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Greetings Dominick and thank you for the great transmission to Mantutia Mechizedek that left me stunned. One cannot expect less when the one who is, speaks with the certainty of knowledge. I consider this dissertation on the functioning of the Universe to be necessary in order to have a better overall idea of this very difficult and voluminous material that makes up the Urantia Book and in particular on the Rebellion, which now with this magnificent synthesis of the Lucifer Manifesto or Declaration of Freedom as the rebels called it, I will be encouraged to reread this document, which in the same book we are informed is part of the curriculum of the Melchizedek schools of the mansion worlds. The numerical technique is very interesting as it makes it easier to have a guide for reading. This type of material needs to be printed and shared with people who begin to read the book and abandon it very soon due to the abundant material and its difficult reading. Thanks again Dominick and thanks Moses Ouko for the prompt transcription.


Thank you very much for your attention Dominick. 

 Understood; however I was looking for other types of information and not directly about medical research into brain states in Channeling and Transmission.  But I feared that my concern had not been clearly understood. 

 I was asking because I know some very famous cases of books written through channeling and one in particular that seems very intriguing to me is that of Graciela Busto who wrote several books channeling SAIBABA, impressive for the level of content of all of them and the fact that I find more Amazing is the way she began to channel, because she says that on the way to the airport to return to her country, after a stay at the SAIBABA ashram, talking to herself, she said to herself: "I'm not coming back again, this is over".  In other words, she was disappointed with her visits to SAIBABA, and then she says that she heard SAIBABA's voice tell her: "This is just beginning."  And I think there were four books that she wrote channeling SAIBABA, since she had no history of channeling, so we can talk about telepathy.  But another very interesting case with SAIBABA himself is told by Dr. John S. Hislop in his book My Baba and I, who says that on a visit to a primary school where SAIBABA asked him to accompany him so that he could appreciate the level of knowledge of the students, and after a series of questions that SAIBABA asked an Asian student, all answered brilliantly, He let Hislop himself ask the boy about any topic he wanted, and Hislop's surprise at verifying the accuracy as he answered, he forced him to ask the student how he could know so many things at his young age, and the boy replied: "I only know that when I am close to SAIBABA, I know everything."

 They are facts that deserve an analysis beyond the scientific one, because according to the words of father Machiventa Melchizedek, science will never be able to explain the nature of spiritual communications.  Thank you 

Greetings Dominick and again thank you very much for this new extraordinary transmission with topics of great interest and current events; thank you Father Machiventa Melchizedek and since space was opened for questions on the topic Channeling vs Transmission, I was left with a little confusion regarding the following statement: "That the current state of the word channeling encompasses many things beyond the narrow scope of spiritual communication. And the state of the word now encompasses things that have to do with psychological and energetic systems that are not completely understood or defined by science, but which are nevertheless being addressed scientifically and since there is no vocabulary in its arsenal of words and meanings and understanding of what the spirit is, therefore it has channeling. addressed all these things to the point of diluting it"

My question would be, if Transmission is a more advanced form of spiritual communication, how is it explained that Channeling encompasses many more things, beyond the narrow scope of communication by Transmission? I hope my question is clear. Because I understood that Transmission is a function of the Spirit, but since there is no definition or understanding of the term Spirit (Spiritual Communication), the use of the term Channeling is permitted. I understood these two activities, Channeling as a passive attitude, foreign to the receiver, and Transmission as an active, conscious or voluntary attitude of the receiver. In Channeling, personal psychological systems act, but for Transmission, personal development or an advanced evolutionary momentum is required. It is all speculation. And than you Moses Ouko 

Dominick, I would like to agree with you, but I don’t think the same about “limiting beliefs.” What happens is that when you reach 80 years of age, what limits you is not so much your beliefs but,.. time. Because 50 is not the same as 80; at this age, things are seen through a different lens; every day weighs heavily and, in any case, with the years, other limitations appear. For all this, it would not be correct to say that I suffer because, on the contrary, I feel lucky to have met SAIBABA and to have come here to this liberating forum. But also, as you say, I recognize personal achievements that I know make a difference. 
Regarding the first point, I published those statements taken from your dissertation on Tuesday, because they seem taken from a material that I am reading that talks about the "revolution of personal media", and I wanted to see if it generated any feedback. Thank for your comment
Now I have just read the content of the LL of yesterday Sunday, and that qualifier that I used of Liberating Forum, refers to interventions with affirmations that we get here in the forum like this of Father Michael:
"Enjoying the transformation and transfiguration of difficulties is the prize of the true experience of what it is to be happy at the soul level. Happiness on a planet in the state it is in is a mortal search for the Spirit. Without Spirit, at least put spirit in your happiness, make room for the Spirit, and the Spirit will do the rest. The Spirit will teach you its infinity of forms and expressions and, ultimately, the infinity of personalities associated with the word that encompasses everything. The spirit is something that you must explore and happiness is completely empty without it. Spirit is the source of happiness and happiness is the source of spirit, and even more"

Greetings Dominick and thank you very much and congratulations for that excellent dissertation on Tuesday that shows us the extraordinary development that you have achieved and in such a brilliant way in a relatively short time; merits of past lives? Accepting that there are Adjusters with more experience than others, I think that other internal and external factors must influence, in order to crown that high goal of communication with our Mysterious Monitor, which we all long for and do not doubt that this reality is attainable. For this, a very essential internal factor must be an "imperturbable" mind, which is not easily within the reach of those of us who have insurmountable commitments to attend to which many times make us lose our center. This added to the warning of the Pleiadians referring to the same subject of striving not to lose mental or emotional balance, which says in words more or less: "You fluctuate because there are around you, many vibrations of control frequencies (the cabal?) that try to prevent you from staying in your center". SAIBABA also gave many indications that should help in that purpose, but still, some have more ideal circumstances than others; SAIBABA says: "Concentrate on what you do, with your mind fixed on God". that is, with your mind fixed on our Adjuster; and He gives the example of a mother of a baby who may be doing many chores at home but her mind is one hundred percent concentrated on her baby sleeping in the crib. This is also another very easy-to-understand guide but in practice, it does not have the expected effect because we lack the necessary mental strength: "In order to successfully fulfill your work, remain centered on Me; if you let your ego descend upon you, my work ceases". To close, this information caught my attention:

"So, the entertainment value is not that you're getting quality programming right off the gate, but that you're getting novel programming co-created and received by a human through spiritual circuits and that we ultimately are humans giving you this broadcast"

Thank you Lemuel for your attention to my question, which I consider a good, very Solomonic, intelligent answer. I would like to emphasize the importance of having brought this great teaching of the energetic bodies to the forum, because it provides a good launching pad for a better understanding of our spiritual reality, which is so distant. Regarding the etheric body, etheric double or vital body as it is also known, I want to emphasize that it represents the interface between the subtle and the dense, which makes it possible for us to make the connection of the biological organism, the physical body, with that purely energetic dimension of the higher subtle bodies. Perhaps, now that the subject is being discussed, it would be valid to ask the question if, for the practice of cremation or incineration, the permanence of the etheric body should be taken into account, which according to some beliefs ranges from a few days and according to others up to 40 days, depending on the cause of death and the spiritual state of the person. Thank you Lemuel.

Thank you Lemuel and thank you very much to your Adjuster (who I think, I'm not sure, you gave him a name that I don't remember), for that extraordinary teaching about who we are in this three-dimensional dimension (3D); it was very necessary for that knowledge to be a topic in this forum. Everything I knew about the subject, I had read in Metaphysics texts, so I am very happy now, to relearn it, in the very didactic and unique style of Lemuel's Adjuster; very clear and very easy to understand. I hope that is the feeling of all the members, because how can we continue circulating in a "machine", where we assemble it without knowing what it is about.
Just one thing Lemuel, I would like you to clarify with your Adjuster about the following:
"And as I said at the beginning, how can you love something if you don't know what it is?" SAIBABA, puts it the opposite, when He was asked: "How can one love what one does not know?" to which He replied: "Ask yourself better, how one can know what one does not love." Both approaches seem to be correct for the seeker. Thank you Lemuel and welcome

Greetings Ron, regarding your response to Luis’s inquiry, I was left thinking that it is quite possible that your explanation has caused him an even greater conflict, just like the one I suffered when I had the same information, as you say, that from the waist down, there is nothing left but a robe, and I could imagine how we would differentiate between men and women when at any moment the wind lifts our cassocks. Just a little humor. However, I think that in a future time (age of light and life?), the transition from human to morontial will be less traumatic, but also less painful than what Ron Besser has had to experience. According to the UB, on normal planets, man can live up to 500 years and his passage to the world of mansions is voluntary, and the farewell to material life is a celebration to see he or she, leave in chariots of fire.

Greetings and thank you Ron for giving us more about life on the mansion worlds. Very important because we must necessarily think more and more about our future reality. And as you say, let's leave the matter in peace for now.
I share with you these insights from James Mahu, of the Wingsmaker, which I find to be assimilable for the moment we are living in. I gave it a title:
"Each one has the truth as a piece of the Infinite Truth"

"Sovereign consciousness is not experienced through science, mathematics, religion, beliefs, drugs, formulas, mantras, mediation or books. Experience, while we are in Humanity, is reserved for our imagination and intuition. They register in our higher mind and heart and rise to the surface as trigger points in our lives." 

"I want to emphasize that I am just a person, a storyteller who encourages people to consider themselves beyond the identity of a body, a life and a name. On a planet with almost 8 billion human beings, more than 700 different languages and 4000 religions, it is difficult to understand ourselves as a collective consciousness that exists and lives at the level of our species" 

"The challenge is how to tell such a vast story without making people lose their way. My answer is to tell it artistically through transmedia, which offers different doors through which a person can enter and exit the story. And not try to tell the big story, but rather the smaller, more personal story of a mind and heart that is not committed to appropriating the story".

"There is always something behind the revelation. There is something deeper. We are in the middle of a journey whose destination is abstracted by space-time and the hierarchy of the many. Its brakes are the cultural illusion of separation and its accelerator is the understanding interconnection".

"It is time for some of us to teach ourselves how to remove our adaptive interface of space-time duality. To loosen the shackles of separation and free ourselves from its tenacious control of history, our own and that of humanity at large .Assume our role as administrators of a meta-consciousness that will always need revealers of our future and healers of our past" (James Mahu, Wingsmaker)


A quick note to clarify two details from my last post: First, that little face with sunglasses appeared alone, and second, Google Translate ate the a from Poeta. My apologies.

There is nothing that is published here in the forum, that comes from the celestials, that is not important for everyone, that's what I think.  However, for me, the highest priority for many years continues to be, everything related to Self-knowledge;  being able to know who I am is of the greatest importance and interest in my search for the Truth.  SAIBABA referred to the topic saying: "Self-knowledge is the knowledge of God", which would be interpreted as, whoever knows himself, knows everything else.  And to those who seemed exasperated at the impossibility of understanding His prodigious nature, and defiantly demanded: "Tell us by God, who are you!," SAIBABA told them with sweetness and understanding: "How do you pretend to know who I am, if you don't even know who are you?"  This to justify my tendency to publish information that refers to the knowledge and understanding of our origin, purpose and final destination. 

 In particular, the information about what awaits us in the mansion worlds catches my attention, so I want to express something about it: 

 Above the Creator (First Source and Center), nothing and no one can exist;   underneath, as I sometimes call it, a whole game of entanglements (...) although I understand that the Creation is perfect like the Creator;  In other words, a game of entanglements for a plover mind like that of this server.  In that sense, SAIBABA has made it clear that: "Not everything is said or written, for everyone at the same time."

 At first I think that starting a new life, in the mansion worlds, without lower limbs, (just thinking about it) constitutes for me, a real crisis that will take time to overcome.  Of course I understand that the legs stay here with the body we abandoned, which makes it clear to us that we are not the body.  But this fact produces a certain amount of internal conflict in me, because it tries to explain in some writings that upon waking up in the mansion world, everything will be as it was before leaving our world, but... without legs?   And after so many millennia using our valuable legs to move around, I don't think things will be easy; but thank goodness there will be managers to help us get around and learn to move, without legs.  In any case, it will be overcome no matter what, as happens with everything. It is an advantage that we know it, because I thought that even if they were ethereal legs, it could be more assimilable.

 Speculating as always I do, I conjecture that this entire series of learning worlds (8) must have been created with the purpose of making it possible for us to be able to remember and recover, under supervision and training, our true divine nature, which is not for sure, the material nature. I imagine it all similar, more or less, to the process that Ron has had to go through here on earth, but in his case, without even having to leave the physical body, which I consider, has been the cause of all that martyrdom and painful calamities, that this elect being must have suffered.  All my gratitude to Ron Besser for such an enormous sacrifice to be of the greatest service and help us transcend from the lowest intelligent state of existence, to another higher dimension, like until now, no one like him. 
However, it must be taken into account that for Ron his performance as a moroncial and human being is quite complex. The conflict in dealing with any situation must be complicated because he is being forced to use only one mind, the human or the moroncial. Because Jesus himself, as far as we know, at certain times in his life, was confronted with situations where he had to use his human mind wishing he could use his divine mind, as in the case of the wedding at Cana. I have not heard of an intermediate mind between the human and the moroncial. For example, with which mind did he speak to Herder Poet today?

 That was all, but without failing to express my great enthusiasm, once again, for this new date for the missions and the Second Coming.   May the Father's will be done

JRL1944, I copied the link and was able to open it in Google, I think it is the only way, it may be because it is a book, it has to be downloaded. Thanks Ron 

General Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday!!
« on: June 09, 2024, 16:06:07 pm »
With everyone's permission, and Ron's in particular, I wish to share a short poem in Spanish, as a humble tribute for today, the 82nd anniversary of the birth of our beloved leader Ron Besser.

Sin previo aviso siquiera y sin que nadie lo imaginara

En un mundo caótico y sin esperanza de redención 
Surgió un fenómeno inédito en todo el universo de universos 
Un Dios Humano, con credenciales de hijo creador ascendente
Proyecto magistral del Padre Creador de nuestro universo local
De su gloria y grandiosidad, generaciones futuras darán crédito 
De lo que este ser providencial, viene ya registrando
En las páginas de la historia de Urantia y de todo el Universo Maestro 
Hablarán de su protagonismo en la limpieza del planeta 
Y de su papel central como director humano de la  misión magisterial
Encargada, entre otros, de proveer energía gratis al planeta 
Y de nada menos, que garantizar el retorno de Cristo a la Tierra 
Y no digo más porque no sé nada por seguro 
Únicamente que especulo por intuición 
Todo en base a lo que Nuestro padre Creador, Cristo Michael 
Nos ha dejado conocer de Aronolac, el Dios Humano

Barranquilla, 9 de junio 2024 

General Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday!!
« on: June 09, 2024, 11:30:36 am »
[font=Roboto, "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif][color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.54)][font="Google Sans", Roboto, "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif]to con la cámara[/font]


[font=Roboto, "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif][color=var(--YLNNHc)][font=Roboto, "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif]Happy birthday Ron. May you feel like a 30-year-old today. Many happy laughs for you on this day.5[/font][/font][/color]

I also stood up, raised my right hand, and made the short oath that I wanted to be here for the beginning of the spiritual missions on Urantia. Because logically, how could I not want to be present for the greatest event in the history of this universe and after having been dreaming of this great event? And I think that if many of us also did it, or do it, the Universal Father and the Creator Son will have no choice but to give the green light for these plans to be carried out soon, which have been decided long ago but which the malignity of the rebels has ruined time and time again. Also, taking into account that many of us are already elderly, we will not be kept waiting much longer, with Ron at the head; because in truth, if Ron had not raised his hand, I think that I would not have done it either. But may the Father's will be done.

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