Author Topic: REPORTS ABOUT THE TWO SESSIONS: 01/09/2022 AND 08/09/2022 THAT HAVE BEEN DONE.  (Read 4863 times)

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Local Time: MONDAY 12TH, ; 2022; 8:20MINUTES;  P.M.; (+03 G.M.T./ A'SET ) ANTANANARIVO EVENING TIME;



The Host: Albert.


Hello Dear Ron and you all Dear Sisters and Brothers also you all Dear Guests here on the forum.

I am the Host Albert and am making this report for you all to be acknowlegded of what that we, here , have done.

The truth of the matter is those two sessions are concerning the same group of attendees because they are complementaries : as the main teaching plus  its " Q & A " corresponding  course if I can say so.

There hadn't been  any  M.C. while the first session  but  straight away a Teacher as JESUS; and the next time being  MANTUNTIA MELCHIZEDEK  as M.C. and some few Teachers intervening such as : Mother Spirit of God GAÏA,   SUSATIA The Power Directors #4 and #5.

As questions : there have been FOUR precise ones :

Q1: What about The Magisterial Son "SORARA" what happened to Him and why The One Henson ?

Q2: is the " given period " of the present days of The Second Return of JESUS corresponding to the "  forecasted promised " ELEVENTH MONTH " by the Grand - Master Si-Jo MIZAËL for His Return while  " speaking " in the year  2002 throughout a transmitted message received then ?

Q3 : The Si-Jo  MIZAËL said  to us His followers  students  in the years 1984-1985 that "  neither any of the  MALAGASY  PEOPLE nor even any of us His students could exactly " acknowledge Who is He Really  " before His Return  later long after many, many years....
So,then now, is it the pre-told time for the realisation of such  understandable NOT  but amazing affirmation of that time, to be  realised effectively  ?

Q4 : Since some years that has been said that many catalystic  earth changes would happen on Urantia causing huge biological losses of which human living beings' decimation....Would that be still unavoidable even if God has been managing to avoid such fatal and deadly  issues.  ?

That have been what we have producing along those TWO SESSIONS of MADAGASCAR LIGHTLINES CONFERENCE CALL on those two dates lastly.

The next schedule is to be held on THURSDAY 16TH, SEPTEMBER; 2022; at 1:00 P.M. ANTANANARIVO afternoon time ( + 3 G.M.T./ A'S E T )

Thank you all reading.



The Host : Albert.


I love HIM, HE is inside me,HE loves me, I  belong  to  HIM,WE  BOTH  are  inside a circle , and as WE  BOTH are inside  the  CIRCLE,a roof is  necessary,so then a point is  being put on the stark  and  then WE  BOTH together are becoming a CANDLE  ENLIGTHENING  the WORLD !!! aoi.