Author Topic: A Reminder When Eating in the Dark  (Read 584 times)

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A Reminder When Eating in the Dark
« on: April 22, 2023, 12:36:46 pm »
When I say eating, I mean you deciding and feeding your mind with decisions as to how to behave when this Second Return rubber meets the road.

In that eating, I remind you it is being done without any dependable decision to evolve yourself a strategy as to what you have to do and where you should be to live with a Second Return.  I am convinced the last year we have had together, the issues of failure are so dependent on our wish fulfillment, we not only make it worse, we also brew an internal storm inside of us about the loss of all hope if this falls through-- that is the Second Return collapses before it is seen.

I go through it too.  Now, I am constantly in contact with the higher spiritual beings because I have learned to transmit without having to prepare to transmit.  It is my body and that is not true of other transmitters.  So it happens if there is a news item the Deities wish the creation to know on this level of humanity, I can almost always depend on getting it.  However, let me point something out to you I doubt you are aware of:

Spirit beings are jocular on their own, although FATHER and his Coordinates tend not to find humor in anything, the moment you step aside from the insurrection and the Lucifer rebellion, even they can smile at something that tells a funny story.  I have had in the past few days something that defied description, and I want to tell you about it while it is fresh in my mind.

Six weeks ago, about, MICHAEL OF NEBADON says to me, I am leaving Nebadon not for good but for at least a millennium.  Without going into all that was said otherwise, I understand what he told me, but I wondered in the back of my brain, just what was the true motivation to speak to such a thing, especially with a Magisterial Mission and the Second Return brewing?  Well dummy Ron, I said something I did not get and let it go because you cannot argue when someone gets in teh car and drives away for a millennium. 

Go back to the Jesus Biography in the 5th epochal revelation, and look at the Paper leading up to the story of his human life told there.  They review the other Bestowals that Michael made in the likeness of universe beings.  Look at the f acts they assembled to tell you how he did some of it.  Always is the statement that MICHAEL OF NEBADON disappears from Salvington and is gone for a long time.  Well Ron, you just missed the reason Michael left Salvington for a millennium.
We are, I think, at the airport watching Michael leave to take up "a new assignment," which is for all seven superuniverses as a high spirit to over see life creation and to standardize some of its reflective properties to God.  That I am sure is genuine.  But what else I am very sure about right now, is that the assignment obscures another reason to disappear from Nebadon, as He always did, when a new Bestowal was ready to go.

AHEM,  Am I being too subtle for you this time?  We cannot know the thinking of the Planners for Bestowal practices by God but we can notice little habits that appear when they play shy and rest in Spanish moss outside of Nebadon for Bestowal reasons of State.

The DARK is a blanket over your flashlights people.  Of course you cannot fathom a war time footing Michael must appear to be on, for not only must he not give away plans for what happens to the Urantia appearance of Jesus, he also has an alley fight with hussies of the angelic version who have rebelled to make secrets difficult to perform.  Add to this, mind you this is secret beyond words, the idea that humanity on Urantia at least, is going to participate in the Second Return with their own nervous systems running the Second Return with the nervous system of Jesus too.  Some of you are already complaining of strictures in your nerves not knowing it is over this, and some of you think you can report old time posts and get the license to revive the return of Jesus that way (Vargas it cannot work really), and finally no one states that Michael has been fully honest that the Second Return is fully on and ready to go EXCEPT He has to make amends to FATHER for asking to do the SECOND RETURN in a way THAT WILL SURPRISE YOU!

I better stand back, as I am reaching a level of thought they take notice about and I have been, well not spanked, but sternly reminded to shut up sometimes.  Now while you are sitting in the dark and eating because you can think , suspend your imaginations, as they are totally INADEQUATE!

"The Second Return is suitable to frame on your wall too, as you will earn a diploma, with me and others, to have spent some time in receiving Jesus in your own minds, and he will operate your own nervous system and that is so you are Jesus briefly and you feel everything he feels about what has to change and what has to be done.  I cannot quite figure out how that makes you Jesus, fully 100%, but it has to come close when you think like Him.   Now, no dear lady or brother, that is NOT THE SAME as using the mind of Christ!  No no no no no.  I am so tired of theologians telling us what is and they miss the target entirely for the mind of Christ is the Spirit of Truth.   Yes yes yes yes!  When Jesus walks into your head (now do not make that hard as it is no different than your FATHER OF ALL indwelling you as he does all the time) he operates the brain and the ganglia attached to it.  The brain IS the top of the nervous system and He is it as you.

My forecast is that when the Second Return occurs, you appear as Jesus yourself and you feel the need to announce and then appear, but let Jesus the body do that, okay?  It may occur someone loses the sense of enjoying the contact so well they get up and inform the VFW war is no longer possible, but do not do that!

Nor can I tell you what might comes after you briefly become Jesus yourself.  I expect that the UNIVERSAL FATHER  has something big time to tell us somewhere in the middle of these experiences. 

I also happen to personally feel the trial is about to be shown.  Jesus and Michael are missing from most of Nebadon now.  You are eating these thoughts in the dark, and I am quite sure for my own views, I am seeing more than you are, but you will see this with me soon enough. 

Good day until a little late, I feel maybe we are to be introduced to more of this now that I let some of the cats out of the bag already now. 


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Re: A Reminder When Eating in the Dark
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2023, 10:14:40 am »
Scriptures calls this phenomenon of Jesus within - according to Apostle Paul - the ‘fullness of Christ”, “the time of the gentiles”, and receiving the “Seven Spirits of God”.
The past few years so trialed me too that I no longer kept these words on the forefront of my mind, only waited and waited, and lately began to wonder if it will happen in our lifetime at all. So, Ron, you served us manna from heaven I so gladly intake. Thank you for these words very much. I am thinking about you always and pray for reason of what you are going through, and yet so much is required of you that it is mind blowing to me. I understand your point of Michael's disappearance and it is truly intruding. 
Now that you reminded me these wonderful words, I will share some prophecies that was given to me very long time ago beside many others, talking about the times after Jesus’ return. Nowadays, I feel so much ‘less then’ with an annihilated self-hood that I am thinking our trials might have been a preparation to break us down to where we are able and ready to willingly receive Jesus on the inside of us. That would be most wonderful.
I remember that Jesus once said, first he intended to come back in 2007. I believe Father meant that when said ‘coming soon’ in this prophecy, which I received on 3-31-2006. Since then, 20 years passed.  I eliminate some parts that is too personal. The lack Father was referring to had been due to life's sudden confrontation to raise two sons without child support or any support from relatives on foreign land. Nor I received any support from the government or churches, since I did not know I could ask, and more. It happened when my sons soon needed cars and insurance, better clothes and bigger shoes, and higher education, and much discipline to one of them in his teenage years. Those too were hard times that I overcame with constant prayer that Father always answered. As a result, both graduated from college and now too smart for themselves. Father, have your way with them too.  
Again, this is from 2006.   
Financial breakthrough is coming. It’s going to be quick. It will be supernatural that only God can do. You can’t even imagine how awesome it’s going to be. Just wait patiently it’s coming soon. Have faith. Your perseverance was long, hard and enduring. he sees it. You were faithful, you endured and still praising Him. He sees, He knows. It’s coming. The lack is over not only the financial but the spiritual also. He will set you free from the pressures of money and time. He will make the way everywhere you go. The money will be there, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. He will set you up with the right people; they will call you to churches to preach. You will tell them everywhere what you know about God boldly, and the light will follow you. Where there was darkness there will be light, they will see the light. Many people will follow the light. He will go before you everywhere, He will hold your hand and lead you everywhere you go. I see it.
That LIGHT is Jesus in us. Apart from him we are nothing.  
August 2008 from another messanger
The promise of the greater (works) anointing (as the church calls it)
"You will receive greater anointing; He will use you and go everywhere before you. It is Him speaking through you, it is not you, and He is using your mouth to speak. There will not be more confusion that was like a fog before your eyes, causing your vision to be dimmed. There will never be a time like that again, you will walk in the sun, it will be clear to you and your vision will be clear."
Now, some of this word came through and I had my ministry until some turn of events that has to do with making some poor decisions also, but God is greater than my mistakes. That I know. And in 2011 my pastor said, I see you in a vision receiving a big government check. That too only Father God can do, but it is due to me after all the evil they have done. I want them to fear God! It is time! Amen
Truly, money is not the issue here, for it is a tool. When it's needed to do his work Father will give us the tools for sure. He is not like the Pharaoh of Egypt who condemned the Jews to make bricks without straw. Jesus on the inside of us is all that we ever need. The rest will follow. Ron, you have made my day, I was just sad about not having Lightline today.  All glory to God. 
"See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called the sons of God!" 
"For in him we live, and move, and have our being;"

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Re: A Reminder When Eating in the Dark
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2023, 18:46:53 pm »
I remember reading how MICHAEL would always leave Salvington just prior to his bestowals. I think his announcement of leaving Salvington is VERY significant and gives my great hope. I think this time it is the real deal!!  I am not aware of Michael ever making an announcement that he was leaving Salvinton for an unknown adventure except for his bestowal, and he did announce before each one. This does not mean he never made those announcements at any other time. There is a lot we are not aware of, but I am really psyched up about this one!!  This to me is a very real signal. Thank you Ron for reminding us of something we might have forgotten. 
kindred shall forever remain unbroken

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Re: A Reminder When Eating in the Dark
« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2023, 00:50:38 am »
I was trying to write my comment on Ron's and SonsofGod's posts, but GhostDancer's and SofiaVerónica's appeared and although with different approaches and references I could say that the message is the same: We are walking temples of God, but even if we believe it , getting to make it a reality, constitutes leaving the most complex labyrinth conceivable. This is for me, the core of the divine game. Because even if that victory is achieved for mortals only through this material body and mind, both constitute the greatest obstacles that we must transcend if we consider ourselves true agodonters. Thus, on paper it is very easy to say and understand, however, we all know that it is a transformation process that even with the guidance and direction of our Adjuster, without which it would be totally impossible to achieve it, also requires on our part, a tremendous effort to transcend a whole series of vicissitudes.
I have come to the conviction that the whole series of changes in terms of the second coming and other announcements, are part of the teaching and training material of the entire project of the forge of preparation to be able to be recipients of that incarnation of Christ. inside us. At least that's how I have assimilated it, that this second coming in regards to the longing believer, must be given individually according to the fulfillment of the demanded requirements that through Sai Baba I can understand it well, according to his affirmations among others: " The closest thing to God is purity" and "God is Love, and you get to God only by loving".
Therefore, it is not so much fearing God as loving God, that God who dwells within us, which is what constitutes, as I see it, true self-esteem.
When the UB talks about a body with clean habits, I think that it is not only referring to the cleanliness of the body on the outside, but especially on the inside, and this is only possible with a healthy diet, free of impurities and contamination generated by ingestion. of corpse meat. I know this is very outrageous to those who reject the vegetarian diet but it is only to support my points of reference.

Here must be the keys for us to work in the direction of getting to possess a body, a mind and a soul, in the actual conditions for God to manifest himself through us, which constitutes what SonsofGod mentions as the "Fullness of Christ" in the words of the apostle Paul. And it constitutes what others have called the quantum second coming.
On the other hand, as we know, the missions and specifically the Return of Jesus Christ, it is rigorous that it be given and there should be no doubt that it will be given to finally comply with the total sweep and cleansing of the planet that has already begun. Thanks
"If you develop Love, you don't need to develop anything else"