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Paradise Software January 26, 2016
« on: January 26, 2023, 18:10:48 pm »
General Discussion / Re: Paradise Software
« Last post by Ron Besser on Today at 12:50:26 PM »

Mother spirit - "I am the Creative Spirit, and it is my Adjutants you speak to above.  My Adjutants are ENTITY LIKE, and they have a spirit life you cannot imagine because you do not understand spirit well enough to analyze what I say here.  The Spirit of Intuition is my first Adjutant of mind and it encircuits with the baby's first cry.  The entities known as Worship and Wisdom, never fail to encircuit with a ten year old, but the Father has decreed that these last two Adjutants must now be accompanied by the Spirit of Truth.  Why?

"The Spirit of Truth must bear witness to all the Adjutants I give the mind.  If the Spirit of Truth does not accompany these seven Adjutants-- and I mean when all seven are encircuited--  then you would have a problem of hearing the Voice of God later on in life.  All of you who can transmit have all seven Adjutants at work, and if you did not, you could not transmit Michael and the rest of us at all.  This is why most people cannot or will not transmit.  The Adjutant Spirit of intuition and counsel all have common ground with other animals on Urantia, and only Wisdom/Worship  do not encircuit with animals.  The elephant and the horse have five Adjutants but not worship/wisdom.

"My Adjutants have a life of their own, except for Intuition and Counsel.  The others are better defined and appear as lights in the mind when they come in and say hello.  Heartful Adjutants from the mid range up can actually walk around you, and they are not software to the mind Overmind or Assale, as that is more the Spirit of Thought which is an Adjutant in cosmic mind and many of you are already connected to this tenth Adjutant usually on reserved for morontia minds on mansion world two.  Much teaching will have to occur on Urantia before we can make the statement that Ron makes, and he says: "I hear God and I hear entities, but I cannot tell them apart unless they tell me who they are."  This is a sure sign you Ron have two more Adjutants working in you that are yet to be revealed in the new Urantia Book.

"Ron asks:  'Then Mother Spirit, how many Adjutants are in the morontia and are there Adjutants in the spirit?'  The answer lies in the heart of each soul.  The soul cannot sit and not think, but it cannot think well with the human mind, so it develops the mid-mind, a mind of its own.  In the soul on Urantia there are ten (10) more Adjutants above the first seven and these additional ten new Adjutants are entities:  they live and almost breathe with you.

"We use Ron as an example as he is probably the most well developed human on Urantia, and some of you are coming along at such a high rate of development you might join him by the time Monjoronson is available to everyone on this planet.  Ron's Adjutant count is over twenty (20); he can use twelve of the (12), and has ready to encircuit six more, five of which usually encircuit spirit mind only.  Human + morontia + spirit Adjutants available total fifty two (52), and Ron has ready to encircuit a total of 27, half of what is available to gather for mind when the time comes to become a spirit being.

"Ron asks, 'what does an Adjuster require with how many Adjutants to speak to its human ward?'  The answer is you only need the seven I first give you on earth.  Ron had nine when his Adjuster spoke to him.  You also might ask how many Adjutants does the Adjuster want before he can fuse with you?  The answer is thirty.  Ron has a total of 27 and that was considered enough, minimumally, for his Adjuster to fuse him with all powers of spirit so long as remains attached to the idea of service.  If he stops service to God for some reason, some Adjutants would leave him as they would leave all of you too for the same reason.

"Overmind you have 19 Adjutants attending and encircuiting you.  Sue Wiley you also have 19 Adjutants and ready to go are four more once you enter service in the United States.  Overmind you carry two wisdom Adjutants and no love Adjutants and we will someday discuss with you that your brain stem has fused some portion of your Adjutant connections and causes what can only be call autism in certain areas of love expression.  Sue Wiley, you have a perfectly normal brain stem and that will allow all we can give Adjutant-wise in the coming years.

"Donna Lynn, you have the least number of Adjutants encircuited, but enough to be accepted on the staff of the Magisterial Son, when the time comes for you to take the Oath of Service.  You may not receive the Oath of Serv, as it is up to the Paradise Trinity to decide what minimumally you should have to be on staff as far as the Adjutants go.  Right now Donna you work with nine Adjutants, and we have not revealed the names of these Adjutants above seven for the time being, although the new Urantia Book talks about them quite a bit.   Kurt you have 19 Adjutants like Sue and Overmind at the present time.  Larry_G, you are working with twenty-one (21) Adjutants but you tend to be lazy about using them because you are so busy at work at times.  Michel, not the least among you as far as Adjutant Spirit reception is concerned. Michel you are currently encircuited with twenty-five (25) Adjutants and almost equal with Ron your productive output for the love of man on the planet.

"I am Mother Spirit and Ron correctly states to me as we write this, 'we could write books and books on the mind and the Adjutant spirits.  Ron also asks to review what has been stated here in statistical terms.

Total mind Adjutants available to the mind of man through spiritual evolution = 52
These break down as 7 in the material; 12 more in the morontial; 33 additional Adjutants in the spirit

Sue Wiley has 19 - 7 material and most of the morontial Adjutants.  There are morontial Adjutants not recognized even in Nebadon and these are for advanced morontial beings we do not advertise or reveal to Urantia.  The count we have given is for human ascenders to spirit and not the Adjutants we use for other universe life.

Ron Besser has 27 - 7 material;  all (12) the human morontial Adjutants possible for human ascension; eight (8) spiritual Adjutants granted to him through the fusion process with his Thought Adjuster.

Kurt and Michel - You both have 19 Adjutants in the material and morontial completed.  Michel has six (6) in the spirit Adjutants and Kurt you have no spirit Adjutants at this time.  All spiritual Adjutants are granted by your Thought Adjusters as you approach fusion status some day.

Donna Lynn uses nine (9) encircuited Adjutants and her mind requires surgical intervention to help her think better. 

Larry G. has  12 combined from the material and the morontial systems and four more in the spirit which he does not exercise well yet. The total of 21 mention above for Larry shows that five Adjutants available to Larry lay barren because of his worry and thoughts about the future for him.  Worry and what not is detrimental to the encircuitment of my Adjutants for the human children of God.

"This concludes my review for the Adjutants, and I wish to state once more that you Overmind need surgery in case I did not state it clearly. Your brain stem as well as the brain stems of Kurt, Michel and Larry need attention to give you the full benefit of my Adjutants ready to attend you.  I wish you all a good day."

Ron here - Obviously we have just had one big serving of revelation this morning concerning the Adjutants.  What unites all this Adjutant diversity is the Spirit of Truth, which is also a revelation to me.  The Spirit of Truth not only indicates what to select among the many facts presented to you- which ones are good and which ones do not help or are bad--  but the Spirit of Truth also develops an entity like measure around each person and makes sure each person is aware of others who speak the truth too.  Human appreciation of another is predicated mostly on the equivalence of truth they hold with you, and that is what the Urantia Book talks about when it speaks to "like minds" gather together for mutual appreciation.  I suspect strongly that the seven Apostles list for the Magisterial Staff are composed of persons that the Spirit of Truth sees as working well together to get things done of the Magisterial Son with a lot of empathy for each other and the people they serve.

I also wish to state that I have no real sense of having other Adjutants working with me.  I also would guess that most of you do not sense them and their help.  However, we have learned that no one transmits without having most of the necessary Adjutants encircuited to do this work.  I can think of people I have helped to transmit and I can only say they are easily with me on all of our mutually held hopes and dreams for these Missions.

It is my suggestion that no one ask me about their Adjutant encircuitment as I consider getting what I did miraculous in the first place from Mother Spirit and the Censor that hovers above me these days.    Renselir  is the Divine Counselor seeing to my work today and he has orders to take what is given so long as it has been given from the Deity level for now.  I doubt I can hand out any more of this information to others for now.  They do allow me to state that most who frequent this site are well into their morontial-style Adjutants and some of you are already into the spirit Adjutants through your Thought Adjusters.

Nigel Joy  I find your chatter wonderful to listen to and I asked permission to know your status.  You have, they say, 19 Adjutants encircuited.  That would be the seven material Adjutants so-called, and all 12 of the morontial Adjutants we have spoken to but have not named.  You are a candidate for service on the Magisterial Staff, but they also tell me you do not like Americans or America that much and you would find staying here a real pill.  Is that true?  I bet they are exaggerating the situation with you, but I do not get any thing more concerning your Adjuster status and your review of spirit in your mind.  But we sure enjoy you however you feel about this place where I happen to live.

That is it for now.  I find it to be quite a lesson!

Ron: for Michael of Nebadon, the Creative Spirit, and Ocilliaya (Master Spirit four on high, Voice of the Father-Son unions of love and other circumstances); for Margul (Trinity Teacher Son), and the Seven Adjutants who sat with me as I typed about their evolution with all of you.
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Re: Paradise Software January 26, 2016
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2023, 21:32:51 pm »
Thank you for re-posting this Jose!  You have a knack for finding interesting and significant information from the past.

I also notice that you joined this forum exactly 8 days before I did way back in 2010.  Keep up the good work!


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Re: Paradise Software January 26, 2016
« Reply #2 on: January 27, 2023, 04:11:47 am »
Those were the days!  But Jose are you aware that Mother Spirit has been removed to Paradise for a return to a new order of spirit use? 

For that reason the following should be known:

1 - There are no longer any Adjutant  Spirits.  They were entity like and have been removed to Uversa for reconditioning.

2 - The Holy Spirit has been retained but is no longer under the control of Mother Spirit who is gone from Nebadon entirely.  The Holy Spirit is now under the care of  Michael of Nebadon.

3 - The Spirit of Truth is now under the care of the last idea of a spirit entity at all in Nebadon.  I do not know where it resides; however it is operating fully on Urantia today;

4 - I do not know the whereabouts of other issues she once controlled but the idea of a spirit operating as an overcontrol entity is Tandyboro not yet fully assigned but active on Urantia'

5 - An unknown Deity,  unnamed yet,  is in control as the second supreme entity and is also the Deity of Ultimacy, and the Deity of the Absolute developments.

These three entities take the place of the Creative Spirit for the most part.  They also are combined as the controlling aspects of the Infinite Spirit designs in the Local Universes of Nebadon and several other Local Universes in this area.  Not  all Dominion universes are receiving them in their territory for some of them have retained their Creative Spirits and are keeping them.  That is news to me so I do not have much to say about any of it just yet.

There is, I think, more coming on these new changes but do not hold your breath as they are still working it over in their thinking yet.  I feel sure we will all know when more details become available.  Thank you.

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