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« on: December 14, 2022, 11:00:51 am »
Dear Members,

ADMIN at your service:

We have two large and looming problems.  They are:

1 - - This web site is dangerously unstable now;
2 - -  I cannot get this site moved fast enough to prevent a disaster.

1 UN-stability
This results from hacks now and then which are prevented due to the courage of the server master knowing their modus operandi.  However we have sustained software disturbances which undermine the stability of this web site and we cannot repair it easily.   If we have a perfect storm erupt via the internet, this site is history.  I have asked time and again for a review of code health and to rewrite some code if necessary, and in this case, that is to reinstall the site on a more secure server.  So far there is no comprehension of our true situation and nothing done to help us out of suffering a fatal attack just as the spiritual world is preparing vital changes for all.

2  Site Move
The backup was secured several days ago but nothing done to move the site and reestablish its presence without interruption to present services.

In my opinion install the site as it is now on a new provider server, and THEN UPDATE TO ITS LATEST CODE VERSION.  We are behind in versions.

Second there needs to be daily backups and that is tedious and coolie labor to do but until there is some idea of security again, we must be vigilant.

Third, the discussion forum as it currently operates is silly at times and that is totally fine with me because un-ending tension is fatal to any forum.  However, the site is LIKELY to be used as an information center for important factual information to come forward in the event of the visible appearance of Jesus and the Staff of the Planetary Government.  IF you loose that that is a shame.  But remember this too:

You, each member, are dependent on Internet connects that are unsecured enough to guarantee you have internet either and then cannot access the site because of that too.  We cannot help that and I have no way of knowing how to get around service failure, but expect it.


 If you can at least maintain email, but that is so often bundled inside your subscription to the Internet provider, but if you can still have it.  Remember my email address which is the familiar

That allows you to establish some contact with me and anything I might be able to say.  I also suggest that if the web site goes down permanently, write me so I can advise you if we can elect to provide a site to come to at least for information you are used to receiving.  There is ho guarantee I can do that.  This is real IF'Y because I am dependent on Comcast, and it is not a good provider in an emergency.

TRANSMIT:  Now you know why learning the ability to transmit allows you uninterrupted factual news regarding your area and your circumstances with what is likely to be horrendous confusion and violence.  Transmit!  And do not sit around waiting for it to happen.  They are busy too.  AND if you do not ask you are not heard!  Wall flowers will be deaf, dumb, and mute if that is how you act.

JESUS - "You know Ron you are shouting at the choir not.  Most of the membership here is unavailable in a crisis as they just do not know the difference between transmitting and local news broadcasts on their media equipment.  Stay out of their worry entirely as you must be prepared for work so unusual you are likely to ask, "what am I doing?"  Not for you to worry that much, but I will be there to handle the crisis around you too, and it is coming fast once this wTP business is available for good.  K"

Keep me posted!  If you have email it is highly helpful for me to know your situation for you and your area.  There is nothing like eyes on the ground to fully understand constituent situations.  I ask that of you for our own situation here in York.
I have little more to say than PLEASE GET THIS WEB SITE MOVED AND SECURED!  Time is a problem already, but be aware of the danger we are facing too easily to keep this site running in an emergency situation like the Second Return represents to silly and awful Urantia in an emergency situation.

Thank you!

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2022, 11:24:55 am »
Thanks for the update Ron, I'm sure it will be hard to tell which way the wind will blow after this major announcements to the world. Through what I've learned here the past few years, I've always felt that the Second Return would also bring on earthly changes we weren't prepared for, the good and the unknown is upon us.  May God bless us all.


Online Ron Besser

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« Reply #2 on: December 14, 2022, 14:09:18 pm »
Weydevu, earthly changes are exactly what Jesus warns about. 

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Weydevu has received your mail and is most thankful and grateful for you continuous support.  However, pleas recognize there is coming a time we can not accept this kind of help, and Ron will explain by letter if he can get one through as this Return will so upset the apple cart no one will have a normal infrastructure to work with for months.  It will cause perhaps some idea of a financial collapse.  It may even cause York to shut down its municipal government(s) due to the lack of personnel to attend to their offices as most of them are "born again," in heart.

"And to ascertain your statements, Jesus has relentlessly spoken to this earth change issue over and over and nobody believes it, but believe it!  Ron has double trouble today that he has ready witness to what will happen to this web site and for that reason you Weydevu must observe SILENCE as you are too far favoring a script that could bring crazy people to see you for news and then rap you on the head for being too well informed as they feel they should be the one to tell the people, and on and on they go without any real reason for their actions.  We must go."

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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« Reply #3 on: December 16, 2022, 13:03:24 pm »
December 16, 2022 Samara, local time 21.45, short call on the left.
I am ready to receive the message.
Write and be careful.
We inform you about the impending disaster on the planet.
It comes from Mother Earth herself. She revived and began to move her external organs. She does not look or pay attention to what is on her surface. She acts in her own interests, to be freed from dirt and impurities, to be renewed and begin a new cycle of her existence.
You mortals must adapt to the ongoing changes and try to survive in a completely impossible environment.
Trust in the Lord, but do not fail yourself. Be patient, be vigilant. May God help you.
You can publish.
- Was it Arthur?
What's the difference, the main thing is you managed to accept my message. How you treat him is up to you.
Thank you for message.
16 декабря 2022 Самара, местное время 21.45, коротенький вызов слева.
Я готов принимать сообщение.
Пиши и будь внимателен.
Мы тебе сообщаем о надвигающейся на планету беде.
Она исходит из самой матушки земли. Она ожила и начала движение своих наружных органов. Она не смотрит и не обращает внимания на то, что находится на ее поверхности. Она действует в своих собственных интересах, чтобы освободится от грязи и нечистот, чтобы обновиться и начать новый цикл своего существования.
Вы, смертные, должны приспособиться к идущим изменениям и постараться выжить в совершенно невозможной обстановке.
Уповайте на Господа, но и сами не плошайте. Терпите, будьте бдительны. Да поможет вам Бог.
Можете опубликовать.
- Это был Артура?
Какая разница, главное вы сумели принять мое сообщение. А как к нему относиться, это ваше дело.
Спасибо за сообщение.