. As that human being would find you equally strange, if you are both to be able to decipher each other's spiritual composition.

This is somewhat understandable. Even back in your seventh Superuniverse plane not all human beings are necessarily endowed with the core of a Thought Adjuster either. There are entire planets where the Thought Adjusters are in training. Meaning the human and the Thought Adjuster part ways. The ascension of that human was, or never was, destined to attain Paradise. Nonetheless, it was created to serve a function of the Local Universe, and a function of the Thought Adjuster, the Universal Father.

And we mention these things just so that you know that your status and position is not a commodity to be cast away lightly. And that your attainment of this relationship with it is not necessarily something to be under extreme duress and pressure to attain in your lifetime. But that We educate you and implore you to have faith. Which is the understanding and desire, but mostly the desire, to keep on going once your material life expires.

Now, the knowing helps you govern yourself in the life on the planet. When you understand this, it governs your behavior like we talked about. Religion has its positive place in attempting to impart this to you. But it is an impossible task of religion to enable everyone to experience it. Especially when it crystallizes into an institution of State status. That its governing principles become governing institutions. And mankind loses sight of Deity and Divinity, and evolves to a point where he puts himself as God.

And this is the danger certainly on a rebel planet, where this is the purpose of Rebellion in the first place. So, that is why you need Missions. That is why the Universe provides revelation in many forms. Revelation and Missions. Missions upon the planet, and revelation to supplement your progress and earned attainments. Sometimes revelation both imparts new knowledge; and collates and organizes what you already have into a cogent, and comprehensive, and commendable form. That you can learn from and have a personal experience with it outside of the institutions of religion that are more group oriented. Both have their place.

The modern-day human cannot meditate themselves into this status. You meditate to calm the system of energies in your mind and body. But your true happiness lies in the functions and experiences gained from prayer and worship. And We promise We will meet you when you begin and attain these practices. On the outreach and up-reach to us We guarantee you We will meet you halfway. When you reach out to us, We will reach down to you. When we say halfway, we don't mean half-heartedly. We mean that all it takes is for you to begin to reach upward and We will shorten the distance it takes to get to Us. We will descend to you when you seek and ascend to Us. And We respond to that. Deity responds to you. Therefore, do We enjoy it, and we guarantee you will enjoy it too. And we caution you that if you do not (pray and worship), then we do not even know. And how can We respond to that which never initiated a response?

We thank you for listening and We listen for you. We love you, and good day.


Well, thank you. They've left, and we thank you for that transmission.


  • 050624 Lightline Netherlands International, host Elise, other transmitter: Ron Besser
  • Subjects: The enormous speed of spirit communications and actions compared to humans may result in conflict; When men himself try to find solutions to their serious problems is when spirit can step in to help; Urantia’s focus on materialism without regards for the essence of life makes it impracticable for revelation and solution, but there will be the Missions; Men thinks he can save his life by gathering his goods, but Father wants people to care; Time for action is urgent. The alarm bell has sounded; Father knows what the outcome will be; and much more.  
  • Speakers: Arthura, Machiventa Melchizedek, Christ Michael, Jesus, and the Universal Father
  • Transcriber: sonsofGod
  • Link to recording: h; ttps://

Hello, everyone. Welcome. Good day and good evening to all. This is Monday, May 6, 2024. This is Lightline Netherlands International with your host, Elise. And I thank you for being here with me, especially today. Why today? Well, let me tell you why. For some reasons discussed on the Sunday Lightline, I had decided today to cancel the Lightline for the Netherlands International, but as I was typing up a message for the discussion forum, I was commended or called, how do you say that, in some short words by Father that I should try to open the Lightline despite of everything that's working against the intentions of Spirit that have made it so difficult to hold a Lightline lately. So of course, that's what I'm doing now, and here we are, and let's see what happens.

So far we have, we are with 12 all together on the call, and I'm glad that you're all here to support me, despite the conflicting messages we sometimes receive that causes confusion. But I think that the prevailing feeling of spirit within me always proves to be stronger and helps me to overcome, and to make the right decision. So let's start and ask about the ever present spiritual help we can always rely on. And of course, we will ask for clear reception and true words, and we thank our Father, we thank Michael of Nebadon, and all who assist us in this Lightline. Amen.

Now, let me try to get a connection with someone who would like to speak to us.

This is Arthura, Elise. Greetings to all. I'm glad to see where there is an audience, and I'd like to speak to all. It has been a while, but it's this. You all find it strange that spirit statements change quickly. And it is as if now real decision or valuable decision has been made there, but that is not the case. Because thinking and acting in spirit goes at an enormous speed. And there are many thoughts and actions going on between two seemingly opposite messages. But I tell you that many things have been considered and decided when you, as the external listener, hear the result of those thoughts or actions.

You as humans have no idea how much can be discussed or re discussed or completed in a split second in spiritual communication. And that is such as its ideas and thoughts or ideals, actions, and even creations, and, well much more. That is all done in a… well, in thousandths of a second of your time, which is the normal way for us to converse or act about so much, and all that needs attention in a vast and multi phased universe of the Father. Remember that.

Remember that tremendous speed that I can be with you. That I can meet your needs. I do not even have to travel if I do not want to. We are able to reach you from any point in the universe. But to familiarize ourselves more with human conditions, we phase down and come closer. It would take ages if spirit had to communicate as you do. So, always remember the great differences between yourself and spirit. There is a difference in status and capabilities that we may use, and must use to communicate, to negotiate, to meet, and act.

Yes, the universe is vast people, you have no idea and cannot have any idea of the dimensions and applications made available by the Father for the Master Universe. You simply do not have the capacity to even imagine the vastness and all the possibilities that have been brought into existence. And I'm not able to explain any of that right now to you all.

I am Arthura, and I have come down to help all of you on your plane of existence. So do not worry about what you do not understand, but enjoy the connection and be aware of my presence. Ask for me, and I will continue to teach small lessons like this for your edification. I love to be with you, and I know all of you always listen. I will depart now. I'm Arthura at your service. Good day.

Thank you, Arthura.
Is there anyone else would like to speak today? Well let's have patience.

Machiventa Melchizedek  
This is Machiventa Melchizedek. Hello, my dear people. Well, how do I start? The world is a mess. You know it. And sometimes we have a feeling that humans really do not know what they are doing in a world that is sinking deeper and deeper into trouble. If this continues, this world is going to lose all it has achieved, and it's civilization to just bubble. Which means a senseless happiness of materialism and its harmful influence on men, who has deprived the world of God, so essential for a planet with living beings, for all endowed with reason.

I'm Machiventa. And you know that the nature of man in the beginning is to survive. And each of the tribe or the group has to take care of himself. And it then slowly develops into a small society of caring for the group. And then to learn to work together for their protection and safety, and the sharing of what they need. And then finally, to start building a more prosperous society where every individual benefits, and where everyone has an opportunity to develop into a social and right minded being. A being, a person that is able to contribute to society, and is prepared to learn from the lessons learned in the past, retaining the good and disregarding the rest.

Well, how is it on Urantia? One wonders. This world seems to have forgotten not only God, but also its brothers and sisters. And interest is only focused on the individual to achieve the highest possible position in society and create a most comfortable life for himself. But what is really a terrible thing, this is now taking root in the minds and hearts of so many young people who are about to take over the leadership of their predecessors. And we know how difficult it is to unlearn habits and to adapt new ones. And that will certainly be the case here on Urantia, provided that changes take place in a reasonable short time. But that will require the discipline of the entire population on all of your continents of the world.

Well, I think you can see as well as I do, that that is almost an impossible task. It covers dozens of levels and of course, cannot be learned in one lesson. Particularly, because many seem to be quite satisfied with what they have, with what they have achieved. But we in spirit, we will wait and see what they think, and finally realize when they see what has been accomplished in reality, and done to the world. It's a pity and it will be given to man himself to find solutions to their serious problems.

But you can still count on our help. When man is freed from its worldly pleasures, and greed, and he's turning his attention to what needs to be done, then we, the Melchizedeks and many others will stand with you. We will help your government making the right decisions, and ensure that provisions are made and put into place, which will benefit the entire population and slowly restore the world from a long period of pride, and start building a healthy and solid society. A sustainable world with attention to every human, animal, tree, or plant is not for everyone. And that will not be easy to bring about. It's such a complete change, but it must be done if Urantia is to remain a planet on which intelligent life exist for the purpose of evolving into an era of Light and Life.

I am Machiventa Melchizedek, and I gave you these words, maybe again, maybe once more in a different tone. But for your consideration to share with those who have ears to hear and a heart to feel that God is present in all of you, and to make a healthy world possible for everyone. I'm Machiventa, and I thank you for listening, and good day.

Thank you, Machiventa.
Now, this is Elise, and I have to see if there's anything else. I hope someone else will be speaking to us.

Christ Michael
Hello, everyone, hello, my children. This is Christ Michael. I greet you all and I want to tell you something. It's the following. A little bit thinking back to what Machiventa just told you, it is not that the people on Urantia do not deserve a Mission. Or that it's not the time for a Mission or a visit of a Magisterial Son to the planet. No, it's not that. It is the attitude of the people and the lack of knowledge of God's name, which needs to be honored and known, in order to go beyond a near Mission involving a visit to the planet to assess its status and that of human beings.

I am Christ Michael. I know you all I know how you think and how you feel. And I also know that you are all familiar with the work of Ron Besser that he has prepared, and how hard he has worked to make it possible for you to maybe participate in a partial way in the Missions that have been prepared, and are expected of the situation on your world with a population that does not recognize the existence of God. Is almost, it is almost impracticable to reveal anything, and be even more difficult to set up with you and for you a policy in favor of men, because there is so much to do and so much will have to be changed, and men is so unwilling to assume that this work is in divine hands.

You all know that Jesus has tried in every possible way to make himself known to some of the public on Urantia, but he has not been accepted. He has not been recognized. They just walked by Him. Jesus has been to your world several times to investigate what people are doing, how they live, what they are thinking. And each time he came back disappointed and said, the sense of togetherness is far far away among these people. He felt any soul that goodwill towards peace is not in the hearts of your leaders. And there is no trace of any faith or reverence for God, whose name should not be spoken without reverence.

So, know there we are. Urantia is in a hopeless state of spiritual backwardness (? Elise: if that's the word I'm not sure but that's what I hear), backwardness and is too much focused on the material aspect of life without regard for the essence of life. And so, it continues to keep its people from spiritual and social development in a … oh, I have to say it, a murderous and belligerent manner.

And then you also have churches that have not understood or realized in time that their teachings do not lead to growth of the soul, but rather to fear God. To fear the afterlife, instead of the joy of getting closer to God, and to know and learn that God is in each of them. So there needs to be a major change in mindset to lead the people of this world, towards a better life a better future. And this will happen under the leadership of those who will visit the planet as soon as there is an opportunity. And then Jesus will be able to begin his work, of his teachings, as you can call it teachings about the purpose of life, on a planet where people work, can work in cooperation with the spirit world. Where they can develop their existence into a realm of peace and prosperity for all, without exploitation of your people or nature, which is happening on a large scale on your world today.

I am Christ Michael. I do not want to scare you. I am with you. We do everything to be with you, to do our work for this beautiful planet. We are all preparing for that time, and we want to implement that as quickly as possible. What is on the agenda, what is needed for all those people who have had to endured for such a long time, the hardships of a planet in disarray, and confusion, And of whom some have become so accustomed to money, they now regard it as their salvation.

Let's all thank the Father who long for us. We are working with him in his creation. Working with Father gives satisfaction to one's life. It has nothing to do with earthly goods. It is the inner self of each individual that counts and will elevate him to a true child of God. I am Christ Michael and I give you here my blessings. And now I have to leave again. I wish you all a good day. And I wish to return soon.

Thank you, Christ Michael.

This is Jesus.

Welcome, Jesus.

Thank you. Welcome to you all. I'm here to say that your feelings, all of your feelings have the right to be concerned about the situation in the world. It is not a small part of the world that suffers from bad decisions in any sector of your world. And that still runs It's profited from everything. While they are aware of the terrible consequences, their decisions will have on climate or atmospheric disturbances. Yes, it is true. People and animals suffer enormously from the changes that humans bring about. And actually, there is no nation that really cares. But know this. Whatever they think they gain will fall to ashes or disappear beneath the waters of the oceans that are about to flood, taking with them vast landscapes and even cities as It conquers the land masses.

Men thinks he can save his life by gathering his goods, but that can all be destroyed. And in doing so, he is almost destroying the best thing he needs to take care of, and that is his soul. It is the soul that develops through experience in worldly and spiritual value, of what you achieve in your life on a material planet. Your soul grows by doing the will of the Father. Is harming nature, is harming people, or abusing animals, the will of the Father? No, Father is love. And love comes from the heart and not from the mind. Father wants you to care. And that means care for everything and everyone that lives on the planet, and that you may use for your well being, for your growth and experience. But, above all, to live with and for each other, and to build together a strong, sustainable society that can provide support to everyone who is a part of it.

Spiritual growth takes place on many different levels and is a collection and appreciation of all that man does and propels him on his eternal path. There are many things happening in your life that you are not aware of. But that have grown your soul and brought to you fulfillment in your trials as a conscious living being that is created by God and therefore evaluated by God, and not by men. How many of you are thinking of a future with possessions that are being shared. Without your personal belongings without even personal savings that are safely locked away in your money banks, where they lie until they have no value at all. How many people in this world have so many billions actually stand up to defend their brothers and sisters, so that they feel safe and protected.

Oh yes. when the need arises, and there is no way out, help will come. But when things return to normal people forget the misery and fall back into their old routine. I am Jesus. I belong to you. I belong to your planet. And I say no longer, no longer. People will learn that destruction requires everything from every person in solidarity, to build new communities, where everyone has a fair chance to participate, to have their own responsibilities, and where no member is excluded, and where no one is judged for appearance, or other qualities that give people their unique character. The time of truth is knocking loudly at your door. And every right thinking individual knows it. But few have committed to making changes on a global scale.

Isn’t it strange that adversity is felt both above and below, and even those in Spirit are held up by senseless violence and behavior of those who do not value life and completely ignore its purpose. The consequences are tangible and highly visible. And warnings continue to be ignored. How long can a world continue to bring about its own destruction? We don't know, but we see total destruction if we don't take urgent action and find solutions that will require sacrifice from everyone. It requires the will and strength to dedicate yourself fully to saving life. Life on this planet, this beautiful planet. Let's all step forward.

This is Jesus, and I say to you, verily, verily, be aware. Be good. Be courageous and take upon yourself what you can save. The time for doubt is over. Time for action is urgent. The alarm bell has sounded. This Is Jesus. Your master and your friend who cares for this planet, and who cares for all of you. Good day

Thank you. Thank you so much Jesus.
Now, let me have a look at the dashboard. Oh, I lost the dashboard, hold on please. Here it is. Let ‘s see if there are there any more names? Yes. We have Steven Gitz joining us and Charlotte. And I think, Roger Raz, and two numbers, 2038 and 5602. Thank you for joining, all of you. So, it makes 16 callers, 16 people altogether. Well, now we have to see if there was anyone else for us.

Universal Father
Yes, Elise. This is Father. And I'm here to tell you that everything regarding the Magisterial Foundation, its subsidiaries, the invention, the patent, etc, are well done. But the whole situation in a confused world, where people are stuck in the material gain is highly problematic. And its people are hardly receptive to any influence or guidance from spirit. And we know there are many, many problems. Yes, there are, and the serious problem you had of the cabal, the insurgents, who had have taken out their anger on humans, who are unwilling to listen to any solution or understanding from our side.

And then there is the earth core, sometimes behaving against all rules, and somewhat stuck, in its position. The incredible intransigence of scientists to accept anything that's outside of their understanding. All of this makes it almost impossible for a spirit to gain a foothold on the planet. And then, there are your governments, they distrust each other, and cooperation is far from their agenda. So now, as your Father, I know that the common interest should be the restoration of the planet. But despite all evidence of destructive exploitation, people continue to seek their pleasure elsewhere, without regard for their environment. The Earth, on which humans depend, your world that needs your care, to continue functioning as a healthy planet.

The Magisterial Foundation is very useful and is still voluntary owned by the Melchizedeks, who ensure that it remains a useful institution for any spiritual mission. And we hope that those who are responsible for running and maintaining the nations will have an idea to come to order and peace.

I am your Father. I am your Universal Father. And I say to all of you, do not worry about all of this, how this is to be resolved or what the future of man on this planet will be. But rest in the fact that the Father, your Father, in his omnipotence knows what the outcome will be. And I as your Father will not miss one opportunity to do what is in my power to give every life a full chance. Men on this planet still has much to learn, but Urantia is not a forgotten planet. Your Father knows his universe. And I know my purpose for each of you, and for everything in my creation. This is your Father. I asked you to let go of your problems and leave them to the experience and knowledge of higher powers, who always go to great lengths to help any inhabited world. And I'm as your Universal Father, I am waiting to see how things will unfold as time passes, and to see what the future holds for Urantia, together with other planets that have been so long behind in their evolution. My dear children, go in peace and be good to yourself and others. I bid you a good day.

Thank you, Father. Thank you for speaking to us.
Let me see. Well, I have to go along the list here, and I would like to unmute Ron Besser, if he is there.

Ron, are you there? I unmuted you.

Ron Besser
Yes, Elise. I'm here, thank you.

Oh, well. Do you have anything for us?

Rob Besser
Let me check one moment.

Machiventa Melchizedek
This is Machiventa Melchizedek. Ron Besser has been listening carefully to your Lightline Elise, and thinks it is beautifully done, and thank you for taking care of it today. We are a little unsure about how to put the Lightlines together in this interim period. The interim period is going to last probably through May 15th or 16th, but after that we may have the Missions to announce. I know that Ron has been ambivalent, and that's probably because Michael of Nebadon has been ambivalent as to precisely what is to happen. But today, actually this morning, we firmed it up with Ron in attendance, and he is ready to take what orders are necessary to bring it to your full attention when it's time. Right now, is a few days too soon to announce it.

And finally this and then we'll turn it back to you, Elise, because our time is almost up. I want you to know that Ron Besser, Dominick Ohrbeck, and others who have made the Magisterial Foundation what it is, and that's George Meyer and Steven Gitz, and of course you, Elise, and others that I can't think of right now, are working very hard to make sure that it stays together, and is a place to tune to, even when others may fail.

Universal Father
I am the Universal Father. Ron was trying to plan for a major conference for the Magisterial Foundation, May 17th. He has been put back permanently and we will tell you Board of Directors when to assume the Board of Directors once again. Right now, the Magisterial Foundation is under the Melchizedeks. Ron gave it to them months ago and he sees to it that they maintain the direction for the Magisterial Foundation. Ron is glad to help as are the Board of Directors, but we must ascertain that when the appearance of Christ, and others you do not know on to the planet earth, you will hear things you have never heard before. The Magisterial Foundation will be here to present them. Michael loves owning part of it as through the Melchizedeks, and as does the Board of Directors. I am warning you, Board of Directors, to please play it carefully. Ron was attempted to be murdered again. Steven Gitz has had one awful thing happened to him, and don't be too surprised that some of you on the board may have trouble getting online. The cabal is being chased out of Urantia, and we want you to know it. But until it's all done, be careful.

Machiventa Melchizedek
And now this is Machiventa Melchizedek to tell you, Ron, something you need to know. No, it's not that you're going to go over later today. It's that you have determined that there shall be additional information made available to those who honestly have the capacity to understand the science of your electrical plant. I am warning you no further discussion. He, the one that you did discuss with, is making a board of directors immediately for a chance to add to what you've done and claimed part of the idea. You are not going to allow it, and we will knock it down. You can't trust non-family.

And now finally this to you, Dominick. It is necessary that you're here later today. Although you are looking at it as a free day, don't . We want to see you this afternoon when you can get here. And further to the rest of you. There are 16 including me and Elise on the call today. You are all important regulars, and you need to understand that you're important listeners. You take for granted that which is told is correct., and it is. Ron is exceedingly careful to make sure that there is only one and true voice.

And now this is Machiventa Melchizedek to say this. Starting tomorrow, which is the 7th of May, I wanted to be known that we are going to issue a proclamation from the Melchizedeks, that makes sure that anyone professing the ability to transmit and to become aware of the Missions will be required to check in with the Magisterial Foundation in order to be heard, as a group transmission to anyone else on the planet.

Ron says, well, isn't that nice? It consolidates and unifies this work. Ron’s transmissions are irrefutably very high. He and Christ Michael, and all the rest of the body that sees to a Mission on a planet are well coordinated, and they see to it that you hear it. We are not forcing anyone to join the Magisterial Foundation. The worst that can happen is that you're assigned a day to do a transmission and no further problem. Ron will be in charge of what day you can, unless you absolutely have to have a certain day, and that is with all the time available, easily done.

There are two people here. One is from Unity, and one is from well, another organization. I want you to understand please, you're not being forced to do anything. But it is in your interest to join in unity with the Magisterial Foundation, because that is the foundation we will use to do the Missions. Ron would welcome you. Give him a try. And now finally, back to you, Elise, but before it goes back, this from Christ Michael.

Christ MichaelI am now determined that the end of this rainbow be not forsaken. The rainbow is not Ron and the Magisterial Mission, it is you and your listening capacities. Stay with it and you will be protected. Go elsewhere and you may have a problem. Because we do not extend divine protection beyond the modulation of these Lightlines and the care that is required for the rest of the world to listen. We are now going to propose that Ron, you find another outlet for the Lightlines, because this has a limit of 100, unless you can buy more than 100. Find out.

Ron Besser
I will.

Christ Michael
And finally to you Elise. This is not your final Lightline although you're worried about it, keep after them. And finally, to you Rene Duran, keep your work standard. Keep going. And to anybody else that wishes to transmit please contact Ron. He will see to it that you get a space.

Machiventa Melchizedek
And now this finally to all of you. I am Machiventa Melchizedek. I wish you well. I wish you happiness, and I must disappear. I will be back In about two weeks. No, I'm not getting a typhus inoculation, Ron. (ha-ha) I never thought of that but thank you. And I wish you all well. Good day.

Ron Besser
This is Ron. Thank you Machiventa. I hold you as the premier speechmaker for us and wish you grand success and work with us when you can come back. Thank you from our very hearts. Thank you. Now, Elise, go ahead and take this back and close it.

Thank you, Ron, and thank you, Machiventa Melchizedek. And thank you Christ Michael, and the Universal Father, and our other speakers, Jesus and Arthura. I thank you all for being with us for this Lightline, for your time and your care. And I want to thank all the attendees that are here with me and support me. And well, I hope to be back next week, at same time at same station. And for now, goodbye to all


  • 043024 Audio Tape Tuesday Light Line USA; host: Dominick O., other transmitter: Ron Besser
  • Subjects: A rather comprehensive review of personality, soul, will, energy, min, divinity, rebellion, ascension, pre-particle and pre-personality. An additional transmission(s) from Ron with mission status update and Mansion World announcement
  • Speakers: Infinite Spirit, Machiventa Melchizedek, Michael of Nebadon, Universal Father
  • Transcribed by: sonsofGod
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Tuesday Lightline, welcome. Its April 30th and we have Roger and Steven coming in. We just pressed record. Carole welcome. We just pressed record, we're underway. We give a quick prayer that Father’s will be done. Father's business is in our hearts, and that we can serve Michael and our Creator Father.

A Lightline listens to the broadcast of the universe administration and administrators. It is a supplemental service to receive universe broadcasts. Supplemental to revelation that comes in many forms on and to a planet. Lightline is a collective or group, and planetary service is not individual auto revelation, but the transmitter of a human being on the planet receives the broadcast and picks up the transmission, and says what is received, ideally like a scribe. And strives to consciously know everything going on, does not go into the subconscious in receiving a transmission and therefore, is subject to interference of maintaining the connection, and that would be the clarity of the circuit.

And given the planetary status of handling insurrection and rebellion on a spiritual level, the word channel refers to the circuit itself, not the act of receiving the transmission. So, the verb is transmitting. The verb typically associated with the past known as channeling, and then it was referred to here as a noun of the channel just like a CB radio or TV. We ask is there a clear channel and not to be confused with whether or not we are using the channeling of old. We are not, we are using a new and updated service called transmission of receiving universe broadcasts.

[Seamless transitioning taken place here to receive a long transmission from High Spirit, whose name remained unrevealed.]

High Spirit  
One of the things anticipated from the epochal revelation, given in the mid 20th century was that there was this known court case in human history that stretches beyond the planet of Gabriel versus Lucifer. And it was announced supplemental to the epochal revelation that the judgment was handed down from the universe Ancient of Days siding with Gabriel and adjudicating in some forms the rebellion, but that it still exists and its noncompliance to the law and the judgments today. That's still being worked out. And that has been occurring, that status has been occurring since 1986, and continues today when the broadcast of Salvington, the headquarters world of our universe known as Nebadon, and our Creator Lord, and Father, a Creator Son from Paradise, a divine Son, a Paradise Son of also deity status known as Michael of Nebadon, who is the divine Son of man with a capital S when Jesus proclaimed to be both, the son of man with lower capital and the Son of Man (Son of God) with an uppercase capital.

He was both human and divine, because Michael of Nebadon incarnated, and in fact bestowed himself from an early human… as an early babe on the planet, to experience what it was like to be in His creation, and it fulfilled the status known as sovereignty over his creation, it revealed the Universal Father to all the universe, not just the planet. And that was the primary aspect of his mission of a Bestowal here on this particular planet, amongst hundreds of thousands of human planets that are capable of ascending and being indwelled by both, spirit and the indwelling of the Father. Which is that pre personal divine aspect, that divine spark, that core within us.

Those who would be known as sons of God, contain this divine spirit of the Universal Father within them, and those who don't are not eligible to ascend to the Father. They may ascend on a different path, but when the divine spark of the Universal Father we refer to as the Thought Adjuster is not indwelling the human, that human is in grave danger of defaulting on its human status of both spirit and animal, and without it is likely to become just an animal. Certainly, the animal is endowed with certain aspects of spirit, referred to as mind. And that would be an aspect of the Holy Spirit, the Trinity of the Infinite Spirit and our Mother Spirit, and in most local universes there is a Creator Son with a Mother Spirit. And that is the Son and the Spirit working together in their local universes, and that the human being is also endowed with the Universal Father. That's just a quick explanation of how a human being is Trinitized by one God, with body, mind, Spirit, and the Divine Spirit of God.

The universe, the rebellion that we referred to laid waste to the understanding and clarity of what we just provided as a educational narrative. There is confusion around what type of being you are in spirit. And that is referred to as an order with a capital O, like a classification. The example of this, when we talk about a Trinitized being is that you are a son of God, and so, there is a classification it's almost like an Alpha and an Omega, beginning and an end, a top and a bottom. When the Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon is that, is the top of that hierarchy of sons of God, and in between our various order of different classifications of son that descend in an awakening order of perfection of divinity.

Are various mythologies and mores and knowledge of these various Sons are get confused with angels who they work with and we work with in different ways. But some of these lower orders of Sons of God or are known to us such as the Most Highs, which are correlated with the rulership of entire planetary systems and individual planets. There are very high ordered Sons referred to as the Life Carriers. And these are the planetary seeders who seed planets with life and foster that until there is an evolution of soul bearing entities, at which case they leave the same, and that allows the other Sons to see to the administration of these beings. In other words, these Life Carriers create planets to be eligible to house souls, which is one purpose that Creator Sons go out from Paradise to create a universe, to create souls and citizens of the universe for future service. They ascend, we ascend into Paradise that completes our training, and we go forth for future service having attained our eternity status, or immortality. And the guarantee or guarantor of that immortality is this Thought Adjuster, this divine spark of God.

Now, yesterday’s (Sunday’s ?) and Monday's Lightline was a precursor to today's Lightline. They can run seamlessly so it benefits those who attend day in and day out that they enjoy a series of thought broadcasts from the universe, and certainly those who read can do it too.

So, what we start with today and this is transmission, we do not care to reveal ourselves at this time, we simply went into transmission. For those of you who read you could try listening. We understand reading is faster in the mind. And so, for that reason, you might try listening to a transmission, say double the speed, that you speed up the processing of your mind without having to wait for these transmission receptions, which create these pauses. As transmitters keep doing this they get better and they will eventually flow into conversational tone and pace. Let us go back to this ascension scheme, together with the context of what we're going through, as a planet, as a system, that has suffered rebellion.

So, we have these things, talked about yesterday, the personality and some of these things that are bestowed by the Universal Father. One aspect of these things, namely, personality, will, free will. Is that these are truly mysteries, they can be described, but they ultimately cannot be entirely predicted.

The third aspect of this mystery is the Universal Father within. So, these three aspects are true mysteries in the human experience, and the human science, it can be described, it can be somewhat explained through observation and experience, but it cannot entirely be predicted or entirely known. And so, it makes complete sense that these are attributes of a gift and bestowal that the Universal Father gives to your order of the human being. Michael of Nebadon has and with Jesus wished to reveal this last mystery of the Universal Father to you.

In that respect, Jesus still exists and Michael of Nebadon still exist. And the duality and oneness of their experience is that you may experience each separately or together. Do not be confused or entirely claim or wish to split up the two, just allow it in. Having mentioned the Bestowal, it was not at the steal that was for the specific purpose of rebelling adjudication. However, one aspect of the experience of Jesus was that he defeated the rebels as a human and not entirely as the divine Creator Son. The rebels aren't and surely, aren't entirely sure what happened.

One moment. Okay.

So, we have touched upon the attributes and gifts of the Universal Father within you, we talked about the personality yesterday, and the personality is this gift of the Father which is imprinted, if you will, for lack of a better word, imprinted on the energy system, to give that energy system that form a personality and that personality is provided a will, in your case freewill. And furthermore, since you have this ascension as part of your humaneness, you have this gift of the Universal Father. And we only repeat that because these other sons, and in fact the entire other order of the Infinite Spirit, do not contain this gift within them as part of them. And so you have as humans, both the greatest handicap, handicap, and the strongest gift of spirit of the Universal Father himself attaining experience in his universe through you, with you.

The soul is what you work on with the Father, to build the capacity to have a new form, a new body if you will, when your material energy form dies, materially it's going to happen to everyone because it's an electrochemical mind that cannot live forever, and so that you have a new form, a new mind, a new body, but the angels work to safe keep all that you are as a personality, and all your experience that you have attained that is of universal value. In other words, very mundane experience, not all of it is a kept, but that which is you can say ‘real’ is kept.

And you are reconstituted in this morontial form, which is a word for no longer entirely material, but not wholly spiritual yet. And so in between is this word morontial with its various levels. And you have a morontial soul, and eventually you're working on fusion of all of these things. Your soul is the new form of you, your personality, this mystery of personality is constant, even amongst all the changes you know this to be true, because you experience it even in the flesh, constantly changing, and yet the personality remains constant. And so part of the early ascension is this striving for fusion that the Universal Father’s Thought Adjuster, the cornice of you, that small still voice within, fuses with your personality and your soul. The reason we're making these distinctions is that fusion, normally certainly in this stage of a planet is not happening but has happened to the point where you have the reference of chariots of fire, which is what would normally happen If fusion were to happen if the spirit claims you as having satisfied the mortal life and attained enough that you ascend.

So, we have a new chapter today, this could be a review for some, but it should be known by now that we are revealing some of the more confusing elements of what has already been revealed, when we allude to the Spirit of God within, the Universal Father’s Thought Adjuster within you, as something called pre personal. Just as you have a personality, the divine spark of God itself is the Universal Father, but one of the benefits of fusion is that this Thought Adjuster which is adjusting your thoughts ever towards spirit and adjusting your animal mind into a spiritual mind. This Thought Adjuster has no personality and seeks to reward you in fusion with immortality, and that you in return are now doing and understanding and seeking the will of the Father to the point that your ascension and immortality is guaranteed, and your personality is therefore immortal. You become one, and part of the mystery and oddity of this communication in the early stages you're in is that God speaks to you in your own voice.

So, this is some aspect of the pre personal designation that would otherwise be confusing but should be coming together and understanding and less confusion on this rebel planet. When the rebels claim you are a) immortal, b) angelic, or that these orders of beings are indistinguishable from another, and you could say c) that because they blasphemy and rebelling against both Michael and the Universal Father, they have no special interest in seeing to your ascension. And so in the past they have interfered with things called the grid, which is that tarrying place, that staging place between the planetary souls ascending to their safekeeping on the mansion worlds. Those training worlds of soul progression towards the fusion that we've talked about.

And so, since the rebels’ blasphemy against the Father, and truly do not care whether or not you ascend, they have, from time to time, greatly interfered and greatly destroyed a number of souls, certainly on this planet within the universe in the name of their own sovereignty. And it behooves you to know this, because when you build your soul through experience, and choice, and intent and attitude, you become more real. It is only those souls who are so weak in survival experience and value that they are susceptible to a not having a strong enough soul to survive the afterlife. In other words, it can be quite a shock to some, because you carry over your same attitudes, beliefs, everything, it is almost a seamless transition when you are resurrected. And so, people do struggle, and people do have the choice still, whether or not they wish to ascend. And when this confusion of rebellion obviously is carried over this has harmed a great many souls as well.

Further revealed and contributed to this mystery of the pre personal is now this correlation of the pre particle when it is revealed to you that deity can be personalized or not. You can look to these two comparisons of the pre personal Father and the pre particle referred to as the ultimaton. Both of these things cannot be observed, but they can be inferred, and they can be worked with to produce amazing results to the material form. It just so happens that your material form has a personality and those that do not have a personality remain as energy. And that energy has at its core the ultimaton, which is not yet a fully formed particle, but is rather referred to as a pre particle.

And here's where you get the nuance between mind. Mind can also be bestowed upon energy. And so this is where the confusion comes in, whether our mind has free will or not. And we say yes and no, it does not always mean it's endowed with freewill. You now know this through technology as the mind is bestowed on personality-less technology and computers, and nonetheless can mimic to a great deal what would be recognized as attributes of personality. You would be better to attribute this to mind.

It is the animal kingdom which you anthropomorphize personality on to a lot, it's no great error to say your favorite dog and cat has a wonderful personality. They do, the technicality is that they have a wonderful mind and it's the personality of spirit. But the difference is, they are not endowed with this pre personal fragment of the Universal Father, they do not have an ascension scheme for them of immortality and future service as you would.

So, pre personality is God the Father revealed by Jesus residing in you. Material reality is ultimately comprised of ultimate times which are pre matter. And so, we have the deified and undeified in time and space. And so, what is deified in time and space are these personalities. Deity is what can be still a personality, the undefined is simply energy. And furthermore, the energy may be completely inanimate and subject to its design, or it may be endowed with a form of mind, so that it can fulfill its functions. And you have come to the technological advancement on this planet to understand that.

And so, what a future Mission will look like as a fulfillment of a need to resolve and proclaim what is the truth in the destiny potential of human beings, so that you have a framework and a baseline from which to have any relations with. In other words, this will govern your individual behavior, your interaction with others, all the way up to your state and local governments, your federal governments, and your international relations. And will give you the vision of universal brotherhood and sisterhood.

Without this, there would be no hope to resolve your warlike ways. The belligerence that is or has been evolved and baked into your very DNA guarantees this trajectory if there was to be no insertion of revelation. You are a drop in the ocean with auto revelation, individual revelation. You have, therefore, different modes of Revelation, all the way up to a epochal, which is synonymous with planetary revelation. And furthermore, we share with you that the epochal revelation, such as the fifth and the fourth here on Urantia do extend beyond your planet. Certainly, Jesus was, and so why not the fifth? And therefore do we remind you, the revelation is under the administration and governance of your superiors that are off planet, and subject to your obeisance.

In other words, you follow what we guide an order, and then you should seek to receive us. It is not enough to take a static revelation and take it upon yourselves to conjecture and project the trajectory of its evolution. There's where you should ask yourself whether or not you're doing that. There’s a simple measurement test of whether or not the revelation and revelations we broadcast and bestow, incarnate and literally provide in print form. Those are the questions you should ask; do you seek the will of the Father and his Sons that represent Him? And if you don't have you, what are you doing with our revelation with you, that you've taken it upon yourself to remove yourself from the controversy of discerning the truth between loyalty and rebellion.

Whenever you are confronted with this choice doesn't seem strange. And there is no shortage of irrational human logic to decide one way or the other. But it is interesting to note that when the foreignness of another brother’s and sister’s revelation meets your ears - and we're speaking in broad sense here - that those loyal to Michael find it almost required to express their loyalty. Simple paraphrase of a quote would be “I don't know what you're saying is true or not, and my instinct is to recoil and declare to you that I am loyal to Michael of Nebadon”. That is about how far you have come. And so now you take the next leap of faith and you seek to cooperate, not to recoil, but to say, “I agree that we, together, are loyal to Michael of Nebadon. We both have the Universal Father within us, and we seek to do His will. And therefore, do I seek to come to an understanding of such revelation that is worth that we can attend to the Father's business and the administration of His Son. Certainly, Michael of Nebadon, for he is the way”.

All right, we thank you for listening and we look to the dashboard. 2:47. All right, we can open it up to Q&A or other transmitters, we have 10 minutes left. You can press five star to raise your hand if you want something be explained or clarified. Certainly, there's another aspect, which is that you are likely to get more information, better information, or revelation answers that address previous revelation, or say things to us that the transmitter may not have even received yet, and that the understanding is that if you attend the call, there's two aspects of the call that you help out with. One is certainly your energy that contributes to the collective call. And two is any questions that you can formulate, because that's the way human beings do best, by asking questions and receiving answers. And then eventually revelation gets a feeling of stagnation and when that happens, that's, that's a prompt that we could be asking more questions.

So we thank that transmission, and we thank you, Father, we thank the callers on the call. We thank Michael of Nebadon, certainly any Melchizedeks who were part of today's call.

Ron, I'm going to unmute you and see if there's anything. Hello Ron, you're unmuted. Is there any last words?

Ron Besser
Yes. I have a comment. That was a superior lecture. I am not sure who gave it through you, but I suspect it was one of the primary deities, maybe the Infinite Spirit, and I want to thank you for a really brilliant dissertation on the subject. Thank you, Dominick. And thank you, I believe. Infinite Spirit.

Machiventa Melchizedek
This is Machiventa Melchizedek. Ron. You are listening casually, and working on some other aspects into it as you listen to it. And you found it so riveting you just gave everything back. Most of the people here do not quite understand the quality of transmissions when the top deities choose to lecture. In this case Dominick lectured not just with the Infinite Spirit but also with the Father and occasionally the Eternal Son. Dominick has more or less broken through with his transmissions and speaks with a highly placed spiritual aspects of the top deities that actually create you. You've enjoyed it and think Dominick should be thanked for being able to tune into something so marvelous.

Well, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, Ron. That you are able to discern the level he is speaking from and the way that they introduce materials is amazing to me, and to the other deities listening and watching you, Ron. Particularly, because this Lightline, which is on the 30th of April, 2024, and now five minutes till 3pm, I want you to understand that you are listening with all parts of your body. You found that what Dominick said and did amazing.

Ron Besser

Machiventa Melchizedek
And for reasons of state we're going to give you Dominick's trust, for him to hear this.

When a Lightliner or a Lightline person is able to transmit the deity heads of all creation, he is able to apply himself to the other transmitters, including you Ron, for the transmission of higher level of what they have to say to the creation.

You have 16 callers listening on the phone. You have about 15 more listening to the transmission through other devices. Your transmissions particularly Tuesday and Wednesday are listened to carefully, because they train themselves to speak with the highest deity levels.

You Ron, speak without a prediction or a review of any other deities, except the Father. You enjoy the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit.

Ron Besser
I do.

Machiventa Melchizedek
And they will begin to issue rewards to you through the speakership of things like today's Lightline, and all remaining Lightlines left to you.

Now, let me tell you something that is occurring and irritates you, but you wisely stay back. You now have three groups, primarily on the West Coast who are transmitting Melchizedek.

Ron Besser
Yes, I'm aware of that and they do well. The transmissions, as far as I'm concerned, are flawless. Go ahead, please.

Machiventa Melchizedek
Thank you. I am truly sure that they would do much better if they consigned themselves to a regular time and a regular place that you can supply. But they find you irritating, because you do not follow the prescribed protocols. You don't have to. And for reasons of state to those listening today and Dominick, neither is Dominick.

Machiventa Melchizedek of Infinite Spirit ?
Now, how does that, in particular get to the attention of the human mind? Well, first of all, it's natural. It's natural enough, it feels like you're being talked to rather than being lectured. Second of all, you Ron don't bother with protocol. You can't stand it, it gets in your way. As a consequence, you're far ahead of most transmitters. You can finish what they're saying in seconds, but you do not interfere. You do not want to interfere, because they are using the protocol of normal human mind, and you do much better with it.

Infinite Spirit
I am the Infinite Spirit, Ron, and I want you to know that your life is about done. You know it, this morning you are all over the place, because of their interference. I want you to know, I want everyone on this broadcast to know, that you have nothing to do with the mansion worlds. But they have a great deal to do with you at the moment.

We want in particular to Dominick to know that he has learned protocols under you that are far superior to any other protocol he could learn. For that reason, Dominick, I think we'll follow your footsteps and provide the best darn lessons you can hear. Don't be afraid of what is coming, Ron.

You spoke to the mission of the Supreme Court on Urantia this morning.

Ron Besser
And she should we be beside herself. Yes. I didn't, I wasn't as careful as I should have been. But I never know exactly who I am conversing with and what it is they may want. And she was wonderful. They all are. And I give this back to you Infinite Spirit.

Infinite Spirit
Thank you. That individual happens to be the supreme of the Supreme Court. I'm not allowing you to get the name, because I don't want it repeated. But she just died. She's over there, trying to recollect her work with the Supreme Court of the United States. Her work is superb. Her work demands that if you go over soon enough that you're part of her work. And for reasons of state, Pope Benedict the eighth insists that he learn how you do your work. No one seems to be able to do it.

And now I am the Infinite Spirit. I touch each of you. Feel my warmth. And for now, I turn this back to Michael of Nebadon for one last word before we turn it back to you, Dominick, to close it. One moment.

Ron Besser
This is Ron, thank you Infinite Spirit. You're always so moving.

Infinite Spirit
Thank you. And you're welcome, anytime.

Ron Besser
And now Michael, what have you?  

Michael of Nebadon
Thank you, Ron. You have been under great difficulty all day. It started with a look at the Supreme Court this morning. You are often writing that touches things like the Popes, the Supreme Court, Machiventa Melchizedek, and the rest of them. You are finally almost first stage spirit, Ron, but we dare not to talk about it. It's unrevealed. But ladies and gentlemen, please listen.

Ron is constantly harassed by groups outside of these Missions. Why? He doesn't happen to believe in protocol. That is endlessly an act to commemorate but does not listen to what they have to say. If Urantia listen to what the deities had to say, they would not stop. But you have the privilege of hearing it. Ron doesn't hide anything with language. He's one of the few that insists you get it as it comes. And it's not popular. And he could care less. You're getting it direct.

Now there is something I want to tell you, as Michael of Nebadon to the rest of you. Ron's life is nearly over in the flesh. He got hit this morning with the cabal again and is still trying to recover. We're not going to allow the cabal anywhere near him, starting now.

Furthermore, what do you have to say, say if anybody asks you, ‘Well, what's happening on Urantia these days? The answer happens to be, listen, on or about May 12 you will hear from Jesus in a general condition. I can't promise you how you will hear it, but there are several ways, and listen in all ways around May 12. Don't tag Ron about you didn't hear Jesus. We will make it clear that you hear from Jesus through other avenues.

Second, today, the head of the Supreme Court on Urantia, came to ask Ron to participate with her in forming an organization to prepare a law that follows the appearance of Jesus. Ron would be delighted. But he didn't know her, her use of the protocol or anything else. He answered casually, and well. She didn't understand what he said and dropped it. I am reinstituting the connection, and for that reason I'm asking her to be polite when she considers that Ron might be having enough inside information that she can hear a revelation of law. He has only the highest respect for her, and she for him now. But Ron is a paragon of entertainment and care. He knows how to do these things easily and well. He's had this since 1988, at China Pound when the Adjuster came out at 3am, got him up, and he fell down the steps. That's how it started. We congratulate him, but he's only at the beginning of spiritual training.

He enjoys the Supreme Court, Machiventa, and the Melchizedeks in general, and all the students of the Urantia Book and of their meeting place on high, which he listens to and communicates with I am pretty well finished with what I have to say, but hear for you to hear is the Universal Father. And the last word on what is to happen on Urantia.

Ron Besser
Thank you, Michael. If you're their Father, please go ahead.

Universal Father
Thank you, Ron. You got a beautiful protocol. I will shortly turn this back to you Dominick, and you can finish it. But I want an extra five minutes to tell you something no other planet has ever been told.

It's the planet, the planet of Bestowal. It's so important. One in 10 million planets gets it. Urantia is a Bestowal sphere of Michael of Nebadon and Jesus. It's about time you know it. One in 10 million human planets gets Jesus. It's so rare that the planet that receives it is set aside for other work besides ascension.

What we have to say today is frightening. Urantia has been left alone to develop because of an insurrection. It took place on Urantia. You've heard of the name of Lucifer He is a Lanonandek son. That's the name of the Sonship that rebelled. He's dead. But what he did was unbelievable. He set the destruction of this planet up by insisting that the humans on it never bother with God, but worry about their own skills and progress. Your planet today is one of the few planets that exercises that so well.

Your people when they come over, are often the leaders of groups on the mansion worlds to give a study to how to do something. There are people like Judy Garland, who thoroughly enjoys Ron, but she dare not speak to Ron, because the group feels it is against protocol to speak this low, to yet a human on a planet.

Well, starting tomorrow, any group individual that wants to talk with Ron, or anyone on any level, may start talking. And Ron, what is that under your arm?

Ron Besser
It's a sting. I don't know what it is.

Universal Father
I know what it is and they are dead.

Ron Besser
I think I thank you. Thank you.

Universal Father
Now this is Father. I get it. All right. You're just conversing with Michael.

Ron Besser
That's all I did. He asked me, I had to answer at least that.

Universal Father
Thank you. That infant that stung you on the arm is not dead. But she is reminded, you do it again and you are dead.

And finally to all of you before we turn this back to you Dominick. The trust today is to allow you Dominick to construct this Lightline in your merry way. Ron says it was beautiful. It contains information he is not familiar with. Keep it up. You have been taught well. You are cared for.

And now let me say this as a final note from your Father. Today's Lightline, the 30th of April 2024 is about the last Lightline we're going to permit me, the Father, to speak at length. When I get into the planet, I become more than upset. It is horrible. I want you to know we recognize the word horrible, and it is terrible horrible.

I am going to see to it that Jesus makes his entry sometimes around mid-May. Maybe as late as the 18th I've heard the 17th talked about I've heard the 12. But mid-May. We will cease all the communication circuits. Jesus will speak on everything broadcasting. And when it's done, some of you may be devastated.

I'm going to make it clear what happens if there is rebellion. I'm going to make it clear what happens if there is insurrection of the churches. And I'm going to make it clear that if there is an insurrection against the masterworks of the Urantia Book as it is delivered, there will be hell to pay for the insurrectionists. I generally do not make threats, but your beautiful Urantia needs a threat. I will not make a speech before I attend to this. Every broadcaster on Urantia will broadcast what I have to say. And I will tell them I am Father, the God of all.

And Ron has laid low all of the memory he has, and let me tell you what that means. He will not remember this speech. But I promise you, you will. You've heard from me now. This is probably one of the last Lightlines until the troubles begin in mid May. And I mean troubles. Please get some water into your house as extra water. And some extra food, maybe up to a month of what you need to eat without going to the store. Ron has already started. Dominick knows the drill. May all of you protect yourselves.

And now, I am your Universal Father. And I say Good day. briefly today at 6pm Eastern time, come back to this place to listen. There will be a Lightline and you should hear it. 6pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time if you want to hear more.

Ron Besser
And now Dominick, I'm turning this back to you, and thank you. Go ahead please.

Okay, thank you, Ron. It's 3:19. We're including one less thing. Is there, so, there's a Lightline bonus, an extra today in less than three hours, same facilities. How are we for a Lightline through the rest of the week? Wednesday, you mentioned, Thursday at times, or is that just to be determined?

Ron Besser
That's to be determined. That's to be determined.

Okay. Well, thank you, and we conclude this Lightline.


The way I interpret Father Michael's sentence Weydevu is that due to some major changes coming upon Urantia in 5-8 months, sudden increase of spiritual awareness will spark people's interest in the Urantia book and might become a sought-after hot commodity. Until the sixth is realized having to read the erroneous fifth epochal revelation is much more beneficial than not knowing at all. In my opinion, it is a good way of preparation to receive the Sixth Epochal Revelation when it will be available about couple of years from now at least. That will serve as a great revealer of the entire rebellion and offer the needed correction of the fifth, I believe, without dangerous mixing up of who is who and what happened to the supreme. It is better to let that information alone for now, because it will be enough shock to the people of the earth, especially the church people, to discover the Truth of the Urantia Book in order to finally let go the bible being the sword of Damascus over sinners.  

May I also add that many pastors of the church known to be familiar with the Urantia Book, but unable to or rather unwilling to disclose it to their congregations, which would uproot the foundation of their ungodly hierarchical system that supports high positioning entitled to wealth accumulation, and giving of titles to the ego without accountability and graceful manifestation of what the title entails of (such as apostle, prophet, teacher, pastor, and evangelist that we all are, in the so-called five-fold-ministry), originally classified by Apostle Paul rightfully to clarify ones' role and responsibility within the congregation of the early church. In this late scenario it is falsely represented by every ambitious member of the church who allowed to pick one of the titles for themselves while sitting on the high places in a building without ever reaching out to the lost in the world. Blind leading the blind, with all due respect and honor to all God appointed ones that are living a sacrificial life, now addressing the religious ways that reached full circle from the time Jesus walked the earth the first time to the time he will walk again the second time, to finally revolutionize God consciousness in a productive way that will establish the brotherhood of man and Fatherhood of God - likely out of need for survival - as he first taught his followers who in fact lived it out for a generation or two. Afterwards serving one another has been gradually and grossly been neglected by church leaders to protect status quo, and the church literally plunged into the darkness of reorienting self to dissect and apply principles of worldly living from the bible revelation, that resulted in a constitution of the church life fitting the hideous world system in hypocritical ways of unseen proportions.

Of course, there is great awakening within that organization too, which is the sure precursor of the coming polarization between moving into the light of the day or choosing to freeze in the darkness of stubborn unconscious rebellion. Now that I threw such a big curveball from the subject of the future of the Urantia Book I need to stop here, but this might serve as an opening statement of some of our future ministries, addressing the institutionalized church that just got split out of the belly of the wail. To God be all the glory I do not know just waiting for my assignment, but this issue is in my belly too ever since I gave my life and heart to our Lord and God, and immediately discerned that the fish was stinking from the head that collectively managed to choke the word in me until finally I separated out and waiting for the Missions to begin as we all do. We are not going to swing the Urantia book over our heads as a banner of Truth (now decimated by the supreme) but thankfully will proclaim it uncensored and unrestricted by the Spirit of God within, the living word of God that we so richly receive day to day in preparation. We just must make sure not to get offended by anything we hear as so many seem to have turned aside already, no matter how much it is against our religious believes that were deeply rooted in the past era. As Michael of Nebadon addressed in a Lightline a week ago (Tue. 04.23.24) our roots need to be uprooted and replanted. That means we either let God tell us what truth is afresh or be at danger of parting with the church that is yet ill equipped to receive new revelations, but turning up the fire will mostly melt away their resistance. Do not go into the fire to embrace truth! 

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