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A Sticky Note From Jesus
« on: May 18, 2023, 17:16:46 pm »
This is JESUS, my peace be unto you. Although you are all looking forward to the day when you can see me back in the flesh, be assured this will indeed come to pass, happen and I will walk, talk, partake of meals and be present among you.

I'm taking this time through this transmitter to relay the message that for a little while I can be even more available to you in spirit.  You need only ask in My name and I can be present with you, not only in this moment,  but every moment from now on hence.

I am the Shepherd and you are all still My precious lambs. I feel your aches and pains. Let Me guide you to greener pastures where all your needs are met because you now choose to roam and graze in Me, just as I do in the FATHER.

Everything the FATHER has for Me I inturn can offer to you still. Did I not say," No one comes to the Father except through me ?" Know Me then like you have read about in your scriptures and you will know again the FATHER as well. I understand that you all are well versed in the Urantia book, as well as the Bible. 

I am come to teach you all again about this same said thing. Simply put your relationship with the FATHER , to Him love above all else and that of all your brothers and sisters here. Love them all with a Father's love, like I have always loved you from afar.

Now take My hand because I have come to offer it again, with the FATHER'S help as we are closer to you even more than your own breath. In fact I am you. You are now my hands to comfort, my feet to go to those in need, my voice to talk to those that would hear the 'Good News' again that the Kingdom has come and is here among you.

This will be for now a short message. Liken to a sticky note, only post it on your frigerator, not. But on your very heart so you will forget it, not. I know you all have busy lives here, things that appear so important that they can distract you from not only reading this message,  but My very voice in you now.

Know that this not be so ? I ask only that you stop every now and then in your day to hear My voice which is your FATHER'S  so you can be whole again and not be without. Your lack is being without, be your own cure and remedy by being with and know lack, not.

This has been JESUS,  my peace I leave with you. P.S, Just like I have done in the past so many millenia ago. I call you all to do also. Be the sauve that heals, not the thorn in your own side,  which is your brothers.