Author Topic: 9 - Breakfast Tape#9- Jan 23, 2023-Tarks, Father, Michael, Zeta - Contact Method  (Read 117 times)

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Tape 9 takes on to report that our so-called aliens contact the UFO-olgy students with voice contact.  That hit me this evening while watching a UFO TV program of recent vintage and the man who lives in Arizona said he had telepathic contact the Pleiades.  Well heck, I do that too in transmissions myself over other issues than what he does.  The program had audio technicians wire him up and within about four minutes we started to speak as they spoke to him.  The technicians are thrilled and it told me here we sit doing transmission not only to the Pleiades but to the Deities and celestial life itself too.

The Father of All came in and then requested that all of you are to sit down and please attempt a transmission to any human group out there that does the same thing you do down here.  That is part of the tape.  What the ZETA said to me on the Tape 9 to me too, was they can intercept the Salvington communications if they are transmitted and have the news even quicker than we do to report.  Zeta asked, can you have some of your people take a transmission from us and report it to the discussion forum (yes, they know all about our forum too,)

The tape is fascinating because of this and other announcements on it, and I suggest you listen to a brief piece of music to start the tape, about four seconds of the Mozart K548, the Mozart Piano Trio #5.  You know the tune mostly and that introduces Tarkas who gets me to talk about the UFO program.

Here is Link to Tape 9 for 23 January 2023

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