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Good morning All! and good morning Pleiadeans!

Here is a quote from Ron's post yesterday:

This afternoon 29 February 2024, New York time zone,  I was advised there was no further interest in doing a full Mission to this planet.


Dear Pleiadeans, what would you like to say about this?

Pleiadeans: Thank you Carole, and especially you, Weydevu, for the very important questions put forth. No full missions? ever? Is it all over? No use for us humans?

Dear folks of the forum, those of you referred to as "the rest of you". . . please understand that Father is not in the Bad News business. Your responses to this shows us that this is one of the many things that makes humans wonderful, amazing, confusing, and enigmatic, and that is the changeableness, the ever evolving beliefs, the total ennui. We may go on a long time, pointing these things out, that humans are not spiritually dependable at this point. No offense intended, but this planet has a long way to go before any kind of large scale mission could make any impact. All of you who are so devoted to this effort, and fully dedicated to the good outcome of whatever spirit chooses to put in place are greatly appreciated and noticed. And be assured Father is very interested in your spiritual progress, whether there is any kind of mission or not.

We Pleiadeans as on-lookers can deeply sympathize with your desire for the return of Jesus, and your many hopes and dreams of a better planet. But God has a time table that we cannot totally understand. All we can do is take one day at a time. Remember that whatever is decided for "humans" involves the other planets in the Universe! These are far reaching decisions.

God's blessings continue to be as real as ever. Your care and nurturing is ever before Him. We know that Ron is spiritually very special, but a wholesale acceptance of human input can put many deliberations at risk.

The best we all can do is just wait and listen. The encouragement to 'stay the course" correcting it as necessary through countless adjustments is still our word to you. We love you! We are here for you!

Be in peace. Thank you for listening.

Carole: Thank you Pleiadeans!



If we do not change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed.
Beautifully put! I couldn't have said it better myself!

Hello everybody!
Good morning All! and good morning Pleiadeans!.

That was the fortune from a cookie I got recently. And here is another one on the same day:
"We are made to persist. That's how we find out who we are."

Hello Pleiadeans! Is there anything you would like to say about this?

Pleiadeans: Well, yes, Carole. As a matter of fact, humans everywhere, in all the inhabited planets face the necessity of making decisions about their universe journey.

We can see that these two "fortunes" are complimentary. What we choose, and continuously choose -- is are result of our persistence in pursuing a particular goal. Is it for self -- for money, fame, power, personal satisfaction? Persistence in choosing such goals has, as an outcome, the employment of "Trinitarian Justice" which we heard about recently. All the laws of the master universe are put in place for the purpose of the fulfillment of the will of the Father. So where we are headed needs to be continuously reviewed and adjusted to stay on course towards the Father's will for our lives.

Carole: I have been pursuing a rather simple sewing project, but from the planning to the finish, it has been a time consuming a frustrating parade of failed efforts, and re-do's. It is tempting to blame the cabal, but I think I am just being put in the position to employ "persistence". It is not a big deal, but it is taking way more time than I would like.

Pleiadeans: Persistence is not evident with just one try. There is a magnet on your refrigerator that says, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
It goes to show that habit and persistence are related, and both can be sub-conscious or conscious.
It is when persistence toward worthy goals becomes a habit that much struggle can be alleviated. But it is part of the human experience to have to sort out what works and what doesn't. That takes the willingness to "change our direction", as was stated above. Just remember that the solution to one problem often has the seeds for the next problem. This applies both spiritually and physically. So the changes we see so often here in his forum are to be expected. Staying the course takes continuous readjustments.

Carole: Thank you Pleiadeans! I'll chew on this fortune cookie a little longer. . .

Pleiadeans: (smile) And greetings to all of you! Thanks for listening!


Hello everyone,
Here is a quote from a recent light Line:

Yeah, I have a question for the group. And while we're on the subject of all the transmitters on the forum, what could you explain or can we get clarification on the role of the things like the Pleiadeans? And any, where do they fit in? And where do transmitters who might be receiving messages like Carole fit in?

Ron Besser  
It gets so complicated. Thank you, Dominick. The Pleiadeans are what earthlings call aliens. They are still humans living on their material planet. They are advanced enough to make communication possible to other civilizations off planet. Their intention is to continue with Carole Deptula in order that she may receive their good wishes.
All of you who had a chance to speak to the Pleiadeans did not bother. Ron did and enjoys us tremendously. We with him. Therefore, we will continue to contact Ron and Carole Deptula. If it's necessary, Dominick we'll contact you. Now, why are we involved? We are a lover of the Father. He is our God. Our only and one savior. We never had a bestowal. Not every planet does. And for that reason, we have a sentimental view of Jesus. We want to be in contact. Carole is fine.

Good morning All!
Good morning Pleiadeans!

I have been thinking of you often lately. We are indeed "surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses."

Here is a transmission from George Barnard that reminds me of your work with us as humans.  
Athena: “… I am Athena, a Celestial Artisan, a pre-fusion Teacher to any of the receivers of the 11:11 Progress Group as are Samuel, Aaron, the Mentori and others.

“It is known to you that I am deserving of being fused with my Thought Adjuster, yet for a season we have more to offer, as still independent children of the Creator-Father than would be the case if we were already fused. The curriculum for fused personalities is such that it first of all leaves less time for teaching and secondly is often irrelevant to current humans’ need to know. As well, to teach humans from a yet higher status would require a greater ‘string’ of intermediaries and we would likely not relate quite as well.

“Even so, here on Mansonia Seven, a person’s involvement with the arts has a great record of furthering one’s problem-solving capacity for all future times. It is not a guarded secret that terrestrial and Mansion World life engenders the pinpointing of specific difficulties and the discovery of appropriate solutions. We — humans and former humans — have much for which to be grateful.

“There is also no secret in the one-time suggested and later confirmed fact that we, who make use of the from-the-ground-up spiritual education we receive, will play greater and essential roles in the now-forming universes of deep space. The hierarchies existing in the seven super-universes will not reign in deep space as you know them here and now. There will be a greater content of Sons of God who have had terrestrial life at their starting points. Yes, humans, Midwayers and also the to-you-still unfamiliar Transcendentalers and some Angels.

Thank you for thinking of us, Carole. We indeed welcome a larger group to hear our teachings. Because we are human origin beings, we can identify with you all more than other created spirit beings. We can see clearly how the materialistically oriented population of this earth is swayed by the influence of money regardless of who wields it. There are visions by some that the big money holders will sit beside Jesus in the coming "kingdom of God" on this earth -- a theocracy in America that completely overrides the truth, not only the truths set forth in the declaration of independence and constitution, but also gross misinterpretation of the Bible which they preach.
Through intimidation and threats, moderate legislators are succumbing, and falling out of the political scene. Elections are coming up that use this influence to achieve their ends.

The big warning is don't be swayed from the truths you know!

Jesus said, "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free". Think on these things deeply. Never before has it become so important to know what the truth is.

Go in peace.

Thank you Pleiadeans!

General Discussion / Re: MICHAEL ON URANTIA
« on: February 19, 2024, 13:23:23 pm »

General Discussion / MICHAEL ON URANTIA
« Last post by weydevu on February 18, 2024, 14:24:59 pm »
Michael said He is unable to see us while on Urantia.  Well since He's here to observe us and the situation here, what does He see?  Does He see the light of our aura?  Or does He see us through the light of our Adjuster?


Hi Weydevu!

When I heard that I was shocked too. What did Michael come here for if he can't see us?

I asked the Pleiadeans if they had a comment.


Yes, indeed, we recognize your shock. We have been human too!
But now as more highly developed humans with a much more spiritual nature, we can say this:
Michael was not looking at human bodies per se. He was looking for attitudes, thoughts, motivations, spiritual inclinations, intents and purposes, focus, joys, concerns, griefs, sorrows, all these things you cannot put into a visible form.

His purpose to come here was to see first hand the factors that are governing this planet, the trends, the communications, the lies, the truths, for the purpose of putting together a clear picture of what this planet really needs. It is such a complex picture, that Michael himself had to assess it. No single beings, or groups of created beings could possibly understand or collate the information needed that Michael needs to create a perfect plan of action.

We can be very thankful that Michael does not focus on the physical, but rather on the spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of human existence.

You Urantians need a lot of help and it has to be coordinated in such a way that there is no overlap, omissions, confusion, or redundancy.

The help coming to this planet is going to be a shining example of how the New Universe will be governed, helped, and corrected, so that there is a minimum of trauma or sorrow.

The first thing spirit says to humans who are traumatized is "Be not afraid!" Our trust and faith in the Father's wisdom will see these things through in course of time.
Thank you for the opportunity to speak to this.

The Pleiadeans.

Thank you Pleiadeans! SongatSunrise


Good morning all!


Thank you Father! and Michael! Thank you Albert Einstein for the clarification of Quarks and for the explanation about the star in the constellation Cassiopeia.

Hello Pleiadeans.

A quote I saw on Thursday: "Be the driver of change"

It saw this on a poster in a waiting room while I was waiting for my car to be fixed.
Is there something you would like to say about that?

The Pleiadeans:
The post today from Rene inspires us with joy to know there will be more of you starting to attempt to transmit.
It is scary to some to allow your thoughts to be guided, in so much as that you will continue the thought by typing it down. We look forward to working with many new folks who want to have celestial guidance in their lives, and are willing to take a risk. It looks to us that there is no spiritual leader on your planet that is universal in appeal. Everyone is going after their own ways. They don't know what is right or wrong, so they just "play it by ear" as you sometimes say. That is why it is important to recognize spiritual guidance in your lives, because there is no clergy, no "ministers", no priests, or holy men or gurus to teach us. The teachings are now coming from the very source: The Father Himself.
The Thought Adjusters are the very first ones to contact; and to be comfortable with them is crucial.

Transmitting is exactly that: "playing it by ear". You hear a melody, and put into some kind of construct. Play some chords on a piano or guitar. Try to repeat it in some way. Try to flesh out that fleeting snatch of a melody. Typing words works the same way. This is how music composers compose!
You are all musicians in that way! When you hear a guiding thought, and recognize it as such, you try to catch it, as though with a butterfly net.
When you play a song by ear, don't be afraid of making a mistake. It takes practice, and you become more sure of how things go together. That is how higher guidance works. It is sensible. And loving. It may tell you something you may never would have thought of.

Ron is offering some transmitting light lines coming up Thursday February 22nd and 29th, and March 7th at 2:00 York time.

The important thing is be still, be patient. And thankful.
We look forward to working with many more of you.

Thank you Pleiadeans!



February 13, 2024

Good morning All!

Good morning Father, and our wonderful spiritual helpers!

Sunday's Light Line introduced us to new spiritual entities. It is good to know of their concern and willingness to help out. Extremely moving was the plea from the Urantia spirit, Agar, (also another spelling) who is dying. Even the transmission faded out to incomprehensibility.
He said "Help Me!"
Human beings are the ones ruining this planet for gain. Strip mining is particularly hurtful to the planet.
Overpopulation is a big concern.

I remember 50 years ago scientists were predicting an unbearable population problem by 2050. The numbers grow exponentially. What to do?
What should have been done 50 years ago?
Pleiadeans, would you join me here? What is the action you would suggest?

Pleiadeans: It seems to us that natural disasters could be the only way to bring humans to their senses. The prospect of starvation, and continuing unbearable hardships may be what makes their minds willing to look to higher powers for relief. So many people in this world who have never been introduced to the True God, and not some idol, have never even been approached with the revelation. Their future is further down the line.
There is an election coming up which needs the participation of all in the United States, especially the less wealthy, and those with needs that are not addressed in campaign rhetoric. These people need to know their vote is worthy and essential for the outcome of this election.. Every person in this country's electorate needs to know that the changes can be implemented by their presence and participation! That is the way to reach people with spiritual news: to gain their attention, their presence and participation!
Don't be afraid of things that might happen with the weather, or with geologic changes. You may be put into serious survival situations along with your fellow humans, but YOU have the knowledge and the wisdom to help them come to an understanding of what can be possible.
All we can say at the moment is to get yourselves ready for any possible future moment. Be awake. Be working. Be participating in what can be a future movement for a revelation of truth.


Thank you Pleiadeans!


There is a cute song from the 70's, "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing in Perfect Harmony". Beautiful thoughts then, but less attainable now.
Michael is here right now. May all your preparations be fruitful Michael!


General Discussion / Re: Pleiadeans and Head Coverings
« on: February 08, 2024, 20:23:37 pm »
Thank you everyone for your care and concern!
The quote in question was from post No. 5, and reads as follows:
To you, Carol, we are going to continue the messaging, but you must shield yourself. When you do a transmission from the Pleiades, always wear … one moment! … what we discerned as a head covering. You do it to keep warm. If this doesn't make any sense to you, there is something about your head that actually shields you from problems of interference. You get the Pleiades perfectly. Work on it, protect yourself Carol. Your troubles with your health will suddenly end, Carol. Be blessed. Beware, be caring. Stay the course, Carol.
Best always to everyone,
Carole  aka Song At Sunrise


General Discussion / Pleiadeans and Head Coverings
« on: February 08, 2024, 12:31:59 pm »
Thursday February 8, 2024

Good morning All!

Good morning Father, TA, Michael, and Pleiadeans.

Thank you Pleiadeans for promising to be with us, and assisting us at any turn of the way.
Please do speak as you wish. Thank you!


I am restless and confused. You promised to clear the confusions, and show the way.
I have a peculiar suspicion that Ron's transmission from Hernon was interfered with.
Hello Hernon. Please clarify what is your wish about my using some kind of head covering when listening to you and conveying your messages.

I never did that before., I don't know of anyone else who transmits who has to use a head covering.
I got the impression there was something wrong with my head that needed "protection".

If I have had cabal influence in the past, 1. do I need head covering now? 2. Do I have a genetic disorder? My mother used to say that people who were crazy had "a hole in their head"! I thought she was being funny. But is there something to that?

OK, what kind of "covering"? A shroud? a veil? a hoodie? a hat? a ski cap? a babushka? a burka?
This so sounds like cabal! The quote in question is this:

To you, Carol, we are going to continue the messaging, but you must shield yourself. When you do a transmission from the Pleiades, always wear … one moment! … what we discerned as a head covering. You do it to keep warm. If this doesn't make any sense to you, there is something about your head that actually shields you from problems of interference. You get the Pleiades perfectly. Work on it, protect yourself Carol. Your troubles with your health will suddenly end, Carol. Be blessed. Beware, be caring. Stay the course, Carol.


I have had a lot of problems lately with interferences in my life, losing stuff, misunderstanding, etc, etc.

It wouldn't surprise me if Ron left that in the transmission to see if I would catch it.

Any word you would like to say, Pleiadeans, and Hernon? Thank you.

Hello Carole. I am Hernon. We are invisible. We also know when you humans are beset with invisible interferences. Even in the most ideal of condition, there will be challenges to your understanding and usages. The cabal is indeed about doing its thing, but you are admonished to be wary, and watching closely for anything that stands between you and the Father, between you and your Adjuster, between you and the pursuit of the right way.

Giving the cabal credit for doing the wrong thing is not our way. We know your hearts, and at the same time the stumbling blocks to your faith deep inside your soul. You are given challenges so you can exhume these skeletons, as it were, and dispose of them properly. Your faith is what the Father is interested in.

Do you wear glasses? Do you wear big shoes? Do you need a hearing aid?
What you wear has nothing to do with your faith or good works. Do you wear a "thingy" on your head? What for? Father can take care of any aberrations that may exist.

We want to talk to you people. We are not interested in letting little stuff get in the way.
Go in peace, Carole. We are here for you, We are here for the entire planet. All kinds of traditional accoutrements need to be dropped, so we can be heard better. Starting with physical things, and progressing to mental blocks, preconceived notions and prejudices, many things need to be dropped in order to hear us.
Your experience may just be a start. Thanks for listening. I am Hernon.

Thank you Hernon and Pleiadeans!







General Discussion / More on "Trinitarian Justice"
« on: February 05, 2024, 17:22:59 pm »
 Feb. 5, 2024

Good morning All!

Some time ago, I asked Father the Prayer of Jabez: O that you would bless me indeed!
I asked that Father would show me the many opportunities He gives us for "Soul Growth". As humans, we are mostly unaware of the spiritual opportunities that pass our way, and we continue in our ways.

Here are some "opportunities" I have seen lately:

Confusion. About what happened in the past. About what may happen in the future. Confusion about the present. Things don't make sense.

Well guess what. That is normal isn't it? All we can do is take what we've got at the moment, and run with it. But. . .

I have been thinking a bit lately about "Trinitarian Justice".

God knows we are pretty much clueless about how to live and what to do and what to think.
But here is where "Trinitarian Justice " fits in: God doesn't judge us according to our faults. Rather He judges us according to our faith. He knows the many ways we mess up. But God is more interested in how we look to God for the way out, and for the clear vision needed to move forward. "Trinitarian Justice" is gentle. And the thing to remember is that it exists outside of time and space. That is why so many times we wait a long time, and may never see "justice" even though it is there! And at other times "justice" steps in with suddenness. Michael said humans do NOT have the final decision.

We may not know what the "Final Decision" is, or when it occurs, or what it encompasses, but the Trinitarian Justice we speak of here is the Rule of Law in the entire Universe. We are being supervised, however unknowingly. Wherever the justice extends, the law extends as well. The laws of goodness, mercy, and righteousness are totally backed up by "Trinitarian Justice". So our faith in God's rulership has everything to do with our experience of "justice". It is at the spiritual awareness level, through the Thought Adjuster, that keeps us on track. That is how, as spirit, we experience "Trinitarian Justice".

Extremely important LightLine today: from Elise, Arthura, and especially from Hermon, (Hernom)? the commander of the Pleiadean delegation.

Thank you!

Dear RAZ, forum readers, and Ron ,

I believe the name of the group is Waldensians.
Britannica has a good article on them.  
Thank you!

General Discussion / Re: Justice?
« on: January 23, 2024, 23:33:20 pm »
Thank  you Margul! And thank you Jesus, and Ron!

General Discussion / Justice?
« on: January 23, 2024, 12:10:32 pm »
Transmissions Starting Jan 23 2024

Good morning All!

"Be still and know that I Am God". A sign on my desk. Here is a quote from the recent Light Line: 1/21/2024.

  Ron here and I am in contact with MARGUL, the Trinity Teacher Son, to give you some pointers on this excellent post, Carole.

 I am using your post to write in since the questions are better left in the context of your post and the answers or views we have are better left to your questions for clarity.

MARGUL speaks:

"Urantia does expect to become a universe symbol of Trinitarian Justice."

What does that mean?  URANTIA IS A BESTOWAL PLANET, AND THE TRADITION OF PARADISE INDICATES THAT BESTOWAL PLANETS BECOME THE SYMBOLS OF UNIVERSE JUSTICE  as  they evolve toward trinitarian justice statues in their own self governments.  Urantia does show this at time particularly in the United States government, but the politics of abortion rights and Trinity values has scorned this US Supreme Court over too much temperance and far too little thought or life revelations.  Ron could be an excellent speaker to the Justices if they had any concept of how the child is prepared to be centered into the womb, and for that reason he (Ron) needs to explain to people how a new human being is produced.  We do not have time here to do that, but learn that the reproduction of a child in the womb is Trinitarian, and that the Trinity has ruled that the life of the mother must come first. 

A "Symbol"?
"Trinitarian Justice"?

MARGUL: "You are correct.  But you are not correct to expect man to understand what is not revealed, and cannot expect man to understand that life is precious and not a happenstance.  For reasons of State, Ron refuses to adjudicate any of this for the simple reason he considers most abortions the result of immorality, and refuses to take sides with the mother or the fetus.  It then becomes a matter of law, and the law is blind to revelation but not blind to constitutional interpretation.  Your United States Constitution is NOT a sacred document, but tradition has hammered home, that without the Constitution, there is no real United States.  IF the Constitution is changed, they reason, you inherently reduce the United States to it former associations of colonies and that is not country, but it is a federation.  I cannot use your reasons on earth or in the United States, to rule what must be said here, but I can tell you that the fetus is not declared human until about 5 and 3/4 years of age.

As I see it, Justice is an experience. It may be looked at as a "concept", but if Urantia is to be a"symbol" that implies there is a much bigger issue at hand that is condensed into a visual. Letters are symbols for sounds. Notes are symbols for pitch and rhythm. The "Ring of Laity " is a symbol of God's participation in our lives. Symbols surround us everywhere.

JESUS - "I ANSWER THIS ONE CAROLE, and please take no offense, but you are asking  for answers out of your ability to understand the answers.  Ron does understand what is to be done with the fetus if abortion is considered, and that is to prepare the fetus for full term in the mother, and put it up for adoption.  We do not like taking the life of a fetus either, and neither does Ron with his understanding the that Infinite Spirit, when the egg is fertilized, experiences a sequel eruption and paralyzes the mother's womb to receive the life sustainment of the higher spirit realms so that the child can come to his full term of development, and then proceed to the birth process.  Mothers who routinely wear no protection are failing as women to protect their birth right to have children, but some mothers get pregnant due to rape, incest, and others means we are not fully familiar with.  The FATHER  says to those mother's "KEEP IT UP AND YOU GET PENALIZED when you ascend to heaven."

"I AM JESUS - I do not intent to lecture people on abortion or State's rights, or other figures justifying those things you practice down here on Urantia by traditional appeasements.  War is illegal now when I arrive.  Anyone who deals with it as a routine matter will be disenfranchised.  I let the rest alone for now.  JESUS


If Urantia is to be a "symbol" then it has to experience the justice of the Trinity in a huge way.

MARGUL - "You complete this rather strangely Carole.  You need to understand that the entire matter of Trinitarian Justice is the Law of the Universe, and it is not a viewpoint.  Let it stand with you that GOD favors all who work hard to understand why they must heed the warnings of Justice and that is processed always through the Paradise Trinity.  Ron would have loved to have been in the Justice System, but he is far too pedantic in caring for circumstances the law abuses people with so often.  In any case the entire matter has been fully discussed with you now, and thank you for your post.  MARGUL OF THE PARADISE TRINITY at your service.  K"

Can justice be avoided? Ignored? Undone?    
"YES, but rarely forgotten and is eventually justified otherwise."

Can unfortunate victims demand "justice"?  
"No, but it is always given by the JUDGES."

Does the Judicial system of the government actually dispense "justice"? 
"Not entirely and you are aware of it qutie likely more than we.

Does the award of money constitute "justice"? 
"In some cases; in other cases, absolutely not."

Can the application of the right moral thing to do, undo past experiences?  
"It could but do not take liberties with that view."

Does "justice" undo cause and effect? 
"In time no, but in the world of Ultimacy, it can be reversed but never in time."

How do we know when we are experiencing Trinitarian Justice? 
"You cannot know that without being spirit."

What IS "Justice"?
"It is as you define it with these questions."

May there be some comments on this?
Thank you!

General Discussion / The return and SER-a view
« on: January 07, 2024, 11:43:34 am »
 It is 3:19 A.M. Epiphany is the church season that commemorates the revelation of Jesus not only in the dedication in the temple, but also his baptism.
Dear Folks of the Forum,
This past Wednesday Light Line had some wonderful questions addressed by Amadon, and basically they are these:

How is Jesus going to return? and, what is the new Epochal Revelation going to look like?

(My first reaction to this one was "two tables of stone". (stop it!))
There is a famous quote from "Star Wars", "I can imagine quite a bit!" applies here, so here are my thoughts.
Since all sentient people have Thought Adjusters, perhaps they could all work together in concert. (I asked Ron about this some time ago, and he said there was no protocol for that. Father, could this be considered, please?)
When, at the battle of Jericho under Joshua, (interesting name, there), there went up a huge shout that totally scared the inhabitants of Jericho, along with shofars, trumpets, and the like. But I am thinking of the Thought Adjusters all saying "Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest! Glory to God, and on earth peace, good will among men!"
And of course, people who have never thought about God might be asking themselves, where did that thought come from?
Not panic, but joy. The walls of Jericho came "a-tumblin down". The walls of fear would come tumbling down. The TA's in each person would open up awareness of the TA's in other people,

Noah's flood (some people take very seriously) will be a flood of awareness of just how simple the solution to world problems can be. To just listen to the voice at our right hand and our left, a unified celestial input, in unity throughout the world, could be a foundation for the next big event.
Jesus could announce his appearing, and importantly, lead the whole world in a prayer to the Father for unity and forgiveness.
Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. And Jesus could explain the gist of the SER in his new mission.

The people will need a visible readable revelation to go by right away.
The second question is what will the SET look like and what will it contain?

I envision, like the first printing of the Gutenberg Bible, to make a limited printing of the SER, bound in beautiful embossed leather, with gold edges, and illuminated pages between each paper title. It could indeed be a museum piece, to be shown next to the ring of laity in the Library.

But then, my opinion here, the SER needs to be printed in individual booklets, with commentary in simpler language for the children. Each paper could answer a specific question to be used as titles of the papers. For the commentary for the children, the active tense, and shorter sentences may make it easier to read. And don't forget large print editions. Perhaps the translations into other languages would renew the languages of every nation. Getting it up on the internet immediately in Kindle form will help many readers.
Urantia book part three and four could still be available for their usefulness.
Some kind of community organization with the help of celestials to form study groups is already under consideration.
I picture Jesus leading the world every day in prayers. Maybe five times a day.
Make full use of the internet and TV and radio.
I think God wants us to use our imaginations. Maybe something good will come out of it!



General Discussion / Habit vs. Free Will
« on: January 01, 2024, 10:16:39 am »
Good morning All!

Good morning TA, Pleiadeans, and all who are interested in the destiny of Urantia:

TA: Last night we heard an interview on CNN with an author and professor of a university, and recipient of an award for genius, who spoke at length that our destiny is determined solely by genetics and environment. He denied that free will had anything to do with the outcome of our lives. He said our choices had more to do with our environment and genetics.

It sounded to me like the perfect example of how supreme led us into the mess we are in right now.

People who think that personal responsibility doesn't exist are duped by the supreme philosophy. The interviewer knew something was not right, but had to shut the interview down due to time.


The whole issue at stake today with the Master Universe is about the real extent of free will on the part of human destiny. It is our free will that overrides habits of doing and thinking, that determines our responses to everything that happens to us. Genetics and environment do not altogether determine our lives. But it is difficult to quantify free will. It is elusive, and altogether spiritual.

We can determine our days, yes, by following our intuition, but intuition needs to be closely examined as to whether it is beneficial to all, and not just ourselves.

Our habits of thinking and doing arise as a result of trial and error, and often become obsolete without our knowing. The recent years have brought many changes in social awareness, environmental awareness, education, and many things that aren't taught in schools. Social media often muddies the waters, so that our own free will has to come to the fore to determine the clarity of our vision. Do we fall back into habit? Do we forge a new outlook?


Can free will override genetics? Free will can create new approaches, and innovative ways to take advantage of genetic difficulties.   It has often been said we create our own reality.  Free will can make adjustments to the perceived environment.  It can turn "can't" into "can".  

Our free will needs to be God directed, and used carefully.

Thank you TA!

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