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General Discussion / Pleiadeans and money
« on: March 22, 2023, 03:51:08 am »
Dear Pleiadeans, would you like to talk to us about money?

Greetings, dear ones.
We are watching this planet closely.
We are watching you.

So, Carole, you asked about what is currency.
We have a currency on our planet too. You use gold, or other valuable metal for a currency. but that has been sequestered, and you use a substitute. It may be a surprise to you that love is the currency on our planet.

So you ask why are the banks failing? Some want to blame the CEOs. But we will tell you something different.

Jesus said "Lay not up for yourselves treasures on earth where corruption occurs. Ot theft. But rather lay up treasures in heaven."
Let's look at that closely.

Money or what stands for it, is crystallized energy. How can that be? Everything has its own energy level. There is no existence without it. Energy at the spirit level is much different from energy on the material level. You speak of energy as WTP. Or maybe movement of electrons for the purpose of accomplishing work.

Work is where we start in discussing money
People do things or provide services to be recompensed. Some people acquire money from other people's work.


Your work has value. When you are serving others according to the will of the Father, your works have a meaning and value. The discussion on the forum about "bestowal" of ourselves has everything to do with the intent of giving -- giving a gift -- whether it is of our work as a voluntary and unpaid effort for the benefit of others, or as a manifestation of the will of the Father on this Earth plane.

Father takes into account every act and intent of giving. It is a Treasure to the Father, which incrementally adds to your soul status in the afterlife. Your treasures in heaven only incidentally have something to do with your wealth status. Some people think mistakenly that if you have great wealth, you are "blessed by God" and that you must be doing something right. The Old Testament of your scriptures assures you that when God blesses you it appears in the form of health and wealth. That is now to be rewritten. God blesses you as you seek Him in Faith.

So what about money?

Ron refers to the need for "resources" . That is not just money. That is referring to every kind of universe support system. People. Entities, opportunities, connections. Yes, money. Money from whom? Gold? Precious metal? Bit Coin? Stocks and bonds?

Your Debt is defined by whom you owe. And what you've got. Your scriptures say "Owe no one anything, but to love one another".

Father never does anything in a vacuum. He always uses people, entities, and the universe energies to accomplish what He wants done. Right now it is a "Tug of War" where many things instead have to be put in place for things to run smoothly.

So what about failed banks? The greed of many lie in banks. How the banks are run has a lot to do with greed. Nothing wrong with the money. Or with the work of many who made that money a visible asset. But how it is handled has a lot to do with the prince of this world. The evil of this world uses money at every turn. That is why it is so important to "Lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven".

Your work here on Urantia is just now starting. We smiled when we saw your fortune cookie at last night's dinner. . It said, "If we all be worms, then be a glow-worm"!

SaS~ I thought it was pretty funny too!


We know you owe student loans that were aquired 25 years ago.   and now you have huge medical bills just for tests.  The world runs on the flow of money.  But keeping your eyes on the Father is the only way to keep your head above water.  Don't be afraid.  We love you.

Thank you for your kind words, Pleiadeans!



Thank you Dominick!
It is good to have a technician like  you nearby.  Keep up the good work!

General Discussion / Pleiadeans and the Now Moment
« on: February 19, 2023, 11:13:30 am »
2023-02-19 8-30

Good morning All!

Good morning Michael, Pleiadeans, Father, TA!

How may we hear you today?

This is all of us:

We speak to you today to remind you that we are here for you. We are with you.
We bring you peace, and comfort, in the face of all the distractions around you.
We desire that you are mindful of us, whether you are in a crowd, or in meditation, or just "chilling out", or if you are just going about your daily routine. We are near. We love you.
This world has appalling problems, and we are aware of all of them. But you are asked to be aware of US. Be ready at a moment's notice to listen to comforting words, to words of gentle guidance.
Sometimes you are in a situation of extreme embarrassment. Or are confronted with a situation you can't understand or handle in a smooth way. Some situations take away your poise totally. Yet we are here. The MOMENT is where we dwell. We are not way-off somewhere.

Use every chance you can to listen and respond to our hand. Like children taking the hand of a parent when crossing the street, or going through dangerous territory, walk with us confidently.
We love you. Thank you for listening my children.

Thank you Pleiadeans, and TA, and Father, and Michael!

General Discussion / Pleiadeans and genetics
« on: February 18, 2023, 12:28:11 pm »
2023-02-18 8-30

Good morning All!
Thank you TA, Father, Jesus and Michael for your continuing to communicate with us during this time of "doldrums" here on Urantia.

We have been told things are extremely busy in the heavenlies. Your preparations for the Second Return continue in ways we can't imagine.

Suppose the Return happened in another country? Would it not be surprising if Jesus walked out of his own tomb on Easter? The whole idea is that nobody would expect this, and that would be perfect for Jesus to set up his own agenda and modus operandi.

How would you like to speak to us today, TA? and Pleiadeans?

We would like to speak to the continuing degeneration of the human genome. Of course mutations occur in the continuing generations, but they are occurring at an alarming rate now. The size of the population contributes to this problem as well.

The human genetics are altered by bad diet, drugs, bad marriages, depletion of the soil, pollution of the atmosphere, radiation fallout from nuclear testing, even if it is underground, and life styles that abuse our bodies, lack of sleep, mental and emotional stress, and spiritual deprivation.

It is no wonder that there are so many with mental illness, sexual and other physical anomalies, extended poor quality lifetimes, and poor choice outcomes, with the accompanying legal and financial stresses.
The large and growing population that genetically have no spiritual capabilities contribute to the mass shootings, aberrant behavior, and intolerable social and emotional and psychic conditions that are eating away at those who truly want to live good lives.

That is why we are here.

We are here to help make it a whole lot easier for you to make good free-will choices.
We are here to support your visions of good will and peace.
We are here to help you overcome your fear of old-religion celices, the barbed chains that hold you back from moving forward in a good way.
We are here to help you accept one another in whatever condition you are in mentally, physically, and emotionally, and to support every spiritual choice that improves society and this planet.

But YOU are the ones who will be doing this work. That is where you develop the spiritual and mental fortitude to continue your work to the proper ends. Perseverance and tolerance are important spiritual tools, in addition to love and peace, that will be necessary far into the future of this universe. But you have to be working in order to gain these benefits.

We take our leave with this: continue the work, with perseverance and tolerance my children!
The Father be with you all.


Thank you Pleiadeans, and Father, and TA!

General Discussion / Pleiadeans on being ready
« on: February 16, 2023, 14:42:29 pm »
Ron mentioned yesterday that there is disappointment that no one is stepping forward to volunteer to do Light Lines. I would like to ask Ron if it is possible to do "Round Robin" type of Light Lines, to give us a feel for what it is like. Some may take to it well. Some may be afraid of their lack of expertise in computer technology, and fear malfunctions that can't be handled immediately.
Stage fright., you know. Perhaps it is a self-focus that is misdirected. And there are always schedule problems. Perhaps we can be taught together on a smaller scale.

Dear Pleiadeans, how do you reach out to the people on your planets?
Do you have radio, telephones, computers? Do you just "send"? Elfquest had that notion put forth as a natural way to communicate over long distances. or just personally. Adam and Eve communicated that way too.

Dear Ta, would it be OK today to hear from the Pleiadeans?
Thank you for facilitating this meeting.

Dear ones, we are here awaiting our "marching orders". We have been the recipients of a great honor to come here and participate in your planet's renewal. The James Webb Space Telescope has noted a huge migration near the galaxy Andromeda, that shows how dynamic the universe is. Are they beings? Are they stars?

``There have been several UFO incidents over the planet in the last few days. They have been shot down. Still nobody knows anything about them, except they are unmanned. Are they spy ships from other countries? There are all kinds of satellites circling the globe, and some commentators say these are simply "space junk".

``How would people recognize bonefide helpful aliens?

Perhaps if we made ourselves visible, and spoke directly. But your technology makes it possible for anyone to change the communication with PhotoShop, or other communication altering devices.

``Would it be possible to speak to people psychically in a group?

``Would it be possible to get busy and start doing the work, and let people discover you in the course of time?

It has to have the Father's approval. Much is in place right now. Many entities, are still awaiting their marching orders as well. Here is a perfect example of the military order "Hurry up and wait!"

Many of you are holding off making life changing decisions, hurrying up and waiting. But it is important to go on with your life. Kids are growing up, and may be considering college. Maybe you need so make financial decisions. Or decisions about your health care. Ask the Father's guidance, and make decisions as they come up. It is vitally important to not be immobilized at this point in time.

The work you are doing right now, no matter what it is, is important for your spiritual growth while you are on this planet. Choices you make now can influence the choices you will make in the long future.
Do you base your choices on what you love? Or on fear of consequences? Choices in behalf of others? Choices with a worldview in mind? Is what you love to do consistent with the Father's will? This is your time to make choices, people! Visit your long term goals. As they are consistent with the Father's will, choose people to work with you. Seek the company of those who have similar interests.
You have been instructed to stay indoors. But keep in mind that is for the days of social chaos. Use wisdom in where you go, but don't be afraid to do what you must.
If you have a car, keep it in good working order. Keep an extra gas can full and nearby. Make sure the locks on your doors are good. If you have valuable stuff in your house, take photos for identification to help the police in case of looting. Have a packing list handy if you have to leave quickly.

These precautions are not so you can live in fear, but so you can carry on with preparations already made.

The emotion of fear compounds and adds to physical and mental pain. The world is filled with pain, and consternation in how to deal with it, adds to it. "What if's" drive away faith. Your faith, your peace, is what will help make your work for others more effective and meaningful. Stay in faith, people. Stay in peace, and stay in love.
The Father's grace be with you.



Thank you Pleiadeans!


General Discussion / Pleiadeans give an invitation
« on: February 13, 2023, 11:03:10 am »
2023-02-13 8-30


Ron mentioned me by name saying that I need to transmit the Pleiadeans . "They are open to you!" "Don't dally"!
Good morning All!

Dear TA, thought adjuster, would it be the will of the Father to hear the Pleiadeans this morning?

Thank you for coordinating this meeting.

CQ CQ to the Pleiadeans! Thank you for coming in. What would you like to share with us today?

Here is a question for a starter:

How do we as forumites build a platform of welcome for divine intervention?

Please speak as you will. Thank you

Part of the evolutionary human experience is the development of faith. But the faith has to have some sort of basis. What to have faith in? Humans don't automatically know anything about God. As your Bible says, "How can we understand unless we are taught? How can we hear unless we know what to listen for?"

From time immemorial, there have been teachers. Who taught Andon and Fonta? Their Thought Adjusters! They were primitive "animals" but had the qualities of desire to listen, and to grow.

We as Pleiadeans started our evolutionary journey long before you did. And we have not been confronted with the same challenges to our faith. We are learning a whole lot from just watching you!
What would we have done under such circumstances?
Many other planets are just now beginning to realize how lucky they have been, and how important it is to participate in the awful mess you are in now. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
How can we learn these things unless we are taught?


Urantia people, you struggle not knowing where your steps will take you. You are lost in a forest. You are boatless at sea. You like Hagar, are dying of thirst in a desert. How can we possibly see this and not want to help?

So we stand here, hoping you will catch on to our presence. It takes faith on your part too, to acknowledge that we exist, and to appreciate our compassion, concern and intense desire to point out new ways to live.
Any effort of faith toward the Father is treasured, and your faith in our desire to help you is also treasured.
We welcome all of you to come into our classroom. Or our mountainside. Or our field-walk. Come all of you and listen! We are here for YOU!

Thank you for contacting us. Bring your friends!

Peace and joy to all of you.


Thank you Pleiadeans!



General Discussion / About Healing. . .
« on: February 11, 2023, 15:44:02 pm »
I found an old To-Do list. It had "Contact the Pleiadeans. Ask about healing"
Here is an all-planet CQ--Seek-You! Da Dit Da Dit-- Da Da Dit Da.
The question going out is what do the Planets in Light and Life do about healing?

Dear Father, if it is your will, may I contact the Pleiadeans? What can be said that would help the people of planet Urantia?

Many people came to Jesus for healing. Some he healed right away. For some, he got out of town before they could find him. Jesus looked for faith in the seeker of healing. What kind of faith?
People generally want to be pain-free. and inconvenience- free.
People don't want to hurt.
Every religion has faith and community at its core. (Another post by 11:11 today.)
Faith and expectation is part of a healing process. We know that Father is in the healing business. He is in the life business. There is no reason to think He wouldn't do it. We often forget that healings continue on into the Morontial world.

What we see as humans here, is physical outcomes that may or may not reflect the intrusion of faith.
Many rely on drugs and doctors and surgeries. But far better outcomes come by whatever means employed, when there is faith in God and his favor and care.

People on other planets have needs for healings for much different things than we have need for. But in all planets, the biggest need for healing is the restoration of a proper relationship with God. When joy and peace are present, and confidence in God's power are present, physical ailments take on a different tone, a different priority.
The healing of nations not only involve the medical field, it also calls for the participation of mental health practitioners, for spiritual healers, and emotional and community support from those perhaps not so professional, but nonetheless important. Healing takes many forms, and has many practitioners. Healings often are experienced in the absence of professionals and practitioners. Healing is in the experience of the person involved, and God is present in all aspects. He invented the immune system. He provides support, knowledge, and understanding and wisdom to proceed in the right direction. Physical infirmities are part of the human experience, and how we deal with it is a test of our reliance on Father, and his wisdom. Ironically, not being healed, doesn't mean you aren't healed. Because we can be healed emotionally and spiritually, but still have the physical trouble.
God takes us seriously and He knows what kinds of healings we need. He doesn't play games. "Hide and seek", and "wait and see" are all part of the pharmacy of heaven. Don't be discouraged. Don't give up. Be at peace. These are also part of the pharmacy of heaven.

Father takes into account every human effort in faith, to seek his face. He keeps it in his treasures, old and new (referring to the parable). When he brings it forth, it is for the good of all. Healings don't happen in a closet. They are for the glory of the Father, and for the joy of everyone.

Peace be to you.
Thank you Pleiadeans! And All involved!



Dear friends and forumites,
I believe the piano piece Ron was playing was two-part "Invention" by Bach, one of fifteen in similar mode in various keys.  (Bach also wrote 15 three-part "Inventions", and these are popular pieces for piano students.)  Interestingly, it is called "Invention" which is not a common term for musical compositions.  I remember learning this when I was about 11 or 12.  It's really fun to play.  It is like a puzzle.  
Here it is.  Enjoy!  If this has already been posted,  please allow me. . .
Carole Deptula

General Discussion / Re: Guarding Our Thoughts
« on: February 04, 2023, 00:46:51 am »
Thank you Ron!

General Discussion / Guarding Our Thoughts
« on: February 03, 2023, 12:33:53 pm »
2023-02-03 8-30

Good morning All!

Yesterday my big doctor's visit and PET (positron emission topography) scan and pulmonary test were canceled due to weather.
It is moved up to next week.
Dear TA, thank you for helping me, and getting that appointment canceled. It was going to be a dark, rainy and icy early A.M. drive. I can't see well at night, especially through rain-streaked windows.
If you or someone else would like to provide a message today, please speak.

. . . as in the Bible: Create in me a clean heart, Oh God, and renew a right spirit within me.

Clean out all the negative and judgmental thoughts.
Negative thoughts don't work.
But thoughts we think go out throughout the whole universe. They can destroy without our even knowing it.

What we think in the privacy of our own moment, is still broadcast like a radio signal throughout the universe.

Who hears them?
Those who already have negativity in their core will pick up on it, receive your transmission, and bring to bear on those you pronounced judgment on, or whatever you felt negative about, your own body, your own family, your own anything. Even inanimate objects can receive negative thoughts, and start malfunctioning, because those inanimate objects have energy, and that energy can be manipulated.
Universe Force Organizers know all about energy manipulation. What we do can show us in a small way what effect we, and they, can have on a universe.

Many things are attributed to evolution in the dissolution of material things. Yes. it is so. But many things dissolve under the hand of intent of beings we don't even see.

But don't think that such is so only for negativity. Positive thoughts also have profound impact on the universe, and on Urantia.

What you call miracles are also the accumulations of positive thoughts on the part of those who care, and that intent boosts the good evolution of the planet, and brings about good things for the recipient.
That is why it is so important to keep a lock and key on your speech, your thoughts, and intents. What is negative will only come around and hurt YOU.
Come to my lap, children. Hear the stories you need to hear, to build your lives and your futures with positive and helpful instruction.
Peace be with you. Thanks for listening!

Thank YOU, my friend!





Wed, Jan 25 at 2:14 PM

[font="Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Hi Ron!
Here is what I have for you today, 12:00  2023-01-25

Pleiadeans Today 2023-01-25

Dear Pleiadeans, It is a pleasure to speak with you today.
Thank for coming. Thank you Ron for inviting this occasion.
Thank you TA for facilitating this meeting.

Please come forward as you will.

Thank you. We are the Pleiadeans.
We know your questions like "Is the Pleiades group of stars in the universe of Nebadon?
How many planets that are inhabited in that group?
Are you all at the same level of progress?
What kind of things do you look forward to in your future spiritual progress on your planets? material progress?

How do you plan to participate in the missions here on Urantia?
Will you be visible?
Will you be teachers?
How do you plan to attract the attention of humans here?
How will you work with different languages?

How can we as humans help you?

You have warned us in previous books about impending planetary and social destruction. These things are happening now. Could we, back then, have averted the problems we are experiencing now?
Could we have avoided over population?

With weather on a rampage, many crops are not being planted or harvested. Do you have plans for water conservation and crop growing?

Will you help with WTP?

You indicated you all wanted to make contact with us one on one. Could we as individuals participate in Pleiadean agenda directly?
We thank you for your love toward us. Please show us how we can love you as well.

What are some of the things you do that you wish we would do?

How long will you stay?


Dear ones, we have known about you a long time. We have seen how rebellion has scarred the faces of your people, and ruined the terrain.

Yet understand that evolution has a lot to do with the speed of your progress. Not only evolution, but also intention, mixed with positive action in that direction. Things do not happen over night. Your questions about us are all good curiosity questions. But YOU as a planet will eventually become as us, and those questions will fade into obscurity.
What is important is what is happening now. That "Now" means Yes, we can help you immediately. We can be with you personally immediately. We can stop certain actions immediately.

The people we have with us are of one mind, one accord. They all care about the saving of Urantia. You do not know what to do. You are helpless to stop the gun violence. The war in Ukraine, the continual political intrigue. The coming financial disaster is not far away. No one is ready for that.

Yet, we, being here, will eventually gain some acceptance and notability, in that we are able to help in positive, healing ways. We can encourage, restore, and use the many skills we have developed over centuries in our own planets, and show them to you. The long evolution we have endured has given us a lot of experience to refer to, and call from.

Experiences and projects that have not succeeded have been pushed to the background and forgotten. In an era of Light and Life, there is no need to keep record of failures.

So instead we keep the records of the good deeds, actions, projects, initiatives, and progress that glorifies the Father, and helps our fellow humans.

Don't be afraid of the evolutionary process. It takes a while, but the outcome is a positive growth.
With insurrection here on Urantia, and rebellion, and total iniquity on the part of the leaders, the evolution has ground to a halt. It has gone backwards. We are looking at a very possible destruction of this whole planet. That is why we are here, to join the many others who likewise have volunteered to help you all. Disasters will come. Deaths will come. Yet even still the progress of this planet is foremost to us and to the Father. It is good that you have people on this planet that can come together with prayers, and a unified agenda that is outlined by Michael and Machiventa Melchizedek. Father has a deep joy in the visualization of how beautiful this planet can become.
Thank you for joining us. Thank you for listening. We take our leave.

Thank you Pleiadeans!



Dear Thought Adjuster, you make it possible for us to connect with other intelligences, deities, humans. Even you.

Here are the Pleiadeans.

Thank you Carole's TA.
Dear, dear friends, We welcome you into our hearts. We thank you for welcoming us into your hearts.
We know many of you are leery of allowing "other voices" into your consciousness, because you have been indoctrinated to think that all "voices" are the result of insanity, or demonism, or your own fantasy.

Too bad that such a take prevents us from becoming friends.

You sat with your cat this morning while attempting to transmit.
Well, guess what. Your cat wouldn't take no for an answer, and rather sat on your lap and he transmitted his own message: "mmmmmm. Peace. Love. Joy. mmmm" Did you know that animals can transmit too? They wish to speak like you do, but know they can't. They just do the best they can. Learning to tune into your pets, can be like learning to tune in to us.

We know that some people can transmit more readily than others due to genetics, and brain construction. That's OK. Father knows all of you perfectly. When your intention to connect comes forward, Father honors that.

We have been around a long time,. We have known about you on Urantia a long time. A lady named Barbara Marciniak wrote several books with our lessons. But times are different now. We are ready to speak to you one on one, directly. We are ready to meet you on your terms. We won't get too technical if you can't understand it. Just know that we love you. We know your personal and planetary troubles. We are here for you. Don't be afraid. Father has opened the door. Just walk on through.

Thank you for listening!
Thank you Pleiadeans!

General Discussion / Epiphany and Simeon's Song
« on: January 10, 2023, 10:34:33 am »
From the Light Line, 2023-01-08 Sunday, a quote from FATHER:

"You are MY SONS. I LOVE YOU".

Sunday the second Sunday of Epiphany, I played the Song of Simeon*. but the sermon was about the baptism of Jesus.
The Father said "This is my beloved SON. Hear Him!"

Jesus became indwelt with Michael, and became Christ Jesus.

What is interesting is the timing. This Light Line had the Father telling us "You are MY SONS. I Love You!" That is what Father said about Jesus!

It is time for our light to shine. To be an "Epiphany:" to others, so to speak.

But for the ladies, I want to emphasize that "You are my SONS" refers not to gender, but to honor, to potential, to being heir of all that the father wants to bestow on us.
Daughters were not privileged in Jesus' time . But, ladies, you are Sons!   Because you believe, and seek to do the Father's will, Father regards you as the carriers of the Father's legacy, and the ones who are, with those who claim sonship with the father, the carriers of the Father's spirit, purpose, glory, and every possible blessing.

"Epiphany" means "revealing". At this time, Father is revealing himself, and in particular, in the participation with humans in the missions, and the Return of Jesus. The Board of Directors meeting is the beginning of a long anticipated and multi faceted revealing of the participation of Father and the many celestials who are vitally interested in the welfare and progress of Urantia.  
* The words of Simeon's presentation, with the help of Anna, are:
Urantia book p. 1353
United Methodist Hymnbook #226 "My Master, See, the Time Has Come", music from Wyeth's Repository of Sacred Music part second, Harrisburg, PA 1813

General Discussion / Re: Write as you are inspired.
« on: January 04, 2023, 20:16:21 pm »
From TA:
Go ahead and ask your "Curiosity Questions" . Often the answer comes in the day's proceedings --an answer that satisfies you and relieves your confusion. Often your subconscious answers these questions from old buried memories or simple logic. It is always good to question things, and I assure you those questions that can affect your spiritual development will get my consideration. Sometimes curiosity questions can take you to bigger and better things. The kid who asks "Why is the sky blue?" can become an astronaut! And don't forget Google search and other resources right within your own reach.
It is good to expand your library, and your range of interests.  Often questions are not answered right away, and often the answer comes in a way we don't expect.  The TA's job is to help you find your way to the Father.  So when you are aware of a new thought that brings you spiritual insight and joy, take notice of it.  


General Discussion / Write as you are inspired.
« on: January 02, 2023, 11:53:44 am »
Dear TA Could there be a series running of reruns of Barbara Walters' interviews? She finds truths in secret places.

TA: As usual, I contact my ward while she is washing a pile of dishes.
So here it is:
Some of you who don't step forward as transmitters are labeled as "shy".
So here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

TA transmissions don't often get started with a formal invitation and introduction. But be assured, celestials love to be acknowledged, invited, an given permission to speak!

Some of you worry about your ability to put English words on paper. Especially those of you who don't have English as a first language. Go ahead and take your words down in the language you know best. We can always use ":Google Translate"!

You can't push a transmission.
But understand that the celestials are interested in your opinions, and often assemble their transmissions around your comments or questions.


Some of you know about alpha and beta brain waves. Beta is waking and talking and eyes open. Alpha prefers a relaxed mental state and eyes closed. Alpha waves help facilitate the communications from TA's and on from there. But if you are in the middle of something else, and you get an inspiration, don't ignore it!

For example, here is a little blurb I got last night at 2:45.
"Don't get lost in disappointment. Disappointment is a human reaction -- very real to those experiencing it. But if we let the disappointment negatively change our values and intent to participate in the coming Missions, then we have taken a wrong turn. "


If you are not sure of protocol, there is an excellent book on the subject called "Robert's Rules of Order" available on Amazon.
It outlines basic parliamentary procedure (hosting a speaking round table) and ways to conduct meetings in an orderly manner that gets things done.

Some schools teach this at the high school level but many schools don't. This kind of procedure has protocols and politeness at its core. Likewise "Thank you"s.

Write down your inspirations. It may or may not be a "transmission" but it could be useful to us all.



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