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« on: February 04, 2023, 10:26:42 am »
I mentioned in some detail in another post that the schedule for this Sunday Lightline was cancelled by the powers to be.  I  have no choice when the voice doesn't even communicate civilly.  

Therefore I have to let it alone and wonder what next as I do not hear anything but stop.   We stop with no evaluation.  I can say this however:

They are not unaware of the disaster approaching.  We and the planet are entering a draconian situation where disease is seriously rising again in some nations,  Add to that certain parts of the world population think they are in control and have started using weapon violence in large part against segments of the population without expressing anything but liking to shoot up a lot of people .  Police are essential to civil order, but recently even segments of those forces are out of bounds in how they enforce their views of order.  I think you all know all of that,  But whaty ou do not know is this:

ARTHURA - "I am quite sure we have a resurrection for most of you, but for most of the people on Urantia right now we are going to force a curb on the participation of most people from reaping the reward of resurrection and dropping most of the those who are on probation momentarily.

"Further, we are no longer listening to Ron or the rest of you until we can figure out how so many of you could care less sometimes and have ruined a perfectly good show to start and now are learning that Ron has had to quit the Sunday Lightline service too.  That brings to a total of six Lightlines squelched by the forces of evil and this time Ron knows  it but they damaged his computer severely enough he has no audio this morning either.  All in all the planet has no entered a launch sequence to end its participation in normal planetary usages on the surface by its population.  Most have no clue and just watch TV, work, eat, sleep, and go through life.  right now, however, that is becoming harder and harder to do.

"For that reason we suggest you learn to eat and sleep without services including this one as Ron is quite sure as I am they are pushing out of the way anything they think is superfluous including Lightlines and Breakfast tapes and even Ron himself, as he is getting worse and worse.  His services are antique under the circumstances and we have to remain a closed area of communication until the slaughter of innocents is completely over,  Myself, I think you need Ron and his services, but he is under constant attack and now forces no issue except to play the discussion forum until they find a way to ruin it.  Dominick cannot get a solid and full transfer to migrate to its new home either and that is nothing but big trouble for him too as the evil around him is as thick as thieves too.  Be assured none of this follows anyone to the mansion worlds shortly or in the future.

"I am now closing my patented issue of lessons to some of you for reasons of  State again, as it is impossible to get you to listen for more than fiver or ten minutes and you throw it off without a goodbye even, and that is so unlike a transmitter we wonder why the bother itself.  Let this remind you  that Ron has so many irons in the fire he cannot rest, but rest he must for a few moments until the entire matter of WTP is reviewed once again and this time for good.  K

"Lastly:  Eat if you must but we are closing down many outlets for drugs and cartels that are springing up all over the place as bad as Mexico and its environs.  We are sure the flood of refugees coming over the southern border are made up fortuitously with good people, but most of them cannot even read or write and the American economy is not robust enough to prevent more poverty to appear strongly in the western part of the US.  Ron calls it colonization and he is right and the US might lose control of places entirely.

"My course is to run away not but to stay sequestered with the rest of the officials for this management of a dying planet that has so much violence it cannot comprehend life like it was even ten years ago now.    Ron is of the opinion as I am there must be a place as played in the novel "ATLAS SHRUGGED" when the entire population of the world could not behave and the few left who know how to keep the means of production running disappeared into a secret place on earth no one could enter without invitation.  He would welcome it himself but there is no such place and there is no such group of well meaning people as they are all lost to their own idea of their last decision to either live or kill and that is total spiritual death to those individuals and at once now.

"Lastly, here is MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  Ron you can still transmit but barely due to the forces of evil so layed around you you cannot get clear enough to return to normal in any issue except one:  death spirals no more and you are relieved of the heartless pain at death not, but at a resurrection into the morontia shortly.  Then battle with us to get earth under control and whatever else that may lead to.  I am not MICHAEL OF NEBADON but his partner in crime, the UNIVERSAL FATHER speaking now:

"Let ARTHURA go not Ron, as you and he are friends in spite of rebellion trying it cut that out but they cannot and even worse to cut you off from a helper who now understands you must be attended to to get clearance for his own sake too.  Let this entire matter become no issue in a few months or years not, but in a few days when we slam the dog hard and Urantia has no evil cabal on it whatsoever except for a human population almost entirely useless.  I stand no corrections for us Ron as you have only defended the trial you forced on Me not but asked to do and I helped you do it.  Now I have to stand back and let it crumble a little to make sure I am making the right moves too.  Be assured this ends in its high tone fear of the future for Urantia, but for a lot of the population it is over at once.  I leave this one last word:

"Keep out of the streets people.  The final threat is sedition not, but the idea of a take over of several State governments when the entire matter is clear that the Pacific invades the West is found to be true and the loss of life in the tens of millions and the US loses its border crossing forever and most emigres are lost too.  We are now shuddering not for you Ron or others but for the people who mock and make fun of us and you and the rest who must find solace without a service like this as the entire Internet may fall victim to shortage of power and care.  We say good day for now.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON. K"

Ron -  I transmit but it is not only dire, it is totally incapable of saying much more as the cabal must not learn what is up.  I am sure I am kept in the dark for that reason, mostly on its own course for security reasons.  Thank you and may you have a great day in spite of these draconian announcements.  

Ron Besser (with the help of Salvington to get these messages through in spite of millions of insurrectionists landing on Urantia to run the place not, but to scour out those like ourselves to be gone.  K

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania