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Session postponed
« on: January 28, 2022, 03:02:54 am »
To Ron and al,
This is to advise you that to-day’s session is postponed for next Friday 31st of January 2022, at 8pm local time. This morning, I woke-up feeling very heavy to move around, as if I had a load on my shoulders. One can think that I have got this malicious virus, but I have no those regular symptoms related to it, no fever, no coughing, just like a fatigue. Sorry folks, better for me to take a rest, hoping to see you next time.

I am your servant, I am your liegeman, it is my will that your will be done.

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Re: Session postponed
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2022, 08:30:39 am »
Clency, it is nearly 825am New York Time as I write this, and you are warned as I have been warned and am facing huge problems physically myself that the cabal on Urantia has made the final move it can make before being annihilated.  By the way the 31st of January is Monday this year and knowing your difficulties of mind likely that is just fine too however you want to do it.  Next Friday is 04 February as we say it in America.

You rest and do not take it up again until you feel better connected and cleared.  The evil they are so capable of is striking all of us who support our Father and the Michael representation for our planet and our Local Universe.  Do not despair but let the spiritual so-called cabal run its course and stay home and do as you might enjoy with what has to be done domestically.  You are not the only one heavily hit today and Christ Michael has this to say to all of us:

CHRIST MICHAEL - "You Clency feel as Ron does and he is furious with a group of beings who charade as helpers of the spirit but are truly the horror of Lucifer to comprehend.  You are not sick Clency, but feel like it over being ready to produce the Lightline you do so well and so many do rely on with tape listening in numbers you do not know are very well done by our standards too.  Make sure you produce next Friday's Lightline because I have a lot to say through you as JESUS OF NAZARETH for sure."

Ron here Clency - We have the same problem this side of the Atlantic, and will not give in.  We have a light snow falling as I write this and I can hardly muster being awake enough to understand nothing has changed except my desire to be so thoroughly away from all of the evil I can hardly smile at the moment myself.

Find some cheer Clency, and enjoy the day too if you can find a bit of humor laugh too.  I am totally sure this will pass and you back to your post in a week of rest I feel sure.  Blessings to you and yours!  

Ron for Christ Michael and the rest of the big family in the sky!


Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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Re: Session postponed
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2022, 08:53:11 am »

Wishing you the best in all as you take that break. May you be rejuvenated and re-calibrated to do what you do best 
for so many.  God Bless.

Love and Blessings,