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« on: January 28, 2023, 10:03:46 am »
The UMMITES = who are they ? Like the PLEIADIANS, they are outsider terrestrial creatures from a planet named UMMO, and they are on URANTIA for more than five(5) decades. If my memory does not fail me, their first contact with humans was in 1956, a little group of UFO “oficionados”, living in France and who moved to Spain, for fear of being taxed for mental illness. After their move to Spain, the little group continued to be in contact with the UMMITES and it seems that they received plenty of informations about various subjects of interest, particularly technology which can help humanity to go forward.

In France, the UMMITES Papers, as it is called, has kept the attention of many scientists and ufologists, leaded by one of the most welknown among them, Jean-Pierre PETIT, who crosscheck all the documents, just like Sherlock Holmes would do. Many books have been written about the UMMITES and their last admonishment to humanity is a world financial crash looming in the background. It is not known whether the UMMITES will expand their relationship to other countries, because they are of the idea that they have delivered sufficient informations to deal with for the wellness of humanity.
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